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May 2020
Kevin was typing a last few words on his masterpiece as he heard a knock on his door.
"Honey?" He heard his mom call.
"Just a moment." He said as changed the window to his history paper which had been languishing in the background.
His mother waited until he said "Come in."
Liz walked in. Liz, who had raised him and his twin sister alone. Liz who was pushing fifty with the body of thirty year old. Liz who did yoga once a week and was insanely flexible while maintaining womanly curves. Liz who was his masturbatory fantasy as long as he could remember masturbating.
"You said that you wanted me to review your history paper."
Kevin nodded and stood up.
Liz sat down and scrolled through the document being more thorough than the grammar check. She quickly typed comments in parenthesis and marked sections as needing work. Kevin sat on his bed nervously, praying that she wouldn't switch documents.
He didn't say anything as she did. She hit the next document and started to make corrections.
"Mom, I can explain."
"I control the router, I know where you and your sister get your porn."
"Mom…" Kevin's mind raced with the thought of his sister looking at porn. Why would she need to. She had a stud boyfriend named Chad.
Liz kept checking the piece he had written on commission. She muttered some things about him being a better writer than that. She ended the document with some notes about where she thought that story should go. She then moved onto the next story, his masterpiece, the story of a young man impregnating an older obviously related woman. This is one that worried Kevin. The obvious mom figure was also obviously his mom.
Liz got a few paragraphs into the story. Enough for the sex to start and then she started to feel her breast. "Hmm" she muttered.
"Just checking the metaphor." Kevin noticed that his mom had closed her legs together and seemed to be flexing.
Liz read on a bit more and then took off her T-shirt exposing her sports bra. Kevin turned his head as his mother lifted the bra and looked down at her nipple.
"Don't be shy, if you are going to write about this, you might as well look."
Kevin stared at his mothers breast. It was large and sagged down a couple of inches but the tissue was firm. Her dark nipple was hard and sticking out. She pinched it bit and sighed contentedly. She turned to her son. "Kevin, you wrote about a man who wanted to fuck his mother. Do you want to fuck me?"
"Mom! I. I don't know. I…" He started to stammer.
Liz stood up and pulled her shirt over her head leaving her tits outside of her bra. She kissed her blushing son on the forehead.
"Either way, I'm flattered and it's ok." She walked out of his room and he lay back on the bed, with a raging boner, totally confused about what just happened.
Kevin pulled down his pants and jerked off. He came almost instantly and was filled with regret. He got off thinking about his mother. It was incest and wrong on so many levels. She probably told him it was okay so that he wouldn't feel like a total pervert. He knew he was one and would never actually have sex.
His mind was made up. He would do his homework, finish the one commission and send it off then delete the rest of the porn. He was done with incest and porn and all of it.
He reviewed the history paper and as usual his mom's comments were spot on. He made the changes that she wanted and then a few more that he saw as he made those edits.
Kevin then went onto the commission. It was probably good enough as it was but he looked at his mom's comments he realized that with a little work it could be truly spectacular. He started typing away make most of the changes. There were a few he ignored because he knew the woman who requested it preferred certain things.
Finally he got to his masterpiece. He thought about just deleting it, but there was only one comment, "One time offer, if you want to have sex with me, come to my room tonight."
Kevin sat there panting. His dick sprung to life and did the thinking for him. He thought about putting his pants back on but since Karen was out with her boyfriend and he was off to have sex with his mom, might as well just walk naked.
It was strange leaving his bedroom naked, sporting a hard on. He left his door open and walked to his mother's bedroom. He took a deep breath and went to knock. He stopped. Knocking would allow them to chicken out. He was going to have sex for the first time in his life, so what if it was going to be with his mother.
Kevin opened the door and walked in. His mother was sitting at her computer naked. She shut it down and stood up. Her large firm breasts swaying as she walked towards him. She leaned up against him and he felt her furry mound pressing against his hard cock.
"Mom, I've never done this."
"It's okay. I haven't done this in a while. Technically, this is the last cock that was in my pussy." She said as she reached between them. She stroked him gently as she walked backwards to the bed.
