A dream come true with Aunty! | incest story from Mat&Aunty

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Hi everyone, I’m Matteo.
I’ve always had a soft spot for my aunt: 34 years old named Marghe, medium height, great ass, small but very beautiful and soft boobs and with two spectacular size 36 feet.
It was June and we were, like every year, at the family home by the lake. After lunch, aunty usually went to the pool to sunbathe, while I stayed up at home studying and doing my homework. Taking advantage of this, I went to get my aunt’s socks and underwear and in particular her stockings and socks and I jerked off in a fearful way smelling her things.
One afternoon I was alone in the house and as always I went to look for his things to smell them. But in the meantime I didn’t notice that my aunt was staring at me. I was petrified by apologizing to her and if she could just shut up. She told me that at my age it was normal to have certain thoughts and she didn’t find them scandalous at all.I apologized again and went into the living room. After about 15 minutes I was confronted by aunty dressed in a white t-shirt with no bra, lace knickers and short black socks (the ones I was sniffing) and she asked me if I would like to enjoy. Not understanding, I didn’t answer and she sat on the sofa, she pulled my swimsuit down and left me completely naked.
A slow footjob began that made me go to heaven. She took off her panties and made me admire that beautiful body continuing the footjob. After several minutes that I can’t quantify she took off her socks, she put one on my cock and put her foot on my face which I licked.
When I saw her tired I got up and spread her legs and licked her totally shaved pussy and she came copiously.
She jumped up and picked up the phone, turned on the music and started twerking banging her butt on my cock then took it in her mouth giving a great blowjob.
I was about to cum, aunty noticed it, she made me lie down and continued with a nice footjob.
I didn’t resist long, I got up and flooded her feet with cum.
We stay in each other’s arms and I tease her pussy for a while until we recomposed ourselves and went down to the garden.

Thank you.