A Deal Till Marriage Ch. 02

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tagIncest/TabooA Deal Till Marriage Ch. 02

This is Chapter 2, please enjoy the first chapter first if you haven't but if you want the character description summary:
Jack, 21 years old, son/brother, lean and shy,
Amy, 20 years old, daughter/sister, blonde, fit, eager and adventurous,
Lizzie, 40 years old, mom/wife, brunette, typical milf, somewhat conservative,
Mark, 40 years old, dad/husband, lumberjack build, less conservative than Lizzie!
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction of adult, consenting characters.
The next morning Jack woke early, confused at the memories of the afternoon before. He and his sister had been caught grinding on each other and what was supposed to be the telling off of a life time, turned into an orgy where he fucked his mother whilst Amy rode their father a few feet away. After a shower, the four had decided to catch up on some work and turned in early – or at least that's what they told each other, not really sure how to feel about everything.
Jack sat up, wondering what this meant. They had indeed made a deal to keep this going till Jack and Amy get married but what if his parents had changed their minds? As these worries started to flood his mind, he heard the all too familiar sound of his parents' bed creaking next door. Jack's bedroom was sandwiched between his parents and his sister's rooms and so it was common for him to hear his parents fuck next door. It was always a turn on and he'd secretly stroke himself listening to his mother try to hide her moans but this time, he was lost in concern. 'Wait a minute,' Jack thought, 'THEY'RE FUCKING!' Jack quickly realized they couldn't have been having second thought's if they're fucking first thing in the morning. And even if they did, maybe going in whilst they are about to climax… well, it would be easier to convince them to keep to the deal when they're all horny.
Jack jumped up and snuck out his room, turning the corner to see his sister Amy already at their parent's door, peeking in. Jack smiled, clearly, she had got the same idea. He quietly stepped next to her, who turned around and placed her index finger to her lips, signalling to be quiet. As Jack looked into his parent's room, he saw both his parents naked, their mother was riding their father cowgirl style, with her back to the door. Jack noticed her lovely auburn hair was drenched in sweat, beads dripping down her back – they must have been going for a while. Jack turned to his sister who was standing very close to him. He noticed her face was flushed red, her blonde hair tied in a ponytail and she stood there in her panties and a t-shirt.
The two siblings locked eyes and their heads moved closer as if by instinct. Soon their lips connected and their tongues pushed into each others mouths. Jack couldn't believe he was now making out with his sister. He had only kissed a girl for the first time yesterday and that was his Mom but he was amazed how different the two kissed. His mother was much softer but his sister more aggressive. Both brilliant kissers in their own way.
Suddenly, Jack felt Amy's hands slide into his shorts, grabbing his cock and slowly stroking it to life. Jack reciprocated, pushing his hands into Amy's panties and sliding his fingers between her pussy lips. Feel her wetness made his dick twitch, which in turn made Amy sigh into his mouth. Jack pressed his body against hers, pushing her into the door slightly. The two siblings were now lost in their own make out session to realize they were pushing the door open. Amy, quickly catches on that she is about to fall over into their parents' bedroom and slams her leg back to stop. The noise startles Lizzie and Mark who look back to see their two kids staring back in shock with each others hands in each other's underwear. The parent's chuckled and the kids sighed a sigh of relief.
"Come on then," is all Lizzie had to say. Amy and Jack let go of each other's crotches and walked over to their parents who had remained interlocked and continued to slowly fuck amidst all of this.
Amy climbed over her Dad's head and placed her knees on either side of her father's head, slowly pulling her panties to the side and lowering her wet pussy on his face. Jack could see his Dad dart his tongue out for a brief second before it disappeared inside his sister's pussy. Amy pulled her t-shirt off and their mother reached forward with her left hand started to massage Amy's right tit. Jack had moved around the other side and had stood on the bed, taking after Amy, he pulled his boxers down and released his cock in front of his Mom, who grabbed it with her right hand and brought it to her lips. Now Lizzie was sucking on her son's cock whilst riding her husband, who was eating out their daughter. Jack noticed Amy had her right breast vacant and reached over and felt her tits in his palms for the first time. He had felt her through her top yesterday, but this was entirely different. He could feel his sisters perky nipple poking into his hand.
