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"I see. And when is the meeting?" Mr. G's voice snagged as he reached the end of his question. Quickly, he cleared his throat and said, "excuse me."
His secretary paid him no mind and continued briefing him on his upcoming meeting. As she did, he leaned forward slightly, his dick sliding deeper into my throat as I continued to deep-throat him.
"So I will send him to your penthouse this evening at 7pm," Annette continued, completely unaware that her boss was getting his cock sucked by me under the desk.
"Do you have the notes for the partnership?" Mr. G struggled to keep his voice leveled as I ran my tongue along the head of his long dick. Deciding to be naughty, I took his tip into my mouth and sucked on it, my teeth gently grazing his head. I knew how much he loved that.
While Annette continued briefing him, he looked down at me and I saw his eye glint dangerously. I would pay for that nip later.
I shivered and could feel my pussy start to drip from excitement.
I had come by his office less than 10 minutes ago, ready for our morning fuck when his secretary had called him about the upcoming meeting for a partnership with one of the largest media companies.
"Let's pick this up later. I have to prepare for this meeting," Mr. G said as he straightened his tie before taking a seat.
"Or," I gave him a wicked smile, "we can have even more fun." Before he could protest, I had already pushed his seat back and was unzipping his zipper.
I fished around and quickly pulled out his dick. 8 inches of hard, throbbing cock stared back at me, ready to tear my cunt apart.
Alas, it would have to wait until after the debrief.
"What are you-" he began when I slid my mouth over his dick, taking his length inside the moist chamber of my mouth. He groaned and was about to push me off when he heard footsteps outside.
"Shit!" he hissed as he rolled his chair back into the desk, successfully trapping me under his desk with his dick in my mouth just as the door opened.
"Thank you, Annette," Mr. G said as his left hand slid below the desk, unnoticed by Annette, who was busy reading her notes to him. His hand tangled itself in my hair and he tightened his grip before he shoved my head down, almost impaling my throat on his dick.
It took all my control not to gag as he moved my head once, twice, three times over his throbbing cock. Then, his hand moved away as Annette finished up her brief.
"Great! Can you send me that report and leave the folder with the information about the meeting on my desk so I can take it tonight." With that, he turned his attention back to his laptop and resumed typing, assuming the look of an emotionless businessman once again.
With a nod, his secretary turned and began to head for the door.
"Annette, can you also send Ms. L into my office? I think it's best to go over the notes with her as well since she's helping with the partnership," he said as he continued typing before pausing. "Actually, send her over in an hour. I don't want to be disturbed until then. I have a lot to do."
The moment the door closed, he wheeled his chair back and grabbed me, yanking me to my feet.
"That was very naughty of you, Ms. L. It seems like I'm going to have to punish you. Go lock the door and come back over here," he ordered as he stood up, looking ready to fuck me senseless. I quickly made my way to the door and locked it.
I turned back, my body tingling in anticipation of our fuck, only to find him standing in front of me.
"Don't you know," he said in that deep, husky voice that made me melt, "it's not polite to tease?"
Before I could answer, he leaned down and pressed his mouth against mine. As our tongues fought for dominance, he grabbed me and lifted me, carrying me to the couch in his office as I straddled him.
"God," he growled as he set me down, "do you know how insane you drove me?"
"Really? Seemed to me that you were enjoying it," I smirked at him, causing the corners of his lips to twitch into a smile.
"You know, you're having a bit too much fun," he chuckled. Before I could answer, he was on top of me, effectively pinning my hands down over my head with his left hand. As he held me, his right hand slipped into my skirt. Within seconds, my panties lay discarded on the couch.
"Mmmm," I moaned as he stroked my engorged clit.
"Someone's already wet, I see," he taunted me as he massaged my clit with his thumb. I threw my head back and let out a low moan, careful to remember we were still in the office.
"What happened to your cocky attitude from before?" He continued to taunt me as he flicked his thumb downwards, stroking the length of my clit. I could feel my pussy getting hotter and slicker, eagerly waiting for his dick.
"I need a cock to be cocky," I replied breathily as I tried to steady my breathing.
"Oh, is that so? Well, how's this?" I bit my lips to keep from screaming as I felt my pussy expand. The length of his dick slowly slid into me, aided by the slick wetness of my cunt.
