A Daughter’s Helping Hand

tagIncest/TabooA Daughter's Helping Hand

Chapter 1 — A Talk About Dad
Monday. September 12th. 6:58 AM.
"Come on, let's just get it over with, Ella."
Ella looked up from her cereal bowl at the kitchen table, more embarrassed than ever. Did she really need to have this talk with her mother? She would be a high school graduate in only nine months, for God's sake! She was too old for this!
Linda sent her daughter a stern look from directly across the table. Sure, they had the sex talk back when Ella first experienced puberty, but there were several topics that were long overdue to be discussed, and she needed to make sure they were on the same page with her daughter going off to college next year.
"I know that we've discussed a lot of things over the years, but I just want to make sure that you don't have any questions," Linda started. "You're a senior in high school now, but you'll be in college before you know it. I don't want you to feel overwhelmed about something you're afraid to ask me about."
"What year is it, Mom?" Ella laughed. "You know that the internet exists, right? I can just look something up if I'm curious about it."
The brown-haired, brown-eyed, forty-two-year-old mother of one glanced down into her coffee. Maybe she wasn't needed; but then again, the internet didn't have twenty-five years of sexual experience to help guide her daughter. Well, it kind of did, but the advice wouldn't be personal. She didn't want Ella to struggle with the same problems that she dealt with when it came to her early years of relationships and sexual exploration.
"The internet is full of bullshit and nonsense. Listen, I know that you're fine about sex and birth control. We've gone through that stuff before. I'm talking more about men. Do you have any questions about boys?"
Ella dropped her spoon into her half-eaten breakfast. She'd suddenly lost her appetite. "Boys? Jesus Christ, Mom."
"I'm serious," she told her daughter firmly.
"No, I don't have any questions about boys," Ella huffed.
"Are you sexually active right now?" Linda questioned.
Ella's eyes bulged in horror. "Oh my God, Mom!"
"It's a yes or no question."
"No, I'm not sexually active!" the teen responded with some attitude. "You know that I don't have a boyfriend!"
"That doesn't mean you're not active."
Ella shut her eyes, wishing that this nightmarish discussion never happened. "I'm not a slut, Mom! I've had sex with one guy in my life, and we dated for three years! I'm not going around hooking-up with random guys. I'm not that kind of girl."
"I never said that you were."
"And I need to actually care about a man before I do anything," Ella declared. "Believe me, we don't need to have this talk. I won't be having sex with guys at parties and stuff."
Linda nodded. "I was the same way until I got to college, and then things changed a bit. Listen, I wasn't a slut, but I did my fair share of experimenting. It's not a bad thing. It's a chance to find yourself and learn what you like."
The eighteen-year-old was a spitting image of her mother during her youth. Long brown hair, prominent brown eyes, and a fit figure to match. The five-foot-six brunette possessed an athletic, toned frame from years of volleyball and field hockey, but she didn't feel strong as she continued to listen to Mom talk about sex at the kitchen table. In fact, she felt sick.
"Sometimes, men will try to pressure you to do stuff that you aren't comfortable with," Linda revealed. "Especially guys your age. And the party atmosphere creates a sexual vibe where girls are expected to do things. I just want you to be safe."
"What did I just say?" Ella questioned her mother. "I told you that I'm not into that kind of stuff."
"But men can be relentless, honey. Occasionally, they want stuff that you aren't okay with. I just want you to know that it's fine to say no."
A curious expression suddenly overcame the young brunette's face. "What men are you talking about?"
"All men," Linda clarified. "Especially when they're drunk and all revved up, and a lot of them are like that even when they aren't partying. Just understand that it's always your decision whether or not you want to do something."
"I know," Ella huffed once again.
Linda took a sip of her coffee, rolling her eyes. "Your father is like that. Just constant. He's relentless at times. It's exhausting, you know?"
Ella's head perked up.
"It gets tiring having to constantly tell him no, but what am I supposed to do? I don't know why I'm telling you this. It's none—"
"No, it's fine!" Ella interjected passionately, encouraging her to continue. "You can tell me!"
"No, I can't," Linda chuckled, shaking her head. "I absolutely can't. This isn't a discussion about me anyway. It's a discussion about you."
"So, it's fine to ask me if I'm having sex, but you're off-limits? That doesn't sound fair to me."
She raised her eyebrows at her daughter. "I can't tell you about my sex life."
