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By Mark BBC Before I was to leave at the end of my shift I went to talk to “Chase”. As much as I wanted to feel his black monster
dick in my mouth again. People were walking down the hallway to start there day. So just slid my hand under his blanket and up his robe to stroke and squeeze his big dick.
We exchanged cell numbers, told him I would talk to him in
a day or two. I went home after my shift. My husband and daughter were headed out the door for work and school.
I kissed my daughter goodbye and a long kiss for my husband, wondering if he could taste “Chase’s” cum in my
mouth from sucking his big black dick in my mouth and cumming in my mouth all night over and over. After they left I sat on the couch thinking about how I cheated on my husband last night with a 13 year old black boy. I put my hand in between my legs rubbing my wet stinky pussy thinking about “Chase’s” big 10 inch dick as I rode him. If “Chase was here right now, I would tell him to eat my stinky wet pussy. My panties and scrubs were soaking wet. A couple of days went by, because of my work schedule and him in school. I told him I would pick him up and I would get us a hotel room. It was a Saturday afternoon and it was his idea to meet at a Mexican fast food place near his home. I would wait for him in the parking lot, in my minivan.
I dressed casual, really tight orange leggings. No Panties!
In my purse I brought my secret 5 inch high-heels, i went shopping yesterday at the naughty boutique. While I was there I saw a 14 inch black strapon. Even though “Chase” is 10 inches long. I couldn’t believe how much bigger and thicker that black rubber dong was. I wondered what it would feel like deep in my pussy. I bought a pair of those clear plastic ones like the hookers and strippers wear. I have tiny feet, so I got them in size 6. I’m so short even with my high-heels on, I’m only 5′ 5″.
I wore my long blonde hair down so I can teach “Chase” to pull my hair while I teach him to fuck my pussy doggystyle. I saw “Chase” across the street waiting for the light to change. He was wearing shorts, fantasizing about that big black dick hanging down between his legs. I was rubbing my pussy through the tight orange leggings. My pussy already wet. “Chase” got in the van. I looked around the parking lot, it was clear. I told him to sniff the crotch in between my legs to smell my stinky wet pussy. There was a huge wet spot in plain sight. He did what I said and bent over and smelled me for about 30 seconds. I told him that the hotel was not far away. As I drove, I held his hand. I could tell he was nervous. We got to the hotel, I told him to wait in the minivan. Once I got the room number, I texted it to him.
I sat on the couch waiting for him rubbing my pussy again. I couldn’t wait for him to get up here. My husband called, his ring tone. My married pussy even wetter and stinker than earlier. I didn’t answer. “Chase” knocked, I let him in secretly checking the hallway. Didn’t want other people on my floor to see that a 49 year old mature woman was sneaking in a 13 year old black boy to have him fuck me. We sat on the bed. I was teaching him how to french kiss, both our tongues deep in our mouths, like I did a little in the hospital. He had his hand between my legs rubbing through my leggings and I had my hand on his big boner.
I layed my head on the pillows, spread my legs and told him to smell my wet pussy again through my leggings. As he was smelling me I told him to take off my sneakers, socks and leggings. “Chase” grab my new high-heels from my purse. I put on my slutty high-heels for him. Then he got a real good look at my lightly hairy pussy.
I used my fingers to spread open my wet pussy lips. I told “Chase” to lick my married pussy. I felt his tongue inside my pussy, licking me. It felt sooo good having his tongue inside me. I was moaning in pleasure. My phone rang again as “Chase” was eating me out. My husband again, I told him.
Moaning even louder, cause as he was eating out my husband was trying to get hold of me.I kept telling Chase” pussy. “Eat my pussy “Chase”! “Eat my married pussy “Chase”! Keep eating me “Chase”! I bent my short legs and feet with my new high-heels back to my ears to lift my big white phat ass higher. Then I told him to lick my ass! For the first time this 13 year old black boy had his tongue
in my asshole. Telling him over and over to lick my ass! I felt like such a slut with my high-heels by my ears and feeling his tongue in my asshole. After awhile of him licking my ass, I took off his clothes and was amazed how big and hard his black dick was. I got down on my knees, as he was sitting on the bed.
Put that big black dick in my mouth. I was sucking his big black dick deep, rough and fast. Spit and slobber was coming out of my mouth onto his dick and balls. I saw the look on his face as he was filling my mouth full of cum. I wasn’t done yet. I got up layed on bed with my neck and and head hanging over the edge of the mattress, and told “Chase” to fuck my mouth! I couldn’t believe this black boy was standing over me fucking my mouth. Slobber was dripping out of my mouth, down my face and cheeks as he was fucking my mouth. He filled my mouth again full of cum. I layed my head towards the head board on the big hotel pillows. I spread my legs wide apart, used my fingers to spread open my big fat pussy lips. I told “Chase” to fuck me! Fuck my married pussy “Chase”! My short chubby legs high up in the air, looking at my slutty high-heels, he pushed his big black dick inside me. His first time fucking me missionary. I told him to fuck me deeper and harder with his big black 10 inch dick! Fuck me harder! Fuck me harder! Fuck me like a whore! I felt like such a whore as he fucked me in my high-heels. His big black dick and balls slapping up against my married pussy as he fucked me. Oh God! It felt so good getting pounded! My cell phone rang again, my husband calling me as “Chase was pounding my married pussy like a whore! It was nothing new, my husband called 10 times a day anyway. The look on “Chase’s ” face said it all as he impregnated me with all his cum. My cell phone still ringing with my married pussy full of 13 year old black boy cum!
As he was laying on top of me and his black dick still inside me dripping every drop of cum that he could. We were french kissing and i was digging my long finger nails into his tiny muscular ass cheeks, my husband left me another message while his wife’s pussy impregnated fully of 13 year old black boy cum. I looked him in the eye and asked Do you like fucking me? He said yes, yes I do.
Good, fuck me again. He started fucking me again. Moaning and screaming for him to fuck me! My short chubby legs, feet, and high-heels on his shoulders telling him to fuck me like a whore! He did! Impregnated me again.
Told him to get off. I turned over on all fours. Told him to get behind me and to fuck me. As he was fucking me derp and hard doggystyle I told him to pull my long blonde hair. My husband never ever put his tongue in my ass, and never pulled my hair as he fucked me doggystyle. “Chase” was fucking me rough and hard pulling my hair. He impregnated 2 more times doggystyle. I layed him on the bed. His black 10 inch cock still straight up and hard. I climbed on top of him and slid down all 10 inches. Riding him like I did in his hospital room our first night together. I was riding him so hard, he was balls deep in me. My big white milky tits were flopping up and down hard. His black dick felt so good up inside me. He filled my married pussy with his warm cum 2 more times riding him. We just layed in bed french kissing. I told him I wanted to get together again tomorrow. “Chase”
Said he couldn’t cause his uncle “Nathan” was coming to visit him and his sister from Nigeria. I asked him right away “How old is your uncle”? “Chase” said, he’s older than my mom. I think he around the same age as you. I think he’s like 47 years old. I asked “Chase” does your uncle have a big black dick like you? He said, I don’t know. I guess so.
Do you think your uncle would want to fuck me? He answered, I don’t know. Ask him? Tell him about you and me, and ask him. You see “Chase”. It’s one thing to have a big black dick, but I would love to have 2 big black dicks at the same time. Ask him? It was getting late, so we got dressed. I drove him back to the Mexican place.
Before he got out of the minivan to walk home, I reminded him again. Ask your uncle if he wants to have a threesome with us. He said, Ok, I will.

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By Mark BBC #Cheating #Interracial #Mature #Teen