72 Hours of Immersion Pt. 04

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tagGroup Sex72 Hours of Immersion Pt. 04

"72 hours of immersion" (or, "Happy First-of-winter festival!")
by pacifist91w
This story features female, male, and mixed-sex (futanari, hermaphrodite, or whatever term fits) as well as homosexual, pansexual, and heterosexual characters. This story is fiction. Any character's resemblance to anyone is coincidental.
Part Four: The Psi factor
The buzz of conversation in the bar-and-grill hushed when we entered. It continued at its normal volume after a pause. I couldn't help looking around, hoping to see someone naked, like I was. Nope, there was no one.
When I'd used the telescope yesterday, I'd seen people who were in my position leaving and entering places of business. I took comfort in that. I was having lunch with my friend; I took comfort in that, too.
But sitting bare-assed in a booth, waiting for our lunch order-I hadn't expected this to happen in my life! Actually, I'd intended to dress, but when I had asked Harkje if I could borrow some clothing, she'd explained that I was less likely to have our meal interrupted if I stayed naked. Well, in for a penny, in for a pound, right? It wasn't as though I hadn't put myself on the radar of half the town already.
…I suddenly wanted to cross my arms in front of me, rest my head on the table, and have a breakdown.
Harkje must have picked up at least part of what I was feeling. She put one of her hands on top of mine and rubbed it. "Maybe you would like to meet Dr. Tomassov?" she asked me.
I hadn't expected an offer; I'd expected consolation. "Yes," I said.
"I will try to find her so we can talk," said Harkje. "Maybe we can see her today or tomorrow morning."
Shortly after our food arrived, a person I hadn't met came to our table. She was a pretty woman, possibly in her late 20s. She had shoulder-length dark brown hair and a pleasant face. She looked at Harkje for only a second. Harkje scooted over for this newcomer, who sat across from me. Harkje looked a little uncomfortable.
The brunette stared straight at me. I didn't get everything she said (of course) but I understood her tone, and some of her words. "Nice to meet you. You are the one my girlfriend has been spending her nights with," I thought she said.
Harkje immediately began to talk (explaining why we had been staying together, I supposed) to this woman, but I placed three fingertips on Harkje's wrist and hand, quieting her. "It is nice to meet you," I said as best I could in the local language. "Harkje is been a friend to me. She helped for me." My grammar had to be bad, but I was sure that I'd spoken well enough that she knew what I meant. "My name is Xi-Lin."
"I am Qenefvere," she said, extending her hand to shake mine. Then she said something I had a very hard time understanding. I glanced at Harkje, hoping she would notice my trouble.
No luck: my tall companion wasn't looking at either of us at the moment. I decided to give Qenefvere an advantage over me. "I do not know this language goodly. Can you talk as in Reykjavik?" I said hopefully.
To my surprise, the brunette's face relaxed, showing less suspicion. "I speak like from Reykjavik not well," she told me, using pretty decent standard Icelandic. "But okay. I asked, you visiting our village for long?"
I grinned gratefully at her. "Not long. Today and tomorrow," I told her.
She sat down across from me. "Surprising me that you don't join festival right away. You loving sex, but not that much?"
Harkje snorted; I could tell she had turned her attention to us and found her girlfriend's question funny. "I didn't know about the festival. I came to hear your language."
Qenefvere obviously doubted me. I couldn't do anything about that, so I didn't try. Our sandwiches had just arrived, so I wouldn't have done much more talking anyway. Qenefvere ordered a cappuccino and a potato-and-fish dish I hadn't heard of. I was mildly surprised; she stayed with us through lunch.
When we finished, I decided that it was my turn to do the surprising. My plan, the plan that had formed in my mind while I'd slept, called for more action. If I could shock Qenefvere, that would be a bonus.
I put my hand on her wrist and leaned forward. In common Icelandic, I quietly said to her, "Do you want to have some fun?" I put my bag on the table and rummaged through it. Then I tilted it toward her, discreetly displaying the glossy black dildo I'd stowed under the condoms.
Harkje looked as surprised as Qenefvere did. (Good-served her right for not mentioning her significant other to me!) The brunette woman considered her answer. "Yes, we having fun," she said. She gave me a strange little smile. "You coming here for not the festival, you saying?"
"I didn't," I replied. I ran my foot along her lower leg under the table. "The festival started while I was visiting; but this is an opportunity."
