A Brother’s Duty

tagIncest/TabooA Brother's Duty

Devin was shocked. He didn't know how to process what was going on. He was certain that he was dreaming. He had to be dreaming. There was no way his innocent chubby little sister was asking him such an obscene thing. His brain must have been fried from watching too much hentai.
"Devin, would you fuck me?" His sweet and innocent chubby little sister Gabbie said. One night, when he was playing Street fighter. She had come into his room, without knocking. Something she would usually do.
She was wearing Tweety Bird pajamas. Gabbie was 18 years old. And she still had adorable baby cheeks. She had long brunette hair. Which was done in a ponytail. And had soft hazel eyes.
Gabbie was socially awkward. And a bit of a geek. She didn't have many friends. That existed outside of the anime club. She was self conscious about her looks and weight. Gabbie was pretty chubby. Which was the result of their dad. In his household you wouldn't leave without some meat on your bones. Gabby wasn't obese or anything like that. But you couldn't call her skinny by definition.
The main reason Devin didn't have a mutton top was because he worked out. And he jogged three times a week at the park. Gabby was thick boned. But she didn't neglect her health. She ate a balanced diet.
Devin paused his game and put the controller down. He pinched himself as he stared at his sister incredulously.
"Come again?" Devin said.
"Devin, would you fuck me?" Gabbie repeated slowly. Her hazel eyes staring deep into his soul.
"That's what i thought i heard. I just don't understand why you would ask me that type of question. What brought this on?" Devin said. He hoped she wasn't being bullied.
"All the other girls at school are pretty and have boyfriends. Boys don't even look at me. I haven't even kissed a boy. I'm tired of being the same old ugly fat Gabbie. Why can't I be like the other girls." Gabbie said. She looked downtrodden .
"You might be a little plump. But you're not fat. And you might not look like a model or actress. But you are far from ugly. Don't ever think you are." Devin said. He might be a bit biased due to being her brother. But his sister wasn't as repulsive as she thought she was.
"If i'm not ugly. Then why don't boys notice me?" Gabbie said.
"Just be patient. And i'm sure a boy who sees how special you really are, will find you." Devin said.
"You really think so?" Gabbie said. Her adorable cheeks poking out.
"I do." Devin said as he embraced his sister in a hug. Fulfilling his duty of awesome big brother for the night. He kissed her forehead and wished her a good night. Gabbie closed his door gently.
Two weeks had passed and he had almost forgotten their conversation. Their parents had gone out for their anniversary. Devin was watching hentai. Rape hentai to be specific. He was just about to masturbate when he heard a knock on the door. He took his hand out of his pants and quickly closed the tab.
"You can come in." Devin said. His boner refused to go down. Almost being caught masturbating just made it harder.
"I got a boyfriend." Gabbie said. She was practically glowing as she entered his room.
"Didn't i tell you a boy would find you?" Devin said. He was happy for his sister. The boy would have to pay severely if he misled his sister.
"You did. You were right. We haven't even held hands yet. Can you teach me how to kiss? Please?" Gabbie said.
He was about to refuse when she pouted. She looked so cute he couldn't resist pinching her cheeks.
"Ow. Stop big bro." Gabbie said.
"You want me to teach you how to kiss alright, close your eyes." Devin said. She obeyed him.
"Now stick out your tongue." Devin said.
"Like this. Ah" Gabbie said as she stuck out her tongue. Her pink tongue sticking out was quite a sight.
He grabbed her face and his hand caressed her hair. He brought his lips to hers. His other hand caressed her ass subconsciously. Squeezing it like he would do with any other girl. She had a nice round ass. He stuck his tongue out and began to lick her tongue. Their salvia began to exchange with each other. His tongue assaulted hers. Their mouths covered each other.
His sister moaned into his mouth. Slowly he withdrew his tongue from hers. A stray strand of spit connecting them.
"That is how you kiss." Devin said. He quickly removed his hand from his sister's ass. He didn't know what took over him.
"Thanks big bro." Gabbie said, pursing her lips as she left his room.
The week had gone by quietly. It became routine for Gabbie to come to his room at night. She asked him for dating advice. She showed him the picture of her boyfriend. The boy's name was gavin. He was 5'7 two inches taller than gabbie. He had short shaggy hair and dazzling green eyes. He looked like a stoner.
Gabbie was wearing Betty Boop pajamas. The top was loose. Which showed her nice round boobs. They looked perky. The sweater's she wore did a good job of concealing her cannons.
"Gavin took me to the movies. It was nice. He's so sweet. I kissed him just like how you taught me. His lips were so soft. He was surprised at how experienced I was. It's all thanks to you." Gabbie said.
"Anything for my little sis." Devin said. He kept on repeating the kiss they had in his head. It felt different from the kisses he had with other girls.
"I heard the other girls at school talk about giving their boyfriend's hand jobs to please them. Can you teach me how to give a handjob? I want to please Gavin." Gabbie said. The words seemed foreign coming out of her mouth. This was bordering uncanny territory. A good brother would refuse. In an alternate time, they wouldn't even be having this conversation.
The situation was taboo. Maybe it was the hentai. But he was aroused. Gabbie was naive and cute. He was just guiding his sweet chubby little sister.
"Get on your knees." Devin said. He sat on the edge of his bed. He was wearing batman pajamas.
Gabbie's heart beat in her chest. As she bent down on her knees. She was nervous. This would be her first time touching a real penis. She held dildos and she watched it on porn. But she never experienced it for herself.
