A Fathers Dream – Part V (The Climax)

Here is the final part of the Saga. The saga ends.
The entire next week I had sex with my wife alone in the nights without our son. I am quite aware that she is having sex with her son in the day. I can see that they are having sex in his room. In the weekends he used to join us and have sex with his mother and after that he used to leave us alone for a hot sex. But I have always longed for a continuous sex. And the luck knocked my door after a month.
It was Sunday and we are sitting at the breakfast table. While having breakfast Rakesh asked me if he can go to a tour with his friends for a week. They are to simla for a week. After a moment of thought I agreed. Rakesh was so happy that he called his friends and told them he is also coming. After a week on Saturday morning I left Rakesh in station and came back home.
When I came back Raghu was still sleeping and Shobha was in the kitchen. She came with a coffee and we sat there sipping our coffee. As we finished our coffee, I was already in a big mood. I moved close to her and started to kiss her. She didn’t resist it. She know that as Rakesh is not in the house they can do the kissing and Raghu will wake up late.  Soon I removed her sari, moved her petticoat up pushing her onto the sofa. She understood my intention and cooperated by making herself comfortable and opened her legs to me and adjusted between her thighs. I entered her myself without her help and started humping her in the day light with the doors wide ajar. Even she is not bothered to close it as no one will be coming.
We were in a great fucking mood. We came and we were on our second round. I was humping her since 20 minutes. We forgot ourselves of the surroundings. But when I was tired of pumping and about to reach climax I wanted to hold it as my wife is still not neared to her climax, so to distract myself I looked around and was surprised to my son sitting on the couch and watching us. Even my wife realized our surroundings as I slow down my fucking pace. We both exchanged looks alternatively looking at our son. I thought she will suggest moving inside the bedroom but she kept quite and taking this as a cue I started humping her again with pace. Our son was looking at us and he took out his dick to masturbate looking at us. We were tired after 30 minutes of continuous moving our hips but I don’t want to come early as I don’t want to miss our son watching us. Just them my son said rubbing his dick ‘Dad why don’t you ask mom to come on top and ride you’.
I didn’t understood what he was saying and looked at him puzzled. Even my wife looked at him quite strangely. We always had great sex at least we thought that we had great sex but we never tried positions. I know it as I have some knowledge about blue films but we never watched all our life.
I said ‘What?’ panting heavily.
He said ‘you exchange positions’.
I stopped pumping my wife’s pussy and looked at him. my wife’s pussy was squeezing my dick as if it want to eat and I know that she is very hot.
Then my son said ‘you want me show?’
I looked for a moment and said ‘Okay, go ahead’ and got up from her. She also got up. He asked Shobha to get up and slept on the sofa naked his shaft standing like rod in the air. She looked at him. Then he made him to get on top of him and made her to position herself just above his good shaft which of course I am proud of. Then he said ‘Mom guide me’. To my utter surprise, she held the tool and slowly I can see my son’s dick disappear in to my wife’s hot cunt. She lowered herself on it and sat silently for a moment closing her eyes. She didn’t move as she want to subside. Raghu looked at me and smiled to which I reciprocated. I was surprised. After a moment he said ‘Mom move’ he said and pumped his dick deep and I can my wife letting a moan from her mouth. Then he held her ass and helped her move up and down and within minutes I saw my wife ramming my son’s dick in front of me. She was too engrossed by the pleasure that it is giving.
Meanwhile my son was quick enough to remove his moms blouse and bra letting her big tough tits free jumping in air as she moved up and down his dick.  Then he loosened her petticoat and removed it from her top. She helped him do it easily without resistance and without looking at me. She was all naked along with my son humping him as my son reciprocated her strokes. Even I thought it good to become completely nude. I removed my T-shirt and closed the doors. I came back and sat on sofa watching my wife son fucking wildly. They were fucking each other since 30 minutes and it soon reached one hour and they were still at it. I was too horny and said ‘Shobha I want a fuck now come on lets finish it’. But she didn’t seem to realize it. With in another fifteen minutes both exploded and collapsed on each other. Their bodies were sweating heavily in the cold morning. She did not make any attempt to remove his dick but was collapsed on his chest tired to two hours of fucking. That was the longest time either of has had sex. My son was slowly moving his hands on her bare back and hair in a caring way.
