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A Good Father
This story starts slowly and builds. This is an ongoing lead into further chapters so if you don't like the first part, please feel free to skip to the fucking. As always, this story was told to me by the actual father daughter mentioned. The names have been changed to protect their actions. All sex is done after all are over the age of 18 and still happening as of this telling. It is not my history but is factual. There are no editors involved as I have read stories that editors were used and there were many mistakes. Hope there is not any major mistakes and I hope you enjoy it. I don't care about ratings and I do read the comments and I take none to heart; bad, good or indifferent. I write for pleasure and I spend on average 1 or two days writing. I hope you enjoy! There is more to come.
My name is William or Bill! I have always considered myself to be a good father. I became a father at the young age of 18 and yet I managed to continue my education while supporting a family. Although I did marry the mother of my baby girl, and provided them with a nice apartment, a decent car, and I kept food on the table while attending college and working a few jobs. We never went without or so I thought!
My wife told me on our last day of living together, that she was not happy because she wanted to live life to the fullest and experience new things while she was still young enough to enjoy it. That night she packed her bags and handed me the divorce papers. So, here I was not quite 20 years old with an 18 month-old daughter, still in school and divorced along with a commitment that no one should have to face alone. The mother of our child not only gave up on our marriage, but our 18-month old daughter. Six months later she disappeared from our lives and neither my daughter nor I have heard from her since.
From that day thru today, I have devoted my life to raising Catherine; I call her Kate for short, as best I could. When I attended classes or went out for an evening of fun, I had my mother watch Kate and she shared the love and devotion of a grand-mother without questioning or countering my wishes until she passed when Kate was 15.
As a loving father, I always made time for my baby girl. I attended every school function, plays, and parent- teacher conferences. I encouraged Kate to participate in sports, debate teams, and her graduations were very special for not only her but for a very proud father! When I bought our home, I made sure to include Kate in all areas of the purchase; i.e. the swimming pool, the garden, and she asked if we could have the four bedrooms along with the basement gym. I love my child and never saw her as anything but a beautiful child that was and still is my reason for living. I could not deny her what she wanted.
Her reddish hair and green eyes along with her pouty simile would always melt my heart and would help her to get me to go with what she wanted but with limits. Yes I probably spoiled her just a little; never did I see her as a sexual person even when we went shopping for her clothing or underwear. She was my little girl and I loved her!
After her grand-mother passed, it was my responsibility to ensure that Kate was informed about birth control and everything that a teenager needed to know. We had always slept in the same house unless she had the normal sleepovers with her friends. I was a very loving father and supported Kate in whatever she became involved with. I would help with home work. No, I did not do her work, but I was there to assist her. I managed to give her all the privacy she needed, with zero accidental walk-ins while she was in her room or bathroom. From the time she was 9, I did not see my daughter nude.
Although I did make sure she was properly dressed before she went out of the house. I told her about how boys and men were and I taught her to keep her body covered modestly and always aim to be a proper young lady.
From the time Kate was a baby I would read to her before bedtime. I would have a glass of milk sitting on the table by my big comfy chair and she would run and jump into my lap or push me over to so she could sit beside me and turn the pages. Around the age of 5, she was the one that picked the stories we would read. After the story time I would tuck her into her bed and kiss her goodnight and dim the lights on my way to my own bedroom. When she had a nightmare, she would knock on my door and wait for me to tell her to come in, and she would ask to sleep in my bed. I would, allow her to get into my bed, but once she went to sleep I would carry her back to her own bed. When she reached the age of 13 I put that to an end.
Kate had just graduated high school and it was her first day out of school for her last summer home, before she would be going to college. She wanted to attend the same college I had and it was about 50 miles from our home, she wanted to join my company after she received her business degree. I supported her choices.
On the first night after she graduated high school and the second day after turning 18, she came to me and asked if I was going to read to her like every other night of her life, and of course I replied yes sweetheart. I reminded her that in a few months this would end because she would be staying in the dorm at school and come home on the week-ends. That it was going to be a major change that I would miss most.
