A Fine How-do-you-do Ch. 01

tagGroup SexA Fine How-do-you-do Ch. 01

My wife and I both have a spring break but are usually off at different times. This year, her school put hers a week before mine. Unfortunately, I had to go out of town on business, so while I was gone enjoyed a few days off home alone. Friday, I came home looking forward to some time alone with her, since our daughter was off visiting her grandmother. First I hoped to see my wife, then have a drink and begin my own vacation.
There was time for a quick kiss before I made it to the bar for a bourbon. Annie asked me to make her a vodka on the rocks. That was a bit of a surprise—she likes a good cocktail but usually not something so potent. I obliged, and we sat on the couch. She didn't take long to finish that drink while we made small talk, and then she surprised me again by asking for another. While I love my wife when she's tipsy (she gets pretty horny), this made me a little concerned. When I returned to the couch and sat down, I confronted her.
"Annie, hon? Did something happen? You're not yourself tonight," I suggested.
"Umm…well, I needed to tell you that I met our new neighbors." She gave a half smile. We had only moved in recently and hadn't yet met everyone on the block.
"That's great. Who are they and what are they like? Do you like them?" I asked.
"Oh, they're very friendly. Susan and her husband Dave. Susan came over and introduced herself, and we talked for a while. She's very…nice. Later, Dave came over, and I met him." She took another gulp of vodka. "Later we had a threesome."
This was so nonchalant I almost missed it. Then I almost choked on my bourbon. "WHAT?" I spat. "What did you say?" I needed to make sure I heard what I thought I had heard. My wife was very conservative, especially in bed, and we were comfortable with each other, we had never seriously considered this kind of thing before. "Umm…Annie? Did you say you had a threesome with our neighbors?"
"Oh, Scott!" She was nearly crying. "I never meant it to happen. I didn't even know what was happening. But by then it was too late. Susan was so nice and so gentle but so…persuasive. And I didn't even know Dave was there. I thought it was just me and Susan and I was so confused and…" She fell into my shoulder sobbing. I held her while I imagined her with another woman. I hoped she didn't notice my stiffening cock while I was trying to console her!
"Annie! Shhh. Don't worry!" I patted her head and held her. Our marriage was great and we had been together for a long time. I didn't feel betrayed, and I wasn't angry. Maybe I was still just too surprised. I needed to hear more. "Honey, why don't you tell me what happened." She sat back and took another drink and started her story.
"Susan came by about 1 and I had just finished working in the garden and getting my shower. I wasn't fully dressed yet but OK enough to answer the door. She came in and we talked for a good hour or so. She had brought over a bottle of wine and we both had a glass or two. Hey—it's still vacation, right? I can have a drink in the early afternoon." She was chattering nervously. "I was thinking that I really liked her -she was smart, great personality. I couldn't wait for you to meet her. I went to the kitchen for some water, and she followed me in, still chatting. I don't think I was paying as much attention as I should, but I thought I heard her compliment me on my butt. I turned to ask her what she had really said. She was behind me and suddenly I felt her hand on my rear. I was surprised. When I turned around, she backed me up against the counter and kissed me! And not a cute little peck, Scott! She held my wrists down and kissed me on the mouth! Hard!" I noticed that her breathing had picked up and she was flushed. I was too—the blood was flushing into my cock.
"I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to push her away, but I probably should have. She just kept kissing me and kissing me. And she pressed her body against me. I could feel her breasts against me and I could smell her perfume and then, Scott, then I felt her thigh pressing between my legs! I didn't know what to do. My heart was racing and my head was spinning and I could feel her warm body against me and she took control of me." Annie's voice died down to a whisper. "Scott, I was so turned on. But I couldn't be. She was a woman! I'm not a lesbian! Sure, I've thought about it. Who hasn't? But I wasn't going to do it. And here I was completely cornered by a stranger I had known for less than an hour."
"Then her hand left my wrist and slid up my stomach. She felt me up. She touched my breasts and played with my nipple. I wasn't wearing a bra because I hadn't finished dressing. I didn't ask for this, Scott. You have to believe me! And she was still pressing against my pussy with her leg!" Shaking, Annie took another drink.
"Then she finally broke off the kiss and let me breathe. I gasped for air. She took my face in her hands and told me how beautiful and sexy I was and how she had been watching me while I had been working in the garden and she had been masturbating and fantasizing about me. Me, Scott! I didn't know what to say. I just stared and stammered, wide-eyed. She looked into my eyes and told me how much she wanted me. ME! Then she took my hand, turned, and said that I should show her the upstairs, since we hadn't toured the house yet. She said she wanted to see the bedroom. Her grip on my hand was so light, Scott. I could have run easily. Or told her this was crazy and she needed to leave. But instead I followed her upstairs to our bedroom."