"Oh fuck me, Mr. G," I threw my head back, my hips bucking as he began to pump in and out of me. As he fucked me, he leaned down and opened my blouse. Pushing aside my bra, he took my left nipple into his mouth.
"Oh Daddy," I groaned, knowing how much he loved when I called him that. "Fuck me. Fuck your little cum slut harder."
Egged on by my groans, he began to pump into me even faster, his breathing becoming more and more ragged as he lost control. I loved when he got rough. Switching positions, he flipped me so I was now on all fours, my asshole exposed to him.
He firmly grasped both sides of my hips and began to pummel me, placing his right foot on the floor for better leverage as he leaned over me. My breasts bounced back and forth as my body shook from the impact of his thrusts. In and out, in and out.
"Ohhh fuck me, Daddy. Fuck this nasty cum whore," I continued to moan as his hand reached around and began to squeeze my breast.
"How's that, my little slut?" His deep voice was tight and strained, and I knew he was trying to control his lust. No doubt he wanted to cum but knew he couldn't cum inside me or on my face.
"My ass," I managed to moan, my breathing labored.
He understood and pulled out his dick before sliding it into my asshole. I groaned as I felt my ass stretch as he began to pump in and out of me. Soon, the pumps became faster and harder, and I could hear his breathing increasing.
"Ride me," he said as he quickly sat down, his dick still inside my ass. Nodding, I began to ride the length of him, my speed increasing as I felt his dick pulsing. As I rode him, he reached down and stroked my clit, faster and faster with each stroke.
"Fuck," he threw his head back and I leaned forward, kissing him as he and I both orgasmed. I could feel his hot sticky cum shoot up inside my ass and grabbed onto him as my own orgasm hit, shaking my frame violently. For a few seconds, we both sat there, breathing heavily as we recovered.
"I need you to go over the notes for tonight," he breathed as he got back to business once again. "Ask Annette for the notes and meet me back in here in an hour for a debrief."
"Another session?" I asked as I stood, his dick sliding out of my ass. Drops of his cum began to fall out as well.
"Let's go over the notes first. Then, we'll see if we have time," he gave me his trademark smile as he gently tapped my ass. Nodding, I grabbed my panties and quickly fixed myself.
"I'll be back in an hour," I said before I slipped out his office, careful to make sure I wasn't seen. I took the longer way to my desk, making it seem as if I was coming up from the lobby and not from his office.
"Oh, Ms.L, there you are. Mr.G asked me to give this to you. He wants to see you in his office in 45 minutes," Annette smiled at me as she gave me the paperwork on the merger.
"Oh, is this for the partnership with XYZ Media Company?" I asked, looking down at the paper.
She nodded and I gave a small sigh as I shuffled through the papers.
"Does he ever take a break?" the brunette asked as she turned towards the direction of his office.
My mind shot to the break he had taken just five minutes ago.
"Maybe he enjoys working," I shrugged.
"I suppose," Annette mumbled. "Hopefully, he won't lose his momentum. Lord knows he's one of the best there is."
"Don't have to tell me that," I mumbled, my pussy and ass still throbbing from our nasty little fuck.
"What was that?" Annette asked and I gave a quick smile.
"I'm sure he's fine. Maybe he just likes the distraction," I shrugged again.
"If he wants a distraction, he could just get a dog. That way, he can have some fun and have something to play with," she said as she resumed typing.
Little did she know he did have something to play with. He had just played with my clit and had had fun while doing so, and had been for the last year.
"Maybe we can get him a puppy for his birthday. It can be our mascot," I chuckled, earning a laugh from her as well.
With that, I turned and made my way back to my desk, the file in my hand.
"Thank you so much for coming, Mr. D. I'm very eager to discuss our partnership," Mr. G greeted Mr.D before making his way into the living room.
"This is Ms. L, the head of our PR department. She will be working with me for the partnership." I stood and greeted Mr. D, who gave a curt nod. He was around the same age as Mr. G. Around 6'3, he had an athletic built and seemed like the type who worked out and paid attention to his diet. His dark hair was well-groomed with the sides cut down short and the top left long and fluffy. Streaks of gray ran through his otherwise dark hair.
"How wonderful to meet you," he smiled at me and I returned the smile.
From what I had read about him, he was born in Italy and moved here at 14, when he began working at a restaurant. He graduated from one of the best colleges with honors before going to work for one of the top financial firms in the country. After that, he moved onto one of the largest media companies in the world, where he worked his way up to CEO.
