5 Things Men Find Attractive In Women

Men love to see few things of women and find them really attractive if the woman is well maintained an in ‘shape’. What do men find attractive in women? Is it her looks, brain, wit, humour or her sensual figure? Check out…

5 things men find attractive in a woman:

Breasts: This is the first thing every man observes in a woman. Men love to see breasts and have a fetish for well shaped bust. Men are always attracted to well shaped heavy breasts of women which adds an appeal to the woman’s figure.

Thighs: Thin and long legs of women are attractive to men and adds zing to their fantasies. Well maintained legs without thigh fat and dusky or glossy thighs make a woman look sexy and attractive to a man. Exposure of well shaped legs makes a man excited in seconds!

Buttocks: Yes! Beyonce is what comes first on your mind…. Men love to see heavy and lifted butt. For men, heavy and fat buttocks are sensually attractive. When flaunted with style, you can attract any any man.

Cleavage: Like breasts, men are also attracted to cleavage. A beautifully curved bust with clean cleavage makes a man go crazy…. This is one of the 5 things men find attractive in a woman.

Sensual lips: Thick and fuller lips when colored with red lip gloss adds a different sensuality to a woman. Glossy lips when used with sensual expressions can attract any man.

These are the top 5 things men find attractive about women. There are other things too such as hair, eyes, back which attracts men but it depends on the likings and fantasies!