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This story is just a fantasy albeit one I would like to fulfill one day. I've tried to correct any spelling errors but a few may have slipped through. Hopefully there is enough interest for another chapter
After a very exhausting week long business trip, Sean was happy to finally be home. It had been a whirlwind trip taking him to 3 cities in 5 days, all of which had been full of meetings and late dinners with clients.
It was late by the time he got home and he knew his wife Kari would be well asleep by now. Most likely his two grown kids would be out with their friends doing who knows what.
Sean dropped his suitcase by the door and as tired as he had been in the plane he knew he wouldn't be able to fall asleep right away so he went and poured a glass of wine and decided to relax in the couch and try to de-stress from the trip. He noticed that his wife had clearly had a couple of glasses herself that night as the bottle was mostly empty.
As he sat down, he grabbed the iPad he and his wife shared so he could try and find a gift for his wife's upcoming birthday.
Sean took a big sip of wine as he unlocked the device and almost spit out the wine when the first page that came up was a website that he had never heard of called literotica. One of their boys must have been using the device and not cleared it. They had moved out by now but they did come by from time to time when he was away.
Sean glanced through the history and started to read a few of the stories. The vast majority had to do with a married woman who falls for a guy who then in turn treats her like a total slut. The stories involved calling this girl names, dressing her up in slutty clothes and stockings, gang banging her and basically doing whatever they wanted to her. The over riding sentiment was that the woman not only loved it but was encouraging it. There were more than a few stories written by someone called silk stockings lover which covered a whole range of scenarios along with a few other authors.
As he read through a few of them, he couldn't help but find himself getting hard. The stories were definitely hot and it had been a while since he had been laid having been away for the week. He read one that involved the woman being a sex slave to 3 guys who slapped her tits and ass, fucked all her holes and covered her face and tits with cum. With the woman seemingly encouraging the whole thing.
He had to admit though, he was a lucky man. His wife was still incredibly sexy and took incredible care of her body. She was always working out and in her mid 40's had a body many younger women were jealous of. Coupled with the fact that they still had a good sex life, he was pretty happy with how his life had gone. Sure, he wished his wife was a bit more adventurous but overall he was satisfied.
That being said, as he continued to read the stories, he couldn't help but fantasize about his wife Kari doing these types of things. Every now and then when they had one of their crazy porn date nights, she would act a bit sluttier than normal. He loved it when she got like this. She would literally let him do almost anything to her.
Sean had read enough. His cock was raging now having read a few stories and thinking about fucking his wide silly. He made his way upstairs to see his wife fast asleep.
Kari was in the middle of a very hot dream when she vaguely heard the bedroom door open as her husband came through. She was in the midst of an extremely hot dream. All those stories she had read before going to bed had made her incredibly horny.
Sean had no idea that as he walked through that in Karis dream right now she was on all fours, blindfolded with a cock in her mouth and another pounding away at her pussy. In her dream, the two men were using her like a cheap slut. Telling her to take it like the whore she was. Shoving their cocks down her throat and holding them there until she gagged on them.
She felt a hand on her breast starting to tease her nipples. She instantly moaned out "harder, pinch them harder."
The hand obliged and started pulling a bit harder on her nipple. Squeezing it and rubbing it between their fingers and pulling it hard.
Kari moaned under the hands manipulations. "Fuck yes, pull on my slutty tits. Fuck me like the cheap whore I am."
She suddenly felt another cock at her mouth and she opened wide to take it in. She began sucking furiously on the cock as she felt a hand in the back of her neck forcing her onto it.
Sean couldn't believe what was happening. He knew that after a few days Kari would be horny but this was insane. She talked dirty from time to time but not like this.
He continued to pull in Karis tits while she bobbed up and down in his cock. The harder he pulled, the more she groaned and sucked on his cock. After a few minutes, Kari let his cock pop out of her mouth and worked her way down to his balls, licking and sucking them in one by one.
Sean let go of her nipple and moved his hand down to her pussy to find it soaking wet. He fingered her clit and then thrust 2 fingers deep into her dripping pussy.
