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Well! Everybody starts writing here that it’s a true story but still some writers/authors do get me suspicious about them being one. I would like to narrate 2 most beautiful incidences of my life. This is my first attempt about writing and so Readers please excuse me for any flaws in the story. Comments/ Inquires are welcome. I would answer each and every mail. That’s a Promise.

I am Mihir from Baroda 22 yrs old and I am 5″8 and like to have fun with girls around. Sex to me has never been a problem to me. I mean bout getting partners. After reading so much on different sites I thought that I should also contribute something. In this short escapade I would like to discuss some incidents that I rate the best in my books. Let me start here.

It was the New Year party for 31st Dec for 2000 and as usual we friends decided to organize something cool. Preparations were on from about a month and so the party was expected to be cool. It was a couple’s party and naturally stags weren’t allowed there. I was planning to go there with my gf but at the last moment she backed up as she had some problems. I tried convincing her but she didn’t turn up. It so happened that I went to an old friends place for some work. He was out of town with his whole family and to my luck I met his beautiful sister Preeti who answered me. I knew Preeti from quiet long as she was junior to me in my school and was a cheerful teenage girl but that day she was really tensed up and she hardly talked to me. I asked her what the problem was. After some good 30 minutes of asking her she came-out that there was a guy that she loved and a few days back he ditched her for some other girl and so she was so tensed about the whole thing. I consoled her and she said that she felt nice and was coming back to normal. I asked her that what are her plans for the New Year and she said that she is doing nothing and most probably will be at home. I asked her that could she join me for the party. After showing some hesitancy she agreed. Let me describe her now. She was a beautiful girl of 18/19 yrs with a perfect figure (36C-27-36), a flat waist, large brown eyes and long hairs. On the party night I was shocked to see her. She was wearing a full black top (her navel could be seen) and a Micro Mini with black colored shorts inside it, 2 inch sandals and was looking absolutely gorgeous. We drove for the party at my friends place. The party was organized on the Terrace or Roof of my friend’s bldg. We reached there at around 10:30. Well I could say that I had the most beautiful girl around me. The party was going on in full swing and we were dancing with each other. The DJ then started playing romantic love songs and we got more close to each other. We had some heavy drinks and I think that she also was a bit drunk. I desperately wanted to screw her up. I made a plan. I said to her that I am a bit tired now and I want to rest now. We went near the Bar and I made her drink some more wine.

She started loosing her control and I took advantage. I took her to my friend’s room. The moment I entered the room I removed her Top and started kissing her hungrily. She was saying Yes!!!! Yes!! All this while and I removed her skirt and she started pressing my semi-erect dick and opened my zipper and pushed her hand inside. This went on for sometime and I pulled down her shorts. I saw a white panty and I got mad with that scene and pulled that down too. A clean shaven pussy was what my eyes saw. I wasn’t able to control myself anymore and I made her lie on the bed, spread her thighs and inserted a finger inside her searching for her hymen. She told me that she isn’t a virgin and has been fucked by her X-Bf. I started pumping. Her body shook and trembled. Preeti screamed ohhhhhhhhhhhh babeeeeeeeeeee pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease don’t stoppppppppppppppp. Her beautiful nails were now making scratch marks on my back. She then pushed herself forward to take my dick deep inside her cunt. She reached an intense orgasm and started panting and breathing heavily and started screaming. I still was pumping her hard, her skin was now turning red and she was shouting don’t stoppppppp pleeeezzzzz fuck meee more and had another big orgasm. I moved my speed faster and was about to cum. I took my dick out and spread my cum on her beautiful pink-nipple boobs. After that we cleaned ourselves and joined the party again. We didn’t get a chance for another fuck again that night, but after that I had another threesome fuck with her friend. That will be another story. But let me conclude that Preeti was a great fuck but coming up is a better one.

Its just 2 months back. We made a plan of going to my friend’s farmhouse, which is around 50 kms from Pune in a village. We were only 2 (Nikhil and Me) friends and were expected to be joined by our other friends after 2 days for the weekend. We went there early because we wanted to arrange up everything.. We reached there around 10 in the morning. The farmhouse was a big one with 6 well furnished rooms inside, A big hall at the entrance and a swimming pool at the back. It was been looked after by a man of around 45 yrs who stayed there with his family that consisted of his wife and two daughters.

