7 Basic Rules For Better Sex

Sex is something that can make you feel good. But, you cannot have it anyway you desire. There are few rules that should be kept in mind. If you are going to have sex for the first time, you have to know everything about sex so that you do not end up messing up your first night. This might throw a bad impression on your partner.

Watching videos or reading few erotic books might help you gain some knowledge about having sex. But, some things come with experience. Here are few basic rules of sex that your friends or videos might not have told you! Check out…
Do not do it without her consent: This is the first basic rule for beginners. Do not force your partner to make love to you. She might not be comfortable on the very first time. Give your partner some time to get adjusted with you. Women are shy to be naked in front of others and this is why, you have to be considerate. Simply go with the flow if she is not stopping you. If she is too shy or behaving negatively, take her consent. It will make her feel comfortable and relaxed. Do not interrupt the on going session if it is in flow. You might become a turn off!
Start with a kiss: Do not show your jagger immediately and ask her to suck it! Firstly, make her feel relaxed. This can be done by kissing her. Kissing is a big turn on for women. It is one of the basic rules that every man and woman should follow. Build the erotic mood by going close to her and kissing her soft lips. Start gently and then slowly become wild. If she has no problems, go ahead with it or else control yourself.
Check directions on the condom cover: Before you start having sex, always read the directions that are given at the back of the condom cover. This directions are a guide to wear it in the right way. Unprotected sex can be unhealthy for you as well as your partner. STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) spread due to this negligence. You might have heard that sex without condom rocks but, remember, prevention is better than cure.
Be well versed with the positions: Watch videos and read Kamasutra to get the perfect directions to try a particular position. If you are a beginner, start with man on the top position. It is easy to do and also provides sexual pleasure to both you and your partner.
Foreplay is a must: Women get turned on with foreplay. This is another basic tip to have proper sex. You have to be well versed with ways to make a woman reach orgasm. Even women should know about the proper techniques to give the best mouth job.
Do not be too nervous: Okay! It is your first time so you are scared. There are many reasons behind getting scared. Do not worry. If you show that you are nervous, your partner will be scared to take an initiative.
Control cuming out: This is another important basic tip for sex. There are many number of men who cum within minutes. You have to control it. When you feel you are cuming, hold on for few seconds and then re-start.
These are few basic rules of sex that you should always have in mind.