She told me that she was going to get ready for bed and pick out a story for us to read saying in her best "Arnold" voice "I'll be back" and away she went.
I went to pour her a glass of milk and then too put on my pajamas', my robe, and returned to the family room. I turned on my reading light beside my chair. As was typical, I lit a fire in the fireplace and sat in my big comfy reading chair. I sat waiting on her return, I reflected on our years of this tradition with a smile on my face. I wondered how many nights would Kate want to keep this nightly reading to continue?
I heard Kate come into the room and shut the door. She reached and lowered the lights as usual and came and sat on my lap. She put her arms around me and hugged me. She had her bathrobe on as was custom and she had her normal night gown on I presumed. All of this was part of our normal routine that we had done for almost 15 years.
We talked for a while and she explained that she too was going to miss this time the most and how she wished it would never end. I hugged her as if it would be the last time!
Kate turned to the table and picked up a book she had placed when she came into the room. This was taking place in our normal family room; it was the same room we had used for story time all her life. It was the same room we used when I talked to her about her mother, the same room I explained about sex the very same room and the same room where we decided on her birth control. This was the very same room that all of closest times were spent. I digress!
When she handed the book to me it open and she said, "Daddy, I have read up to this page, so if you can start on this page I will be happy!"
I told her, "Sure sweetheart, I'll start where you left off."
I started to read and I quickly stopped and asked her, "Where did you get this from?"
Her reply was, "I have had it for almost a year. One of my friends gave it to me!"
I read a few lines to myself and then looked at her and said, "Catherine! This is not a book a father reads to his daughter!" in my most fatherly voice.
She said, "Daddy, this is only a bunch of words and it's just a story. Besides we have read almost every type of book, so why not this?"
I returned by saying, "Kate the first few lines of this book talks about a nude girl and her father coming into the room! I have always tried to give you privacy and waited until you said it was ok for me to enter your room. That is how a father and daughter show each other respect!"
Her answer was simple, "please Daddy? It is just a story!" in her most child like plea.
Now at this time I had never seen my little girl expose too much of her body to cause me any concern. Yes, I thought her skirts were a little too short, or maybe her swimsuits were a bit revealing, but those are things a teenage girls do!
In a clear unshaken voice she stated, "You told me about sex and birth control as well as helping me when I buy bras and panties, so what is the difference now?"
In a strained voice, I began to read. It was a book of short stories that was about incest! I cannot talk about them because they are copy righted so I can tell you that they were very explicit. Needless to say I gave in to her wish.
Here I was a 37 year old father reading porn to my 18 year old daughter. What made it worse was we were both in our bed clothes in an empty house. As I read, I felt my cock start to move and grow with my baby girl sitting on my lap! I felt uncomfortable as you would expect.
The more I read, the more my manhood responded. I felt Kate move and shift and I knew she could feel my erection grow, but then the more my dick grew the more she moved. I noticed that her robe had opened a little and her tiny hands had moved between her legs inside her robe. The more I read the more movement in my lap and the more her robe opened.
Soon, the robe was opened and was beginning to slide down her shoulders and arms. After what seemed like hours, her robe was completely open and she had pulled her arms out of the sleeves Kate was squirming on my lap, or should I say grinding on my fully erect cock! As she reached to turn the page, I noticed that her nightgown was a newer one that was quite sheer. Her breasts were clearly visible and pert. Her nipples were stiff and looked as hard as diamonds they were magnificent. I tried to ignore them but it was getting harder to not stare, but I refer to the fact that; yes, it was my daughter, and yet she was a woman and I was a man.
At one point, my cock was pressed against her robe but it was hard enough to make her move, so she slid off my lap onto the carpeted floor, but she remained between my legs. She turned and was on her knees with her hands on each of my knees holding her head so as to look at my face as I continued to read.