The elder daughter was very beautiful of around 20 yrs and the younger one was around 12 yrs. Lets talk about the elder one. Her name was Meenu. She was a typical village girl with wheatish complexion, large big eyes, long hairs and a nice body. The best thing about her was her lips. The Drew Barrymore shaped always inviting to be sucked. She was ready with all her assets to be fucked. My first look at her only I had a plan of screwing her down.

We went inside the house and settled ourselves. After having lunch we went for a sleep. The evening was a real bore and so we decided to go for a drive. But in between there was some problem in the car and we could only return by 9 at night. When we came back we saw that Meenu was sitting outside her house and was waiting for u to return. When we enquired she revealed that her father mother and her sister have gone for a marriage ceremony in a nearby and are expected by late night. When we asked her that why didn’t she went with them, she answered that her mom and dad had to go for the marriage as it was of a very close by relative but she couldn’t go as no one was there to look after the House and they cannot leave it unlooked. We said Ok and she asked us for dinner. After having dinner my friend (nikhil) went to his room and slept, as he was tired of driving the whole day. By this time it was 11 at night.

I went to the Hall and started watching TV, but I wasn’t able to concentrate, as the girl of my desire was lying outside the house, All alone. I went to her house and just peeped through the door. She was just making herself ready to go for sleep. I knocked on the door and she answered me quickly saying ” Kuch Chaahiye Kyaa”.

I said ” Kucch Nahiin, mujhe lagaa ki tum akeli ho to kyuu na mere saath chalkar TV dekho”. She said ” Theekh Hain main thodi der mein aati hoon” At that time she was wearing a Red colored Chaniyaa Choli and a skirt that was just going below some inches of her knees. When she came

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I welcomed her in the house and we started watching TV. I was sitting on the couch and she was sitting quite far from me on the floor. I asked her to sit on the couch but she didn’t agree. I was just swapping through the channels looking for some erotic stuff to arouse her. After trying for long I landed up on a movie on the cable channel. Within 5 minutes of the start of the movie I figured out that this was some 3rd grade movie and will have some cheap and erotic scenes inside it. Meenu was sitting there and watching it like a statue. Then a stupid romantic song started in which the heroine was wearing a white saree with a sleeveless blouse and suddenly it started raining in the movie. In between the song the hero was kissing her all around her body and in the close-up her boobs were also visible. This song was really erotique but Meenu was unmoved. After sometime there was a Rape scene in the movie and Of course the villain was trying to rape some girl. Let me explain you the scene: The girl was brought in the room of the villain by his men and was thrown on the bed. The villain removed his gown and was only in his underwear and jumped on the girl. He kept his hand on her blouse and with one stroke removed it or should I say just tore it. The female was just left in her black bra. Now the villain tore apart her Ghaagra and the rest was mystery. But we can surely make a guess. I looked at Meenu. She was again unmoved. I thought that this isn’t going to work. So I went to the kitchen and brought a Pepsi bottle with 2 glasses. I offered one to Meenu and by giving the glass to her I intentionally spilled the glass on her body. She said nothing. I behaved as if I have done a big mistake and started cleaning the mess. Actually my intention was to touch her sexy boobs. She said “Koii Baat Nahiin”. But I didn’t stop instead I grabbed her close to my body and started kissing her .

She said “Yeh Kyaa Kar Rahe Hain Aap” But I didn’t stop and started kissing her more furiously and started pressing her boobs from outside, pushed her on the couch and made a grip such that she wasn’t able to move. I think that she started enjoying, as she wasn’t trying to get away from me now. When I was convinced I loosened my grip and lifted her skirt. Inside she was wearing a short white colored pajama. I pulled that down and I saw her pussy. It wasn’t shaven properly and had some hairs on it. Her pussy hairs were wet with her pussy juice. I guess she was aroused a bit by the movie but just didn’t reacted or didn’t know how to react. Now I removed her top, which had front buttons, and inside she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her boobs were really beautiful and had small nipples on them. Her boobs were comparatively fairer then her body and had dark brown nipples. I inserted my middle finger inside her cunt, which was really tight. Then after sometime I inserted two fingers. In between I used to put my fingers in her mouth. I continued it for sometime and after around 10 minutes of this finger fucking she had a big orgasm. A very big one. I tried to suck her down (Choot) but believe me she smelled horrible. I know it sounds a little rave but it’s a fact. She really smelled very bad. I took out a condom from my wallet and put it on my dick.

