72 Hours of Immersion Pt. 03

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tagGroup Sex72 Hours of Immersion Pt. 03

"72 hours of immersion" (or, "Happy First-of-winter festival!")
by pacifist91w
This story will feature female, male, and mixed-sex (futanari, hermaphrodite, or whatever term fits for you) as well as homosexual, pansexual, and heterosexual characters. Please don't read the story if it will offend you. This story is fiction. Any character's resemblance to any person is coincidental.
Part Three: Involved
It was 2330. Harkje looked tired when she returned, but not as tired as she'd looked earlier. I had a mug of coffee waiting for her. She smiled gratefully when she accepted it.
"How cold is it out there?" I asked.
"Maybe -10 degrees," she said. "Soon, a wind from West-Northwest will blow; it will be colder." Harkje took a long drink.
I offered her a packet of chocolate wafers from one of the vending machines. (I didn't want to use only the supplies she'd brought. I was dependent on her and we both knew it, but I wanted her to see that I was going to contribute to our effort to get through this festival.) She accepted the wafers too. While she had her snack, we were pretty quiet; the only thing she really said was that she wanted to get some sleep.
My search of the school had paid off. I'd found a lot of clean-if somewhat threadbare-towels in a room adjoining the gym lockers. Since we had a good supply, I held out the fluffiest one I'd found. My companion took the towel and I led the way to the showers.
As she took off her clothes, I appraised her appearance. I could tell that Harkje had had at least three more sexual encounters. I didn't want to say anything; I'd feel bad if I made her uncomfortable. Still, I did want to know more about what was going on in this village. If I asked tactfully, I could probably avoid embarrassing her.
"Do people get sore during the festival?" I asked, doing all I could to make it seem as though I was just making chit-chat.
"I can't speak for all, but I'm sore-" the tall librarian's cheeks looked a little pinker as she replied, "-rather, various parts of me are sore."
My heart began to pound harder. I was a little pissed at myself; why was I getting nervous about talking to her? "I've been wanting to ask," I said. Harkje looked up at me, rooting me to the spot with her sapphire blue eyes. "Why are you helping me?" I stammered just a bit, in spite of my best effort.
Harkje turned away and stepped under the running water. She was embarrassed. "Sorry, I should not have asked!" I said quickly.
But she spoke almost as soon as I did. "I help you because I do not want you to be alone," she said. I could just barely hear her quiet voice above the rushing of the hot water.
I stepped forward and put my hand on her shoulder. She turned and looked down at me. I moved my hand from her shoulder to her neck and stretched upward, onto my tip-toes.
Harkje's eyes seemed to be smiling as she bent toward me. My mouth met hers and my eyes closed. Her arms felt warm and strong as she pulled me higher, so that our height difference no longer mattered and we could kiss easily. Her breasts felt soft and her belly felt smooth and slippery while her wet skin pressed against mine.
After a few long seconds, we separated. My eyes opened just in time to see hers opening. My feet came back in contact with the wet floor. She put her gentle hands on my face, just for a moment.
"Thank you for helping me," I said. I slid my hand along her arm. Then I left her to her shower.
My heart hammered while I stood between the deserted rows of lockers and dried myself. I didn't know why I'd kissed her.
That kiss-I'd never had one like it. I'd had great kisses, but this one was different. It was less needy, less hungry. Guys I'd kissed had been aggressive; a lot of them had clearly thought of kissing as foreplay and had wanted to move to the more "serious" action as soon as possible. Harkje's and my kiss had been complete in itself: no rush, no expectation. It had been soft and caring.
Would it be like that again?
While I put on my sleeping shirt, I thought of my late fiance. I'd loved him, of course. I hadn't kissed anyone but him for a long time. I didn't feel guilty about kissing Harkje, though. As soon as I realized that, I did feel guilty-because I hadn't felt guilty.
Knock it off, I scolded myself. I had grieved. I had peace with letting my boyfriend go. I hadn't moved on yet, but I was ready to move on.
The sound of Harkje's feet in the hall pulled me out of my reverie.
When she came into view, she was smiling faintly. She looked pointedly at the telescope.
"I wanted to try to find others who had female and male organs," I said, understanding her unspoken question. "I believed you. I was only curious to see how people interacted."
