A Daughters Best Friend

tagIncest/TabooA Daughters Best Friend

All characters in this story are over the age of 18.
The music the DJ was playing was so loud Claire could hardly hear herself think, she stopped dancing and pulled her daughter around so they faced each other.
"THE MUSIC IS REALLY ….." She watched Rylee scrunch her face up trying to hear her.
Claire found herself grinning, she felt really warm and fuzzy, the music was grinding into her, it was almost violating. She looked at her daughters rosey cheeks and flushed neckline, "maybe it's time for a break" she thought.
"LETS GO UPSTAIRS" she yelled at her daughter. "UP THERE" she pointed.
She got a very sloppy thumbs up from Rylee, "what's wrong with her?" Claire thought.
With her arm looped through Rylees they made their way through the people and up the stairs. Together they stumbled through a bedroom door and collapsed on the floor entangled in each others legs.
Rylee giggled a little and said "I feel so warm, and all the lights are so fuzzy…."
She reached out her arm like she was going to touch the light in the ceiling.
"Whoaaaaa…" Rylee said, sounding amazed… "My hands are… echoing.."
Claire burst into a fit of laughter. "Hands can't echo silly" for some reason she couldn't stop laughing.
Rylee giggled some more, "Mom I feel funny… you look funny too." Rylee scooted up onto her butt, sitting cross legged.
Claire watched her with fascination. It was like seeing a younger version of herself. She felt like she had traveled back in time. Reaching out she poked Rylee in the forehead to make sure she was real. The implications of her thoughts were mind blowing.
Rylee fell over backwards, her legs still crossed. "Ouch Mom why did you poke me?"
"I had to make sure you were real… you're not me are you?" Claire said really seriously.
Rylee burst out laughing, she rolled on the floor, laughing hysterically. "O.M.G. mom I can't believe you just said that." She kept giggling. "Mom, I just peed myself!" She whispered embarrassed.
"I think the punch was spiked sweetpea, I think we're high!" Claire told her daughter between giggles, her head felt light.
Rylee rolled on the floor, she rubbed her cheek on the decorative rug. "This carpet is sooo soft mom… you have to feel it… oh my god… it's amazing.
Claire was having trouble putting her thoughts together. She was both fascinated watching her younger self roll on the floor, and trying to puzzle out why she felt so weird. She held her hand up to the light, it blurred when she moved it, like she had thousands of hands. Her hands were echoing too.
"I think it's ecstasy…" Claire said, looking down at Rylee, her eyes widened and she forgot what she was about to say. "I used to be so beautiful like you…" she trailed off.
Rylee lay on the floor on her back, she wore a sexy body contour dress, it was gray and she had on lace strappy heels and fishnets. At the moment she was writhing around on the carpet, rubbing herself all over.
"Mom… I feel so good…. Everything feels so wonderful." Rylee said as she rubbed her hands all over her body.
Claire noticed the puddle under Rylee. "Rylee you did pee!" She crawled over to her daughter afraid if she stood up the floor would fall and leave her hanging in space.
"Come here sweetpea, mommas got you."
With some effort Claire got a hold of Rylees wrists and rolled her towards her. The back of Rylee's grey dress had a large wet spot. She pulled Rylee into a sitting position.
Rylee stared at her mom. "I understand now… " she said. "It's like traveling to the future!" Rylee reached out and placed her wet hand on her mothers face. "Hello future me!" She burst out giggling again and fell into her mother.
Claire burst out laughing, and attempted to stand up. The floor wobbled in tune with the music below, with some willpower she silenced the floor, willing it to stop moving.
Moving her daughter took a massive amount of effort, even though Rylee only weighed 110lbs. Her limp weight was gangly and difficult to manage, she pulled Rylee to her feet and helped her on to the bed.
"Let's get this off of you, sweetpea, its soaked." Claire said, trying to pull the dress up over Rylees head.
Rylee giggled uncontrollably, and deliberately made it difficult for her Mom to undress her. "I feel so funny mom, that's why I can't stop laughing!"
Claire giggled as well, she felt so hot and sweaty, she felt like an oven. All the effort had made her over heat. Once she got the dress clear of her daughter, she practically ripped her own dress off.
"I'm so fucking hot!" Claire said over Rylees giggles.
"Yes you are mom, smokin!" Rylee said between giggles.
Claire collapsed onto the bed, rolling over to look at her daughter. Rylee lay there in her underwear, staring at her mom, with a big grin on her face.
"I feel weird mom" Rylee said as tears began to run down her cheeks.
Claire pulled Rylee into an embrace, holding her and soothingly stroked her hair.
"Shhh… sweetpea, I think we're really fucking high." Claire whispered. "It had to be the punch"
Claire was 35 years old, she had a few experiences under her belt. She was pretty sure that she hadn't traveled back in time. That just seemed silly now.