After 15 minutes I was still hard on and my wife got up tired. I went near her and pulled her to my sofa when she said ‘Sri, I think I am too tired’ looking at my disappointment she helped me get into her wet cunt filled with my son’s and wife’s juices. Even I was again pumping her missionary as my declared that she is too tired to do it again. I released after 10 minutes and collapsed on her. We never moved as we were too tired of sex. We slept for hours. When we got up my son was already woke up and was watching television. We got and went to our room to freshen up. We got out in five minutes. I asked my wife to cook something as I am very hungry. She said ‘I am too tired to work Sri. Please lets get something for me to eat from outside’.
My son said ‘Don’t worry mom, I have ordered for all of us from the hotel and may arrive at any time’.
We looked at each other and kept silence. We watched television silently and when the food finally arrived we ate it silently. After a quite sumptuous lunch we felt relaxed. I was getting sleep as I am tired of too much sex and my self comfortable in the sofa. My son suddenly asked ‘Mom are you tired too and want sleep?’
She said ‘No, I am okay now’.
When she said this, he went and sat beside her. Without a word he started to kiss her lips. Soon they were involved in a deep wet kiss. Then my son suddenly got nude as my wife watched him get nude and I was surprised to see his dick hard again. He sat on the sofa and said ‘Mom suck my dick’. I was shocked along with my wife. She said NO. but he insisted and after a small conversation my wife unwillingly lowered her head and as reached it she moved away and said she can’t do it. He said it is fine, it happens for the first time and lowered her head down and made his dick touch her lips. He rubbed it for a minute linger on her lips. Then he made her open her mouth and pushed his dick into her mouth with a loud grunt. I had lost my sleep and was looking what my son was doing to my wife. He held her hand on his dick tight, till she accepted it and then slowly moved her head up and down. Soon she got used to it and was bobbing her head on his dick. My dick was already up and I was watching them curiously. When my son was about to come, shobha wanted to remove her mouth from it but he was quick enough to hold her head tightly and spurted his cum in her mouth. It was loads as I can see some of it come out from her mouth and flowing on his dick. He grunted saying ‘Mom you are a great sucker. If you become experienced I will die to fuck your mouth’. It was dirty and I liked it we never talked it in our bedroom. Even my wife didn’t say anything. To my surprise his dick was still hard.
He asked Shobha to get on fours which he guided to take the position. Neither me nor my wife knew what my son was up to. But she obeyed him. Then he positioned himself behind her and slowly moved his hand which I think to search her pussy and pushed it inside in one stroke to which my wife let out a loud moan which surprised me. ‘FUCK’ she said as she let out the moan.
My son started his strokes to which she responded by moving her back. I was too horny and got nude and started rubbing my dick. Looking at me my son said ‘why do you bother dad, give it to mom she will take care of her. Come and fuck her mouth’. I was surprised and my wife never retorted. When I went in front of her, she took it in her mouth. When her wet mouth encircled her I was mad. Her mouth more beautiful and was giving more pleasure than her cunt. I reached climax in 20 minutes when my son was still busy at my wife’s pussy. She seemed to enjoy it. Soon the entire room was filled with loud moans. They both came after another 20 minutes and collapsed. It was evening when we got up. My wife came back refreshed and when I came back my wife was busy kissing her son. I laughed and dressing myself I went out leaving them alone as I was not ready for another fuck. It was 9 in the night when both my good wife and son came back after their marathon fucking session. After dinner my wife and son are again at it. He was kissing my wife before me. I was not interested in sex but suddenly my wife pushed my son aside and said ‘Son I think it is enough for today. Your dad needs me to night. You had your quota of the day till evening and I even broke certain rules. Now go to your room and sleep’.