OH!! chodo! usey Andar Daal Do” she spits out. This was the first time she spoke something sexy. I inserted my dick inside her and my manhood started going inside of course with great difficulty as I guess she was a virgin. I wasn’t able to fuck her properly on the couch so I made her lie on the floor, spread her thighs wide and enter her. This time I was successful and my prick entered her pussy in full for the first time. I started fucking and builded up a pace. My balls were banging on her pussy lips. She was moaning loudly ” Oh Oh Haa Aur Andar Oh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” and then she said the first time some dirty words ” Chod Mujhe Saale Bhadwe” I was really aroused by her using such dirty words and fucked her with great speed. She was shouting very loudly. I took her legs on my shoulders and started thrusting her again. After doing this for sometime I was about to come. So I took my dick out of her choot, removed the condom from it, which had some blood stains on it and asked her to give me a blowjob. She didn’t know how to do it. So I asked her to lie on the floor with her head near my dick .I sat on my knees and started fucking her mouth-hole. I came and I came so much that some of the cum actually came out of her mouth and fell on her body. I never came like this before in my life. When I saw her choot it had some blood spots on it. So I asked her to go to the bathroom and get herself clean.

I wasn’t done yet. I wanted to fuck her once more this time without a condom. I asked her to come to my bedroom so that we can have a nice fuck out there. As soon as we entered the bedroom she started kissing me wildly and the first time I kissed her so perfectly. I broke the kiss and asked her to lie on the bed in front of me. I got on top in between her legs. She spread her legs as wide as she could. She grabbed my head with one hand and pulled it close to hers. She reached up and we again locked ourselves up in a deep kiss until we fell out of breath and broke the kiss and started Panting.

“That was nice honey,” I said. “Are you ready another round of fucking”

“Haa” She managed to say.

I guided my prick into her. She moaned and moved her hips to the rhythm. She was pushing forward the moment when I used to push inside so that she can take me as deep as possible.

“Oh Meenu!” You are great!” I love you,” I cried out.

” OH OH ” Haa” Aur Andar Zor Se. That was all she managed to say.

After a few minutes I picked up the pace and banged her pussy with my prick more hard. My balls started slapping against her. Our bodies moved back and forth on the bed furiously.

“Oh Meenu! “Oh Meenu!

“Oh AAhhh! Faad Daalo Merii Choot Ko! Chodo Mujhe ! Chodo Mujhe Aur Fast. Aah Aah Aah Aah Aah Aah Aah” she screamed loudly.

The bed was shaking. She was screaming. Every thrust inside her and her volume of shouting went on increasing. She had an orgasm. I felt that I was also near. But this time I was to stay inside till the last moment and I did so. So I increased my speed and I just took my prick out and here I came on her stomach and all over her body. Then we collapsed. I fell on top of her and we both laid there hot and sweaty. We held each other for a couple more minutes. After this she got up, went to the bathroom to get her clean. Then she got up and went and slept on the same couch where I fucked her the first time in the Hall. Her parents returned early in the morning. When I got up Meenu’s father asked me that why is Meenu sleeping out here. I told her that she was feeling frightened yesterday night and so I asked her to sleep here. He thanked me for allowing her to sleep there. Actually! I should have thanked him for producing such an absolute beauty for my pleasure.

This was my first fuck with this beauty. In my next episodes I will tell u how she gave us pleasures with her body. I once gangbanged her with 2 of my friends open near a Waterfall. I would like to share that sexperience also with you all. But for that I need some emails. kindly mail me [email protected], and girl, sexy married women who r not satisfied with their hubby and in the absence of their hubby want to enjoy with me, couples who want to seduced their wife’s but r not getting partner, and lesbian who want to have fun in group can mail me [email protected] and I promise I will reply each and every mail