Of course she and Rylee were just really high. "It was the punch." She told Rylee matter of factly.
Rylee laid there in her arms and started giggling again. Claire looked down at the mop of red hair on the top of Rylees head, it was identical to her own. It gave her the strange sensation that she was holding herself. Her other self was burning up in her arms, in fact everywhere Rylee's skin touched her own it felt like fire. Sweat trickled down Claire's forehead while Rylee kept writhing in her arms, rubbing herself against Claire.
"You feel so good mom, everything feels so wonderful." Rylee said. She took off her bra and flung it out into the musically influenced floor. Her pee soaked panties and heels were next. The swirling patterns of the floor swallowed her discarded items, making Claire feel dizzy.
Rylee looked just like her mother, pale, freckled skin, red hair, and the tiniest petite framed body. Her little button nose and delicate face held the same pixy elements as her mothers. Although where her hair was long and glossy, her mother's was cut short in a graduated bob. Rylee's only complaint was that she never got her moms boobs. Claire studied her now, as Rylee lay naked in her arms.
Claire was proud of her tits. She sported a full C cup and on her tiny body that was huge. Her daughters boobs barely filled an A cup, and at this moment if it hadn't been for Rylees large pink nipples sticking straight out of her chest, Claire might not have even noticed that she had boobs.
Rylee rolled into Claire, putting her arms around her, she snuggled into her mom and buried her nose in Claire's chest. She draped her leg over her moms legs and cuddled her.
"You feel so good Mom" Rylee purred as she started grinding on Claire's leg.
Claire couldn't argue. It did feel good. Really good, in fact it felt better than anything she'd ever felt in her life. Her thoughts echoed in her mind, reverberating off her skull. It took a few minutes for Rylees actions to sink in, Claire jumped back into her body immediately. Rylee lay there dry humping Claire's leg. Not dry humping anymore, she had created a lubricated track up and down her moms leg.
"Oh-h-hhhh Mom that feels so good." Rylee moaned out loud
Claire moved her leg out from between her daughters. Her leg was coated in Rylees juices and it made her heart feel a little funny, it jumped and fluttered in her chest, and she realised that she was incredibly turned on. Her heart continued to do jumping jacks in her chest, and it was her turn to squirm.
Claire's head felt fuzzy and the waves of heat that washed over her were driving her to distraction. She ripped off the rest of her underwear, not even bothering to unhook her bra, she just pulled it over her head and panted in relief.
Rylee crawled on top of her, wrapping her arms around her and said "Mom you feel so wonderful…"
Claire squirmed but the feeling of skin against hers won the final battle and she felt herself give in. She wrapped her own arms around her daughter, and rubbed her cheek against Rylees cheek.
"So do you sweetpea, I've never felt so much love before." Claire whispered into Rylees ear.
Rylee squirmed a little, the heat from her moms breath tickling her ear.
Claire gave in letting her hands roam her daughters naked skin. Everywhere their bodies met, she tingled with excitement. They held each other tight, breaths hot against one anothers necks.
Rylee kissed her, on the lips, Claire's body burst aflame with more heat as their tongues met for the first time. Her own pussy began to thrum with a need so great she had to wrap her legs around her daughter. She dug her heels into her daughters sides, Rylee's abdomen pressed into her pussy, she moaned into her mouth.
"Mom you should really shave" Rylee giggled between kisses. "Your pussy is tickling me."
Claire had noticed that Rylee's crotch had been smooth, her pretty pink lips had been small and dainty, the throbbing interrupted her thoughts. Claire's need was overpowering her, she continued to ride her daughter, grinding herself into her, but it was not enough.
She broke off from kissing her and turned around, straddling her daughters face, her own face just inches from Rylees sex.
"Please…sweetpea " she groaned desperately. She needn't have said anything, because at that moment Rylee pulled her down on top of her. As Rylee's mouth made contact with her pussy, she also opened her mouth and placed it on Rylee's.
Fireworks exploded in her head, her face felt hot and flushed, hell her whole body was hot and sweaty. Rylees pussy tasted sweet and she felt like she was sucking on a peach. Claire couldn't tell her daughter's juices from her own saliva.
"Oh-h god" Claire called out as she felt Rylee sink her fingers deep inside of her. Her hips involuntarily bucked, her thighs squeezed together. She did the same for Rylee and sunk three of her fingers inside, she watched in fascination as her daughter's perfectly pink and smooth pussy opened up for her. She added another finger, her daughter's juices were running down her chin, she wiped her chin on her thigh. Using her other hand, she separated the hood over Rylees clit, popping it out in the open and began massaging it with her tongue. That was all it took.
Claire could feel her daughter's nails biting into her ass cheeks as she began to writhe and buck around beneath her. Her pussy began to contract and spasm around her fingers and as she pulled them out, she clamped her mouth over her swollen and engorged labia. Rylee squirmed and moaned as she came. Claire had never been so turned on in her life. She felt so dirty, what was she doing?