I held my wife and kissed her gently. She was panting just recounting this story. And I could see her nipples standing up against her blouse. Her chest was flush. She was aroused, and I was working very hard not to take advantage of this. I was harder than granite imagining my innocent wife being seduced by a stranger. I comforted her but told her to continue the story.
"She followed me to the bedroom, still chatting like nothing odd was going on. I stood near the bed and she led herself around the room. She casually looked in the walk-in closet, my lingerie drawer, and your dresser. She complimented the bed—she thought it was pretty (we had a hand-made four-poster). Then she turned and asked me if you had ever tied me to it. Scott—she was so personal! She said she thought I would enjoy being tied to the bed and spanked. I just looked at the floor. How would she know we had done that? And I did like it, but I didn't want to admit it. So I didn't say anything."
"Well, Annie, she was probably just guessing. You know, trying to provoke you. She clearly doesn't have any problem with boundaries." I thought that sounded stupid, but I was trying to help Annie feel better about the situation.
"Well, it didn't matter. Just because I wasn't saying anything, that didn't stop her. When I looked up, she was NAKED, Scott! She had taken her clothes off and just dropped them on the floor by the bed! I couldn't help but stare, even though I didn't want to. She was trim and pretty and had full, round breasts that didn't sag. I wondered how she did that at 42, because they were much bigger than mine. She had beautiful skin and a great looking butt. Why was I looking, Scott? I'm not attracted to women! Really! I just couldn't stop looking. And then, since I was staring with my mouth open, she was on me again. Her hot, firm body pressed against me even harder and her mouth was over mine and her tongue was in my mouth and I couldn't stop thinking about what a great kisser she was and you know what? I realized that she didn't have a penis. I'm so used to you that I expected to feel your hardness against me like I always do when we make love and it wasn't there. And that scared me. I suddenly knew I was kissing a woman. And I liked it. I really liked it."
By now she had turned in my arms and I was near her neck. My hand was on her breast and I was rubbing her nipple against the fabric of her blouse with my palm. She leaned into me and I whispered in her ear. "Tell me what she did to you, Annie."
"She stepped back and began undressing me, telling me how beautiful I was. Soon my clothes were on the floor in a pile. It's funny. I have seen our clothes in a pile on the floor for years but there was another pair of panties in our pile this time. Susan gently ran her hands down my chest, over my breasts, and down my sides. She hooked her thumbs under my panties and pulled them down. While she did that, she knelt in front of me and kissed my pussy. I nearly came right there. She pushed me back on the bed and spread my legs and licked and kissed my thighs and soon got to me and went down on me."
My hand had slipped between her legs and I was gently rubbing her. She pushed back against me as she continued the story. I nibbled her ear and ran my tongue along her neck.
"Scott—I felt so guilty when she was…pleasuring me. You are the only person who had ever done that, and I love it. You care so much and always want me to get off. It's wonderful. And please don't be upset when I tell you this. Susan was incredible. She made me feel things I had never felt before. She knew how to touch me, kiss me…use her tongue on me in ways I didn't know could be. I heard myself moaning. She told me how sexy I was and how much she wanted me. Then she suddenly stopped. She stood up. She pulled me to her and kissed me again. She made me taste myself on her lips. Then she pushed me back on the bed and told me to touch myself. Oh, Scott! It was so embarrassing. But I was so…horny. I did everything Susan told me to. I masturbated for her and she watched me. She took a picture of me with her phone while I was doing it. That made me feel even nastier. Susan told me she would use this at home when she wanted to get off. She made me lick my fingers."
"Then she told me to turn over on my hands and knees and keep going. I did. Susan wasn't happy with that, though, and she scolded me and spanked me. She told me to put my head down and my ass up and keep masturbating. I couldn't stop, honey. I didn't want to stop anymore. I wanted to do whatever she told me to. She rubbed my butt while I stroked myself and then she started kissing it. Her lips on my butt felt so soft and so warm. Then she licked me. She licked me. Like you do."
"She licked your ass?" I asked. She nodded. "Oh, yes. She did a lot back there…" Annie sounded wistful and her voice trailed off. "Then she took another picture of me. I was so exposed. And it turned me on even more. I heard her say "Yes. Now!" and I did myself faster.