I said ‘Its okay. I am fine if you both want to sleep’.  But my wife gave a weird look. I said okay and we started to move inside our bedroom in which an hour before my wife and son had a sex marathon.
When we were going, my son asked me ‘Dad can I join you guys? I mean I will help you if you are tired’.
I looked at my wife and said okay. I was busy with my wife even though I was tired. I fucked her with great difficulty. It seems my wife is still horny and when my son came to her she has not resisted and they started fucking. I slept looking at them fucking. But I was too much tired to watch them fucking completely.
When I got up in the morning, I saw my wife sleeping nude between me and her son who were also nude. I liked it and felt a hard on but I don’t want to disturb them because I know they slept early morning. So I walked out of the room.
I went to my son’s room and came out refreshed after a hot water bath. I was feeling light and energetic. I went into the kitchen prepared my coffee and by the time my wife and son came out after refreshing themselves I prepared lunch. We were all normal and ate silently. My wife came wearing her seductive string blouse clad in a yellow colored sari. I was aroused and when she was about to take the plates, I held her hand and looking at her I said ‘I am horny honey. Leave it Raghu will take care of it’.
She smiled back ‘Yes darling. I think we had missed our privacy, so let’s go to our bedroom. Please Raghu don’t disturb us for some time’. We walked inside and closing the doors we had a sexual marathon all day. We never bothered about our moans as it is our son outside. We came out in the evening after my wife had a bath.
The whole week had three some sex and we enjoyed. My son us teached us several things in sex and our sex life jazzed up. Since then we had a three some sex many times whenever Rakesh is not there. It was still our little secret. My son left for the city for the engineering and we both felt something is missing. We never missed any vacation to send our son Rakesh on some pretext or the other giving him freedom and enjoy sex all the vacation. Even my wife has lost all the inhibitions and of course she is the same mother when it comes to Raghu. The rules are sometimes strictly followed. We have allowed a free hand to Shobha in this matter. And two years passed.
But as my age started to grow I was getting a little away from sex. But my wife was getting more sexy and horny even at 38. She has become more mature. When Raghu came for a vacation, she expressed her wish to stay with Raghu. Raghu was overwhelmed by his mother’s decision. She said since I was not interested in regular sex and since she needs regular sex, she wants to stay with Raghu. Raghu pulled her closer. I said ‘What about me?’
She said ‘You can come to city whenever you want it Sri. Or whenever you want more sex for more time, just give me a call and I will be here to care of you my dear’.
And I could not say word. The following week we went to the leaving Rakesh behind as he has to prepare for his exams. We had found a single bedroom flat and made all the arrangements to live happily. That night both my wife and son went into their new bedroom and my wife wore his favorite sari with string blouse and went to have sex with him. When I requested for show, my wife refused for the first time saying that they need privacy. All night I could not sleep, my wife scream like a hot bitch with her son fucking her hard all the night. The next day as my son left to college, I fucked my wife all after noon and left that evening.
Since that day I used to call them regularly and find how they fucked. Sometimes when I am horny I would go to city for a fuck with my wife. She never refused me anything as her husband. She has become an expert in sex with my son teaching her a lot about sex. Sometimes she used to come down for a week or two for giving me sex. In vacations we three used to fuck. Now my wife has turned into a hot bitch from a decent house wife and mother. She used to behave like a bitch with my son in front of me. She has removed all her conditions. Now they behave like husband and wife. Sometimes I feel like an alien but I am happy. No one would believe that they are mother and son if they are in the house and my son started to call her with her name. now my wife is enjoying sex with her son. All her life my wife’s cunt has seen only two dicks mine and her son’s dick.  My younger son rakesh is in US for his B.tech and here my wife and sons are fucking animals. I have lost interest in sex but sometimes when I see mother and son fucking I ask Shobha for a sex which she never refuses. I get a fuck private or with my son whenever I want. I am a very happy and contented man now.