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September 2020
Kevin was driving Kim's Mercedes convertible down the highway. "Thank you for letting me come along." She said.
Kevin turned his blue eyes towards her, his brows were knitted and jaw clenched.
"You have to forgive me."
"What would possess you to use my phone to send a dick picture to my mom."
"I thought it would be sexy. I love the whole incest thing. When I was calling you daddy last night while you were spanking me I got so turned on."
Kim started to raise her skirt while revealing mocha colored thighs. She ran her fingers through her russet ringlets and turned her golden eyes on him. "We left in such a rush the only clothes I have are what I'm wearing."
"Look if you wanted to fuck with someone's family life fuck with your own."
"Come on cuz. I tried getting my dad to go for it, sent him nudes and he asked if I wanted implants."
"Why do you keep calling me that? It's not like we're related."
"Sweetie, your mom is my Aunt Betty, and my mom is your Aunt Karen and you, your sister and I all used to sleep in the same bed and I distinctly remember your preference for middle."
Kim hiked her skirt up further revealing a clean shaved pussy. "I really did leave in a rush. I forgot all about my panties.
Kevin stared over at the passenger seat at his half naked girlfriend. The car kept its lane as he removed his hands from the steering wheel.
"See cuz, I knew you would come around. Besides I knew it would be okay. I overheard our moms talking and I know what you did."
Kevin gulped and ran his hands over Kim's thighs.
"I understand you want to go home so you can explain in person. Perhaps to get a second taste from that honey pot." Kim was sliding her hands up under her dress until her breasts were bared. She squeezed them and pinched her sensitive nipples. She lifted her arms all the way up and released her dress out the car's open top.
"Now to make it up to you for taking the risk." Kim leaned over and opened Kevin's fly. She could tell how excited he was as she took the head on his penis into her mouth. Kim wrapped her lips around the head and then pushed down until her face was pressed against his jeans. She made swallowing motions so her throat milked his cock head as her tongue circled the shaft. She kept this up for almost a minute and then pulled up for air.
Kevin pulled the car off at the next exit and pulled into the parking lot of an abandoned gas station near the freeway. Once the car was parked he reached over Kim and reclined the passenger seat and climbed on top of her.
He was in awe of her lithe form with teacup breasts and round hips. He kissed her on the lips and then down her neck. He sucked each boob into his mouth teasing the nipple with his tongue before releasing each nipple with a popping sound.
"Yes baby. Kiss mommy's pussy." Kevin kissed her belly and finally reached the top of her pussy. He slid a finger down its length and then up inside. He then stuck the finger in his mouth and tasted it. "Yum"
Kim took his hand and guided it back and then started to suck on his finger. Kevin started to eat Kim's pussy in earnest. His tongue danced along the fold and then probed. He slid it over her clit and then down.
Kim was giving his finger the same treatment she had given his dick. And was sucking on his finger like a baby calf milking while she squeezed her breasts.
Kevin decided to take his licking a bit further down and slowly tongued her asshole. The only time anal had come Kim dismissed it as her mother's fetish. Kim squirmed and clenched and Kevin rubbed with a finger. He backed off and returned to sucking her pussy. Kim grabbed his head and pushed his face in and Kevin sped up. He knew what was cumming next and it was Kim.
He was astonished the first time she squirted and she misinterpreted his shock as disgust. When in fact it was quite the opposite they silky texture and womanly flavor was quite the turn on. Kim clamped her thighs around Kevin's head and arched her back screaming in pleasure. When she finally relaxed she reached into her purse and handed a condom to Kevin.
He slipped it on and quickly drove his dick into her. Kin was working her clit and having a series of coming down orgasms. Each one wracked her body a little less than the previous. Kevin was picking up his pace feeling the familiar sensation building in his dick when suddenly it exploded. He was pumping huge amounts of cum into the condom and collapsed on skin kissing her.
He eased his dick out and tossed the condom out of the car. The two of them lay side by side on the passenger seat.
Kim looked him in the eyes. "It's weird. Growing up I wished I had twelve toes so I could fit in with you and Karen. You always seemed so close."
Kevin kissed her. "Well it's not like I could do that with my sister."
"About that, if she were interested I wouldn't mind you making love to her. Even if the two of you don't want me to watch."
"I don't think she would be into it but thank you for the offer."
Kim closed her eyes and swallowed. "I would even let you fuck our daughters if we had them, but what I really want is to have a couple of sons."
"Would you mind if I were to get pregnant by our sons?"
Kevin blinked and thought. He didn't like the idea of another man impregnating what would be his wife. On the other hand it would be more like his grandchild.
"It's just been a fetish of mine since I read about the pharaohs."
"And I can fuck our daughters?"
"And your mom and sister."
"Seems like a fair trade."
There was a slight breeze and Kevin reached in the back seat for a blanket to cover Kim when he felt his phone buzz. He looked at the picture of his naked mom and sister and showed it to Kim.
"Lucky dog. Maybe we'll have a foursome. Play some bridge."
Kevin's phone buzzed with a video. He and Kim stared at the screen as he hit play. The scene from Stacy's bedroom played out in front of them.
"You fucked your sister?"
"I honestly had no idea. She and Stacy were dressed the same and Stacy had the wig. I was shitfaced. I can believe I didn't realize it."
Kevin's phone buzzed again with a picture of a positive pregnancy test nestled between a pair of labia.
"Fuck! is that you mom or sister?"
"How the hell should I know? It was only the once."
Kevin's phone buzzed a second time with the same pose, another positive test and a different set of labia.
Finally a last picture of the two women holding each other's bellies captioned "Daddy come home we miss you."

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