Soon the room was filled with sounds of slurping and smacking as Lizzie started to bounce more furiously on her husband's cock as the two continued to orally satisfy their kids. Amy was the first to reach her climax and shook violently on Mark's face for nearly a minute before stepping off and shimmying around to kiss her father. She tasted her juices before standing up next to Jack who was lost in his second blowjob. Amy wrapped her arms around her brother and kissed him passionately, obviously, Jack wasn't the only one who was upset their make out session had been cut short.
Seeing this pushed Mark into a climax which made Lizzie clamp down on his cock and stop bouncing. Somehow, Jack knew his father was cumming inside his mom and with his sister's tongue in his mouth, it was all too much – Jack started to cum in his mother's mouth.
Lizzie felt cum shoot into her pussy and her mouth simultaneously, throwing her into a wild climax. As the two men started to wind down and catch their breath, Lizzie was still convulsing. For added stimulation, Amy reached forward and pinched her mother's nipples gently with her fingers. Lizzie quickly swallowed her sons cum so she could let out a scream.
As Jack's cock slipped out of his Mom's mouth, he let go of his sister and dropped to a knee, planting his lips on Lizzie's and wrapping his arms around her ribs, under her arms, catching her weight. Jack could feel her orgasm shake through his mother as Amy returned to making out with her father.
Lizzie could feel her son's strong arms hold her tightly as she remained impaled on her husband's cock. She felt her son free one arm, and trace his hands down past her belly to her clit and start to roll her clit. Her climax was just coming to an end, when all of a sudden, a second one rips through her. Jack expertly moved his other hand further around his mother till it reached around, under her arm to cup her breast, as he continued to play with her clit. His tongue still dancing with hers, his father's cock still buried in her pussy.
It wasn't long before Lizzie's climax fell over and she came back to earth. "God that was the best sex I've ever had," she gasped. All four smiled at each other, sexually satisfied but more relieved that their deal was still on. "We better get ready!" Lizzie added.
"For what?" Jack asked
"The zoom event thing," Lizzie replied, sliding off her husband and getting off the bed.
Amy perked up, "The what?"
"The family thing… the family reunion zoom video chat – you know, since we couldn't meet due to the pandemic, we are having the digital reunion – remember!?"
"Oh shit! That's today? Fuck me," Mark sat up, his response drawing a chuckle out of everyone. "Alright, we better go get washed up and ready – god forbid we're ten second's late and your grandma will shit herself."
The four rushed through their showers and breakfast and quickly gathered in the dining room. Jack had set up his laptop on the table, with four chairs sitting in front of it. The women walked in wearing beautiful sundresses and the men sat there in shorts. Jack was wearing a vest and Mark was wearing a zip up hoodie with nothing underneath. "Would you look at these two! For Christ's sake, go upstairs and put something decent on! Anything with a collar!" Lizzie said whilst shaking her head and trying to hide a smirk. A few seconds later the men come down in their same shorts except Jack's vest has been replaced with a polo t-shirt and Mark is wearing a formal dress shirt.
"What? They won't see the shorts darling, it will be fine!" Mark quickly blurted as Lizzie saw the two. As soon as Lizzie opened her mouth to say something, Mark quickly planted a kiss. Lizzie gently smacked Mark's butt cheek and the four sat down. They sat with the parents on the outside; Mark and to his left, Amy, then to her left Jack and then Lizzie.
The video chat started and there were easily 50 people across a dozen cameras. The four looked around pointing at the laptop, recognising faces they hadn't seen in years. From great aunts to long lost nephews, they were all slowly being added in. And just like that, people started to introduce themselves and 30 minutes flashed by as stories were swapped.
Engaged in all of this, both Jack and Mark didn't notice Amy had placed her hands on their crotches and was now slowly stroking them under the table, below the view of the camera. The two men tried to adjust, on the one hand, realising the risk but on the other hand, wanting to continue.
It was easy to slip both cocks out of their shorts, suddenly grateful the men hadn't worn tight jeans. Lizzie took a glance, hearing the quiet groans and smiled at her daughter's bravery. She reached forward and tilted the laptop screen a little up, giving them a little more room to work and then wrapped hand around her son's cock, replacing Amy's.