I leaned forward again and Qenefvere leaned closer to me. "Would you like Harkje to have fun with us?" I asked.
Her odd smile grew a little wider. She shook her head.
The two of us sat back, tension falling. "Will you two come to see me at Ms. Garrikoet's home before midnight?" I asked them.
Harkje had been looking at us a little sourly, but she perked up and said, "Yes, of course." Qenefvere agreed too.
I took Qenefvere's hand and pulled her up behind me. Since we were both standing, I had my chance to note her size. She was my height or slightly taller. Her shoulders were wide; her hips were modest; her ass looked compact under her tight skirt.
Harkje was right behind us. She split to the right and headed back toward the library while we continued straight ahead. If this festival really meant what I thought it did, Harkje wouldn't be mad at me for having sex with her girlfriend. Or (I hoped) she wouldn't be mad at me for long.
Back outdoors, I remembered the cold. I hadn't noticed it much earlier. Since I was more tired and had less adrenaline in my system for this second interlude, I began to seriously feel the chill. Goosebumps rose on my skin, but I reminded myself that exercise would make me warm again.
Qenefvere and I went to one of the cushioned table-and-bench set-ups that had been placed near the side of the road for festival purposes. The way Qenefvere turned, clasped my hands, and looked into my eyes, I realized that she wasn't just humoring me. She actively wanted me to have sex with her.
When she kissed me, I found myself wanting the same thing. She smelled kind of like berries. Her lips were soft and wonderfully smooth.
The cute brunette shrugged herself out of her long coat. Taking this as a signal, I hiked up her skirt and ran my finger along the cleft between her legs, over her panties. She unbuttoned her flannel shirt and shimmied her shoulders, making her well-formed breasts bounce against each other. I slid my hands along her torso and grabbed her tits.
She wasn't very good with any language I spoke and I wasn't good with hers, but we didn't need speech. She coaxed me into a 69 position with me on the bottom. We lay on the table and started licking each other. I had the dildo in my right hand and I used it to prod at her vaginal entrance every so often. She tugged her panties aside, inviting me to stick the tool inside her.
A reasonably muscular salt-and-pepper-haired naked man approached us. He hesitated for a moment, standing and watching while he stroked his erect penis slowly.
He made up his mind. He stood next to me and asked, "Can I put my cock in your pussy?" (I didn't get every word, but that was the gist of his question.)
"If you use a condom," I told him, glancing and nodding at the bag I'd set on the bench near us.
Whether my wording was perfect or not, he understood me perfectly. His eyes darted back and forth. Amusingly, it was a difficult decision for him! "Can I take your anus without a condom?" he asked.
"Yes," I said.
Qenefvere wasn't put off by the the middle-aged man's dick joining her at my lower regions. She'd apparently heard our exchange. She kept eating my pussy while the newcomer fingered me to get some juice to lube his cock. I was glad that he seemed experienced at anal sex; he took his time and gently pushed his rigid penis into my ass. While he was doing that, I got serious about penetrating Qenefvere. Carefully, I pushed the black dildo into her cunt, going about a cm deeper with each deliberate stroke. Her thick labia glistened with her tangy syrup; strong-smelling, but kind of addictive. I continued using my mouth to stimulate her clit as best I could while I worked the dildo in an increasing tempo.
I was worried that I might not be doing well-I'd never had a lesbian encounter except for one drunken episode in my last year of high school-but the way Qenefvere mashed her face farther between my legs and clutched my butt tighter and tighter while she worked on my cunt made me think I could be doing well after all. As for the guy who'd joined us, I was doing a good job of working my hips against his and arching my back to give his cock head greater stimulation. I didn't think he'd be disappointed in my performance. I wasn't disappointed in his; he employed short, powerful, smooth strokes, making my backside feel tingly. His penis was pleasantly hot and thick, contrasting with the serious chill of the outside air.
But both of these competent lovers didn't make me feel as satisfied as Harkje had. I found my mind wandering to her. I wondered if she would get much pleasure from cunnilingus-and if she would smell and taste similar to Qenefvere. I wondered if she could have an orgasm from her girl parts without her boy parts having one sympathetically. I wondered if she'd let me fuck her with a dildo, the way her girlfriend was.