She started to move her hands up my thighs and slowing very lightly rub in small circles with the tips of her delicate fingers. My erection was then visible to green eyes though my open robe only covered with the thin layer of my pajama bottoms.
I read for her about the young woman on her knees before her Daddy and how the woman slowly rubbed his thighs and moved higher and higher until she reached his swollen member causing him great discomfort. Suddenly I felt Kate's hand rub my own cock thru the thin material and wrap her fingers around my massive prick.
I instantly realized that Kate was following the story with her own actions! I closed the book and said, "What are you trying to do?"
She said, "Please Daddy, keep reading! It makes me so hot!" I answered by opening the book again. She was following the words I was reading and neither she nor I wanted to stop! I skipped a few paragraphs ahead to get the action going. I figured she would panic and stop. She did not!
I got to the part where the girl had taken her dad's cock out and was kissing it very lovingly holding in her tiny hands that could not reach around the massive dick. Both of her hands could not cover the length of the erection
I looked down and it was the same as in the story. Kate's fingers could not wrap around my cock nor could both her hands not cover the length!
Kate looked at the cock she held and then looked at me and said, "How big is this thing Dad?"
I proudly stated, "It is about 5 inches around and almost 8 inches long!"
She was in awe but went right back kissing and stroking my manhood.
I once again started reading. I got to the part where the girl in the story put her father's cock into her mouth and started sucking. Kate followed along. I added a line or two into the story by saying, "she took as much as she could and slowly backed off. When she went down again, her dad put his hand on the back of her head and forced her to take more!"
After reading this Kate found my hand and placed it on the back of her head, and I pushed her further down into my cock and I pushed her into her throat. Kate gagged a bit but did not stop. I felt her warm moist mouth on my erection and I almost lost it. I wondered how she had learned to suck cock so well, but it felt so wonderful that I did not want to ask.
I noticed that her robe was now under her and the nightgown hid nothing from my wondering eyes. I should take time to describe what she looked like! To start, her hair is red and her eyes are green. She has a small nose covered with freckles and large sensual lips that I never paid attention to until that moment! Her neck was long for her short height, standing close to 5'2" leading to more freckles on her shoulders. Her breasts are a large C-cup and perky, with no bra they would swing with each movement. This was the first time I had seen her without a bra as when she always had a robe on when the bra was off. Her waist was thin but tight with a stomach that was that of an athlete. I did dare to look between her thighs and see the most wonderful mound with just a small landing strip of moist red hair so the drapes matched the carpet so to speak. The legs of my little girl were well toned and just right for her body. She was perfect in her looks, a true heart-breaker.
I wanted to reach down and play with her breasts but I refrained still fighting my desires. When the story said the dad reached out to play with the girls tits, I too followed along. When I first touched her breast it elicited a deep moan causing the vibrations to flow from deep in her belly up and through my prick as it ran up my entire body causing those goose bumps to show that I was truly enjoying the sensations, all because of her manipulations on my steel hard pole.
The story turned to where the father started to take more control by grabbing his daughter by her hair and pulling her toward his mouth and forcefully pushing her onto his cock. As per the story, I followed the script. I placed the book on the table and kissed Kate like no father should ever kiss his teenage daughter, with the passion of a man and woman in the heat of love making with the exception of not entering her yet.
I stood from my chair with her still on my lap turned around and gently placed her in the chair while still locked in that first kiss. I slowly kissed my way down her neck in return; she moaned again telling me that her pleasure was growing in anticipation. I reached her breasts with my left hand on her right diamond hard nipple and rolled it between my thumb and finger squeezing it as I moved my mouth to the other breast taking that nipple into my hungry mouth. Her breath was becoming strained and I manipulated each breast differently. In my passion, I bit her right tit a little harder and she moaned again and said, "That feels so wonderful! Please Daddy! Do it again but harder!"
I stopped and replied, "Tell me if I do it to hard! I do not want to hurt my little girl!"