Suddenly, Amy spoke up, "Erm, everyone! We got a roast going in the kitchen so you'll see us coming and going!" Everyone nodded back on screen and with that Amy got up and walked around the dining table behind the laptop. The three left in their seats stifled their quizzical looks as there was no roast in the oven – what was this girl up to?
Amy quickly and quietly dropped to her knees and crawled under the dining table. Both Jack and Lizzie caught her head pop into Mark's lap, before she devoured his cock. 'God, this girl is sucking off her Dad with all her family on video chat,' thought Lizzie. She felt her pussy dampen at the sight and Jack's cock began to twitch harder and harder. The two were just as much turned on as Mark was! Jack placed both his elbows on the table to better cover his mother's arm reaching for him.
Jack slyly pushed the 'mute audio' button and without moving his lips, he quite loudly said "I muted it, we're good. Go for it."
Mark instantly groaned without move his mouth as Amy started to bob up and down furiously. No longer needing to be quiet, she slurped and slurped. It didn't take long for Mark to cum, nutting in his daughter's mouth, who diligently swallowed and licked him clean before crawly back behind the laptop, standing up, wiping her face with her finger, sucking her fingers clean and walking back with a smile, pushing past her Dad to sit back in her chair like nothing happened.
The four sat there, Lizzie still stroking her son, with Amy and Mark in a blissful smile. Lizzie had to get some action now, her pussy was almost aching, she got up, walked around the dining table and in a matter of fact voice said "Come on Jack, I need you in me right now." Hearing his Mom say that shocked Jack but he held it together realizing he is on camera. He shifted to the left, careful not to show his cock above the table edge. Once around the dining table, he joined his Mom, who after giving him a quick kiss, turned around, placing one hand on the wall and with the other, lifts her sundress over her ass, letting it rest on her lower back as she bends over. Amy and Mark were doing their best to not watch but they couldn't draw their eyes away from Lizzie's pussy, especially as she pulls her ass cheeks apart.
Jack didn't need any instructions, he lined his cock behind his mother and pushed back inside where he had been yesterday. She was so wet that it didn't take much force. Once his hips met her ass cheeks, Lizzie let go of her dress and her hand joined the other on the wall, her face moving forward so her forehead rested on her forearms.
Jack grabbed her hips and started to fuck her. Initially he tried to be quiet before remembering the audio was muted. Quickly he started to slam into his mother. Both were so horny from Amy's little game that they just needed to fuck, animal style. This wasn't going to take long for either of them. With each thrust, Jack would pull his mother's hips to him. He looked over his shoulder to see both his Dad and sister watching carefully, Amy was being fingered by her Dad but of course, on camera it all looked very innocent.
Just like that, Jack begins to cum and that sets off his mother. Both lost in heat, they keep fucking till their orgasms subside and just in time, as someone in the video chat called everyone over for a toast. Jack pulls out and slips his pussy juice soaked dick back inside his shorts and walks back to his seat. As soon as he sits down, Amy slyly, under the table, pulls his cock out and starts to run her hand up and down, feeling the wetness from their mother.
Lizzie flung her dress down, stood straight, cleared her throat and said "God, I needed that". She walked back and sat next to her son and gave his arm a squeeze as a way of a thank you. Jack nodded a smile back.
As Lizzie was about to get comfortable, Lucy,- Jack and Amy's 19 year old cousin speaks up, "Amy, we can't really see Uncle Mark and Aunty Lizzie! Could you guys squeeze in a little?" The four did as asked but it was still cramped.
Amy took the chat off mute and said "Hang on, I got an idea, why don't I sit on Jack's lap?" With that, Amy moved over Jack, between his legs and lifted her dress up just as she sat down, letting Jack's cock rest between her ass cheeks. Jack noticed how neither of the women had worn underwear today – 'had they been planning this?' he thought. As Amy sat back, he could feel her ass cheeks envelope his cock which was pointing up between them. She gave a cheeky wiggle, toying with her brother.
Stacy, seeing this via the video chat adds, 'Maybe Aunty Lizzie could sit on Uncle Mark's lap too?"
"That's a great idea Stacy, one sec," Lizzie replies as she walks around the dining table to her husband and mimics their daughter, but as Lizzie sits down, lifting her dress up, Mark slides his hand between them and points his cock directly at Lizzie's pussy so as she sits down, she sits on him. His cock slowly drives in and when he is finally fully in, Lizzie too wiggles her ass. "Much better, this is definitely more comfortable Stacy!" Lizzie tells the chat. Amy quietly reaches forward and mutes the audio once again.