Sean's fingers sliding into her woke Kari up with a bit of a fright. In her dream, there was a big 10 inch black cock in her. The addition of fingers didn't make sense in her dream and she awoke to find herself sucking Sean's balls as he pumped his fingers in and out of her. She was so far gone that she continued with it as she needed to cum so badly.
She groaned as Sean added a third then fourth finger, filling her pussy up. She started to jerk Sean's cock as he worked a furious pace in her pussy. She guided Sean's other hand to her tits.
"Fuck yes baby, fill my pussy."
Sean looked up to see Kari in the throes of passion and grabbed a handful of tit with his free hand. Squeezing it hard as he worked his fingers in and out of Karis pussy.
Kari screamed out as Sean shoved the four fingers in and out of her. "Harder baby. Squeeze my tit harder. I want your cock in me. Fuck me baby. Any way you want. Give your slut wife the fucking she needs."
Sean took his soaking hand out of his wife's pussy and rubbed it all over Karis tits.
"You want a taste slut?"
Karis only response was to open her mouth.
As Sean slammed his 8 inch cock into his wife he shoved two of his wet fingers into Karis mouth. She hungrily sucked in them, cleaning them up. She moved her hands down to her pussy and spread her pussy lips for him.
"That's it baby. Give me that nice big cock. Fuck me good and hard."
Sean still couldn't believe what was happening but he was happy to oblige.
Sean started fucking Kari harder and harder. Watching her tit s ounce as he slammed his cock in and out of her. He reached down with both and grabbed handfuls of her tits. Squeezing them and using them as leverage to shove his cock deeper into her cunt.
Suddenly he remembered one of the stories and slapped her tits with his hand. Then squeezed on nipple super hard as he slapped the other.
Kari screamed out "Oh God. Fuck yes."
Sean slapped them again and again before flipping Kari into her stomach and on all fours.
He went back to fucking her hard and grabbed her hips as she shoved her pussy back onto his cock.
Suddenly he removed his cock from her and moved up to her face.
"Lick it clean."
Kari happily obliged as she licked his cock from top to shaft. Then finally tasting the rest of her pussy on his balls. She felt Sean's hand again in the back of her head as he moved her head further down into his cock, shoving off of him deep into her mouth.
As Kari continued sucking him, he reached down and gave her ass a hard spank this time. Kari groaned in his cock as he continued to spank both her ass cheeks, getting them both good and red.
"Does my slut wife want this cock back in her?"
"Yes. Please, please fuck me."
"Which hole?"
"Any one. Just please shove it in me."
Sean moved back behind his wife and thrust his dick deep into his wife's pussy again. As he continued to pound away, he would give her ass the odd spank with one hand.
Sean once again took his cock out of her and replaced other with his fingers, getting them good and lubed up before sliding his cock back in.
Kari shoved herself back onto his dick over and over. Trying to get his cock as deep as possible. As she did this, Sean ran his fingers around Karis tight little ass. Lightly at first then then he slid a finger deep into her tight asshole.
Kari groaned as she felt her ass stretch while Sean slid two then three fingers deep into her. He could feel his cock sliding into her pussy as he worked his fingers in her ass.
Kari missed louder and louder. "Fuck, it feels so good baby. My pussy and ass being filled. Can you feel your cock with your fingers in my ass?
Sean slapped her ass again as he continued fucking her.
"You like that slut? You like having both your fuck holes filled like a whore?"
"Yes baby. It feels so good. Don't stop. I'm about to cum."
"Not yet. Don't you cum yet until I say so."
"Please baby, I need to cum."
Sean kept working his cock and his fingers deep into her harder and harder. Stretching her ass with his hand and spanking her harder with the other.
"That's it, take that cock."
"Yes baby. Fuck me, use me. But please let me cum."
"Fine. Cum all over my cock."
Sean felt Karis pussy grasp his cock as her whole body shuddered. Kari screamed and groaned as her pussy flooded even more and she came all over Sean's cock.
Sean stopped for a second to let her regain her composure but it was only second until he started pounding into her again.
"Yes baby, fill my pussy. I want you to cum all over me. Spray me with your cum."
Sean couldn't hold out any longer. He quickly pulled out and Kari jumped around to jerk him off.