She sat in a corner of the wide sofa. She pulled her knees to her chest. "We are popular during festival times," she said sardonically. "…Did you succeed in your search?"
In that posture, with that note of disappointment in her voice, she seemed small, unhappy, frustrated. I'd seen dozens of students at my college who had seemed that way, to say nothing of my friends in high school. I myself had been that way a few times.
I sat next to her and put my arm around her shoulders. For a long time, we sat together, supporting each other.
"Do you want to be here?" I finally asked quietly.
She leaned and rested her head against my neck. "I have to be here," she said. "There is no place for me in the wide world. I went to school in Olq for several years. I had to be careful not to be seen by any classmate. It is no way to live: hiding."
I rubbed her back, hoping she would feel comforted. "You do not want to be here," I said. "You can find a place in the world, Harkje. You aren't the child you were in school; you are an adult. You are hiding now; don't let fear keep you in this village if you want to leave."
She sat up. She said something in her native tongue. I didn't catch every word, but I knew it was along the lines of "that's easy for you to say."
Yeah, that irritated me a little. But I gave her shoulder a final squeeze and said, "Think about it while you sleep. If you want more than this, it is there for you to find." I almost told her that I would help her. I decided not to. I didn't think she would believe me. Besides, I didn't want to seem as though I was pushing her.
For her part, Harkje got off the couch and went to her sleeping bag. Before she spoke again, she gave me a sheepish smile. Then she changed the subject. "When the festival is over, will you stay to study our dialect?"
"If I have the opportunity, I will study it, yes," I said. "I have only a little time now, but I am very interested in learning more about your speech."
After a few minutes of small talk, we went to sleep. I felt as though we weren't awkward. I actually felt a little hopeful.
I slept fitfully. Sleeping on the floor-even in a fluffy sleeping bag-made it tough to get comfortable.
But that wasn't the real problem. In the dead of night, I lay quiet, pondering the next day and a half. My feelings disagreed with my logic. I'd done as much research as I could during my time in this strange town, but I didn't really know anything about what meant what to these people. How would my life be different if I had been born in a place with a strong minority of third-sex people? And if I was one of that third-sex group?
Even though my mind kept chasing its tail, I was warm in my soft sleeping bag. Harkje's even breathing was soothing. I was really tired.
Harkje's phone alarm woke me immediately. I unzipped my bag and sat up, knowing what I was going to do. Harkje's hand emerged from her bag and grabbed her phone, stopping the noise. By that time, I was on my feet, jogging toward the door.
My mental map of the school served me well. My errand took me only a minute or two.
My blonde companion looked over at me (she was in mid-yawn) when she heard the door. Her eyes opened wider. I put down the bag I was holding and crouched next to her.
"Can we make up a story that explains my absence and that the villagers will believe?" I asked her.
Her eyes smiled but her mouth frowned. "You mean to go to the festival," she said.
I reached into the bag and pulled out a wrapped condom. "I don't want to get pregnant. I have the right to ask partners to use these, don't I?"
"Yes," she said, looking down at her hands folded on her sleeping bag.
I tapped her forehead with the condom. She looked at me, startled. "Can we make up a story about where I have been?" I asked once more. "Can we say I went to Kjernhehlven?"
"You would need a vehicle and you did not rent or borrow one," she said. She looked unsure of herself. After a long pause, she said, "You wanted to see the ruins of the abbey at Jojenfeldz, but you set out too late and the sun set. Therefore, you had to wait through the night and only found the abbey yesterday. You did your studies and wisely took shelter there, returning this morning."
"The 'abbey at Jojenfeldz'," I repeated. I unzipped Harkje's sleeping bag. Her face showed her surprise, but I just extended my hand and helped her to her feet.
We went to the showers. As we washed, I told the masculinely-endowed woman that I would slip back to my room at Ms. Garrikoet's house an hour before noon. "And then, I would like you to do a favor for me," I said.
"What is it?" she asked.
Even with the cool water rinsing my head, I could feel my ears getting warm. "Please wait for me at the library; I will come to visit you."
She wasn't looking at me, so she didn't notice my blush. "All right," she said.
I used the telescope to scan the morning's activities while I finished my breakfast. I had an hour or so to study these sexual festivities as best I could, because my plan required good timing and at least decent knowledge of the locals' behavior to work. I looked around quickly, trying to identify people who were the most in-demand. I looked for intersex people specifically, since I hadn't seen some of the combinations I'd been trying to find yesterday evening.