Lizzie starts to gently rock forward and back and noticing their parents fucking right next to them, Amy and Jack want in on it too. Amy shimmies forward just enough for Jack to push his cock down and as Amy slides back Jack's cock starts to push into his sister's pussy. As soon as the head of his cock slips in, Amy pauses. This was the first time she was fucking her brother, she wanted to enjoy it. And to top it off, their entire family was watching without a clue. She slowly pushes back, keeping most of her weight on her thighs pressing on Jack's legs. As more of Jack slips into her, she feels his cock spread her pussy walls apart, stretching her.
Jack noticed how much tighter she was than their mother. Lizzie's pussy was tight but Amy was like a vice. Had it not been for their mother's pussy juice coating his cock, Jack wondered whether Amy would have had the strength to push back. In an effort to help her, Jack grabs his sisters's hips much like he had done to his mother a few moments ago, and helps pull her back onto him. "MMMmmmm" Amy cooed as the sensation of such a thick cock filling her felt so satisfying. Like this is what she should feel like all day, every day.
Soon Amy was bottomed out and just sat there, motionless. Jack too was enjoying the feeling of his sister on his cock. But the two wanted more, so, just like their parents, they start to rock. Very gently. On camera, you could make out the small movements but not enough to raise suspicion.
The four kept at it, slowly fucking and grinding on each other, enjoying the riskiness of the situation, having their entire family watching. Each of them would periodically check to see the audio was muted as the wet pussies were making sloshing sounds. Jack noticed Amy was so wet, she was dripping down his legs. The sensation, the timing, the closeness, the danger – it all made his dick pulse, he wanted to cum so bad but he just couldn't, not with the video chat. What had started as a fun little adventure had turned into an agonising test of patience.
Just as Jack was thinking this, Mark pipes up "Everyone, I'm taking us off mute, quiet now," he taps the button and continues, "Alright everyone, it was lovely seeing every one again but we've got to run, our roast is done and work is calling!" Like father like son! Mark needed to move things along and soon everyone was saying their goodbyes. Amy reaches forward, ends the call and closes the laptop, turns around and looks back at Jack with his cock buried in her: "Finally, let's get to work shall we?"
That was all either men needed to hear, in unison both started to jack hammer their respective partners from below. Lizzie let out an audible 'oh' in surprise and Amy lent forward, resting her elbows on the table, letting her eyes roll back as Jack fucked her harder and harder.
Soon Lizzie was beginning to moan small and short 'Oh's matching each thrust from Mark. Amy was more quiet with her climax, biting her lip but Jack new she was cumming when her already tight pussy started to clamp around him like a vice and he could feel each individual convulsing wave of pleasure pass through her pussy.
Jack couldn't believe he didn't cum right there and then but he chalked it up to nutting in him mother moments earlier. It was a miracle he could get heard again that quick but then again, this is his dream coming true.
Amy sat there shaking as Jack never slowed down, plowing into her. Next to them, Lizzie was wiping away sweat from her forehead as she sat back on her husband, resting the back of her head on his left shoulder. Mark reached around and cupped his wive's breasts over her dress and got to work. Soon, she too, was quivering and shaking.
The two ladies let their climax melt away before looking at each other. "I know, fucking hell" is all Amy had to say to her mother. Lizzie sighed and then wiggled her ass. "Is Dad still hard?" Lizzie nodded. It was like they were communicating telepathically. Both women stood up, letting the two cocks plop out from them. Together, they pulled their dresses over and off and dropped them on the floor next to them.
Lizzie then walked over to Jack and Amy stepped over to her Dad. In perfect timing, together like a choreographed dance, the two ladies stepped over their men, and had one leg on either side of the chair. Jack looked at his naked mother stand in front him, her pussy hovering over him.
Mark looked at his naked daughter, standing over him. Amy started to sit down on her Dad, who quickly held his cock up, she impaled herself onto him, holding onto his shoulders for support. Mark couldn't take his eyes of his daughters wonderful breasts, Amy noticing this, leans forward, allowing Mark to suck on her nipples. As he starts, she starts to move her hips up and down on his cock, slowly fucking him.

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