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With their anniversarying, Ron wanted to do something special for Anne. He found a Bed and Breakfast near the ocean that seemed to perfectly fit the bill for a romantic day together. It didn’t offer breakfast, but did have a private hot tub in their deluxe room.

He told Anne about renting the B&B before their anniversary. It could have stayed a surprise, but he wanted her to have the enjoyment of looking forward to it. He did omit telling her about having their own private hot tub.

Arriving at the B&B, they learned they would be the only ones registered there that night. Other than a newlywed couple who wouldn’t be checking in until the next afternoon, they had the entire B&B to themselves. They also found that the B&B had a private, indoor swimming pool. This just kept on getting better and better.

When they reached their room, Anne was obviously pleased when she saw the hot tub for the first time. She walked over and touched the water. “It is warm,” she said, and immediately began stripping out of her travel clothes. Ron just watched as she pulled off her t-shirt, then dropped her shorts before unfastening her bra.

“Now for your favorite part,” she said, as she slowly pushed down her panties to expose her brown pussy hair. Kicking the panties off, she turned to Ron as she stepped into the water. “You going to just watch or are you going to join me?” She asked.

Ron’s love for her seemed to wash over him. “I think I’ll just watch for a few minutes.” He said, “You are so beautiful. I am such a fortunate man.” He surprised her by having a slight catch in his voice.

“Then get a good look.” She said as she floated on her back. Her breast emerged, sticking up like twin islands protruding from the water, each crowned by an erect nipple. Framing her face, her loose hair floated free around her. Her tuft of brown curls between her legs was barely visible below the surface. Yes, he was a very fortunate man.

Anne looked up to see Ron’s eyes bright with unshed tears. Suddenly she felt very loved and wanted to show him how much she returned that love. God gave wives a special gift for them to show husbands how much they loved them. It was time for her to give Ron her gift.

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She climbed out of the hot tub and dried off, turning as she did so that Ron missed nothing. Then, walking up to him, she caught his collar and pulled him to her for a kiss. “Get rid of these,” she said, releasing his collar. “You are over dressed for what I have in mind.”

His erection sprang to full attention as she walked over to the king-sized bed to lie on her back, spread eagle and stark naked. She put a towel under her bottom, then patted the bedspread beside her in invitation. The difficulty Ron had getting into the bed while getting out of his Jockeys with a full erection proved laughably problematic.

He finally crawled up to lay beside her with his cheek on her breast. His hand went down her tummy to her pussy, swollen with desire, and slick from from leaking female lubricant.

He began to massage her pussy lips, feeling her clitoris form its tiny erection. Her hips began to tighten, and she pulled his chin up for a passionate kiss. Then her legs began to quiver, and a groan was forced out, as she pulsated with contractions. Ron could feel feminine liquids squirting through his fingers.

She came down from her orgasmic high, letting her afterglow flow through her. Then, placing her hand on Ron’s erection, she whispered one question. “Doggy?” He smiled in agreement.

She turned over to assume the position, her derrière spread, and all her lady bits on display for Ron. Holding her soft cheeks, he entered her warmth.

With this much foreplay, and as tight as Anne was, it took only a couple of strokes, and he came. He came hard to Anne’s intense satisfaction as she felt him fill her. She delighted in Ron’s intake of breath as she repeatedly squeezed his erection to enjoy every moment.

Finally spent, he lay his chest on her back. They rolled onto their sides and lay there, with him still inside her, until he became soft and slipped out. He reached down and pulled the blanket from the foot of the bed to cover them, and spooned against her. He then reached over her to hold her breast. As they lay there, drifting off to sleep, he quietly said, “Happy Anniversary.”