After only a few strokes, Sean unloaded team after team of cum all over Karis face and fits.
He looked down to see Kari covered in his cum. Her tits dripping in it and her face covered in cum. He quickly grabbed his phone and took a picture of her.
Kari smiled for the camera as she wiped the cum from her tits and licked her fingers clean.
"Mmmmm. That was so good. I needed that." Said Kari as she continued licking her fingers clean.
She moved up and gave Sean a big kiss. Sean could taste his cum on her lips as she kissed him deeply.
"What came over you." Asked Kari.
"I could ask the same of you. I was downstairs unwinding after my flight and noticed all these x rated stories that I thought one of the boys was reading but now I'm wondering if that was you. I got me so horny that I just had to have you tonight."
Kari blushed as she knew she was busted.
"Yeah, sorry. That was me reading them. I was lonely while you were away and a girl from work said she goes to that website a lot when her husband is away so I thought I'd give it a try. Are you mad?"
"Mad? Hell no. Not at all. I knew you liked it when I took charge in bed but I didn't know you wanted this."
"Well, truth be told I have always kind of wanted that but it always felt wrong. It kind of went against what I thought I wanted but the more I read and given what just happened I think I'm really good with it. There's something about just letting go that that appeals to me." Kari continued "my job is so stressful and I feel like I'm always cleaning and being the dutiful wife and mother that it's kind of freeing to just let go and let you do whatever you want to me."
"Whatever I want?"
"Baby, I loved that and I want to make you happy and if we both grew with this then yes. Anything you want."
"Those stories involved other men as well. If that's something I want are you interested in that as well?"
"If your good with it then so am I. If I'm being honest when you came home I was dreaming of being taken by three men. It's kind of why I was so horny when you woke me up. I'll make you a deal If I don't want to then I'll tell you and it ends. Deal?"
Kari rubbed the last of the cum into her breasts and laid her head on Sean's chest before the two fell fast asleep.
The next morning the two went about their normal weekend chores with the added knowing glances every time they passed each other.
After they ate their lunch Sean looked over at Kari and said "We're going out to get some things. Go get changed and wear a blouse with no bra and a skirt with no underwear."
"Like I said. I need some thing and your coming. Now go get changed like I asked."
Kari marched upstairs to get changed. At first a bit mad at being told what to do but also in a way, excited at again being told what to do. It was a a strange dichotomy she found herself in. On the one hand she didn't let anyone or anything get in her way. She was a type A personality through and through. Yet here she was, actually enjoying and looking forward to being to what to do without knowing what was happening.
As she put the top in over her naked breasts, she couldn't help but wonder what Sean had in store for them. He had never made this request before and even if he had, they both knew there was no way in hell she would do it. But times had changed and here she was, walking back down the stairs with her nipples poking through the black shirt.
The two got in the car and Sean started driving without saying a word.
After a few minutes Kari finally asked "where exactly are we going?"
"Well I decided that I need a few things given our Jew dynamic. Don't worry, we'll be there soon."
Kari had no clue where they were going until Sean finally pulled into the parking lot of an adult store
"Umm ok. Why are we here? And how do you even know how to get here without directions." Asked Kari
"First of all, you'll find out. Second of all, where do you think I got the toys we already have?"
The two got out of the car and went in. The store wasn't the typical seedy adult store but an adult store nonetheless. The mid 20's girl at the front welcomed them as they started to wander through the store.
Kari glanced around and was happy to see that they were the only ones in the store. Sean started wandering through the store and looking around as Kari followed him, unsure of what exactly he was looking for. Suddenly he turned to her and unbuttoned the top 4 buttons of her blouse. He then moved the blouse so that it was slightly off her shoulders and barely covering her tits. The bottom button now the only thing keeping the shirt barely closed.
Kari immediately felt her face turn red as she had never been this exposed in public before. Still, given that there was no one else there she felt somewhat safe and had to admit that it did kind of turn her on
Sean smiled at her "You're liking this aren't you. I can tell by your nipples."
Kari looked down to see her hard nipples poking through the fabric of her shirt.