"Well, let's get started," Mr. G said as he poured us 3 glasses of wine and began to leaf through the paperwork.
I held in my sigh at what would be a long night.
An hour later, I sat there, frustrated as both men discussed how to market the new show. Finally, I had had enough of listening to them.
"No offense, Mr. D, but I feel that it would be best for us to try a different approach," I said, earning a curious look from both of them.
I continued, "I know the show is risqué, which might make the public hesitant about seeing ads for it. But, if we market it in a tasteful way, we can actually expand our audience and get more people interested in it. I know the classic motif is sex sells but we don't have to make the show seem trashy to sell. On the other hand, we can't downplay the erotic nature of it."
"I think," I tapped my pen against my mouth before continuing, "we can market it this way."
"I think that sounds great," Mr. D said a few minutes later.
"Great! That sounds like it deserves a toast!" Mr. G got up to refill our glasses.
"Hold on, I didn't say we would do it that way," Mr. D interjected. Mr. G paused and we both looked at the man.
"We still have to make sure we're not opening ourselves up for any kind of bad publicity," he continued.
"Of course," Mr. G said before adding, "I'll go make some coffee."
"I'll help," I replied, knowing that he wanted to speak to me.
"It's not the bad publicity he's scared of," Mr. G hissed when we were out of earshot. "The man is just difficult."
"Maybe I can talk to him," I shrugged. "He seemed to like my idea."
"Do whatever you need to for him to agree. This partnership is important for both of us. I have an increase riding on this," he mumbled, obviously pissed.
"I'll talk to him," I said before heading back inside.
"You know, I understand why you're anxious," I said as I sat down. "It is risqué to show sex on tv these days. But, remember that we're telling a story. A young woman who is having a sexual awakening. Think about it: a young woman who is discovering herself. She's discovering the joy of sex, the freedom to choose what she does with her body, learning how to love herself for who she is. I think it's romantic.
I shrugged, "she reminds me of myself in a way. Someone who was inexperienced in the world and learned more about herself as she had a sexual awakening. I can create a connection with her and I'm sure other women will too. That's how we market it. It's not about sex, it's about living and becoming."
"I see. I suppose that might work," he mumbled to himself.
"I know that it will work. I'd bet anything on it," I said as I sat beside him.
"Really? And just what are you willing to bet?" he asked and that's when I felt it. His eyes raked over my body and I knew what he was thinking.
"Whatever you want," I breathed, my mind flashing to my conversation with Mr. G earlier today.
"Nate is ruthless, and he always goes after what he wants," Mr. G said.
"What do you-" I began when he cut me off.
"How far are you willing to go to secure this partnership?" he asked and I immediately understood what he meant.
"How about you, bent over with my cock in your ass?" he asked as he moved closer to me.
"I'm always up for a good fuck," I answered, earning a laugh from him.
"You got a good one here," he laughed as Mr. G entered the room.
"Just don't break her. She's my toy," he smiled and I felt my pussy clench.
Less than a minute later, I found myself on the couch with Nate's dick down my throat and Mr. G sucking on my clit. Our clothes lay discarded in a pile on the side.
"Oh fuck," Nate was groaning as he pumped his dick into my mouth. The sounds of his balls slapping my face and my gurgled chokes echoed through the penthouse.
"Fuck, oh fuck. Your mouth feels good," he groaned before he shoved his dick down my throat, hard. I gagged from the impact and would have shot up if Mr. G hadn't been holding me down as he sucked my pussy.
Suddenly, Nate pulled his dick out of my mouth. He looked down at me and said, "bend over."
I quickly got on all fours and let out a groan as I felt my asshole stretch. One hard shove and I let out a yell as he plunged his cock into my ass.
"Oh god," I moaned as he began to move in and out. He reached forward and grabbed my hair, turning my head as he said, "you like this? Moan for Daddy. Moan while I fuck your ass."
I let out a loud moan as he pumped into my ass, my hole clenching and expanding as it took 9 inches of hard, throbbing dick. He let go of me and grabbed my waist, increasing his thrusts. Before I could react, I felt Mr. G shove his dick into my mouth.
I felt like I was dying as I got fucked in the ass by Nate and fucked in the mouth by Mr. G. I looked up and saw Mr. G smiling down at me, pleased that I was able to keep up with both men.
