A business woman becomes obsessed with dirty sex and goes out on a limb for her fetish

I know that this story is going to sound really strange
to you but I couldn’t help myself. From the very
beginning I was lost to the sensations that controlled
my actions.

It all began one day when I was on the road as a sales
rep for my company up in the Seattle area. I have to
pay my own expenses so I’ve learned to trade quality
for price. Even though most women won’t stay at cheap
hotels because of the safety issue I do because I need
to save money.

Anyway, I stayed at a Motel 6 in the SeaTac area not
too far away from the airport. I arrived late and got
into my room around 10 o’clock that evening. When I
went to turn down the covers on my bed I noticed stains
on the sheets. It looked like someone had eaten fast
food in the bed and had dripped some “special sauce” or
whatever on the sheets.

I realized that the maid hadn’t changed the sheets from
the last guest that had stayed there. I reached for the
phone to call the front desk, but didn’t pick up the
headset. I had been looking at the orange colored sauce
spots on the sheets but then noticed other spots
farther on down. They looked a little crusty and hard.
I bent over and looked closer.

Sure enough, they were cum spots! I don’t have a
boyfriend right now, but I’ve had enough of them in the
past to know what I was looking at. So it was obvious
that a guy had stayed in my room for a few days and had
eaten his food in bed and probably jacked off their

Now comes the really strange part. The part that
changed the direction of my sex life from that day

I realized as I stood there that all those stains left
by some strange man on my bed sheets were making me
hot. The thought of climbing into that dirty bed and
sleeping where another person had been before me made
me feel funny and it turned me on.

That’s just what I did too. I undressed, brushed my
teeth and crawled into bed and pulled the covers up
over me. I could smell the man’s essence and also that
stale greasy smell of McDonalds fries and I slowly
fingered myself until I came with a jerking lustful
uninhibited groan. It was just all so dirty and I loved

I didn’t tell the maid to clean my room the next day
and since I had to stay in Seattle for a total of three
days I slept in that strange man’s stains for two more

That was the beginning of my fetish. I think I have to
call it a fetish because I know it isn’t normal, the
fact that I like to be subjected to dirty men and dirty
places. That’s not to say that I am physically dirty,
because I’m not. I shower every morning and wear clean
clothes, but I find myself always drawn to situations
that most women would run screaming away from.


My first real cross over from normal to my new fetish
happened in Denver. I was there for the week and found
myself watching the winos in the parks and wondering if
I dared to approach any of them. I had been getting a
lot done that week and felt good about my sales quota
and wanted to celebrate.

I know this sounds weird but my idea of celebrating was
to give into my fantasies and to fuck one of those bums
in the park. The thought of being taken by a filthy old
man was a natural extension of my new fetish. It made
me crazy with lust to know that my clean young body
would be fouled his some grubby old guys sweaty cum
encrusted cock.

But that’s what I did.

I crossed over when I saw this dirty old guy lying by a
storage area in an isolated part of City Park in East
Denver. He was lying there in an old shirt and pants
with one of those funny looking short brimmed old caps
on. I swallowed nervously and walked over to stand over

I was wearing my business clothes and knew that anyone
looking over at us would wonder why a woman dressed
like me was standing near a derelict like this guy. But
I didn’t care at that moment all I wanted to do was lie
down beside him and let him make me dirty.

The urge was strong to just climb on top of him and
fuck his brains out. I looked down as my shadow was
projected over his face and he opened his eyes groggily
to see who was there.

I didn’t say a word; I just knelt down beside him and
began to unfasten his fly, pulling his zipper down. His
eyes widened and he grunted drunkenly as I fished his
wrinkled old cock out of his pants to lie there limply
in the light of day.

Yes I know. This is sick, but I leaned down and holding
his limp dick in my hand I put it in my mouth and began
to massage it with my lips and tongue. That old guy
began to come alive when I did that, he giggled and
made some unintelligible noises as I bobbed my head
over his crotch.

I could smell his unwashed body, but instead of
disgusting me it made me wet. I knew that this bum
hadn’t had a bath in months and I could tell that he
jacked off a short while before because I could smell
his semen and see the crusty stains on the inside of
his pants.

I was amazed how fast he got hard, I’d have thought
that being a dirty old drunken bum he’d have a hard
time getting it up, but he didn’t, he was hard as a
rock and I was so ready for him that I could have

I couldn’t wait a moment longer I quickly stood up and
looked around us to make sure no one was in the
vicinity. Then I stepped over the old drunk and pulled
my pantyhose down and sat on his lap. This way I could
see if anyone came snooping around and could also
control the action.

I grabbed his smelly old boner and pushed the purple
head against my dripping slit. Then I wiggled my ass on
him and massaged his stiff prick into my slit. As he
sank into me he groaned drunkenly and sat upright,
hugging me from behind.

Here I was allowing some homeless derelict to stick his
unprotected dick into me. My mind was reeling as I
realized that I was letting some filthy old bum fuck
me. It was insane, but I didn’t care. The feeling deep
inside me was explosive. Knowing that this dirty old
man probably hadn’t had a woman in years and knowing
what he must be feeling as he fucked a young woman who
he’d never dreamed would do something like this. It was
just too much for me, all of those thoughts were making
my crazy.

I groaned loudly as I orgasmed uncontrollably. My body
jerked in ecstasy as he continued to thrust up into me
still sitting upright hugging me. I in turn, rubbed my
clit against his hairy root and it was just so fucking
hot I could barely breathe.

Then as my ass slowed its wiggling motions and my pussy
began to slow its throbbing swollen gripping of his
still had prick I suddenly felt my homeless bum jerk
beneath me. I gasped as I felt his hot wet essence
spurting deep into me. He increased his thrusts then.
His frantic pace suddenly stopped as he finally thrust
deep and held himself there, straining to pumped the
finally few spurts into me, clutching my breasts
tightly in his dirty hands, groaning his lust as he
filled me with his alcohol laden cum.

Then the next moment the old man had fallen to his back
and was lying there gasping for breath. I scotched
around to look at him and could see he was finished. I
didn’t say a word, I just stood up and pulled my
pantyhose up and shoved my skirt down and quickly
kneeling down beside him and pushed my lips to his and
gave him a long hard frenching.

When he started struggling for breath I pulled my
tongue out of his odiferous mouth and stood up. Still
without saying a word I walked away, leaving him lying
there with his pants down around his ankles and his
skinny white legs and hairy crotch exposed to the

I had three more sales calls to make that day and as I
talked to my clients I kept thinking about what I’d
done earlier. The feeling of that old wino’s cum
leaking into my pantyhose kept me aroused all day long.
I even got a strange look from my last client, I think
he could smell the cum on my pantyhose. But I know he
thought he was imagining things because there I was in
my business outfit all efficiency and professionalism.

The upshot of that first Bum-Sex experience was that I
found that I enjoyed it and I ended up doing it over
and over again. As a mater-of-fact I was so horny that
first day, what with parading around in front of my
clients all cum-soaked, that I found myself another bum
that evening and fucked him in the dark.