A Black Girlfriend Cheats With Her Man’s 13 Year Old Brother

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By Courtney A couple weeks later, my boyfriend James was having his younger brother Michael up to visit. He was only 13 but they were close so James liked to bring him up to show him around our campus. After meeting him I thought he’s a cute young boy who will likely grow up as handsome as his older brother. At one point I was in another room and I heard them talking, thinking I couldn’t hear.

“She’s so cute! I love her butt, I can’t wait till I can have a girlfriend.” I heard Michael say.

“I love her butt too, she really is the sexiest girl.” James said.

I was so flattered, hearing them talk about me like that, how his little brother has a crush on me. When I came back in they acted like nothing had happened. Then today James asked me if I could watch his brother while he’s in his morning class, he has a long 6 hour class Monday morning so he doesn’t have much choice. I agreed and he told his brother to be good for me before heading out the door. With 6 long hours I usually studied or rubbed myself off in bed, but I had someone to take care of and I wasn’t going to be like my mother was to me and ignore him. I brought him out to the couch, James had rented an apartment so we were sitting in his living room now.

“So Michael, how’s school for you going?” I asked.

“Good.” he replied in a shy voice.

“Having fun? Lots of friends? Any cute girls..?” I asked trying to loosen him up. He’s never been alone with me before so I see he’s awkward about it.

“Yeah, it’s alright, I have some friends I hang out with but the girls aren’t pretty, at least not like you.”
he said back.

“Aw, you think I’m pretty? Why thank you, you’re a handsome young man like your brother.” I replied back rubbing his shoulder as we sat together.

“Well, I mean all the girls here are, I don’t know.” he said, still nervous.

“Have you ever talked to a girl like this, or been alone with one before?” I asked.

“No, why?” he asked back.

“Just cause you seem nervous, you don’t have to worry.” I told him. I could see his eyes nervously hovering over my body. I knew he was going through puberty and was filled with raging hormones, telling him to frantically breed pretty girls. The problem is he’s to young to know what to do. He looked at my tits more than my eyes, which I’d normally correct in an older man but I found it kinda cute here. I thought about it in my head, his little cock so hard from the slightest thing, he’s so clueless and innocent We have 6 hours to ourselves, no brother, no mommy or daddy, just a young innocent white boy and a horny older black girl.

“Hey Michael, have you ever seen porn before?” I asked.

“What?! No! I mean… Well yeah I guess. Why?” he asked back nervously.

“Well you know it makes being around real girls harder? You act awkward and shy, like right now… Have you ever seen a real girl naked, Michael?” I asked him seductively.

“N-No, not in real life…” he said back.

“Well I think you’re old enough now, would you like to see me naked? I know you think I’m cute…” I told him slowly moving my hands over my ass.

“W-What is going on? Is this some kind of prank?” he asked even more nervously than before.

“Oh no Michael, I’m just a horny girl who just can’t wait for her boyfriend much longer… And you happen to be in the right place at the right time.” I told him looking seductively into his eyes. He was sitting on the couch trying to look confident but he clearly wasn’t. I got up and sat on his lap, straddling his waist between my legs as I lifted my shirt off over my head. His nervous face lit up as my tits hung in their bra right in front of his face.

“It’s ok Michael, I want you to touch them.” I said. He didn’t respond, he just felt them in his hands while I unclipped the strap, revealing my tits to him bare. “Do you like them Michael? Are they as good as you imagined?” I asked him as he had a stunned grin on his face.

“You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.” he said back, grabbing and feeling up my breasts.

“You know, there’s one more part that you haven’t seen, I think you’ll like it even more.” I said standing up in front of him. The only thing I was still wearing was my spandex leggings, no panties underneath. I turned around and slowly removed them as I bent over so they would fall around exposing my ass to him. I turned back around and saw a smiling face before I said, “I heard you say you liked my ass, but it the pussy that every man wants to get at, I bet you haven’t seen a pussy in real life before, have you?” I asked.

“No, but yours looks amazing.” he said back.

“Now Michael, I’m all naked, don’t you think it’s only fair that you take some clothes off with me?” I asked as I stood there completely naked. I was 18, only 5 years older than him, but so much more experienced. He took his shirt off and I got on my knees and pulled his pants down. I saw through his underwear he was hard as a rock, even if he didn’t have the cock his older brother had. “Michael, can I see you cock? I would love to show you how it works.” I told him. He pulled his underwear off himself as his cock shot straight up. “Oh wow! It’s really big for a boy your age.” I said. I wasn’t lying, at only 13 he had at least 5.5 inches on him., that more than some grown men. “Michael I hope you know when you’re older that women are going to flock to you because of how big your cock is. But it’s the things I’m going to teach you that will keep them satisfied.” I said, on my knees, looking up at him as I took his meat into my hands. I put my lips around his tip and began to play with his cock in my mouth, tenderly making love to his dick, as I moved up and down his shaft. I had perfected blowjobs, and what worked on his brother would surely work on him.

“A-As g-good as this feels, won’t James be upset if he finds out?” Michael asked as I slobbered on his cock.

“He’ll be fine, I won’t say anything if you don’t. Besides, I watched him fuck my sister, I can fuck his brother if I want to, right?” I replied.