"Let's try something else," Nate said as he pulled me down on top of him, his dick still in my ass.
"Feel free to jump in," he looked at Mr. G, who nodded and hovered over me. He stroked his dick along my clit once, twice, three times before he pushed it into my hole.
I let out a howl of ecstasy as Mr. G began to fuck my pussy while Nate fucked my asshole. I'd never had both holes filled at the same time and the feeling of both of them moving inside me was pushing me over the edge.
"How does the little slut like this?" Nate asked as he drilled my ass, his thrusts getting more and more violent.
"Fuck me. Oh god, fuck me like the whore I am," I could barely get the words out as pleasure coursed through me. "I'm your little fuck doll. Mmm, I'm your little fuck whore."
I looked up at Mr. G, who gave me his trademark smile before he leaned down and took my right breast in his mouth.
I'd always seen women taking multiple dicks in porn and it always looked painful to me. But, as I laid there with my ass and pussy stuffed, I could see why some women loved gangbangs.
Maybe I was a filthy whore or maybe I was just a woman who loved a good fuck. Either way, none of that mattered as I gave myself up to the pleasure of having two dicks fuck me.
Both men seemed to have fallen in a rhythm with each other and I could hear them grunting as they buried their dicks up to the hilt inside my cunt and ass.
We continued to fuck for what seemed like forever when both their speeds picked up.
"Fuck, I'm gonna cum," Nate groaned as he fucked my ass even harder. Mr. G plunged his dick into me a few more times before he pulled out.
"Get on your knees," he groaned as he rubbed his hand over his dick. I quickly got on all four and opened my mouth. Nate was still pumping away inside my ass.
Mr. G stuck his dick inside my mouth and looked down at me for permission like he always did. I blinked in consent and he began to fuck my mouth brutally, throwing his head back and grunting as he got closer to release.
"Oh fuck, baby. Let me fuck your dirty little mouth," he moaned as he stuck his cock down my throat. "Who's Daddy's little slut?"
I gagged and could feel the spit coming out of my mouth. Behind me, Nate was balls deep inside my ass, his thrusts becoming faster and faster.
"Oh fuck, you're so tight," he groaned, his breath labored. "Oh fuck, oh fuck."
He let out a bellow and stuffed his cock deep inside my ass just as Mr. G shoved his dick into my throat.
I closed my eyes and screamed as cum filled my ass and mouth.
"Oh fuck," Nate pulled out of my ass, his dick covered in the hot, thick cum that was leaking out of my asshole.
"Shit," Mr. G groaned as he too pulled his cock from my mouth. I sucked in air and looked up at him, cum and spit rolling down my face.
"You didn't orgasm, did you?" he asked. I shook my head and he pulled me to my feet before laying me down on the couch. Within seconds, he was buried in my pussy, his tongue plunging into my hole while licking my clit.
I threw my head back and groaned as he tongue-fucked my hole.
"We're almost there," he smiled at me as he inserted two fingers inside, smiling as I bucked my hips and rode his fingers. As he moved his fingers in and out of me, his thumb stroked my clit.
I threw my head back, feeling my orgasm coming.
"Let me have a taste," Nate suddenly said. Mr. G nodded and moved away from me. Nate was suddenly bending over me and I groaned as he lifted my legs and took my clit into his mouth.
"Oh fuck," I groaned as his skilled tongue moved, stroking my clit and darting in and out of my hole. He continued to suck on my clit and I felt myself melting as I approached my climax.
"Hold her," he ordered Mr. G, who quickly held me down just as I orgasmed.
A loud scream tore through me as I came, my body shuddering as cum coated my cunt. However, instead of stopping, Nate continued to suck on my clit.
My body began to quiver, my sensitivity down there very heightened because of my orgasm.
"Oh god," I groaned, feeling as though I was dying. Nate ignored me and licked up my clit, causing me to scream.
"I know you have another one in you," he chuckled as he continued to eat my cunt. I could feel my body becoming limp as the sensations overtook me.
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!
I felt my cunt clench as another orgasm hit me. However, this one washed over me completely, drowning me in a wave of my own cum.
"Fuuuuuuuuuck!" I groaned as I violently came, watching as a small spray of liquid shot out of my cunt.
"Oh fuck," I groaned as I threw my head back, my body still twitching and my breathing heavy and labored. I have never squirted before.

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