She knew she was asking for a lot out of her brother. But she was desperate. Most of her friends at the anime club were girls. She didn't have any male friends. And her brother always looked out for her. He always understood. Even if he was uncomfortable. He hadn't judged her when she had asked him if he would fuck her. The question was highly inappropriate but he understood.
She had always looked up to him. When she needed advice. She didn't go to her mom or dad. She went to Devin. Devin would always accept her. He always seemed to have the solution for all her problems.
When he kissed her she felt goosebumps. She could still feel his spit on his lips. She could see how he attracted so many girls. His strong hand felt like heaven when he stroked her hair. She nearly wet her panties when he grabbed her ass. She had never been touched there. It felt exhilarating. His hand felt like a baseball mitten on her fat ass.
Devin spread his legs to give her further access. This was really happening. His pajama pants had a slit in the middle.
"Fish my dick out Gabbie." Devin said. His sweet innocent chubby little sister reached into his pajama pants. He could feel her soft hand on his boxers. She reached the slit in his boxers and pulled out his dick. His nine inch python was revealed. It stood erect.
"It's so big and hard." Gabbie said in awe. The veins on her brother's dick was pulsing.
"Spit onto your hand." Devin said.
Gabbie spat onto her hand. The spit spilt onto her hand. She spit several times to get her hand nice and moist. A little bit of spit went down her chin. She looked into her brother's eyes.
"Like this." Gabbie said, looking for her brother's approval.
"Just like that, Gabbie. Now I want you to grab my balls." Devin said. He never imagined he would be telling his sister to do something like this. The taboo of it all was exciting.
Gabbie hesitantly reached towards his balls. They were big like tennis balls.
"Massage my balls, Gabbie." Devin said.
She gently cupped his balls. Squeezing them softly. His balls felt so warm on her hand. She kneaded them. Giving them lots of attention.
"Am i doing a good job, bro." Gabbie said.
"You're doing great." Devin grunted. "Now grab my shaft."
Gabbie grabbed the shaft of her brother's dick. It felt as hard as steel.
"I need you to grip it. And go up and down like a pogo stick. Just keep on doing that motion." Devin said.
Gabbie gripped his dick and slowly went up and down. It felt so good. It's been a while since he had a handjob. Gabbie was inexperienced but she was eager. The way she looked into his eyes while she did it. Made it better.
Her lubricated hand continued to go up and down. Her fingernails touched his foreskin. He loved it when girls did that. He couldn't believe his sweet chubby little sister was stroking his cock. Her grip was nice and firm. Her finger tips massaged his cock head.
"Now spit on my dick. Like a good girl." Devin said.
Gabbie spat on his dick. Her tongue sticking out lewdly. She continued to stroke his dick. Her hand jacking him off furiously. The spit on his dick sent him into overdrive.
"I'm about to cum all over your pretty little hand sis. You did such a good job. I'm proud of you." Devin said. His dick began to pulse in her hand. She smiled as his dick spasmed. Load after load of cum spilt onto her hand. The gooey load covering her fingers.
She brought the sticky load of cum to her lips. And tasted it. She pursed her lips. And swished the cum around in her mouth. It tasted musky. She swallowed the cum and opened her mouth. The load had disappeared. A stray strand of cum was on her bottom lip.
"Your cum tastes a little strange. But it's not bad." Gabbie said. His sweet chubby little sister looked oddly slutty with his cum on her lip.
"You are going to rock that boy's world. But let me do something for you before you leave." Devin said. He knew he shouldn't be doing this but he couldn't help it.
He got a piece of tissue and cleaned his dick. Then he put his dick back inside his pajama pants and boxers.
"Open your mouth." Devin said. When she opened her mouth he put his fingers inside. His fingers were inside the same mouth that swallowed his cum. Her mouth felt warm and wet on his fingers. She greedily sucked his fingers. He felt no resistance as he thrusted his fingers inside her mouth. He took his fingers out. Drool slobbered out of her mouth.
"Take off your pajama pants and panties. And get on top of the bed." Devin said.
She discarded her pants and panties on the ground. She had long creamy legs. And thick thighs. She lay on the bed.
"Spread your legs." Devin said. She spread her legs with no hesitation.
"Sex is about reciprocation. When you get your partner off. Your partner should make sure your pleasure is not neglected." Devin said.
Gabbie's pussy was hairy. It showed how mature she was to him. He preferred hairy pussy over bald pussy. He spread her pussy open with his fingers. Her pussy was soaking wet. He thrust one of his digits inside her pussy. Gently probing her insides. He slid back and forth inside.
His sister moaned around his finger. Her sticky pussy coating his finger. Her pussy was slick. He added another digit. And slowly thrust inside. He began to finger fuck her when he added the third finger. She lewdly pushed back. He continued to finger his chubby little sister. He was relentless with his onslaught.
"Fuck. I'm cumming!!" Gabbie said as she squirted. Coating her brother's fingers in her sweet juices. There was something about making his sister cum that got to him.
Watching his sweet chubby little sister put her panties back on was a novel experience. He felt like a hentai protagonist. Her panties hugged her thick ass. He watched her pajama pants clothed ass jiggle as she left his room. He fingered his little sister. He was going to hell for that. But he honestly didn't mind it.

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