3 Mistakes Women Should Avoid!

We all are prone to make certain mistakes in bed. There are few mistakes that we make from nowhere and then rectify it. But, there are few mistakes that you keep on repeating every time you have sex with your partner. While few partners can discuss with you to help you rectify it, there are many partners who do not share with you openly. If your partner has not shared the mistakes that you commit, it is time to just peek on to know the sex mistakes that you are committing.
Sex mistakes that women should avoid:
Just bedroom: Most of the women are shy to have sex outside the bed sheet. It becomes very challenging for a man to explain the fun of having sex outside the bedroom. If you have always made love in your room, it is high time to rectify this error. Women, its time to get over the shy feeling. Try different places to avoid the boredom in sex life. Trying new places also means trying new sex positions. Sex in the bedroom is convenient and comfortable but, a little change will spice up your sex life. You will only come to now the real fun after getting out of the bed.
No BJ: Well, this is all based on the likings of your partner. But, majority of men love to get a Blow Job. Very few women are comfortable with the oral sex. BJ is ugly and unclean for most of the women and this is why, they avoid it completely. For a man, it is a sex mistake that women do and this needs to be rectified immediately. Men complain that women love a man everywhere except the sensual zones! Do not force your partner to indulge in oral sex if she is not comfortable. Make her develop a taste for it first.
Only night sex: Why restricting sex to night time? There is no particular time to have sex! Get out of the box and get involve in the day or evening time sex. Morning time sex is considered to be the best time to have sex. Every man faces morning erection. Utilize the time and get cozy with your man. This will spice up your sex life. A routine sex life will never be innovative.
Biting or scratching: This is one sex habit that women love but, most of the men hate! Men hate it because it is painful for them. Women love to scratch their man’s back or arms (sometimes unintentional due to the pain), but men do not like it much. Till the biting and scratching is gentle, men would not mind getting such dark love spots. But, once you start becoming wild and hurt him, he would get turned off easily!
These are few sex mistakes or errors that women commit. If you want a happy and all new sex life, stop committing these mistakes!