A good sister – 2

She awoke the next morning and looked at the clock. It read 7:57. Perfect timing. She petted her bare cunt in anticipation.

Naked, beginning to moisten between her legs, she peeked out of her room. Seeing the coast was clear, she tiptoed through the hallway and into her brother’s room. He was still asleep, naked, with no sheet or cover. She stared longingly at his half-erect cock. She wanted to play with it some more, put it in her mouth, but she knew that she wouldn’t dare with him still fast asleep. She tapped him on the shoulder instead. He woke up and looked at her, head to toe. She let him look for a long time, enjoying being his object of lust.

“I have to piss,” he said. “You come with me.” This order gave her a great thrill. She had never been allowed to watch him pee before. She trailed behind him, like a trained dog following its master. They entered the bathroom. “Get your face down by the bowl, where it belongs.” She kneeled next to the toilet and bent forward. He stood with his legs apart, holding his penis with one hand, and let go. She watched transfixed as the stream arced through the air and disappeared into the basin. There was something fascinating about the way it shot out so smoothly from his tip. A few drops splashed out and got her in the face. “Clean me,” he ordered when he had finished. Without hesitation, she stood up, bent at the waist to the level of his penis and took his head into her mouth, sucking away the last few drops. He tugged at his cock, loosening every last drop onto her tongue. Then they went back to his room.

“Get down on your knees,” he ordered. She complied happily. It seemed to be one of the few things that still made sense to her: kneeling down and sucking her brother’s cock. He surprised her this time by cramming his cock into her throat right away and holding it there for a good ten seconds. He retreated. “Stick out your tongue, flat against your chin, as far as it will go.” She obeyed. No order was too strange anymore; she was entirely willing. He held her head firmly with both hands and then began rubbing his balls back and forth across her outstretched tongue. Back and forth. Back and forth. Having her tongue out so far made her mouth sore, but she didn’t dare complain. He continued wetting his balls with her tongue for several minutes. Then, with his penis fully erect, he was ready for his next move.

“Get on the bed.” She lay down on his bed, on her back, keeping her arms obediently at her sides. His eyes running over her body gave her sweet chills. There was nothing better than being lusted after. He got on the bed and grabbed her ankles, pushing them forward and up near her head. Her cunt and ass were presented to him, right before his eyes. She gasped with excitement. He got on her and started pressing his cock into her anus. She jumped with surprise. She’d never had a cock in her ass. He pushed halfway in, hurting her nicely. When he was completely inside, a few tears rolled down her cheeks, making him smile.

He fucked her hard, up the ass, pounding and pounding her, causing her head to bash against the bed board. After a time, he pulled out and hovered around her vagina. She stared at him. He grinned back at her. Would he really fuck her pussy? Clearly, he would.

He impaled and fucked her cunt harder than ever, the bed board nearly knocking her unconscious with his powerful thrusts. His breathing became more ferocious. She worried he would come inside her.

“Don’t come in me,” she pleaded.

“I’ll do what I want,” he said coldly. Still holding her ankles forward and apart, he slammed it home the last few times. He came deep inside her, grinding into her pelvis mercilessly. She could feel her brother’s cum spraying her insides, powerless to stop it. Finished using her holes, her pulled out of her.

“Get back to your room.”

“What if I get… Get pregnant?”

“That’s your problem, don’t come crying to me.”

“Okay.” She returned to her room and sat down on her bed. Her cunt oozed her brother’s cum. She gathered some with her fingers and brought it to her mouth, licking her lips. She ate hungrily, her second cum meal in a row. She licked up and swallowed all she could.

Oh how she loved her brother.