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A Good Father
Chapter 2
Once again all characters are 18 and have fully consented and signed releases as to the actual facts of this story. Each has requested their names be changed but this is another true story as told to me by the father and daughter, verified by the three young men. To this day the "pizza delivery" guy still comes to their home when there is a party to attend. He thanks "Bill" for his first true gang bang and his learning experiences. He states that because of that first time, he has applied the things he was taught to more than a few situations!
Once again my name is Bill and my 18 year old daughter in Catherine or Kate as I call her. We live in Indiana and we fucked the first time a week ago. Since that time, we have shared my bed all the time, whether it was day or night. It started two days after she turned 18 and one day after graduating high school. This is information from chapter one.
I own a family business that I inherited from my Dad when he passed. It was a small company and I had to work during my college years to maintain my short marriage and I had little help from my dad as it was a small company but when my wife left me and my baby girl, my mother helped raise Kate until she too passed. Leaving me to raise my daughter and build the business to a much larger and more profitable corporation.
Kate had maintained a very high academic profile and was getting ready for college! She could have gone to any school she chose but her wish was to attend my school. The school was about 50 miles from home but it is a well known university not only in our home state but around the world! Her plans were to go to school and follow into the family business. Hopefully you are now caught up to who and where the story has led to.
As I said, I never thought of her as a sexual being until the night Kate asked me to read her a story that was about a father and daughter. As I read the story Kate acted out the story I was reading to her. (Please refer to "A Good Father").
I had taken the time off from work, informing my secretary that I could be reached anytime but only in an emergency.
As I lay between Kate's wonderful thighs, enjoying her sweet nectar from her delicate teenage pussy, my phone rang! It was Brenda, my secretary. I answered it knowing that she would not call unless it was a true emergency.
I answered, "Hello Brenda. This had better be a true crisis!"
Brenda said, "It is Bill! Mr. Neely, (not his real name), called and demanded the contract be signed and returned today or else he would pull his deal! If you would like I can bring them to you and fax them from your home office! He said that if he did not have them by 3:30 today, the deal was off."
I replied, "FUCK! Are they ready to sign?"
Brenda stated, "Yes but there are just a few corrections I can make before I send them."
"Ok!!" I responded, "Get over here and we will get it done." I hung up and explained things to Kate. I kissed her and reached for my robe.
Kate laughed as I pulled my robe on and comically said, "How is that going to cover that hard-on Daddy?"
I said, "Not a problem, I have been fucking Brenda for about three years!"
Kate just frowned as I walked out of the bedroom.
The doorbell rang and I went to answer it knowing it was Brenda. As I opened the door she rushed past me and headed straight toward my office. Smiling as she noticed I only had my robe on and that my cock was partially hard, she commented, "Need help with that as well?" as she nodded in appreciation.
I followed her into my office and watched her sit behind the big desk and pulling the contract out of her case. She laid them out on the desk and said, "I need to fill in these final numbers and you need to initial them and then sign here, here, and here!"
She dialed the phone as I started to read the contract. Into the phone she spoke, "Mr. Neely, we are preparing to send the contracts signed sealed and delivered." As I was putting my last signature on the pages and Brenda placed them into the fax tray.
As the last page was on its way, Brenda leaned into my now flaccid cock and immediately pulled it to her mouth and began licking it from top to bottom. This was not new to her as she had done it the day I hired her and most every day since. Once her warm tongue touched my dick, it sprang to life! She tasted it and pulled back.
She looked at me and said, "I am sorry! I didn't know you had someone here with you! She tastes good on top of your cock. I had better leave before she comes looking for you!"
Suddenly the office door opened and in came Kate her nude body on complete display, and without any shame. She walked around the desk, staring holes through Brenda and said, "His cock is mine now, but I am willing to share!" Brenda was still sitting with her hand wrapped around my hardening cock while Kate steadily walked toward us with her determined look in her eyes. Once she was standing behind the sitting Brenda, Kate pushed the back of her head to my waiting cock.
Now Brenda was young woman of 23. I hired her when she was 20, and she had become my right hand as well as my stress relief. The body of a twenty year old, but the skills of a pro! From her raven hair to her made for cock lips to the double D-cup tits to the bald pussy between her thighs and that ass you could flip a coin on, all wrapped up in a man toy that seemed to live to please any man. If I needed to close a business deal, I would have Brenda bring in coffee and then inform me of a problem on the floor! Without another word I would leave and she would close the deal.