Oh, good! It didn't take me long to spot a naked woman putting a condom on the man she'd picked to fuck her pussy. I wouldn't be the only one wanting to use condoms.
A little more scanning-there, yes, an intersex woman getting her vagina pounded doggy-style by another intersex woman. This pair would certainly attract attention. It took perhaps three minutes before I saw exactly what I'd hoped to see. A naked woman and man approached the couple of intersex revelers.
There were several seconds of discussion-negotiations, greetings, or what? I wished I was close enough to hear what they were saying. Their gestures and actions could tell me only so much. As I watched, the taller intersexed woman and the man picked up the shorter intersexed woman. The woman who'd been with the man began massaging the taller intersex's chest and abdomen. The tall intersex woman reinserted her cock in her original partner's pussy; the man slid his cock into the shorter intersex's anus. Both fuckers bounced their middle partner on their poles. The woman kept kissing and licking the tall, strong intersexed woman's neck and back, as well as fondling and pinching her breasts.
Well! That answered that question. Those who were already engaged in sexual activity could be interrupted by others. The two who had started together had changed only their positions, though. That might mean that the rule was first-come-first-served, at least with regard to who got dibs on whose particular parts of anatomy.
I kept watching while I considered the visual evidence.
This foursome was using a lot of energy. They couldn't last very long, could they? Sure enough, it wasn't long before the tallest woman's arms tightened and her thrusts quickened. In moments, I saw spunk oozing its way down the exposed part of her shaft. The man shot his load just after. The two on the ends lowered their middle partner to her feet. The woman let go of the taller intersex and practically tackled the other. In an impressive display of flexibility, the woman set her left ankle on the intersexed woman's shoulder. With her right hand, she carefully guided the intersexed dick to her twat.
The tall mixed-sex woman helped keep them steady and the couple found a rapid rhythm. I guessed by the energy of all parties involved that the two intersexes hadn't been too annoyed at the arrival of the second couple. While she thrust herself on her partner's cock, the naked woman clung to her partner's shoulders, seeming determined to get the most forceful penetration possible. When she had her first orgasm, she threw back her head and shouted something. The man came to keep her from falling, which was fortunate, because she sprang off the foot that had been on the ground, kicking her right leg upward in an amazingly athletic motion. Her partner caught the woman's thigh just above the knee and held it securely under her arm. Then the taller intersex woman lent a hand, gently grabbing the woman's right leg and lifting it, so that both the woman's ankles sat on the shorter intersex's shoulders.
The naked woman got off again in just a minute or two! Before her second orgasm ended, her partner picked up the pace. Her eyelids shut and her knuckles (both her hands held the naked woman's ass from beneath) turned white. The third penis of the group was spent at last.
The foursome took a minute to get their breath. Then they put their arms around each other's shoulders or waists and headed for a nearby house, talking and laughing as they went.
I straightened from behind the eyepiece and looked at the old-fashioned clock that hung above the door. There was time to look around a little more.
My time would be better spent packing up the things I'd take back to Ms. Garrikoet's. Harkje had left the sleeping bags and a few bulky things here, saying that it would be smarter to remove them under cover of night. I did my packing and returned various articles-the telescope was the major item-to the places I'd found them.
When it was time to go, I checked the windows carefully. I timed my exit of the building and headed hastily toward my lodging house, wrapping my scarf all the way up to my nose and pulling my hood down past my eyebrows to hide my face. I had an appointment to keep; it would not do to be delayed.
Slinking into Ms. Garrikoet's place wasn't difficult. I checked my phone for messages. The helicopter pilot/guide had left one, saying that he'd made it to Kjernhehlven; none of the other messages were important.
I looked out my room window. Today was calm, with only an occasional breeze. The sky was partly cloudy, but the day was as bright as it could be (the sun would be near the horizon for the duration of the 90 minutes it would be visible). The sun's rays warmed whatever they touched. I took a deep breath. I could carry out this plan. I willed my heart to stop thumping so loudly and I began taking off my clothes, starting with my long woolen skirt.
