A Black Girl

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Dear readers, first of all sorry for being so late for posting my latest encounter. I was on a long vacation. Recently I had a full road trip of our beautiful state Rajasthan, India. Off lately, I was in city of lakes Udaipur and was staying up at Lake Palace. In the evening I moved out of my room to discover this wonderful city and at reception saw an African black lady in an argument with the staff for a moment we just saw each other.
I just ignored the same and moved to the porch and ordered to get my car from valet parking in the meanwhile I lit up a cigarrete. Same lady I saw at reception was moving towards me and asked for lighter. I gave her the lighter, introduced our self and she told that the reason for argument was that the cab she hired was no more there and she needed a new cab to roam around the city. I asked her, if she feels fine she can give me company.
I was alone and was also in plan to see the city. She thought for a moment and nodded her head in yes with a smile and said thank you. Let me just describe her. She would be in her late 20, may be 26-28 years of age, named Mariah black complexion and was wearing a tight black knee length skirt and a white shirt. Though she was black, still her skin was glowing and the spark in her eyes mixed with her smile was creating wonders upon me.
She was having a perfect figure with curves and flesh at the right places. She was looking superb, hot and spicy. Finally my car came. I handed over tip to the parking boy and opened the gate for the wonderful lady and started out tour of the city. She started the communication with me asking about my family and work and was comfortable and frank by then. She told that she use to work in a big Oil and Gas company in Nigeria.
We both shared a common hobby and travelling at least twice a year. Continuing our talks we saw palaces and lakes. However, the best part was boat riding. During the boat ride we got equipped with some beer cans, however, since I only take whisky, I told her that I will have my drinks with dinner. She agreed to the fact taking a promise and I should company her for a beer and she will company me with my drinks. It was getting dark and we thought of moving back to our hotel.
I asked her for dinner and she told that will be better we take it at our room, since it will be risky to drive after drinks and she do not wanna get in any trouble being from another country. She already had 3 beers and it was showing effect upon her and she hugged me and gave a kiss with whispering in my year that these were one of the best moments on her trip and she want to make the evening  more spicy and baked.
During our whole drive back to the hotel she kept her head on my shoulder and her hand upon mine. Finally we moved back to our rooms and she told that she will freshen up in the meanwhile I can order for dinner. I ordered some Indian food with Black Label whiskey by the time dinner came she also came back and was looking fresh and sexier. We prepared our drinks and raised a toast to the wonderful evening. 
We kept on talking and sipping our drinks by the time we realized we have already finished half the bottle. Suddenly she asked me for a dance. We started with our dance with our bodies hugging each other and her hot breath on my neck. Her hand went to my back and she embraced me tightly. My hand also moved to her back and slowly my hand was on her ass and I heard a low moan when I pressed her god damn sexy ass. She was looking so beautiful and sexy.
We were looking in each other’s eyes and slowly her hot and trembling lips met mine. The feeling was beautiful and I do not want to break this. I held her more tightly with here melons feeling my chest. I started sucking here upper lip and then the lower one. The nectar of her lips was so delicious, it tasted as strawberry. She opened here lips and our tounges met each other tasting the saliva.
We kissed for 15 mins and then she gasped for some oxygen, still near to me in my arms. She said, where you till were now, I needed you so badly be mine please, for this very night forget everything and be mine. Make me your and we kissed again. Slowly I started to kiss her eyes, ears and went towards the neck. She was responding to my moves embracing me more tightly, her hands playing with my hairs and asking for more.
I lifted here in my arms with our lips still extracting the nectar, and moved towards the bed. I placed my hand on her leg and dragged her near to me and started kissing her. She was on high and was asking to continue. She started opening my shirt and threw it away. I opened 2 buttons of her shirt and slowly my lips started exploring her sexy cleavage. It felt that I am waking on a dark road and everything there is attracting me to continue moving.
My hands slowly started rubbing her boobs over the shirt. There were so soft so big. She could not control more tore away the buttons of her shirt and threw it away. There she was with her breasts firmly held by her super sexy lacy black bra. There were 2 black mountains challenging to be conquered. My fingers were trembling her as I moved them thorugh her silken soft skin.  She held my hair tight and trenched me in her arms near her neck.
I started kissing her neckline and was giving hot breaths near her year. Seems that was the spot and every time I kiss and lick her neckline she held me more tightly in her embrace. I continued loving her, kissing her and moved my lips to her cleavage. Then I let go one of the shoulder strap of her black lacy Victoria Secret bra. I started to feel her boobs above the bra and slowly removed the strap to see one of the best pairs I have ever seen.
I started to move my finger over the bare sking encircling the nipples.  She could not stop more and placed right boob in my mouth and started teasing her hard turned nipple of another. I can not describe the feeling of sucking those soft melons and hard nipples. Till date I have only heard of African girls being so hot and I was experiencing one in my arms.
She was moaning hard taking my name saying in husky voice ooohhh hhhaaaa please don’t stop eat suck me lick these got puppies eat them. Aahhhh your so good at it at the same time my other hand was exploring the other mountain of her and tried to conquer the same. I was pressing and sucking her both boobs turn by turn and she was simply asking for more in deep moans.