Ella took a bite of her cereal. Suddenly, her appetite returned. "Dad is relentless?"
"Oh my God…"
"What?" Ella laughed. "That's what you said, right? That Dad is relentless."
Linda grew flustered as she looked down at the table. "Me and my big mouth…"
"And what did you say? That you're always turning him down?"
"The last time I had sex was a year ago," Ella admitted. "Kyle and I just celebrated our three-year anniversary and we fooled around while his parents went to a movie."
Linda raised her eyebrows.
"There was no one before and there's been no one since," Ella told her. "So, there ya go. Your turn."
"My turn?"
Ella grinned from ear to ear. "Yep, I just told you my situation. So, let's hear it."
"Hear what?" Linda asked.
"Your situation," she clarified. "Dad is relentless?"
Linda glanced at her daughter, full of hesitation. Jim was getting ready for work and he would storm into the kitchen at any moment. The last thing she needed was for him to hear this conversation.
He can be a little overbearing at times," she confessed reluctantly, eager to move things along.
"How so?"
Linda took a deep breath. "Do you really think this is appropriate to discuss?"
Ella briskly nodded.
"Well, um…he has a…how do I say…a high sex drive."
A slight smile appeared on Ella's face.
"And I don't. Well, I don't think there's a person alive who has one like Dad, but that isn't my point. This is what I was talking about earlier. He always wants to mess around, and I have to put my foot down and tell him what I'm comfortable with. You can't let a man walk all over you. Give a guy an inch and he'll take a mile."
Ella burst into laughter. "Will you stop! Dad is the greatest guy ever! Don't make him sound like some sex-crazed maniac!"
Linda rolled her eyes.
"Are you serious?" the teen smiled. "He's really that relentless?"
"I can't believe we're talking about this."
"It's fine, Mom," Ella smirked but stayed on track. "So, like what? You two are always going at it?"
"We would be if it was up to him," Linda chuckled.
"But you aren't because you're not okay with it?" Ella asked.
Linda nodded. "Exactly. See my point? You need to establish yourself no matter the situation. Even in marriage."
"So, you guys found a middle ground? You compromised?"
"Yeah, we did," she told her daughter. "We found something that works for both of us."
"And what's that?" Ella inquired.
"We do what I say," Linda said before taking a sip of her coffee.
She observed her mom silently for a few moments before finally speaking up. "Um…how is that a compromise?"
"Because it works," Linda said with a smile.
"Well, how often do you guys have sex?"
"We can't discuss that," Linda said. "That's too much."
"I don't think it is," Ella countered. "I mean, you told me to establish my boundaries in a relationship, so I'm wondering how you did it. You just straight up told Dad what the deal is?"
Her mother nodded.
"And he goes along with it?"
"Yep," Linda answered before taking another sip from her cooling coffee.
"So, how often do you guys mess around?"
Linda debated with herself about whether or not to answer her daughter's question. Honesty and openness were two values that she'd instilled in Ella from an early age. She didn't want to be a hypocrite and shy away from the truth, and revealing such information would be used to further prove her point.
"Once or twice a month."
Ella's jaw dropped.
"What?" Linda asked, surprised by her daughter's vivid reaction. "It works."
"For who? You? Mom, you just told me that Dad is relentless! How in the world does that math add up to you?"
"It's enough for the both of us," she told Ella. "I have to draw the line somewhere. I would never get anything done if I didn't. Messing around a few times a month works."
"Wait, once or twice a month is everything? Blowjobs too?"
"Are you seriously asking me that?"
"Yeah, I'm curious," Ella responded without a moment of hesitation.
"Blowjobs are for dating," Linda answered. "They aren't for marriage. You'll understand when you get older."
Ella sat at the kitchen table, dumbfounded.
"What's that look for?" Linda asked. "I'm just being honest."
"Let me get this straight. Dad has a high sex drive and he's always ready to go?"
Her mother nodded.
"You have sex once or twice a month and oral is off the table?"
Linda nodded again but stayed silent.
"And that's how you compromise in a marriage?" Ella asked, still flabbergasted. "You just selfishly do whatever you want and ignore your husband's needs?"
"Whoa, wait a minute."
"That's bullshit, Mom!" Ella stated harshly with an annoyed look. "That's not how a relationship should work. Especially with a guy like Dad."