Looking up at Sean she said "Normally I'd tell you to duck off if you did this to me but yes, I have to admit I am enjoying it."
"Good, now let's see what we can find." Replied Sean.
"What exactly are we looking for. Maybe I can help." Kari said.
"Well, I want some hand cuffs, some clamps, a dildo or two and I'd like something else for your breasts. But I'll have to see if they carry it."
The two began to wander the store. Kari was amazed at all of the different toys that the store carried. She noticed Sean looking at the hand cuffs and wandered over to the section that had the vibrators and butt plugs.
She looked at a few and made her way back to Sean saying "Find anything interesting?"
"As a matter of fact I have. What do you think of these." Said Sean as he held out a pair of nipple clamps that appeared to have a chain attached to them. He also had a pair of hand cuffs that had an adjustable chain as well as a small paddle.
Kari looked at the items and could feel her nipples getting harder. She had no idea what he had planned but the thought of him tying her up was definitely appealing.
"Wow, you've put some thought into this. When are you planning to use all of these in me."
"Aren't you eager. All in due time my love." Sean said laughing a little, adding "Did you see anything interesting in the vibrator section?"
"There's a few there that look interesting." Said Kari.
"Ok, we'll go back there and pick out a few that you'd like me to use on you. I need to find one other thing and I'll come find you." Said Sean.
Kari made her way back to the section as Sean went to ask the girl up front for something. As she looked over the dildos she came across a wand that she had seen used in more than a few porn movies that she had seen. It seemed to drive the girls crazy so she grabbed one of those. She also picked out a very large black dildo that was thick and about 10 inches long.
"I'm going to have fun with these." She thought to herself. Feeling her pussy start to get wet at the thought of Sean using all these toys on her. She was so lost in thought that she barely heard the ring of the front door being opened.
As she was about to make her way back to Sean she noticed some vibrating Ben Wa balls that looked interesting so she grabbed those as well. Her hands were pretty full already when she passed the anal toys.
She stopped for a second to look at them. She had always liked it when Sean played with her ass so she quickly picked up some anal beads and a very nice butt plug that had a bunny tail attached the the end. It was a bit thick but she relished the thought of Sean working that inside of her ass.
Her hands now full of toys she decided to make her way to Sean again. As she turned around, she literally bumped in to two of her son Jason's friends.
Her face immediately blushed as she stood there barely clothed and holding a handful of dildos and toys.
"Uhhh. Hi Mrs C. Didn't expect to see you here." Said the taller boy Mark.
Kari had no idea what to do and stammered out a "Hi boys. Just getting some gag gifts for a girls party this weekend." She hoped that the two would believe her lie but by the way they were looking at her chest, she knew they wouldn't.
"Looks like quite the haul there. Sounds like a party I'd like to go to." Said the other boy Paul as he glared at her.
"Same here." Said Mark. "We're just here to get some gag gifts ourselves. A friend of ours is getting married. Maybe you could help us pick some stuff out. You seem to know your way around here."
Kari was at once both embarrassed and also excited as the boys could barely take their eyes of her mostly exposed chest.
"Umm. Well I really should be going but they do have a pretty good selection here I guess."
Mark picked up the black dildo from her pile "Maybe one of these would do? I'll bet this one does the trick hey Mrs C?"
"This one looks interesting as well." Said Paul as he grabbed the butt plug. "Gonna need some lube as well I expect ."
Both boys leered at her, knowing full well that all of these were for her. They had known her most of their lives and while they had always thought she was a sexy older lady, never in their wildest dreams did they ever expect to find her in an adult store, never mind with an arm full of toys.
"Umm yes I guess that would be good as well." Said Kari, desperately looking for Sean and a way out of this.
"Well I'd better go, gotta get these all wrapped up." She continued.
"Maybe take one for a test drive. If you do let me know how it goes." Laughed Paul as he continued to make no effort to hide the fact that he was trying to get a peek of her tits.
"Yes boys, for sure." Said Kari as she walked away.
"Looking good by the way Mrs C. I really like your shirt." Said Mark as she hustled away to the front.
She saw Sean at the front watching her and laid the toys in the counter.

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