Now Kate was pushing her head into my swollen dick while Brenda simply opened her mouth in acceptance. While I steadily pumped into her mouth, Kate had started taking Brenda's top off freeing her from the bonds supporting the big breasts. Once Kate had her remove her bra, she reached around and cupped the massive mounds as Brenda's spit dripped on to my cock that was now forcing its way into her throat.
Kate said, "Daddy stop and let her lay down on your desk, see if she can eat my cunt while you fuck her wet pussy! Maybe she will lick my ass for extra fun!"
Kate was trying to control the situation; I said, "NO, let's do this my way, after all I am your father and it is time for me to take control."
I had Brenda stretch across my desk with her head hanging off the end and I pushed my cock in and out for a just a few strokes. Then I turned around and spread my ass cheeks telling Brenda to rim my asshole and I grabbed Kate by her red hair forcing her onto her knees and ordered her to suck. Every time Brenda shoved her tongue into my asshole, I would pull Kate's hot mouth deeper and harder onto my cock.
As Kate had my dick in her warm slobbering mouth, Brenda was rimming my ass with her wet tongue, she had reached around to play with Kate's breasts causing her to moan while sucking on my almost 8" long prick as I pushed deep into her throat!
I knew if we kept this going much longer, that I would not be able to last. I had to pull Kate off my cock and step away from the tongue that Brenda had pushed up my ass. I walked to the other end of the desk and guided my rock hard dick into the 2nd tightest cunt I had ever had. Brenda was only second to my baby girl's cunt as far as tightness. While I fucked Brenda, Kate had climbed on top of her and placed her sweet pussy over her face and was grinding on her begging Brenda to eat her cunt and to shove a finger into her ass at the same time. Brenda enthusiastically complied!
I was fucking Brenda and Kate was sitting on her face as I leaned in and kissed my daughter like a father never should but I did so and I reached out grabbing her tits twisting and pulling each until Kate started Cumming in powerful ejaculations pouring her juices into the waiting open mouth. In turn, Brenda also started her rush of orgasmic pleasure. Watching these 2 young women was more than I could take, I no longer cared about holding off, I started blasting my load into Brenda's soaked pussy until I pulled completely exited Brenda and forced Kate to lay down and I blasted the largest nut I could remember ever unloading into Kate's face and across the belly of Brenda painting both girls with my sticky white cream.
Kate instantly started licking what had landed on Brenda and once she had finished she turned, and gave a kiss on Brenda while she cleaned off the joy juice dripping from Kate's sweat drenched face neck and tits.
Kate and Brenda continued to kiss and finger each other while I sat back and enjoyed the show. They went into a 69 position and I watched as these women fucked and sucked each other. They allowed me time to recover. When my energy returned, I crawled on to the desk and placed my legs outside of Kate's legs giving Brenda a clear view of my ball sack! I said to Kate, "The only hole of yours I have not had yet is about to get filled!" I started to spread her brown star with one, then two fingers, stretching it more so it would not hurt her.
The tightness of her ass was fantastic after licking and fingering for almost 5 minutes, I could not wait, I lined the red angry head of my cock with her ass and I pushed forward. Once the head pushed past her sphincter, I gave her time to adjust. I slowly pushed inch by inch into her pulling out every so often to gain more power forward. I had gotten almost half way in that elastic heaven hole when Kate looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, "Daddy, please just give it all to me it hurts but I want to please you! If you just push it all in, I can deal with the pain because it hurts so well!"
I pulled back and had Brenda lick my shaft and then she reached up and put her hands on my ass cheeks and said, "Now Bill, give that sweet ass all of your cock!" at that same time she pulled me into my little girls ass burying all 8 inches in her bowels.
As pounded Kate's shithole, Brenda would either suck my balls or if I was pulling out run her tongue along the vein on the underneath. Now I do not know if you have ever had two women working on your cock at the same time, but take my word for it. Even if you have to pay for it, JUST DO IT! I do not know the words to put the sensations onto paper, but it is a pleasure every man should feel.