Silly logic, but we were in too deep to just get dressed and act like normal. Being a virgin, and a teenager, I knew he didn’t have the stamina to last very long. After three short minutes of sucking his cock I heard a grunt before the feeling of his cum shooting into my mouth, letting me know I finished the job. I swallowed his cum like i always do, why waste such youthful cum? He tried to get up but I just pushed him back into the couch, “Where you think you’re going big boy? Mommies not finished with you yet.” I said seductively as I hoped back on his lap. He hadn’t fully matured yet and was still rather small and skinny, especially compared to me, so I almost felt like I was crushing him. But, he didn’t complain so I stayed on top. The refractory period on a horny teenage boy like him is almost non-existent, and the feel of my soft black thighs rubbing against his pale white hips made his cock shoot straight back up. I gave him his first kiss and caressed his hair as I sat down on his cock, letting my pussy grip each and every inch of it on the way down. As I bounced up and down on his cock, my tits were held against his mouth, I felt him sucking on them as I began to twerk in his lap. This kid is going to grow up with a massive fetish for black girls after this.

“Oh my God it feels so good!” he moaned through my tits.

“That’s it baby, tell mommy how good it feels, use all the dirty words you can’t say around the house.” I told him.

“It’s so fucking good! You’re so fucking tight on me! Fuck!” he let out immediately.

“How does my black pussy feel, baby? Do you love my black pussy on your cock?” I moaned to him as I twerked on his shaft.

“Fuck yes! I fucking love your black pussy!” he moaned back.

I continued to ride his cock like a jockey on a horse clamping down as hard as I possibly could as I held his face against my tits. He held onto me tightly as well, holding me down and hugging me as I was giving him the most pleasurable experience of his life. My pussy was rocking his little world so much he actually apologized for being racist in his video game lobbies. It made me laugh which just helped me continued riding him. Truth is I couldn’t care less, he could call me whatever he wants. I don’t even know how long I was riding him for, but he lasted longer now that he had blown his first load in my mouth. After some time I stood up and he stood up with me, I was still a foot taller than him and thought about something to try. One of my favorite things is when James carries me around while fucking me standing up, so now I wanted to try it in reverse and carry his little brother around as he desperately fucks my pussy. I lifted him up, he was heavier than I thought, and he reinserted his cock, this quickly wasn’t meant to work out but I liked the idea of dominating his tiny little body like that.

I set him down and we walked hand in hand to the bedroom. “Did you think sex would feel like this?” I asked as we walked.

“No, but I’ve always heard it feels good. I didn’t think it was like this though. Your pussy feels so good around me!” he replied.

We walked into the bedroom and I laid on my back, spreading my legs open giving him the full show. His dick looks like it was diamond hard as he saw my full naked body, tits, ass and pussy before him. He reinserted into my pussy and began aggressively humping me. He was basically masturbating himself with my pussy. “Slow down there, I’m not going anywhere.” I told him. With my legs held back by my head, his little body thrust his cock into me, as deep as he could reach. It almost looked like those animated porno’s that have an oversized woman getting fucked by an undersized man. I really almost began to believe this was incest between a mother and son with how young he is. Fucking him was amazing still, even though he had no experience. I was just laying back letting him experiment inside my pussy. He was taking pictures of my tits throughout, probably to brag to his little friends that he got real pussy. It had been over an hour since we started fucking.

“Michael put your phone down and fuck me! I want to feel your cum swimming in my pussy!” I shouted.

“Answer me one question and I’ll put the phone down. Why does a sexy black slut like you want white guys like my brother and I so much?” he asked.

“Black men don’t fuck me the way I like, you white boys are so passionate and seductive. It makes my pussy wet. You know what else… I kinda like it when you call me things you shouldn’t… racist things…” I whispered to him.

He got down close to my ear and whispered, “I’m gonna blow so much cum in your nigger pussy that my brother has to raise our baby…”

FUCK that was so sexy hearing that. It made my pussy twitch knowing I was fucking him bareback and that I could easily get knocked up by a 13 year old boy. “That’s right baby! I’m your fucking pussy! Fuck my nigger pussy!” I shouted. He grunted as he shot the longest uninterrupted stream of cum into my fertile unprotected pussy that I’ve ever taken. As soon as he came in me I was afraid I’d lose James. Could he forgive me for fucking his little brother like this? I didn’t feel the same orgasm as with James, but my pussy was sure satisfied. “How was that for your first time? You like my black pussy or are you gonna go back to little white girls?” I asked as he laid naked on top of me.

“If they look and feel like you, I’m easily black pussy only. No white girl has ever done half the shit you’ve done.” He said.

We had four hours before James came back, the rest of the time we laid in bed as Michael sucked on my tits. He explored my body for hours asking every question and touching every inch of me. By the time James came back his little brother had become fully educated on the female body. James would never know that his sexy girlfriend fucked the shit out of his little brother, making him a real man. A small part of me hopes that Michael hears us fucking tonight and walks in, getting double teamed by two white men, brothers even, makes my pussy scream. What a lucky girl I am…


Sorry for not posting in a few weeks, I’ve been distracted by Britney’s horny stories and have wanted to finish this before I start something new. Next up I’ll tell you about my first ever BBC and my husband’s first ebony pussy. There’s also another story I have, about giving my oldest son “the talk”. He accidentally walked in on me after I got out of the shower and saw me naked. I told all he needed to know while letting him see my body in a safe and loving way. It was a wonderful experience for us both and I plan on doing the same for my daughter with my husband. Hope you enjoy!

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By Courtney #Cheating #Interracial #Teen #Virgin