Her body started shaking and I knew that she was Cuming just from me playing with those beautiful natural mammary glands. My right hand moved to between her thighs and cupped her pussy. I found so much moisture that I knew she was in heaven. Her hands were on my head pulling my hungry lips and teeth deeper into her breast as I continued to kiss, bite, one mound while pulling, twisting and stretching the other.
I found her clit hood and applied enough pressure to where it opened and exposed her little bud so I could grasp that magic button and when I pressed her breath was lost and a silent scream was the most she could do as she came again, this time it was an ejaculation. The chair, my hand and my chest had taken a blast of her cunt honey and the release of her aroma was totally intoxicating!
When she recovered her breath, she said, "Daddy I am so sorry but I didn't mean to pee on you, but it felt so good!"
I stopped sucking on her tender tit and explained, "Sweetheart, that was not piss but cum! Never apologize for giving me so much of your honeydew! I am sorry that you did it before I could get my mouth down there to catch it" as I brought my hand up toward my mouth to clean her juices off prior to burying my face between her open legs. That young pussy was so sensitive that once I placed my mouth on her lips, she started squirting directly into my waiting mouth.
After the wave of passion had passed, she begged me to let her rest for a moment. I said, "Do you want to move on with this or do you want to stop?"
"I just need a break, because my pussy is so tender right now!" I slowly moved north to where I was between her thighs and still playing with her redden tits. I kissed her on the nose and she grabbed my head and kissed me on the lips forcing her tongue into my mouth and then she licked my face cleaning her tasty pussy juice off my face.
My cock was between her legs and had not entered that pretty little hole yet, but it was trying to stretch enough to at least feel her hot wet cunt. Not only I had my cock not entered her yet but my fingers had only touched the outer lips and clit.
I picked her up and turned around so as to sit back in my chair with her on my lap and my straining cock pushing against her now naked body. When she composed herself, Kate picked up the book and started reading. "His massive manhood was pressing against her wet pussy! She was still unable to accept it in her sensitive pussy as she had never felt so orgasmic in her young life! Her father reached down and cupped her cunt." I followed her directions with the same movement as she was reading. If the story said to do this, I did it as well.
Kate then read, "As he played with her clit, he inserted a finger between her swollen pussy lips,"…As wet as Kate's pussy was, I struggled to push my finger in. finally burring my finger in her tight cunt she moaned and juices once again flowed from that heavenly hole! The book read that, "once he stroked her a few times, her daddy pushed a second finger deep into her causing her eyes to roll back and her breath to rush out of her lungs!"
At that point, Kate dropped the book and begged, "I can't take it anymore Daddy! PLEASE FUCK ME NOW!"
Who was I to deny my little girl her request! I lifted her up and guided the hardest cock I could remember having in my entire life toward the tightest pussy I knew. Once the head of my cock forced its way into her steaming love box, I let her drop all the way down until it was fully inside and at that moment she passed out! Never has had a real dick in her pussy until now. I stopped my movement! She was not a virgin because she had ended that with a rubber cock but never a real cock. I was in exquisite pain from being in her pussy but I was concerned about her! I don't know if it was fear of hurting her or if it was just wanting her awake before I fucked her but I did not move until she woke and started to grind on me.
After she started her humping, I started pulling out and pushing back in very slowly enjoying each grasp of her pussy muscles! Between her moans and the sound of her love canal squelching the sounds were like nothing I had heard in my life.
I wanted to shoot every ounce of my cum, deep into her. Yet I kept holding back as I did not want it to ever end. While still deep in her pussy, I stood up and carried her to the couch and laid both of us down and began to withdraw my steel rod out until just the tip was beginning to show, and then I rammed all the way back in. I knew that this pace would not allow me to hold back for very long! So I plunged in and out for all I was worth. When release came, was on an out stroke and as I pushed back in, I felt the hot spunk of my jizz as well as her orgasmic flow wash over my cock and spill into her, collapsing on her tiny body.

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