Suddenly she turned me down came upon me and started sucking my nipples, oohhhhh it was a feeling man. I could just take her name saying oohhhhh Mariah god damn, your one hell of a bitch, take me. She was licking and pressing my chest and slowly started rubbing my tool over my trouser.  Seems the girl has some magic in her hand. Many girls have rubbed my tool, but the feeling with her was totally out of this world sheer pleasure.
My hand reached her legs and pulled her down. I was kissing her feet and licking her silken smooth bare thighs.  I was rubbing and kissing her tight Thighs. She had silky smooth tight legs like stem of banana tree. Slowly my hands reached her panty and I started rubbing her clitoris over the panty at the mean time my lips were exploring her deep sound navel and she was asking to continue like mad. I removed here panty and saw the most beautiful hairless pussy.
It was so attractive. I was spellbound by the sweet smell and slowly my lips came down and kissed the pussy. She moaned and gasped with her hand in my hairs. I started licking her and my god she was so wet. Her love juices were flowing and that was the best drink I ever had and she was moaning hard and was sayings aaaa do ooooo it like this, aahhh suck me lick me don’t stop ahhh your amazing oohhhh
I am cuming give me give me give dont stop and my face was wet with her love juices. I rose upon her and kissed her lips. She whispered you are killing me. Never in my life have I got so much pleasure. She took me in her arms and we started another French kiss. Now here hand was running on my trouser and she slowly inserted her hand inside my jockey as soon as her hands touched my penis, a wave of current ran down my body.
Her facial expressions were changed and she quickly took out her hand. I asked what happened and she said its sssoooooooo big monster. How much? I told her its 10 inches and slowly she again inserted her had and caught hold of my dick and was slowly rubbing it and pushing it up and down. She came down kissing my body and gently took the tip in her mouth. My penis was feeling the hot and warmth inside her mouth.
Keeping it the same way she started playing with my dick with her tounge and man it was really a pleasure. She started pressing my balls and at the same time was licking and sucking. This was one of the best blowjobs I ever had. My fingers were running upon her head and she really made me moan hard. I was gasping for more and saying Yeaaa Mariaaaahhhh ooohhhh you’re making me mad and finally she got what she wanted, she made me cummm and drank every drop.
I never cum so much in my life like I did now and she came upon me and we started kissing each other wildly. She said I love you very mch, make me urs fill me. We again started loving each other. I turned her on her back and started kissing and licking her back. It was so smooth and curvy like a hillside road. Slowly my lips came near her ass and my tounge started moving near her hole and I kissed it. She sighed ahhhh what are u doing to me you are making me mad.
Now one of my fingers was rubbing here clitoris and slowly I inserted one of my fingers inside. She was so hot and wet there. She was going mad with my finger fucking and licking. She was moaning ohhhh fuck me, fuck me aahhh I love you aaahhhhh maaaa. Please don’t tease me more please fuck me with your long dick I want you to fill me. I also was not in mood to tease her more as I also wanna one great fuck tonight.
I moved between her legs and placed my dick on her pussy. She look little afraid. I asked what happened. She told that the length is scaring here. Not sure if she will be able to take this long and fact cock. I laughed and told here Newton’s law that length of pole equal to depth of hole. She also laughed and we were embraced in a hot smooch. I still can not forget the delicious taste and still can feel her lips on mine.
Slowly I started entering her and after mutual cooperation from both I was able to fill her full after 5-6 stroked. Ahhh she was so tight, so wet, so warm inside. I started slowly with my movements starting to move my dick inside out and holding her beautiful melons and kissing them with every stroke I increased the pace and she was going mad with every stroke. I was surprised to see that she started speaking dirty language.
She was saying make me your whore fuck me bastard fuck me hard ahhhhhh oooooohhh ahhh kissme, tear my pussy apart with ur penis ohh with her wild moans I feared that no one outside should hear us and locked her lips with mine. I increased my pace more and now she was on the verge of cumming, she was screaming aaaah fuck me like this aaah
I am cuming uuuuhhhhhhh maaa no one fucked me like that aaaahhhh yes yes like this like like this ohhhhhhhhhh i am cuming and finally her body became tight her legs started trembling she caught me by her legs from my back and her nails were digging my back and she cummed heavily but I stilll have not reached y station and I continued pounding her hard my gosh she know the art of holding the dick inside pussy.
Her walls were pressurising my dicks and was reaching her G spot another orgasm started building inside her and she hold me tightly and supporting by dancing on my penis’s rythm. It was awesome feeling. Sweat drops seems like pearls on her black silky body. I started pounding her more vigoursly and first time I saw myself using foul language during sex.
I was fucking her hard inside out and speaking saali randi banna tha na tujhey, le le ab le mere bada lauda apni choot me banja meri raand come become my whore aaahhhh you like big dicks take it now. She was moving here head side ways with the ecatcy of pleasure she was getting. I was ramming her pussy hard and now my orgasm was also building up.
I quickly tried to take my penis out but she held me tight with her legs and moaned in y ears oooohhh cum inside me please I inserted the warm den again and started fucking her like there is not tomorrow and finally we both cummed together screaming aaaahhhh fuck it feels so great I am cumming. We laid together in each other arms.
Were still kissing and licking each others body and slept like that with our bodies glued as one so that air also can not passs between us. The show was not over yet and there was more to come for the night after we had our dinner. I will continue this in my next part.