"Shhh … sweetpea it's alright." She said soothingly, kissing her thighs and stomach.
She moved off of Rylee, her own need becoming too great.
Claire felt horrible, she had used her own daughter, and even now she had to cum, she had to get it out. Using her own hand she began to work on herself.
"Shhhh, mom it's okay" Rylee mumbled, "don't cry… " She laid her head on Claire's bare chest, her hand snaking down and cupping hers.
Together their hands pushed Claire over the edge. She threw herself back on the bed, with her daughter still clutching her, she stuck her pelvis straight up in the air. Her own hand leaving to clutch at the bedding, Rylee's hand stayed with her fingers still inside her.
Claire's whole body felt like it was contorting, like a dam in her soul had just busted loose. She felt like every orgasm she had ever had was just training, leading up to this one. The big one. Her body contracted and spasmed, she became so sensitive that her daughter's grip on her pussy was painful, she felt like she opened up. Indeed she did as she ejected Rylee's hand and ejaculated.
Rylee's eye were huge and Claire felt immense shame as she saw her daughter watching her orgasm. She felt… exhausted as her final throes of climax squirted one last liquid stream. Claire felt like she had been turned inside out, every inch of her body felt strained. She collapsed into a fevered sleep, very much aware that her naked daughter was pressed up against her and holding her.
Rylee had been awake for a couple minutes and still didn't open her eyes.
"Did that really happen?" she thought.
"O.M.G." she spelled it out in her head. "Did I really just fuck my own mother?" She was scared to open her eyes.
She already knew though, her legs and arms were tangled up with her moms, and she was laying in a wet spot, though not entirely sure what that had been.
"I ate my own mom out" she grimaced at the thought as it brought back more memories. The images that flashed through her mind making her tingle, it was turning her on.
She opened her eyes, mom was still asleep, her breasts rose and fell steadily. Mom was on her back, and Rylee laid to her left, and was on her right side, with her mother's leg pressed firmly between hers. She was still straddling her, she wanted to move her mom away from her, but her hip was pressed firmly against her vagina. Not wanting to wake her mom up and have to face her just yet, was a huge dilemma.
Mom stirred beside her and opened her eyes. Too late. Instantly they made eye contact and both of them blushed furiously. Her mother was the first to react, she rolled to her right, separating them. And also nearly ripping her pussy lips off as she went. They had been so firmly pressed into her mothers hip, that they had dried and, well, stuck there.
"OW!" Rylee called out, "that hurt!" She looked at her mother making a wounded expression. Her mother deliberately avoided her eyes.
"We were drugged" her mom muttered, clearing her throat she said louder "I am so sorry sweetpea this is all my fault."
"Mom… don't make this worse." Rylee said. She would never look at her mother the same. Her eyes lingered on the patch of hair between her moms legs and she felt her groin stirring. She watched her mother scramble off the bed, her heavy breasts bouncing, she sighed inwardly.
She laid back on the bed, and watched as her mom decided to forgo her panties and pulled up her sun dress over her hips and stuck her arms through the straps. Her head was pounding and she was so thirsty.
"What are you waiting for Rylee?" Her mom hissed. "Get dressed, let's go!"
Rylee sprang off the bed, picking up her things around the room. She stepped into her bodycon struggling to pull it up. Luckily it had dried out, or that could have been embarrassing, she giggled.
"What are you tittering about at a time like this??" Her mother whispered.
"I was just thinking about our situation was all. It's kind of funny, not haha funny but weird funny." Rylee shrugged.
Both of them balled up their panties, carrying them out. Neither seemed to want to wear them. Rylee and her mom made their way to their car. It was a long, quiet ride home. It had started to rain at some point, the monotonous wamp wamp of the wipers, lulling them both into a weird calm.
When they arrived home, neither had a jacket, so by the time they had gotten out of the car, ran barefoot through the rain with shoes in hand, and ran up the stairs to their apartment, they were both soaked to the bone.
Rylee didn't bother heading to her room, she stripped off her wet dress and bra right inside the front door.
"Rylee what are you doing? You should go to your room the change." Her mother scolded.
"What's the point mom? You've seen everything now" Rylee responded staring at her mom.
Claire shrugged "I guess you're right." She began stripping off her sodden dress. "Guess its better than dripping water all over the house. Do you want the shower first?" She asked.
"Naw, go ahead. I'll shower after. " Rylee said.
They both stood there, awkwardly, at some point their eyes met. Almost instantly they embraced. The cool dampness of their bodies, felt comforting.
"I'm sorry Rylee, that this happened…." She paused. "Things are never going to be the same between us will they?"
"Mom, quit making this weird… Can we sleep together tonight? I don't want to be alone." Rylee whispered the last part.
"Oh sweetpea, of course you can, I don't ever want you to feel alone."
They walked hand in hand towards the shower.

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