A Cure for Down Low Brothers Ch. 02

tagGroup SexA Cure for Down Low Brothers Ch. 02

"Marjorie Constant cannot accept the fact that I'm bisexual, she dumped me," Richard Browne said, and the six-foot-two, burly young African American sportsman shrugged his massive shoulders. Riley Hunter looked at the young man she'd considered her best friend for ages and wondered what to say to him. What words could comfort a young man who had just lost his first love? Even for a wordsmith as talented as the feisty Riley, this was something of a challenge.
Richard looked miserable and forlorn, and Riley was not quite sure what to say. She kind of sensed what he was going through. The black community, and black women in particular, aren't fond of bisexual black men. Richard's revelation to his now ex-girlfriend Marjorie was brave but ill-advised. Riley had grown up with Richard, and she was the only other person who knew he liked both sexes. Riley likes being Richard's confidante, but she'd like to be much, much more for him…
Riley had known about Richard ever since she caught him making out with her friend Randy Peterson near the baseball field, a long time ago. A lot of the girls in town fancied Richard, the tall and handsome football player. Peterson, the skinny and red-haired, artistic nerd, also fancied Richard, and they had a secret relationship for a while. Peterson ended up leaving Golden Ridge for good after receiving a scholarship to an art school in Paris, France. With Peterson gone, Richard and Riley enrolled at Marlowe College, and continued with their lives.
To Riley, males who only like males, and males who like both females and males are sexy. The androgynous young blonde woman has been fascinated with such men for ages, and she even watches lots of gay porn and bisexual male porn. Riley likes to masturbate and fantasize while watching porn scenes where men fuck both women and men. She's fantasized about Richard, and Peterson, more than once…
"Come here," Riley said, and the slim, short and tomboyish young blonde threw her arms around her favorite gentle giant. Richard Browne, cornerback of the Marlowe College football team, nearly stumbled as Riley hugged him with all of her might. The two of them had grown up on the same street in the small town of Golden Ridge, Mississippi. There was nothing their friendship couldn't overcome…
Richard thought about his now ex-girlfriend Marjorie Constant, the tall, curvy and stunningly beautiful young Haitian woman whom he'd hoped to marry. When Richard met Marjorie during freshman year at Marlowe College, he was heads over heels in love with her, though Riley warned him to be careful. Richard simply cannot resist tall black women with attitudes and big butts, much to Riley's everlasting chagrin.
"Marjorie is a church-going, deeply religious type, the kind of woman who has tons of gay male friends but would never date a bisexual man, a hypocrite of the first caliber, but you have to respect her choice," Riley said, and Richard nodded without saying anything. The two best friends sat under a tree inside the sunlit quad located at the heart of the Marlowe College campus.
A few students walking by stared, for seeing a burly black man with a tiny white woman still causes a stir around these parts, but both Riley and Richard ignored them. They'd grown used to getting stared at when hanging out together. Even though they looked different on the surface, they were remarkably similar underneath it all. Riley is the rebellious daughter of a Baptist minister who champions LGBT rights and rejects gender roles and rules of feminine behavior. Richard is the seemingly normal brother with a lot of secrets. Yup, they're two of a kind, and Golden Ridge produces every kind nowadays…
The town of Golden Ridge was built in 1895 by Earl Ridge, a British businessman who came to Mississippi to get into the cattle business. More than a century later, the town of Golden Ridge is home to forty seven thousand souls. Sixty percent of the townspeople are of Caucasian descent, and thirty eight percent of them are African American, with Asian Americans and Latino Americans making the remaining two percent. For the most part, relations are peaceful between the races…to a point.
In 2004, the town of Golden Ridge elected its first female Mayor, the honorable Martha Stevenson, daughter of the late great Sheriff Mattison Stevenson. Almost two decades later, Golden Ridge elected its first African American Mayor, Burton Browne, a Stanford-educated attorney, and the father of future football legend Richard Browne. Golden Ridge is behind a lot of Midwestern towns when it comes to social issues. The town moves at its own pace, that's for damn sure.
