A cafe that turns hot

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Hey guys and gals… do you have a pulse for showing your darker side to a stranger’s eye. If the answer is yes, then go forward and enjoy the story.

I was in the web world enjoying, well.. You know what.. On the net. I love to view a variety of porn in quick succession, which is why I was surfing the broadband. But as you know, public places don’t allow us to see everything. So I had to keep two north pole-south pole sites juggling at the same time. After seeing some cool blondes in their birthday suits fucking their hells out, I developed a good hard on of my own. It was noon and the café was, to my satisfaction, almost empty, save for another surfer on the other side of the room and two girls keeping the café. I was almost oblivious of their presence and concentrated hard on my screen, which was a lot more beautiful. Big boobs, luscious cunts, nice thighs and mammoth cocks filled my screen. I had just downloaded a short video clip and decided to give it a go. The sound might have created a scene if it were full time, but it was ok for then. I reduced the volume to minimum and pressed play. A busty porn star was being fucked doggy style by two dudes with their flagpoles in both her lower holes. Aaaaahhh fffffuuuucccckkk fffffuuuccckkk mmmmmeeeeeeee oooohhh yyyyeeeeeaaaaaaahhh I am not a public performer, I tell you. But I don’t know what those lusty sounds whispered to my right hand, it moved slowly on its own and placed itself on my dick. By then my dick had become an angry prisoner inside my pants (I had left the underwear home). Fingers unzipped the pants slowly and out it sprang to full attention. My whole face flushed with my heated blood as I gave one last look above the screen throughout the café. They were all busy, the surfer and that girl on the desk. The other girl… well I was least bothered about. The woman in the screen hurled even more sex filled gasps at me as both her ass and cunt were pounded by those two men. One was squeezing her tits hard the other was simply hammering away holding her legs high. It was all set. I folded my hands around my dick and started rolling up and down the pole. My dick was fully open to the hot noon air shielded by only the table on which the pc rested. As the trio on the screen increased their tempo, my hand followed them. I started feeling that tingle in my testicles, which told that my sperms were eager to come out.

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And, all of a sudden, in the middle of everything, I felt that I am being watched. With a pounding heart and charcoal red eyes, my hands still on my dick, I tore my eyes from the screen and as if by instinct, turned sideways. And looked right into her eyes. That other girl of the café sitting at the table laid just beside my one about four feet’s away, slightly behind my table her eyes were wide. Wide with disbelief. Anger hatred and something else my heart gave the biggest jump of its life and suddenly became absolutely still as if someone from the invisible world whispered into my ears, “continue man. You are caught. Then why feel shame. Besides, don’t you see it? She likes it”. My hand continued rolling on my pole, up and down, my eyes riveted to hers. Her eyes were smoldering my penis with anger and still I was able to trace out that thing which kept her eyes there only. It was lust. She hated it, but loved it too. As the thing dawned on me, suddenly I had a plan. Suddenly I released my hand from my bursting cock with a great will and pushed the reluctant thing right inside my pants. I closed all the open windows on my pc and got up from my seat. All this time I had my eyes on the girl, who was somewhat dumbfounded and deflated by the sudden change of events, but kept her wide eyes on me. I stood straight for a second to let her have a look at my biggest bulge as I faced her. She glanced up and down me giving my bulge an extra glance. I gave a sweeping look around the café which told me no one was even aware if I was there or gone. Highly satisfied with my surroundings, I gave one last glance at the girl. She was beautiful to the eye. Her body was all well shaped for any one to crave. Big round breasts poking out of her tight t-shirt, nice waistline and shape legs. She had it all. I gave her a horny toothy grin. And headed forward. In front of me was a door, which led into a passage. I had gone there more than once because at the end of that passage was another door, which opened into a toilet. I passed the ill lit passage and entered the hardly used plush toilet. It was long, not too wide, covered with tiles all over, and had a basin and a commode. And a big mirror. Which I liked the most. You could almost see till your knee in that mirror. The toilet had a good scent, unlike most of our toilets, smelly as hell.

I quickly unbuttoned my jeans and pushed it down till my knees. My penis was still quite hard and stood proudly smiling at me. I took my eight and a half inch cock in my hand and slapped it a few times. Now it had regained its former anger, ready to drill into any hole. Now all I did was

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