"Soon Susan stopped. She climbed back up on the bed and told me to stop. She crawled over and kissed me again. She licked my fingers clean. She stood me up and hugged me, rubbing her nipples against mine. She bent over and sucked and bit them. Her hand was on my pussy and pushed against it. She was so strong and so confident and knew how to touch me. Her arms around me made me feel safe, just like you do. And then she slid down in front of me and spread her legs. I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach. I knew what she wanted me to do. I didn't know if I could do that. I'm not a lesbian, Scott. I don't like women in that way. But Susan's hands on the side of my face, gently pulling me down towards her…She purred at me, Scott. She told me she knew I wanted to try this and she knew I'd be good at it. My mouth was watering and my own pussy was throbbing. I wanted you to be there and I wanted you to fuck me and put out the fire in me. But Susan was here, and so strong and inviting.
"I did it, Scott. I did a woman. I wasn't sure I could at first but soon couldn't stop. I imagined what you did to me and what she did to me and tried to do that. Susan was so nice and supportive and complimentary. I just wanted to do it for her, and do it well, you know? She tasted differently from me, wilder. I felt drunk, and when I felt her responding to me, I was totally drawn in. She moaned and pushed herself against me and that made me feel so good. I was so confused, Scott. I wanted to do it but was ashamed of myself for being so wanton, so dirty. And just when I thought that was the farthest I would get that afternoon, I felt strong hands on my ass. I lurched away but Susan held me in place. Those hands gripped me harder. I tried to turn to see what was going on but Susan pulled me into her. She told me not to worry, that I would love it. Love what? I wondered. That's when he put his cock into me."
At this point I was out of my mind with lust. I reached into Annie's panties to find them soaked. I rubbed her button with my finger and she groaned. My cock was bursting inside my pants. I tugged on her nipple with my other hand and told her to finish the story.
"Oh, baby. I've often wondered what a different penis would feel like. I love yours but was just curious. Yours is the only one I've ever felt. It's wonderful. But suddenly I was…invaded by this thing. It felt big, strong, and it filled me up. I cried out a little but Susan wouldn't let me up. And then he started to fuck me. He didn't seem to care about my feelings at all. He did it hard and fast and was relentless. He kept going and going and I could hardly concentrate because Susan was making me lick her but this stranger was fucking me senseless. I was nearly out of my mind." Her hand slid up to cup my bulge. She rubbed it. "He just went faster and faster and I wanted him to stop because I was ashamed of being fucked by a total stranger on our bed and I wished you were here to see it, to see me with my face in another woman's pussy and a stranger's cock in me. I have never felt so sexy, so wild, so dirty, so utterly slutty in my life and I really wanted you there.
And at that point I lost it and I came. I came so hard, I was sobbing and gasping and then Susan grabbed my head and pulled me into her and she came, screaming. I kept coming and coming while this huge cock kept driving into me. I flopped over on my side and the stranger pulled out. He flipped me on to my back and spread my legs and mounted me again. I was exhausted by this point and couldn't do anything but lie there and let him fuck me. Susan was kissing me and touching my breasts and my nerves were still on fire. He just pounded me. And then he pulled out and gripped his cock and jerked it all over my stomach and breasts. He grunted and shot all over me. And he kept shooting, blast after blast. He leaned back against the bed frame and Susan began licking his come off of me. I've seen it in porn but in real life it's so much hotter. When she had a good mouthful, she pulled herself up to him and kissed him! She put his come in his mouth and they kissed! They both swallowed and he said, "See you later, baby." He patted my ass and then just walked out! Susan held me in her arms for a while longer. I must have fallen asleep because she was gone, next I knew."
I could take it no more. I turned Annie over and ripped her pants off of her. I didn't even take her panties off. I just pushed them aside. No foreplay (though by now none was needed). I undid my zipper and pulled out my cock and with one shove buried it in her steaming cunt. I fucked her with abandon, as hard as I could, slamming her small frame against the couch. She cried out in surprise at the violence of my thrusting but was soon begging me for it. "Oh, God, Scott! Fuck me hard! Fuck your whore of a wife!" I had never heard her make sounds like she was making now and it turned me on. I pulled her hips to me as I pounded her. I slapped her ass and she screamed and I exploded in her impossibly hot cunt. We both collapsed on the couch, panting. Annie fell back on my chest and lay there while we both recovered. Who was this woman who I thought was my demure wife? What did this one-afternoon stand mean for us?
"Well, that was quite a Friday afternoon. I guess the next time you go to their house things will be a little awkward." I chuckled, running my fingers through her hair.
"Friday? Oh, Scott, honey. That was Monday. And I've been to their house every day this week." My cock leapt up and she took it in her hand and licked her lips.

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