Brenda started to rotate from my cock and balls to my asshole adding more sensations to my fuck rod pounding my daughters tight bung hole! The more Brenda worked, the harder I plowed and the more Kate screamed. When my little girl could not hold back any longer, her dam burst, flooding my dick and the mouth that was manipulating both of us from below.
I could feel the cum bursting through my shaft, and out of that angry red and purple head into the bowels of Kate for the very first time.
Brenda kept cleaning my dick area as well as Kate's brown star, pussy and thighs making sure to remove all the juices from both!
Now I have to be honest, the most I have ever cum was 4 times in a 24 hour period, but today I had fucked my baby three times before Brenda came to the house and now I had lost count but I felt totally drained. Brenda said jokingly, "Bill, I need to get back to the office and finish the day before I lose myself and that damned boss of mine fires me or fucks me again!"
We all laughed, because the three of us had spent the last 3 hours fucking and sucking each other and of course, I was the boss!
We said good-bye to Brenda and told her to come by whenever she wanted and play! Kate and I needed a nap.
When I woke up, Kate was snuggled against my body and I had rolled to face her while my arm was draped around her fantastic body, squeezing her lush titties. My penis was soft and sore from the massive amount of fucking the last few days. I rolled out of the bad and went down to the hot tub. I turned it on and went to the kitchen to prepare supper. As I checked the fridge, a small voice behind me spoke, "Pizza! Let's order pizza and we can open a bottle of wine sit in the hot tub and relax!"
I agreed grabbed the bottle off the counter and wrapped my arm around Kate, guided her toward the already warmed tub on the deck off the back of the house. As we climbed in I called the pizza guy and told them to bring it to the back where we were.
I leaned back and closed my eyes. The next thing I knew, there was noise coming from the bottom of the steps. I looked around and there was the pizza guy with his head rolled back as he moaned! Once again I saw Kate on her knees and she had his cock in her hand feeding it into her mouth! I sat there watching the young guy fucking my little girl's mouth. She seemed to be insatiable now that she had gotten her first sexual experience!
I said, "Is the pizza here?"
I had scared the young guy and he panicked trying to pull his pants up. Kate looked at me with that killer smile of hers and said, "I am just giving him a tip Daddy!"
I joked back with, "well don't let the pizza get cold!"
The look on his face was worth eating cold pizza. Kate went back to sucking his cock, as if it was the most natural thing to do. It took him a very short time to realize that he was not in trouble and he promptly started mouth fucking her again!
After the boy dumped his wad into her mouth, she wiped the remains off her chin and asked him if that was good enough or if he wanted more? Once again we all laughed as he pulled his pants and buckled them.
He looked at me and then down at Kate and said, "If I had known you were this good at sucking cock, I would not have broken up with you last month! If it is alright, can I come back in an hour after I get done with my shift?"
Before Kate could say anything, I answered him, "Yes, you can come back later! We will be here in the tub and if you have a friend, bring him along as well!"
He said, "I have a few that would be willing to come and fuck her, but I don't know if they will believe me or not!"
Kate said, "You can bring a couple of friends, but don't tell them what to expect! Just don't tell them who!"
Away he went. Kate got back into the tub and handed me a slice. She asked me, "Can I have a gang bang?"
I told her, "Well it is a little late to ask now isn't it?" with a smile on my face.
We sat in the tub for a little longer than normal, but it helped us with all of our sore muscles, and washed away the cum from our earlier fuck sessions. We got out and she went to the bathroom and came back out, climbed back into the tub I turned on the jets again as I found my way next to her. The bubbles washed away our soreness as I sucked on those lovely C-cups while she stroked my cock under the water.
What seemed like forever, the gate opened and the pizza guy walked through the gate and so did two others dressed in their uniforms.
Kate was surprised, but she knew all three the last two were known virgins. She said, "Daddy this is Mike my last boyfriend and Tommy and his twin brother Timmy!" she leaned over and whispered to me, "I think the brothers are virgins!"
My reply was simple, "They won't be after tonight! By the way, are you sure about this?"
Her smile said it all. I introduced myself and said, "This is my baby girl, so if you tell anyone what happens here tonight, I will track you down and you won't be able to fuck anyone again! Do you understand?" then Kate stood and giving the younger guys a view of her hard, naked body. I think they all were in shock.
