A Comforting Church Experience Ch. 03

tagGroup SexA Comforting Church Experience Ch. 03

Both Bavka and I had stopped our fucking to watch my wife cum hard in the arms of Felicity and Zot. Bavka turned around to face me. "You got one hell of a wife there, Mr. Smith."
Miss VanDerGirth in the corner hadn't said a thing to Betty, even though her moans of pleasure seemed to exceed the sound limits VanDerGirth had placed on the orgy. Her eyes were a little wide at the sight, and I noticed the sherry bottle was about halfway empty.
I was really enjoying Bavka's body. Betty had been my only lover for years, and a damn good one. But all guys like a little variety, and Bavka's thick legs and curvy hips were delicious to look at. I got down from behind Bavka's ass and told her to get on top of me, so I could play with tits and look at her face some more. I love watching a woman's face as she fucks. Bavka climbed on top of me and placed my dick at the opening of her pussy. She then leaned all the way over to french kiss me, keeping my dick right there at the opening. Without any warning, she plunged her tongue deep into my mouth at the same time she shoved her pussy all the way down on my cock. I yelled in pleasure but it was muffled by Bavka's hot mouth that was fucking my face with her tongue. She then sat up and began to rock back and forth, pressing down on me with her hands. I grabbed her tits and started to pinch them. Bavka's eye grew distant and they rolled up back into her head.
"Hell yes, Mr. Smith. Pinch 'em. Punch my nipples." she said through her clenched teeth. I pinched them harder and she growled low in her throat and started fucking me faster. Bavka wasn't giving a shit about any kind of Christian duty or penance now, she was in a state of pure fuck-mind. She kept on going, pushing my endurance to the limit. Bavka wasn't petite or slender like my Betty, and her hard fucking was giving me a real workout, a workout I loved! I hoped Betty was looking over from her lesbo love couch to see me fucking this big beautiful bombshell like a damn champ. I grabbed Bavka's ass and thrust upwards, lifting my ass off the bed and tossing Bavka a little bit in the air, to her shock. I did it a few more times, popping her up and then right back balls deep on my cock.
"Goddamn Mr. Smith, you're ((pop)) gonna…((pop))…make me. . . ((pop)). . .cum again!"
And then she did cum, with a stifled scream she held me down and ground her pussy against me, rubbing out a long shuddering orgasm. She then sat back up, flipping her long beautiful hair behind her as she did.
"Mr. Smith, if you let me ride your cock for a little longer, I'll let you fuck me in the Ass." Bavka offered, smirking like a dirty schoolgirl.
Miss VanDerGirth spoke up. "Bavka, Mr. Smith, you will do no such thing. That is strictly forbidden." Her voice sounded a little more lively than before. I was wondering if the sherry was getting to her.
"Bavka, you go ahead and ride my cock, you can make it up to me in some other way." She smiled and started by pulling my cock out of her pussy and straddled it, putting the length of it along her cunt, with her clit at the head of my cock. She then started to jack her self off with my dick. After a minute, she put it back inside and rode me for a while like that. Then she plopped it out and jacked off her clit. It was awesome! The variety in sensations on my dick were mind blowing. I hope Betty was taking notes. I looked over to see what she was up to.
The girls had switched places and Betty was getting bolder. Betty had Felicity's sweet little blonde head between her legs, and was enjoying some pretty good head. I could see Felicity's long little tongue lapping away at Betty's clit while Betty stoked and petted Felicity's long blonde hair. Zot was sitting next to Betty, watching Felicity munch on my wife's box.
"Yeah 'licity, tickle that clit. Yesss yes yes, that's. Damn that girl's pussy looks good."
I noticed that Felicity had her fingers in her own pussy as she ate out my wife, and had started to moan as much as Betty was. Zot was getting ancy, and got tired of her bystander role.
"Fuck girl, you taking forever! Gimmie that pussy!" Zot pushed Felicity away from Betty. She climbed down and pushed her whole face in Betty's pussy, not satisfied with the simple tongue lapping Felicity was dishing out. You could tell Zot was using her tongue like a cock, and that Zot knew a lot about cunt licking. Betty stiffened up and thrashed her head back and forth while Zot pushed harder and harder, her hands gripping Betty's hips and yanking her back and forth onto the insatiable woman's wide open mouth.
"That's so mean!" Felicity yelled at Zot from where she had landed, sprawled out and frustrated. Zot didn't pay any attention to her, she was busy devouring my wife's pussy, sucking and slurping away like it was an ice cream Sunday. Betty had both her hands in Zot's thick back hair, and by the look on her face was about to have another orgasm. Felicity stopped complaining as soon as she saw the raw fuck energy in front of her. I glanced over at Miss VanDerGirth, and she was leaning forward, watching the girls with interest. I noticed that one of her hands was absently massaging her own thigh. Betty gave a harsh yelp, which VanDerGirth did not shush up. I smiled to myself.