Suddenly, I felt Qenefvere's pelvis starting to tremble. Her pussy was getting a little sloppier. I focused on her, hoping to give her a great climax. I was very inexperienced when it came to licking clit, but I was pretty handy with a dildo. Besides that, part of my mind buzzed with amoral joy: I was fucking two people I'd just met. It didn't even feel like it was me doing it, in a way. I imagined how I must look to passersby. Mouthful of pussy, assful of cock, thrusting and slurping while flaunting my naked body in the middle of town-
-Qenefvere panted and twitched as she came. I kept working doggedly at her pussy. I couldn't really enjoy causing her orgasm because mine suddenly hit me, walloping me right between my legs, leaving me gasping. I worked my hips like I was taking out a wine cork: twisting in a spiral, then pushing backward, giving the guy behind me an eventful ride. His fingers flexed, pinching the thin flesh above my hip bones. He groaned and pulled himself securely against me. I enjoyed his lower torso's warmth. He finished with a few very strong thrusts and pulled his cock from my ass. The cold breeze made me very aware of the thin trickles of semen that dribbled out of my anus and oozed between my cheeks.
Qenefvere climbed off the table and gently took my arm. She and the man helped me sit up. They each gave my mouth a kiss of courtesy.
More townspeople had arrived. There were maybe 100 people in the village square now. Half of them were enjoying the festivities with others, but half were watching-and waiting. My threesome had attracted quite a few onlookers.
No time to have a panic attack: two clean-shaven and one bearded man were approaching me. "I'll see you before midnight, Xi-Lin," Qenefvere said to me, forgetting herself and using the local lingo. She gave me one final kiss and straightened her clothes.
The three guys were wearing thick mid-calf socks and leather shoes. Each looked eager for a turn. Rather than let myself think, I acted. I pulled a condom from my bag and held it up. "Use a condom if you want my pussy, please," I said as best I could. They all seemed to understand.
The tallest guy was wiry and wore gold-framed glasses. He winked at me, took the condom, unwrapped it, and expertly rolled it to the base of his very firm penis. He and the bearded man each put a hand on one of my shoulders and eased me onto my back. (I idly thought how unnecessary it had been for Qenefvere to help me sit up!) The third guy was blond, with a pair of blue anchors tattooed on his lower abdomen. He fished for a living, no doubt. He kissed me lightly, lips-to-lips, then straightened and presented his half-hard cock to my mouth. I didn't keep him in suspense; I put my right hand around his shaft and took his cock-head into my salivating mouth. I felt the other two men running their hands along my thighs. While I stroked and licked the tattooed guy, I felt the bare penis of the bearded guy prodding my asshole. An instant later, the guy with the condom rubbed his cock up and down my vaginal slit, then shoved himself deep into my wet cunt. His friend was right behind him, thrusting decisively into my ass.
I'd seen this in one or two internet videos, but I'd never given much thought to how it would feel if it really happened to me. It was pretty uncomfortable-the skin of my perineum felt stretched, getting tugged back and forth-and unbelievably dirty! I tried to keep my mind off the two cocks I was taking in my pussy and my backdoor by concentrating on blowing the third. I moved my fingers lower, to the man's delicate ball sack, while I urged his dick further into my mouth, almost to my tonsils.
The smell reminded me of the way Harkje's smooth penis had smelled when she'd popped off her condom and her shaft was slick with her sperm. I found myself wondering how virile she was. And, if her smell was so similar to a man's, would her taste be also?
Whoa, I thought. I'm in the middle of three guys-and I'm wondering about Harkje. I'm thinking about how her kisses felt. I'm remembering her kindness and selflessness. I'm hoping I get a chance to suck her off so I know how her semen tastes.
How could I be thinking about her?
If I hadn't had a cock in my mouth, I would have shaken my head. I put more of my mental energy into satisfying the guys who were with me. Mm, the two behind me had gotten their timing more or less in unison. The resulting sensation was growing more pleasant; thanks to the close proximity of the two dicks, there was more indirect stimulation. My clitoris appreciated that. I kind of hummed around the head of the penis in my mouth and I lazily rotated my tongue around the glans.
The guy took his hands from my head and put them on the tops of my shoulders. His fingers tensed. The cocks in my ass and pussy were starting to feel excellent to me. I knew the guy I was blowing was going to shoot his load…but I was caught up in the festival. I backed off only a bit, keeping the fisherman's cock-head between my lips, sliding my tongue up and down the dilated slit at the tip.