She pushed him back onto the bed and knelt between his knees. This was exactly like what he had written. She was going down on him, then he lost his train of thought as her warm mouth enveloped his penis. Her bed bobbed up and down as a cascade of light brown hair fell over his belly. He felt his cock slide down her throat and felt her tongue snake out over his sack.
"Mom, turn around, let me eat you."
Karen lifted her mouth off slowly with increasing suction until his dick fell out with a pop. She went to kiss him. "If you want a girl to suck you off, you need to be willing to kiss her afterwards."
Kevin ran his fingers through his mother's silky hair and pulled her face towards his. The shared a long deep kiss. As the separated she asked, "How many times have you jacked off today?"
"You'll take forever to cum then. You might not even ejaculate." She said staring into his eyes as she played with his penis. She lowered her head onto his cock and kneeled over his face.
Kevin leaned his head up and found her already wet. The smell started out strong but the moment his tongue slid between her lips he knew it was a smell he would never tire of. She tasted salty and bitter but wonderful. Kevin licked as Liz lowered her head on his cock.
The two of them laid intertwined engaging in oral-genital pleasure, taking their times, learning and relearning the topography of the opposite sex.
As Liz's pussy opened up to his tongue his hands started to wander. First they went to her ass and then down her thighs. Finally as his tongue was deep in his mother's pussy, feeling the roughness of her G-spot under the tip of his tongue, his hands reached her feet. He smiled as he licked and he slid his fingers between her twelve toes.
He had never been a foot person. There was always the sense of dirtiness about it, but at the same time being mocked for having an extra toe, and accused of incest for the same reason, he shied away from feet, generally embarrassed by them. Now, he had his mother's mouth on his cock. He was committing the incest that he had been falsely accused of. He thought about her feet and started to massage them as his tongue caressed her clit.
Kevin counted off each little toe, trying to remember what color they were this week. Twelve toes, six on each foot, he thought as he massaged each one as his tongue caressed his mothers clit. His mom was working hard on his cock. He felt the familiar sensation that he was going to cum. He thought about how she said she hadn't done anything like this in years but at the same time he had never felt anything like it. Kevin squeezed his mothers feet and started to buck his hips.
As he lifted up his hips his mom backed off. "Nope, when you cum, I want you to cum in my pussy like you wrote."
"What about condoms, you made me promise. Always wear a raincoat."
Liz smiled as she turned and positioned her pussy over his cock. "I'm almost fifty. I probably can't have another child. You're drained, one time won't hurt."
"But mom, you said not even…" he trailed off as her tight pussy enveloped his dick.
He looked up at her and his hands cupped her large soft breasts. Liz knew that that this was wrong but she wanted his cock in her.
Kevin stared up as his mom as her pussy slid up and down on his penis.
They were sweating now, drenched in sex and excitement. They couldn't stop if they wanted to. Kevin held his mother's large soft breasts. Her nipples hard between his fingers. She slammed down and squeezed her heels under his ass, he lifted up and she pulled herself down on him.
Liz moaned as she slid down her son's hard cock. She thought how much he resembled his father at that age. The indefatigable cock. the strong stomach, the tanned toned body from hours of yard work.
Liz slid her hands along her sons chest and moaned. She was a terrible mother, or perhaps a great one. She lifted up a bit and felt a little empty as her son's cock slid out. She then eased back down onto him. It had been a long time since she had felt this. Single mothers of two kids didn't have time to date, especially running when they ran an IT consulting business.
Liz felt her pussy tighten up. It had been far too long. If Kevin wasn't heading to college in a few weeks she might invest in a roll of condoms.
Kevin's hips started to buck and Liz let her full weight down. Kevin's cock stretched her pussy to its limits as he started to cum. Liz rubbed her clit as she started to cum as well. Kevin's fingers dug in hard to her breasts as she rubbed herself to another orgasm. She started bouncing up and down faster.
"Mom. Mom stop! It's starting to hurt" Kevin shouted as his mom continued to ride his sensitive cock. Liz arched her back and collapsed forward landing on Kevin with a glazed look in her eyes.
She kissed Kevin on the lips and rolled off of him. "You had better get back to your room before Karen gets home. Remember, this was a one time thing."

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