Felicity had crawled over to Zot, and had slid underneath her pussy and was lapping away while grabbing and squeezing her Zot's ass. Felicity's milk pale fingers splayed across the darker asscheeks was strikingly beautiful, and the little blonde's squirming and whimpering showed she was enjoying what she was doing to Zot as much as Zot did, who had sat up from my wife's pussy to further enjoy Felicity's sweet lips and mouth. Betty had recovered enough from her orgasm to reach out and grab Zot's nipples, and began to twist and tease them they I would hers when we fucked. Betty's evil little smile as she did it made my cock twitch with excitement, and Bavka gave a little moan of appreciation as she kept riding on top of me, slowly fucking herself silly.
"Oh hell yeah Pastor, keep doing that, pull 'em…twist 'em…Aaaarrgghh." Zot was leaning forward towards Betty on the couch, her hands on Betty's thighs as Betty pulled harder, and harder on Zot's perfect tits.
"Miss Xotchli was always partial to a more robust comforting experience." Commented Miss VanDerGirth from her seat in the corner. Her hand was moving all over her own thigh now. I noticed the bottle of sherry by her was almost empty.
Betty kept pushing Zot's tolerance for pain, and had pulled her nipples to an almost impossible distance from her body. Zot's perfectly round tits had been stretched to thin pyramids, and even Betty, though she was the one administering the torture was agog in wonder. Only Bavka, slowly gyrating on my cock was not mesmerized by Zot and Betty's performance. Zot gave a harsh shout, and Betty let go of her nipples, which made Zot collapsed forward into Betty's arms while Felicty lapped and sucked at Zot's cunt faster until Zot came, making her hot latina ass shake and tremble on top of Felicity's pale body.
"Damn, those girls are noisy." Murmured Bavka sleepily. She was still fucking me and I was enjoying the sight of this Teutonic Goddess humping the shit out of me. Miss VanDerGirth had other ideas, however. "Bavka, you've been on top if him for too long. Stop being lazy." Bavka looked surprised.
"You've never given suggestions before, Miss."
"You've never spent so long on top of the Comforted before. Now shake it up, come on now." Miss VanDerGirth had clearly undergone a bit of a change. An entire bottle of sherry could do that.
"One shake up coming right up." I guided Bavka off my cock and onto her side. I moved her around on the daybed so her tits and pussy was facing MissVanDerGirth, and then I lay behind Bavka, picked up her top leg and began to fuck her sideways. Bavka loved it, and started playing with her own tits right away. VanDerGirth began to squirm a little in her seat, but continued to watch Bavka's body as I fucked her, my hard cock in full sight of the older lady as it slid in and out of Bavka's wet pussy.
"Oh, you love doing that." I heard Betty say behind me. I knew she was talking to me, because sideways fucking was a position we couldn't do very well, as our bodies just didn't fit that way. I loved how it felt to fuck at this angle, and the way her ass gyrated against me was amazing! She mashed her generous buttocks up against my body and that got me to just let go for a while and fell into a Fuck Bliss. I wasn't worried about a damn thing, I just let my cock feel good.
I felt a warm hand on my back, it was Betty. She came up behind me and held me while I kept fucking Bavka. I turned and pulled Betty around to my front side. Her body was warm and sweaty from her time with the girls and her beautiful face was smiling and relaxed. She gave me a kiss, and one little kiss turned into a long passionate kiss, the kind of kiss only a Wife could give and only a Husband could receive. I couldn't hold back any more, and I came hard in my wife's arms, and then flopped over on the daybed, and pulled Betty to me. After a couple seconds we both started to giggle at each other, at ourselves, at the whole thing. Bavka had sat up, and was looking at the two us.
"You are a lucky woman, Pastor Smith." She said, smiling. From over at the couch, Zot disagreed. "That's a bunch of crap. He's the lucky one, that woman is a fu…fine piece of tail." I glanced over to see Felicity lying in Zot's arms, relaxing. Miss VanDerGirth coughed gently.
"So, I think it is time to call it an evening. Ladies, shall we?" The girls started to get up and dress themselves. Miss VanDerGirth tried to get up, but she seemed to be a little unsteady on her feet. I got off the bed and went over to give her a hand, forgetting I was bare assed naked.
"While I applaud the gentleman in you, I would prefer you to don some trousers before accepting your . . . hand." Everyone laughed, and I blushed a little. Can you imagine that, blushing after a sex romp like that?
Something to be said about the comforts of those small town churches.

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