In 1972, a man named Theodore Marlowe decided to create an educational institution in Golden Ridge, and this institution eventually became Marlowe College. Eight thousand students attend the school, which offers associates and bachelors degrees in seventeen majors, including accounting, business, computer science and nursing. In 2000, the school began fielding varsity teams in men's soccer, basketball, baseball, cross country, swimming, volleyball, lacrosse and football, along with women's soccer, cross country, rugby, basketball, swimming, volleyball, lacrosse, field hockey and archery.
This is the town that birthed two unique individuals, Richard Browne, the tall, handsome football player destined for NFL greatness, and Riley Hunter, the tomboyish, downright androgynous gal who turned out to be his best friend. Riley and Richard sat under the tree, watching the sunset. Richard scored the winning touchdown in Marlowe College football team's game against their rivals, Belhaven University. He would go down in Division Three football history as far as the State of Mississippi was concerned. So why doesn't Richard Browne feel like a winner?
"In the black community, the women are always talking about Down Low Brothers, raging against bisexual black men for not disclosing their sexuality, and then rejecting them for doing so," Richard said, shaking his head. Riley nodded and gently laid her hand on his shoulder. Richard has always been special to Riley, whom the town of Golden Ridge considered a freak because of her views on gender and sexuality.
Riley looks like a tomboyish blonde-haired female, with blue eyes and a shy demeanor. The fact that she champions LGBT rights and thinks that the rules governing women's behavior are outdated and useless puts her at odds with most folks in Golden Ridge, who happen to be conservative minded Christians and staunch believers in marriage being only between a man and a woman. In a town that takes tradition seriously, Riley was an exception with a neon-bright capital frigging E!
"If word gets out that I'm bisexual, I'm finished," Richard said, and for the thousandth time, he cursed himself for confessing his secret to Marjorie. Riley patted her friend's shoulder and nodded with empathy. Of course, Richard was right. A church-going Haitian woman can never accept a bisexual man as her mate. Even if she has legions of gay male friends. Richard remembered worrying about being found out while involved with Peterson, but luckily Peterson was discrete, and their good friend Riley helped cover their tracks.
Richard smiled to himself as he remembered the fun he used to have with Peterson. The tall, skinny and artistic nerd had a nice body and a big dick. Peterson would kiss Richard passionately during their private moments and suck his big black dick before putting a condom and fucking him silly. The burly black dude would stroke himself as his favorite nerd shoved his thick pale cock up his ass. Man to man action was fun, and Peterson was good in bed.
"Can't get enough of that fuck stick," Richard told Peterson, during their last session together. It was mere weeks before Peterson was due to fly out of Mississippi and onto the mesmerizing world of Europe. The two young men had plenty of privacy since Peterson's parents were visiting relatives in Biloxi, a hundred miles from Golden Ridge. They fucked and sucked over every square inch of the Peterson household. Richard liked sex with Peterson, the dude was talented. Too bad he moved to Paris, France…
"Richard, forget Marjorie," Riley said, and when he didn't look up, she bit her lip and then took his face into her hands. Richard was snatched out of his little trip down memory lane and blinked, startled. Richard looked at Riley, and for a moment, it was as if he were seeing her for the first time. She drew closer to him, until their faces were inches apart. Richard hesitated, then closed the gap between Riley and himself. He kissed her passionately, and then the two of them embraced. It surprised them both, to say the least, but it was a most agreeable moment…
"Your lips taste sweet," Richard told Riley, when they came up for air. Riley blushed in a most girly way, like she'd never done before. For as long as Richard had known her, Riley had been tough, and not exactly emotionally expressive though some mistook that for shyness. Riley was the tough gal who could wrestle and play hard like all the fellas. Richard loved that about her, but he'd never looked at her like that until that night…
