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By Ducky I did something bad… And I think I liked it enough to do it again…😬

Hi everyone. It’s me Ducky again.

I just had to jump on here and tell everyone what happened yesterday.

I…ummm… I did something bad… 🫤
And I don’t know how to feel about it.

So yesterday I kinda.. sorta… Had sex with my dad’s best friend.

As much as I wanna shout that it wasn’t my fault or something like that… The truth is.. It was completely my fault.

So yesterday afternoon, my parents took my brother to his first day of summer sports camp. He’s done it every year for the past three years and normally only one of my parents takes him, but they wanted to go shopping at some store in the next town over that they really like.

It’s kinda almost the first time that they have left me alone for any long length of time. But they both said that I was mature for a 13 year old. And they just said to not open the door for strangers. Which is a no brainer.

It’s an hour and a half drive both ways so with the drive and shopping, they were gunna be gone atleast a good 4 to 5 hours.

I had no plans except to play on my computer, but about an hour after they left, the doorbell rang and I looked out the window and my dad’s best friend was at the door. He’s been my dad’s best friend since way before I was born and he’s obviously not a stranger so I opened the door and let him in. He said he was coming by to return Dad’s chainsaw that he borrowed. It’s been storming really really bad here this week and everyone’s cutting up fallen branches and trees and stuff.

So I took him out to the shed in the back yard to put the chainsaw up and he wanted to know why I was here alone and so I explained that my parents took my brother to camp and then my dad’s best friend offered to hang around for a couple hours just so I wouldn’t be alone for as much time.

I had been bored before he showed up so I said sure and we went back inside.

We sat on the couch and started watching tv and after a while I noticed that he kept staring at me. He would look away when he saw me notice his gaze. But after catching him several times I finally asked him what he was looking at and he said that I was growing into a very beautiful young woman.

I don’t really understand why this simple compliment affected me so much but umm.. It got me really excited…
I’ve never been with anyone except my brother and my dad and I guess I was curious how it might be with someone not in my family…

I was really nervous and didn’t quite know how to flirt with him or anything, but there’s this story I read on another site where a younger woman is seducing an older guy.. it was the only idea I could think of, so I did what the girl in the story did.

I thanked him for his compliment and I said
“yeah everything seems to be growing. Look I even have little boobs growing”.
And I stood up in front of him and lifted up my shirt. His jaw dropped and he was speechless. I waited a bit and he still didn’t say anything so I asked him if they were nice. And he kinda nodded his head and kept staring into my chest.

I asked him if he wanted to feel them and he nodded again. So I pulled my shirt completely off and stepped up to him. He reached out slowly and grabbed my chest.

Realistically my boobs are tiny little puffy things. Not even a handful yet. But they still seemed to do the trick. As he was rubbing on them, I saw a lump in his pants growing and so I crawled on to his lap and straddled him and started rubbing my pelvis into his lump. He sucked on both my nipples for a while. It felt amazing. He has a beard unlike my brother and my dad, so it tickled, but in a good way.

I got off his lap and pulled my shorts and panties down and kicked them to the side before getting on my knees and undoing his pants.
I pulled out his dick and started sucking on it.
As much as I don’t want to admit it, he was actually a bit bigger than my dad is and I don’t know why, but this turned me on big time.

I grabbed him by his hand and led him to my bedroom I shut the door behind us and I went and laid down on my bed and pulled him down on top of me. He seemed super nervous but he didn’t resist at all. I reached down and grabbed his dick and lined it up where I wanted it and then I grabbed his hips and pulled him inside me.

It hurt a little bit since he’s bigger than I’ve ever had, but it felt amazing. I know I probably should have asked him to put on a condom, but I didn’t even think about that till way later. Within a minute I could feel him about to come. He tried to pull out but I had wrapped my legs around the back of his legs and held him there so he would come inside me. I’m just so used to it.. Idk.. I just love the feeling when my dad and brother come inside me, so I wanted it to be the same this time.

We ended up having sex again about 45 minutes later and the second time, he didn’t try to pull out. Instead, he pushed it in as far as it would go and held it there while he came in me. It was super super hot. When he finished coming in me, he stayed on top of me and inside of me for like half an hour and we made out hardcore. We kissed and kissed and kissed. He uses way more tongue than my 2 guys do.

I loved it. There’s just something so intimate about kissing with tongue for a long time.
We talked a bit before he left. He wanted to make absolutely sure that I didn’t tell a single soul. Which I swore I wouldn’t.
And he also told me that he wants to keep seeing me.

I suppose my intent originally was to just do it this one time.. I mean, I know he’s got a wife and he also has a daughter who’s 2 years older than me. But… I think that I’m going to keep seeing him anyway. But I have to be sneaky so my dad and brother don’t find out. And Mom of course can’t find out about any of it.

So anyway, I had fresh bed sheets but I didn’t change my bed sheets after he left…
I actually ended up going to sleep in the spot where we had just had sex. As I was going to sleep I could still smell our sex in the sheets.

So that’s what’s going on…
Oh yeah.. there’s one more thing I did. 🙂

After he left, I went into the bathroom and I started sticking my finger inside myself and getting his cum on my fingers and then licking them. It made me so hot that I wished Mom wasn’t back home so I could go fuck Dad in his bed. And I miss my brother. He’s going to be gone for two whole weeks. I’m going to lose my mind not getting any dick. I hope Dad’s best friend can get away a few times and meet up with me…

Or maybe one of my brother’s friends will show up unannounced while my parents are out. There’s one or two of them that are super cute. 🙂

Ugh! If I’m being honest with myself and all of you reading my stories… I really think that I’m about to turn into a slut. Having sex with dads best friend kinda opened the door for me to go outside the family. And now that I have, I catch myself fantasizing about it constantly. In my imagination, I’ve already had sex with every guy that my dad and brother have ever had over to the house.

But maybe there’s a smaller chance of me getting caught if I go find guys who don’t know my family… Idk.. is there such a place where a girl my age can find guys who want to have sex anonymously?

It’s only been a little over 24 hours since I was with dads best friend and I’m already going crazy. I’m so horny that I’m even half considering trying to get our black Labrador to fuck me. Ugh!! Yeah… I think I’ve already made the conversion into a slut. I need cum in me. Like now. Fuck!

Our black lab’s name is Amp. Like a guitar amp. He’s a sweet dog and he’s not fixed. Wish me luck 🦴🌮

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