While we waited for them to return, I had set up an air mattress on the deck. Like the good little slut she was becoming, Kate got out of the hot tub and lay on the mattress spread eagle! The boys did not know how to react, so Kate told Mike to take his clothes off cause he was about to get another tip. His clothes were off and on the deck instantly. The other two looked at me and I said, "Well are you going to fuck with your clothes on?"
Tommy and Timmy looked at each other and tore their clothes off and moved toward the mattress. Kate said, "I am ready to have some fun! Daddy says I am a good cock sucker who wants to find out first and who wants to eat my pussy and who will play with these beautiful tits? Tonight I am your fuck toy! I give you guys' permission to use me any way you want! Thanks to my Daddy, all three holes are open for your dicks. It can be one at a time or all three at the same time if you like!"
Mike having already gotten a blow job was first to lean in and started playing with her cunt putting one finger and then as her juices started to flow, he put 2 in and was rubbing her clit as if she knew what to do. Clearly he did or he watched porn. Timmy looked at her mouth and said, "Will you suck my dick?"
Kate replied through her moans, "Not unless you can stretch your dick to me from way over there! You have to come to me." Quickly Timmy moved closer and Tommy followed suit.
Tommy knelt on the soft mattress and roughly grabbed her breasts, with her full of Timmy's cock, all she could do was place her hand on his and slow him down. He got the message. As the three boys' fingered her cunt fucked her mouth and played with her and sucked her tits, her cunt began to moisten. She managed to pull Mike's fingers out and push his head down. When he smelled her aroma, his face locked onto bottom lips and her eyes looked toward me! I knew what she was asking!
I said, "Mike be gentle use your tongue to lick the slit, make sure you trace around the lips and drag it from the bottom up to the top sticking your tongue deeply into her! Take your finger and at the top of her cunt you can see a small flap of skin. Push very gently upward, her clit looks like a very tiny cock, rub it VERY soft but fast, and open your mouth as she will cum in your mouth and it will be a reward if you do it right!"
"Tommy, make love to those nipples! They may look like pebbles but they are to be worshipped not tortured much like your nuts soft is better! You don't hit your balls so treat them as nice. Timmy you are not going to break her jaws but don't try to cum so soon, you have a long night!" each of you explore, but do not try to punish her. Take your time so all of you can enjoy!"
I looked at Kate and she nodded her head in thanks!
Soon the boys had developed a rhythm and were fucking Kate in unison. Timmy and Tommy wanted to try what their brother was doing so they switched and Timmy buried his smaller dick into her hot wet mouth and Kate took all of it down as she rubbed his balls. Mike had managed to lay her back so that Timmy was now fucking down into her mouth while Mike had spread her legs wide and slipped his fatter cock in between those swollen cunt lips. His face had drippings of cunt honey running down his chin. Tommy had heard her say that her ass was also open for play!
He looked at me and asked, "How can we all get in her holes?"
"Stop" I said, "Stand up! Mike, will lie down and Kate will take him into your tight little pussy!" I instructed, "Then you fuck for a few seconds to keep her loose. Now Tommy, you wanted that ass so climb between her legs and rub her pussy and smear her juices all over your cock. You can lick it and use your fingers to open that asshole! Once you get it lubed, push your dick in very slowly, allowing her to get used to having both holes filled! It will be painful for her and a feel a little strange for both you and Mike because your cocks will feel like they are touching each other inside her and yes your balls will bang into the others as well! Oh Timmy, you can fuck straight into her face while the others are getting comfortable and build the rhythm. Once you guys get it down and if you don't cum to soon, you can switch off. Once she had taken all three cocks you start to fuck her slowly so you don't hurt her! At that point, she will be what is called airtight! Remember, you are not out to cause her pain but she will feel a little until she gets used to being filled. Then allow her to control the speed until she signals you to all out fuck harder and faster she will be able to accept as much as you can give her. You guys should be able to cum and then switch then cum again switch and do it again! Each of you can fill each hole with your loads! Try not to cum too soon let her get off a few times before you do. If you think you are going to cum stop or think about your favorite sport. That will help you delay Cumming. If you guys talk about when you are getting to close and can't hold off, then all of you try to get ready so you can cum in her at the same time. She will feel all of you at the same time giving her more pleasure! This is about her and you all."

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