"The rest of me is even sweeter, Richard, I like the fact that you're bisexual, I think it's hot, and if you let me, I will help you forget Marjorie," Riley said, grinning. Richard and Riley left the Marlowe College campus, and went home. Once there, the two best friends hastily undressed and spent the evening exploring one another. Lines were crossed, and points of no return reached, and it was a grand old time…
"Hot damn," Richard groaned as Riley sucked his big dark dick, after laying him down on the basement carpet. The slim, tomboyish blonde grinned at her favorite big and tall, bisexual football stud, and stroked his balls while sucking his dick. Riley fingered Richard's ass as she sucked his dick, and he moaned, loving what she was doing to him. If Richard had known how freaky Riley was, he would have made a move on her a long time ago…
"Babe, you haven't felt anything yet," Riley said, and as the night rolled on, the blonde tomboy showed the bisexual black football stud exactly what she was made of. After sucking Richard's dick and getting him hard as a rock, Riley sat on his face, smothering him with her thick, pale ass. Richard grabbed Riley's ass cheeks with both hands and ate her pussy as she sat on his face. Riley was freaky as hell, and Richard couldn't get enough of her…
"I love a nice thick white ass, female or male," Richard confessed to a giggling Riley. She got on all fours and spread her thick ass cheeks wide open. Richard inhaled the scent of Riley's ass and slid his fingers into her pussy before working his tongue into her ass hole. Riley moaned softly as Richard began eating her ass while fingering her pussy. Richard wasn't kidding when he told Riley he likes white asses. The brother ate her ass like a champ until his favorite tomboy squealed in delight and begged for mercy…
"I got a surprise for you," Riley told Richard, and he watched as she donned a sexy ebony strap-on dildo and stroked it. Richard smiled as Riley told him to get on all fours. Riley lubricated Richard's ass and then pushed the dildo into his ass. Richard groaned, for Riley's dildo was much bigger than Peterson's dick had been. The tough bisexual college football player found himself moaning as his favorite tomboy went to town on him, slamming the dildo up his ass like there was no tomorrow…
"No more," Richard said, after Riley plowed his ass for a solid half an hour. He rolled on his back, tired as fuck, and Riley looked at him and grinned. The sexy tomboy tossed aside the strap-on dildo and climbed on top of her favorite football player. Richard watched as Riley grabbed his dick and stroked him before rubbing him against her vagina. Locking eyes with Richard, Riley inserted his dick into her vagina…
"Just fuck me," Riley all but growled at Richard as she impaled herself on his hard, dark dick. Richard caressed Riley's small tits with one hand and her round ass with the other. The tomboyish beauty looked amazingly sexy in that moment, and he wanted her quite badly. Riley sighed happily and rode Richard, welcoming the feel of his hard dick inside of her pussy. Richard bucked his hips, ramming his dick into Riley's pussy. The two of them fucked passionately, exploring one another. After fucking and sucking for hours, Richard and Riley fell asleep in each other's arms…
"I don't need Marjorie, and I don't need Peterson, all I need is you," Richard told Riley, as they ate breakfast together at Keshia's Diner the next morning. Riley smiled at her best friend and nodded. She wore one of his old football jerseys, booty shorts and sandals. Richard wore a red T-shirt and blue sweatpants. They looked like just another college-age couple enjoying breakfast in the loud and busy, African American owned establishment. Nothing to see here.
"I will hold you onto that, handsome," Riley said, and Richard grinned and poked her nose. Before Richard could answer, however, he saw a familiar silhouette walk into the diner. Marjorie Constant, tall and curvy Haitian beauty walked into Cecil's Diner like she owned the place, flanked by two of her girlfriends. Marjorie looked around, spotted Richard and shook her head, for like most black women, even though she has lots of effeminate gay black male friends, there was nothing more disgusting in her eyes than a bisexual black man.
"You're the only one for me," Richard said to Riley, and the sexy blonde tomboy blushed as her best friend took her sleek hand and brought it to his lips. A gal can get used to that, Riley thought, grinning. Richard smiled at Riley, and thanked his lucky stars that he found her. Everything he needed was right in front of him. Bisexual black men don't need to be on the Down Low, chasing dick, chasing pussy and taking risks. They need open-minded women ( of any color or background ) who can accept them for who they are, and still date them. Life is better this way.

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