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September 2020
Liz sat on the sofa with her daughter Karen's feet in her lap. Liz's feet were resting in Karen's lap. This was their weekly tradition since Karen was 5. Karen was 18 with a curvy limber body. She had long honey blonde hair, round hips and a bubble butt. Her mother Liz was almost identical. Liz's breasts were a bit larger, which she always insisted was a result of pregnancy. The only other difference was a few grey hairs and smile lines. The two of them were identical right down to their 12 toes.
"What color are we doing this week?" Liz asked.
Karen tossed her mom a bottle of green nail polish.
"This was your favorite as a little girl."
"You say that every 13 weeks when we circle around." Karen responded.
"We have cycles? I never noticed." Liz said with a wink.
Karen blushed and shook her head and started to shake the nail polish. Liz shook her bottle a few times and then set it aside. She reached down and lifted off her t-shirt and sports bra freeing her breasts, which while full, sagged naturally down her chest. She scratched under her boobs and around the back where the strap dug in. Liz's nipples tightened as they were freed and slowly started to relax. "The best thing about your brother being off at college is being able to take off my bra anytime I want. I may not put it back on until next week's yoga class."
Karen following her mother's lifted her shirt and bra. Her breasts were only C cups but had almost no sag, her nipples were paler and better formed. Like her mother she scratched but not as enthusiastically.
"What about work?"
"We both work remote. We don't usually vid chat, just text over Slack. We could be naked and no one would notice." She said with a smile.
Karen got silent as she painted her mothers toes. They started it when she started kindergarten and other children teased her for having 12 toes. She remembered how she came home from school crying, her mother took her aside and explained how everyone is different, some people have dark skin, some people have detached earlobes, they had extra toes. When they learned about genetics in 6th grade everyone accused her of being inbred and having sex with her twin brother. Toenail polish wasn't enough for that pain. Liz took Karen and her twin brother Kevin out of school for a week and they took a vacation down to Key West. It wasn't just for a trip to the beach, or to get them to see life outside of suburban Virginia, there was a specific goal. They were there to see Hemingway's polydactyl cats. Karen came home with more love for her mother, her twin Kevin came home with a love of writing.
"Are you disappointed in me?" Karen asked.
Liz lifted her foot up to her face without using her hands and inspected the nail polish. "Nope, absolutely perfect."
"No, I meant not going to school like Kevin."
"Why should I be? You have fierce node.js skills and I bill you out $150, and have a line of people waiting. You could almost retire before you brother graduates. Actually, living at home and investing well, you could retire." Liz lowered her foot and it rested against her daughters crotch. Karen sighed slightly and eased down a bit feeling the pressure of her mother's foot against her clit. It was something that she had felt before and she had actually gotten off to, but this time it felt different. She adjusted her foot to rest against her mother's stretch pant covered pussy.
"Mom, I might need to take some time off."
Liz nodded and continued to paint her daughters toenails, waiting for an explanation. Karen sighed as her mother shifted her foot. There was definitely a rubbing pressure. Karen's nipples started to harden for another reason, other than just being freed. "Mom…"
"Honey, you can tell me anything."
"Anything?" Karen asked she groaned slightly and one of her hands slid involuntarily to a nipple. She slid down further rubbing her crotch against her mother's foot.
"Of course. I will always love you, no matter what." Liz moaned and started to grind against her daughter's foot. She set aside the nail polish and wrapped her hand around Karen's ankle.
Karen looked at her mom. Her mother who raised two children alone. A mother who made it to every soccer match and baseball game. A mother who got her a summer job that led into a career as a computer consultant. A mother who was there for every trial and tribulation. She was starting to feel something more than filial love.
"I love you too mom."
Liz started to pull on her own nipples as Karen's six perfect toes massaged her cunt. Karen lifted her bottom and slid her pants and panties down. In the process she pushed hard against her mothers pussy. Liz moaned as her pussy gushed. Liz slid her toe into her daughters crease and massaged her clit. Karen couldn't help herself and guided her mother's toe into her pussy.
The two women moaned and grunted as their feet worked each other. They were so matched in size and shape to when they leaned in to give a bit more pressure and pleasure they got it for themselves. Karen's back arched, her body was soaked in sweat and the she collapsed back against the arm of the sofa. Liz was moaning soon after as her daughter's foot pressed hard against her clit.
Liz got up and kissed her daughter's forehead. Karen slid down and laid on her side with her back up against the back of the sofa. Liz laid next to her and offered her daughter a nipple which she slid down and greedily sucked.
"All three of us used to lie like this all the time." Liz said with a wistful smile. "I would be lying here and you and Kevin would nurse."
"One mother, one son, one daughter and thirty six toes." She suckled again and said, "This is so nice, I'm surprised Kevin ever weaned."
Liz covered the two of them with a blanket and they nodded off.

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