A Change of Heart

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A Change of Heart
"Uncle Shawn?" I hear Becky say as I step over the threshold into the kitchen.
With the hardwood now beneath my bare feet, I question, "Yes?"
"I've changed my mind, Uncle Shawn…if that's allowed."
"Hafta go," Jessie says as he rushed by headed for the door.
Becky's cousin takes his leave giving Becky the pause required to relay her message clearly and completely and gauge my feelings with regard to her change of heart. I have made it crystal clear to the young man what my response will be if he violated the rules of the house. He is smart enough not to listen for a retelling of those rules.
There is also no need for Becky to expound for the sweet soulful sound of my niece's groans came to my ear while I muddled mint for the Mohitos we are enjoying in the sitting room where first cousins were just taking each other's temperature and sampling each other's saliva. I've heard that sound from a distance on several occasions when Becky chanced a test of the boundaries of the protection afforded during her summer adventure on Lake Chautauqua before the start of the semester. Under my watch third base was unattainable though Becky and Jessie doubled on a number of occasions over the last three days of our stay at Bemus Point.
The throaty sound of an engine, a big V-8 comes by the window screen. I hear Becky damn Jessie as he flees. He is not willing to deal with the crazy uncle. Tomorrow Becky and I will return to the city.
My sister refers to Becky, the eldest of Clare's clutch of five as her wild child.
Like mother like daughter is my usual response to the moniker my sister lays on her daughter. Being the oldest at nineteen, Becky has witnessed more of her mother's antic than any of her four siblings. I, also being the eldest of five am privy to many of the wicked nasties my sister Clare had participated in starting at nineteen.
Like I said, like mother like daughter.
At nineteen Clare gave her virginity to one of the three Deacons who fucked her in the sacristy of the church where the family has paid pew-rent for more than thirty years. As the story told by the three Deacons goes there was no force needed to subdue Clare. She just raised the hem of her summer cotton dress, removed her underpants and demanded the three have at it. The blending of they and she created the wild child Clare spawned eight and a half months later. Clare named the beautiful child Becky. Mom begged Clare to give the child up for adoption but Clare would have none of it.
During the summer Clare turned twenty she once again chanced fate. On one particularly star brightened Saturday night in June a girlish giggle pulled me from a restless slumber to the screened window of my bedroom shortly after midnight. As I looked down from the window that overlooks our back yard I watched Clare attempt to satisfy neighbor Bobby Leonard with her mouth. Mr. Leonard was nearer our father's age than Clare's but she didn't seem to have a problem with the age difference nor did she seem troubled by the fact the man was married and the father of two of Clare's girlfriends. After a fifteen minute try at oral it was plain to see there had to be another way. At her direction Mr. Leonard leaned back onto the fresh mowed lawn. Clare snaked her way over his thighs and took hold of the biggest cock I'd ever seen. Face to face Clare grunted as she sat in his lap and the cock vanished into her body. She whimpered a sad song all the while, the entire fifteen minutes she rode Mr. Leonard. The ride took both to their satisfactions. I believe I heard both howl as passion laid claim to their senses.
The following March Clare birthed a second daughter she named April. There is a tale told in the neighborhood that Mr. Leonard still provides for the child.
The grand two-story Tudor on Wilkinson Blvd. in Cleveland became known as the home for unwed mothers when at twenty-two my sister birthed her a third daughter. We, the family never learned the identity of Geraldine's father and I am quite sure Clare was not sure either. Unfortunately the location of the conception is well known to too many, many who had the pleasure of my sister in the back room of a tavern on Virginia Place in the Elmwood section of the city.
Clare might have been in trouble given her attire. But it was trouble she was interested in as she dressed in a semi see through blouse and a skirt too-short for the venue. She gave underwear a thought in passing and ignored the thought.
No instructions were given at the start of the merriment after Patrick Weston locked up Bedford's for the night. Clare being the only female left behind, the group of six that remained was drawn to my sister's heat. Clare understood the look in their eyes. She kicked off her sandals and undressed. Armed with bellies full of beer and reassured by the smile on her mouth the guys dragged Clare down. Not a whimper was heard. Not a tear shed. Disappointment was not in the cards Clare dealt that night.