The guy in my ass grunted and came. He sped up his thrusts and for a moment I felt a little tugging pain, but the other guy quickly adjusted his speed. The fleeting pain vanished immediately and the lovely pressure in my lower parts grew even more.
I put my fingers back around the exposed shaft of the guy I was sucking. Using my lips and tongue, I began to milk the head of his penis.
With a sharply uttered word, (it was probably "Fuck!" or "Damn!") the tattooed guy finally gave in to my fellatio. I was experienced enough to raise my tongue. Deflecting the jets of cum so they didn't splash the back of my throat, I wouldn't gag.
The bearded guy pulled out of my butt. The sudden loss of warmth and the friction of the cock pulling past my sensitive rectum hit me with another amazing sensation. Now that there was more room, the man with the glasses doubled his pace. I sighed around the mouthful of seed and the tip of the penis I had yet to release.
The fisherman gently wiggled his softening cock from between my lips. A thick rivulet of semen and saliva bubbled from my mouth. I held the rest in my cheeks and took a deep breath. I swallowed the salty, musky mixture in one gulp, barely believing that I was acting this way. (Well, before today, I had been several months without sex. Hell, I'd been several months without a kiss or a hug!)
I put my hands on the table to get more leverage and started thrusting my hips at the remaining guy. I felt an orgasm building-
-He pulled out. With trembling hands, he pulled off the condom.
I was disappointed, but these three guys had made me feel pretty nice. I didn't really mind that they hadn't made me cum. I kept smiling and giving the last man encouraging moans. He ejaculated on my smallish, stiff-nippled tits.
This time, only the fisherman kissed me. I wasn't surprised; the glaze on my lips was his, after all.
I was spent for the moment. The bystanders sensed that; they made no more requests of me. Instead, the three men I'd fucked helped me to my feet and the one with the glasses walked me the short distance to Ms. Garrikoet's house.
One hot, relaxing bath later, I threw on my robe and went to my room to study more local publications. I didn't dress; there were probably quite a few more locals who wanted to sample my goods.
I became engrossed in an archaeological journal. There were a couple of articles in it that talked about local Stone Age and Bronze Age peoples. They had often been tragically decimated by silent and invisible volcanic gases. Discoveries in sediment layers had proven that sometimes volcanic compounds had even gotten into the flesh of the fish and livestock that the natives had eaten.
As I read the journal, I found an article that interested me even more. The piece discussed the myths of what had happened with early Christian missionaries to this section of the island, and what theories the archaeological record supported. I realized that this town was large enough and old enough to have several centuries-old churches, but I had seen only two churches, and both were no older than several decades. The article mentioned a site of hasty burials, likely from the early 1600s. Local pagans and Catholic missionaries and settlers had apparently settled their differences with bloody skirmishes. Had the groups banded together to repel raids? Had they banded together to deal with blighted crops or unexplained cattle diseases? The journal article had no definite answers yet.
A knock on my room door interrupted my reading. I supposed that a hopeful lover or two had come to call. My pulse quickened. I'd had a couple of hours to rest; I felt ready (Some part of me felt eager!) to join the festivities again.
The curvy intersex woman and the lean man who had been interested in Harkje and me this morning greeted me at the threshold. There was another man with them; he looked 15 to 20 years older than his companions, with a well-tended grey mustache and a pierced nose and ears. He had love handles, but he looked strong and fit in spite of the extra mass. All three of my visitors wore sturdy boots and tall socks and nothing else.
I smiled at them, grabbed my bag of condoms, and went with them to the village square.
The intersex and the older man sat facing each other on a wide, well-cushioned bench. The man took the condom I offered him; the intersex lady had brought her own. I understood about half of their talk, but I wouldn't have had to understand any at all to know what they wanted. I was to sit in the intersexed woman's lap and take her slender, lavender-hued cock into my pussy. The younger man sat in the older man's lap, sinking the wider, more veiny penis into his ass. The younger man and I leaned toward each other and kissed for a second. We began to bounce up and down on the dicks beneath us. The muscular young guy's hands gently caressed my breasts. I leaned forward a little more and reciprocated, tenderly stroking his proud, erect penis. He groaned, put his arms around my back, and covered my neck with tiny kisses.

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