When I put my hand on the door knob, I hesitated. I'd never done a thing this reckless. I clenched my jaw and adjusted my polarized sunglasses. I pushed open the door. The air of the new winter whirled around my exposed body. My nipples hardened instantly. I took a deep breath to calm myself and I set off toward the library. The walk was only about half a kilometer. Thanks to my brisk pace and my brain's excitement (yes, I was very excited, to my chagrin) I hardly felt the cold.
It was just before noon and not too many people were out and about. But nearly all of those who were outside gave me quite a bit of attention. I didn't look behind me, but I got the feeling that several of them were following me with their eyes. Some of the interest was undoubtedly due to my being a stranger, but not all of it.
The building that housed the library was across the street from the larger of the town's supermarkets. I'd intended to go right to the library, but the supermarket's "Produce Specials of the Day" sign caught my eye. I ducked in quickly.
Honestly, I felt awkward, even though it was festival time. I wasn't the only person in the store who was wearing boots and socks and nothing else (thank goodness!) but I was the only one who'd gone there to shop. The cashier who rang up my purchase seemed mildly amused by the situation. "Errands still need to be done, even on festival days," she said. At least, I think she said that. I was only a little better with that tricky dialect than I had been two days earlier. I simply flashed a toothy smile at her in response.
Back into the cold! While I crossed the street, I was sure I saw one of the men I'd seen just before I'd gone into the supermarket. Well, that was bound to happen. He was clothed, so he didn't intend to approach me, at least not yet.
I quietly pushed the library door open a sliver and glanced around. Harkje was busy typing at the main counter. When she turned to a stack of returned DVDs and books, I stepped into the library. She looked my way, feeling the rush of cold air. Her mouth went slack.
"Surprise!?" I said hopefully, crossing my fingers.
"Xi-Lin," she said quietly. "Well…"
I held out the bag from the supermarket. "Thank you for all you did for me," I said.
She opened the bag and smiled. She looked at me again and her smile broadened. "Thank you!" said Harkje. She disappeared and returned quickly; I knew she'd put the dozen long-stemmed roses I'd brought in a refrigerator in the employee's room.
"What is in the other bag?" she asked as soon as she reappeared.
I reached into it and came up with a condom. Harkje's cheeks reddened ever-so slightly. "Would you come outside and let me ride you?" I asked, somehow keeping my voice even.
"We can stay inside," she told me. Her eyes shimmered with laughter. "I told you that one who gets the proposal can permit the one who asks to stay indoors."
"If you don't mind, I want to have fun outside," I said. "This is my first First-of-Winter Festival; I would like it to feel genuine."
The tall blonde nodded. "I don't mind that." She took my hand and I led her through the front door.
A curvaceous naked intersex woman and a muscular naked man addressed us before we'd taken four steps. They spoke the local dialect. I easily got the idea that they wanted to join Harkje and me. However, Harkje spoke to them politely and firmly.
"It's her first sex of the festival. Let her do it the way she prefers this time," Harkje said. I'm sure those weren't her exact words, but that was the gist of her answer to them. The newcomers gracefully accepted Harkje's rebuff.
I took Harkje to a comfortable bench. She unzipped and stepped out of her skirt, then set it on the bench and sat on it-probably for warmth more than for cushioning. I stroked her cock softly, getting it hard. When she was ready (which didn't take long!) I used a technique I'd tried only once, with my late fiance. I opened the condom, set it against my teeth, and advanced my mouth along the erect shaft. I had to pull back sooner than I would have liked, but Harkje's face showed that she approved of the method. I rolled the condom the final nine centimeters (almost four inches) manually.
I kept my right hand on Harkje's dick and mounted her deliberately. She and I looked into each other's eyes while I sank lower and lower onto her hot, firm penis. "I'm glad I didn't have to share you," I told her. She leaned forward and we kissed each other. Our lips separated when I rose, lifting my hips and pulling myself almost off her pulsing cock. I fell again, spearing my very happy cunt, enjoying the slapping sound of my ass landing in her lap. We kissed again when I dropped onto her thighs.
Damn! Had being celibate for four months made me tighter, or was her cock thicker than I'd expected? The glorious pressure between my legs made me hungrier and hungrier for her. My long, slow motions got faster and shorter. I put my arms around her neck and kissed her deeply, stroking her tongue with mine. Her hands had been resting on my hips, but they moved lower. The tall blonde's hands started mauling my ass, occasionally letting go and delivering a loud swat to one of my buttocks.

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