Linda stared in shock at her daughter.
"Dad is amazing," Ella went on. "You should see some of my friends' fathers. Kate's dad is like three hundred pounds and he just sits around and watches TV all day. Dad works hard, he stays in shape, and he's unbelievable to both of us. You aren't doing your job."
"Excuse me?"
"Yeah, you heard me," Ella continued. "You're supposed to take care of him. It's your job to keep him happy."
"I work."
Ella took a quick bite of her cereal before expressing herself further. "I know that, but this is part of your job too. You can't have sex with a guy like that once or twice a month and expect him to be happy. And no blowjobs? Are you crazy? How's Dad always in a good mood? It doesn't make any sense. He should be miserable."
"This is messed up, Mom," she told her mother while flashing her a disappointed glance. "You need to step your game up and take care of that amazing man you're married to."
Linda opened her mouth to respond but promptly bit her tongue at the sudden arrival of her husband.
"How are my two ladies doing this morning?"
Ella gave her forty-four-year-old father a big smile as she tracked him move across the kitchen to the coffee maker. He was dressed for work in a pair of beige khakis and a blue dress shirt. His business attire fit his athletic frame to a tee, and his full head of brown hair and striking brown eyes didn't hurt matters either. He quickly filled his mug before walking over to his wife to give her a kiss on the cheek.
"Morning, Jim," Linda greeted him.
"I'm running late so I have to get moving," he announced. He made his way around the table to give his daughter's head a playful rub. "I'll see you two later."
"Have a good day, Dad," Ella smiled. "Love you!"
"Love you too!" he shouted back before closing the front door behind him.
Ella's smile quickly dissipated, replaced by an irritated glare. "That man? You're not taking care of that man?"
"He's well taken care of," Linda responded harshly.
"What?" Linda asked, perplexed.
"You better take care of him tonight," Ella clarified.
"That's none of your business. How about you worry about yourself?"
Ella swiftly shook her head. "Dad is my business and I'm going to make sure he's happy. You better start doing your job." Linda watched her daughter reach for her backpack as she stood up and tossed it over her shoulders. "Because if you don't, then someone else might. Have a good day, Mom."
Chapter 2 — Honesty
The Following Morning. Tuesday. September 13th. 6:48 AM.
Ella and Linda glared at each other for four straight minutes without saying a word. In fact, nothing at all was said from the moment Ella strolled into the kitchen to find her mother seated at the table, drinking her morning coffee. Both ladies waited for the other to strike first.
"I'm disappointed in you."
A look of confusion furrowed Linda's brow. "Excuse me?"
"I stood outside your room last night with my ear pressed to the door," Ella told her. "For an hour."
"You did what?"
Ella nodded. "Yep, for an hour. I heard sounds from the TV before you eventually told Dad good night."
Linda waited for her to make her point.
"What I didn't hear was the sounds of you making Dad happy."
"Don't ever listen to what we're doing again," she hissed at her daughter. "That's a complete invasion of privacy. I would never do that to you."
Ella sat back in her chair, allowing her cereal to soak in the cold milk. "What do you see when you look at Dad?"
"What do I see?" asked Linda.
"Yeah, what do you see when you look at Dad?"
"I see a man."
"That's it?" the teen asked. "Just a man?"
"What do you want me to say, Ella?"
"Do you want to know what I see?" she asked her mom. "I see the world's greatest guy. I see a provider, and a protector, and a man who busts his butt each and every day to make our lives better. I see a guy who keeps himself in shape and always fixes things around the house. I see a guy who doesn't put off yardwork and never asks you to lift a finger. I see a man who takes us on vacations, buys us presents, and takes us out to dinner. I see a man who takes a vast interest in all of our hobbies and passions. I see a man who's so far out of your league that it makes my head spin."
Appalled, Linda sputtered, "What did you just say!?"
"You have no idea how lucky you are to have Dad," Ella told, hostile and annoyed. "Who are you to dictate his sexual happiness? You should do every single thing that he wants!"
"You don't know what you're talking about."
The eighteen-year-old was done holding back. "You're a shitty wife."
Linda was stunned.
"How are the two most beautiful women in the world doing this morning?" Jim asked with a big smile as he walked into the kitchen and headed for the coffee maker.

He looked over his shoulder—back at the table—due to a lack of a response. His wife and daughter glared at each other. "Hey, what's going on?"