Within ten minutes the six removed any doubts as to the direction the night was headed and every stitch of clothing.
"I have to piss before we get started," Patrick said. Being the manager of Bedford's he assumed the role of quasi leader of the pack.
Clare sat up and brushed away the two of the unnamed who were busy sucking her tits.
"Don't waste that," Becky said.
The challenge made, Patrick pulled a plastic table cloth from one of the tables and cleared a place on the floor. With Clare's help Patrick spread the table cloth on the floor at the center of the back room.
"Okay?" someone asked.
And Clare answered, "Fine," as Patrick helped her down onto the plastic cloth.
There was no small talk to preview the action that followed. The six stood sentinel over Clare with their cocks at the ready.
Troubled by the pause in the ceremony, Clare was caught in mid-plea for some action by a long hot stream of piss. Shaken, she cleared her throat.
"You prick," she coughed out hoarsely. An instant later the other five added to the heat and the humidity in the backroom.
Her recently styled hair was re-colored wet. Her face was soaked with twenty ounces of processed beer. She felt the dampness come below her belly as the fragrance of all that piss filled her lungs and the flavor wet her mouth. A lucky patron named Ernie warmed Clare's chest while Paul Crawford was less critical with his aim. He sprinkled his piss about indiscriminately. Her body glistened from forehead to hip in the bright of the lamp that hung over the pool table. A low giggle emanated from Clare's chest. Teeth and tongues pulled a gasp from Clare's throat as all wallowed about in the piss for a taste of Clare.
Like the dogs that they are the six sniffed Clare's body. Scented and ready or so all believed Patrick was the first to mount Clare. He finished and made way for the next. Patrick brought the sole of her right foot up to his lips and was tantalized by the flavor of her toes. There was a weak attempt to fight off the next but he ignored when he heard her ok whispered.
"Oh, God," Clare prayed loudly when Bernard the oldest of the lot fell into the divide. With that single careless stroke Clare was not prepared for, ten inches of thick warm cock was driven deep into her pussy. She flayed her legs wildly but the old man would not be denied. Bernard was unable to ejaculate and he pounded her senseless for a good ten minutes.
"Ahhh," Clare shouted out when Bernard extracted his still rigid cock from the center of her body. He turned her over on her belly and tried to make entry into her anus. With all her might Clare tightened the sphincter. Given the difference in size between her snug asshole and Bernard's cock entry was impossible. But her struggling and the proximity to her asshole worked Bernard into a frenzy and he finally spilled his seed in the crease framed by two lovely buttocks. She was sure his goo might glue her ass shut. Clare rolled her hip and muscled herself up off table cloth.
Paul followed Clare into the restroom after all had exhausted all they had to give and left. He kissed her tenderly after cleaning away the stench of urine from her body with half a dozen bar cloths. He left her and she washed the piss from her hair under the tap. Clare needed another cloth as gravity and viscosity pulled semen from her pussy that ran down her legs.
Our parents but Mom especially were thrilled when the last two of the granddaughters Clare provided, the twins Janet and Joan, were born following her marriage to Billy Connors. Not many believed the twins, weighing in at seven-plus pounds apiece were premature as Mom claimed. The rest of us near and dear to Clare were untroubled.
And I am back to reality and the present after a long reminiscence headed for the sitting room in the rental cottage at Chautauqua.
Becky's blue checked flannel is undone from collar to her waist. Her pink strapless bra hangs from the arm of the rocking chair to the left of the love seat.
Love seat: appropriate, considering what's been going on there since seven. Still light out and they started swapping spit each time I stepped away. What Becky sees as a glare on the bay window mirrors the action from where I stand at the kitchen counter. I can do nothing but smile. I've been anxious for this adventure to end begin since Becky let on that she was interested in bedding Jessie. For a moment I was happy to assume the role of voyeur.