"Nothing, Dad," Ella answered, her eyes never leaving her mother's combative face.
Jim filled his mug before taking a seat as he watched the two women in his life continue to stare at each other from across the table. "Is something wrong?"
"Nothing's wrong," Linda answered, her attention still locked on Ella.
He observed the silence uncomfortably before Ella finally looked in his direction.
"Do you have time to answer a question for me, Dad?" Ella asked
Linda was on the verge of lunging at her daughter.
"I always have time for you, baby," he answered. "Whaddya need?"
"It's for school," Ella told him.
Linda immediately felt herself relax.
"Actually, it's for my sex ed class," she noted.
Linda's relaxed state faded rather quickly, because she once again wanted to drag her daughter to her room by her neck.
Jim waited for Ella to ask her question.
"We have an assignment where we have to talk to both a married man and a married woman," Ella explained. "We have to ask them about their preferred number of weekly sexual encounters."
Jim took a swig of his coffee.
"Both the number of times a week that they desire to have sexual intercourse, and the number of total sexual activities they would want," she continued. "You know, things like oral sex, making out, and stuff. Now, this has nothing to do with your current situation or relationship. These numbers are based solely on your personal wants."
"Was Mom the woman you asked?" he inquired.
Ella shook her head as she tried to think of who she wanted as the female test subject for her fictional scenario. "No, I asked Kate's mom."
"Kate's mom? Am I privy to that information?" He quickly glanced at his wife. "Obviously, if Mom is okay with hearing it."
"Yeah, I'm very interested," Linda said sarcastically as she continued to stare a hole through her daughter.
Ella shot her a glare of her own before turning her attention back to her father. "Kate's mom said that she would prefer to have sex three to four times a week, and at least one daily sexual activity."
Jim grinned, surprised. "Are you serious?"
The teen nodded. "Yep. So, I need an answer from a guy. The easiest way to think about this is to pretend that Mom doesn't exist."
Linda wanted to put her fist through her daughter's face.
"And imagine that you're single," Ella said. "Now, when I snap my fingers, your dream girl shows up and does anything you want. It's purely sexual. So, what would your numbers be?"
"Well, your mother is my dream girl," he announced.
Ella raised her eyebrows, unimpressed.
"What?" he laughed. "She is. Listen, sexual compatibility is based on a relationship. One person can't call all the shots."
Ella couldn't shake her head fast enough. "Dad, I just told you that isn't what I'm asking about. This isn't about feelings, love, or any of that. It's solely about lust."
He took a moment to think. "This is in an unrealistic fantasy world, right?"
"In a world where your sexual wants and needs come first," Ella told him.
"I mean, I could go every day, but that obviously isn't something you can do," he disclosed.
"Sex every day or just some kind of sexual activity?"
"Again, in a fantasy world, I would love to have sex every day and then some kind of sexual activity on top of that too. So yeah, like two sexual things a day. Is that an option?" he asked.
Ella pulled out her phone and pretended to jot down his answer for her imaginary homework assignment. "Yeah, Dad, there isn't a wrong answer. So, your ideal number would be fourteen sexual encounters a week? Sex daily and then something on top of that too? And that includes everything? Sex, oral, and stuff like making out."
"Oral goes both ways?" he asked.
She was slightly taken aback by his honesty—especially considering that Mom sat right next to him at the table—but then again, Mom had yet to stop glaring at her all morning. Who knew if she even processed the discussion at hand?
Ella nodded.
Jim turned and smiled at his wife. "We should start making out again, by the way."
Linda's attention shifted to her husband. "What?"
"We should start making out again. I miss it," he repeated before turning back to Ella. "I don't know why people stop making out when they get older. It's awesome."
Ella couldn't help but smile.
"Okay, if we're counting sex, oral both ways, and making out, then go ahead and bump that number up to twenty."
She pulled out her phone again. "So, twenty sexual encounters a week? About three a day? Sex daily and then two things on top of that as well?"
"Yeah, I think that's fair," he nodded. "Again, in a fantasy world."
"Interesting," Ella noted.
"Need anything else?" he asked.
"Nope, I think I got it. Thanks, Dad!"
"No problem, sweetheart." He finished his coffee before standing up and leaning over to give his wife a kiss. This time, he passed on her cheek and instead found her lips, but Linda pulled back to only allow for a quick peck.

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