Anxious while Jessie worked the buttons on her blouse and unfastened the front hook on Becky's bra. Anxious while Jessie darkened my niece's nipples with his kiss.
Anxious while Becky slipped long fingers by the waist of her cousin's jeans and measured his culpability and his capability.
How long has it been since Becky last traveled this winding road and negotiated the dangers?
Five months that I know of if my math is correct since Becky took my brother-in-law Ben to the carpet in the living room of my apartment on Ashland Avenue in the city. It was during her first trip to the campus on Elmwood, a recon of sorts. I stood watching while she wrapped strong arms and long legs across his back and whispered, "Oh, God, Ben, fuck me," just loud enough for me to hear from the entryway to the kitchen.
I did nothing to save Becky that night for the promise made to Clare, Becky's mother, my elder sister to watch over Becky and protect was months in the future.
That afternoon I felt Becky required no saving. What she did with Ben was mutual. She was beyond the age of majority and she was the one who initiated the physical contact.
I learned of the written contract Clare and my niece had signed that summer between Becky's romp on the carpet in my apartment with Ben and Jessie's attempt to circumvent the rules. It allowed Becky to live with me, her Uncle Shawn while she took classes at Buff State just a ways from my apartment. The contract was dependent on her grades and her behavior. Clare wanted better for her eldest daughter.
Becky and I were home from the lake for four hours when Clare called. She was headed from Cleveland on Tuesday morning with two seventy pound travel trunks of her daughter's 'most haves.'
"There's no way I can walk them up those stairs up to your apartment. I need you," Clare says.
Hearing her say I need you I nearly stumbled over the memory of Clare's plea on the day before the Deacons had her when she stood naked before me and said, "I need you."
Fear of father proved stronger than desire that day.
There are times when I wish it had been otherwise…
Clare spent most of Tuesday in Buffalo helping Becky arrange the guest room to her liking. The three of us had dinner at Brady's on Delavan before Clare headed for home in Cleveland.
The arrangement is working well until it isn't. On a mid-October Wednesday I am ready to kick my niece to the curb. Just after ten PM on that Wednesday after she showers she comes into my room with towel in hand and crawls in beside me. Her skin is warm, freckled and smooth against my back. But I remain strong and resist the pull of that sweet young body.
"You have your own room, honey. There are clean sheets on the bed and the pillows are fluffed. Now go…"
Becky does as asked but continues to challenge my authority.
From time to time she roams around the apartment without a stitch. I find myself looking longer and longer on each occasion. Did I just salivate?
By Halloween I hear a persistent humming coming from her room. I know and for three nights I ignore the need to see until I can't.
I'm standing on the threshold of her room when Becky purrs, "I'd like for you to see…if it's allowed, Uncle Shawn…"
She fiddles with her bountiful breasts. She purrs, "…if it's not against the rules…"
Her nipples are puckered stone-hard. They rise up tall and inviting with each halting breath she takes into her lungs. And she purrs, "If you'd like."
I leaned in to her room and whisper, "Yes, Becky, I'd like…"
With hands busy she opens her legs and the vibrator slips out.
"Help," she asks.
And I cross the threshold and take the tool in hand.
Becky opens her legs wider and I press the tool in to her pussy.
She continues wriggling after her first then comes a second time.
"The happiness you allow me, Uncle Shawn…there is no way I can thank you."
"Yes, Becky, there is," I said. But I don't expound and Becky doesn't ask.
My cock is swollen well beyond the normal but I'll not be put in harm's way.
This may be something I'd enjoy but she is my niece.
"Uncle Shawn?"
"Yes, Becky…"
"I have a favor to ask…"
"Take the plunge," Becky whispers. She takes hold of the enormity of my desire and adds, "Put you cock in me. Fuck my cunt like I know you want to."
"Another time, honey," I say as slip out from her warm caress. I retreat to my room and a fitful sleep feeling the fool, knowing I had done the right thing, knowing tomorrow at bedtime my strength will fail.

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