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tagIncest/TabooA Happy Accident

Claire was hugely disappointed. It was her senior year at college and her spring break trip with her sorority sisters was just canceled. It was her last year at school, and likely her last chance to have a wild trip with partying and hooking up with random guys like she had planned. She was set to leave the next day, so there was no time to make alternate plans.
Her school was in a college town where the students made up more than half the population. So, during school breaks, it was a ghost town with no one around. It was only a three-hour drive from her apartment to her parent's house, so she decided it would be better to spend her spring break week there instead of by herself in her apartment. Her parents were out of town on vacation that week, but her younger stepbrother David would be home. He was a senior in high school, but had no trip planned for spring break. She also had a few girlfriends she knew from high school that would be around.
Both Claire and David's biological parents had gotten divorced when they were very young. Claire's mom and David's dad had started dating a year after their respective divorces. They moved in together and got married when Claire was seven and David was three. Even though technically stepbrother and stepsister, Claire and David had grown up together and thought of each other as real brother and sister.
Claire was the outgoing and rebellious one. She had a wild streak and knew how to have fun. Her parents often worried about her. She wasn't a bad kid. She just liked to have fun. She typically spent too much time having fun instead of studying. Her parents were quite relieved that she was making it to college graduation in a few months. They had their doubts that day would come and questioned it many a time.
Claire was blessed genetically. She had a beautiful face and long, silky blonde hair. Her body was flawless. Perfect, full perky tits. A tight, well-shaped ass. And tone, long legs.
David on the other hand, was more reserved. He was very intelligent. He was a good-looking guy with an athletic build, but not that social. He was more of an introvert. He had a few friends, but he didn't go out partying like his sister did when she was in high school. His parents had no worries about him. They didn't hesitate leaving him alone by himself for a week while they took a trip. They had offered for him to go with them, but a week away with his parents didn't exactly excite him so he passed.
It was 10pm Friday night when Claire pulled into the driveway. She could see most of the lights in the house were dark, but David's bedroom light was still lit. The translucent blinds were down, so she couldn't tell if he was in his room, but assumed he was. She proceeded upstairs to go say hello to her brother.
When she got to the upstairs hall, she saw David's door was open. She walked to his doorway at the end of the hall. When she rounded the corner, she saw David standing next to bed. He was naked and jerking off. His laptop was on the bed and his body turned 90 degrees to the door. Claire stopped in her tracks at the doorway. David didn't notice her with his attention focused on the laptop screen and his hard cock in his hand. She was hugely surprised at the sight but said and did nothing to get his attention.
A few moments later, Claire's mischievous mind starting spinning. She decided she would remain in the doorway and see how long it would take David to notice her standing there. She didn't try to hide. She just stood in the doorway in complete view.
As she stood there watching the show, Claire took note of David's cock. She felt like she wasn't supposed to being looking at her brother's hard cock, but she couldn't help it. His cock was quite nice looking. It was much bigger than she would have imagined. She had no reason to think his cock wasn't big, but it never even crossed her mind to wonder about it before.
After three or four minutes, Claire realized David wasn't going to notice her standing there. So, she decided to have some fun and walked in the room and announced, "Hi bro! How's it going?"
"What? What are you doing here? Get out!" David exclaimed as he tried to cover himself with his hands.
"My trip got cancelled at the last minute, so I decided to come home for the week," she replied. "That's bold, masturbating with the door wide open. I like it."
"No one is supposed to be home. Now get out," he responded.
"Oh, don't be embarrassed," Claire remarked. "It's perfectly normal. I masturbate almost every day. Heck, usually more than once." David continued to try and cover himself.
Claire walked over to where David was standing by the bed. Jokingly, she said, "What, no warm hug for your big sis to say hello? That's not being a good brother." She then turned and looked at the laptop. She saw a gallery of pictures of women in lingerie. A couple were partially naked, and another had her hand in her panties masturbating. "Very nice," she commented. "Those girls are hot. The blonde on the left is really cute. She kinda looks a little bit like me even."
"Please leave." David pleaded with her, still trying to cover himself.
"Don't be bashful. You have a nice cock," she remarked. "I already got a good look from the doorway, so no need to try and cover it up. I bet you make the girls in your high school pretty happy with that."
"Not exactly," he replied.
"What? There must be some lucky girl you are sleeping with?" she inquired.
"No. Not really," he answered.
"Really? You must have had sex before though, right?" she asked.
"No," he responded.
"No? So, still a virgin then?" she inquired.
"Yes," he answered.
"That's ok. Sometimes I wish I had waited longer for the right guy," Claire commented. "I was kinda a slut in high school. Guess I still am a little bit of one at times. Have you had a girl give you a blowjob?"
"No," he replied. "Please leave."
Claire ignored his request. "That's a shame," she commented. "Has any lucky girl got her hands on your cock and given you even a simple handjob?"
"No," he answered.
"You are a good-looking guy. That is hard to believe," she remarked. "Seriously, relax David," Claire said as she reached out for his forearms. She gently tugged on his arms. Figuring he couldn't be any further embarrassed, David finally relented and dropped his hands to his sides and revealed his still hard cock.
Claire looked down and admired her brother's stiff rod. She knew she shouldn't be lusting after her brother's cock, but it looked really nice and it had been a bit of a dry spell for her not having been with a guy in a while. She decided to have a little bit more fun. She slowly got down on her knees right in front of him with his erect shaft directly in front of her face.
"What are you doing?" David asked.
"Relax. I'm not going to bite," Claire responded. "You really do have a great cock. I'm quite shocked no girl in your school has realized that yet." She reached out and placed her hands on David's quads. She gently ran her hands up a bit higher toward his thighs.
"Seriously, stop. What are you doing?" David inquired. Claire didn't respond. She knew her brother was very ticklish and sensitive to the touch, so she slowly crept her hands further up to his inner thighs to have fun teasing him. As she did, she noticed his hard cock twitch. This sparked another idea. Just to mess with him, she made a final move to tease him. She quickly ran her fingernail on the underside of his cock, tracing the bulging vein from his scrotum to his cockhead.
Although not her intention, when Claire grazed David's sensitive helmet with her fingernail as she retracted her finger, it set him off. He jerked and his cock exploded, blasting a thick stream of cum directly at her face. Needless to say, this took her by complete surprise. The cum hit her square on the cheek. She was so surprised she didn't react. She was frozen like a deer in headlights.
Claire was too stunned to move and David kept cumming. Cum was shooting from his cock going everywhere like water from a loose hose. Unable to stop it, he shot volley after volley of cum toward his sister's face. Several blasts landed on her nose and cheeks. Another missed her face entirely and got in her hair. Two more went lower and hit her in the neck and got on her shirt. She remained frozen and dumbfounded. She couldn't believe what had happened. When he was done, he had dumped a massive cumload on his sister.
Claire was too shocked and surprised to say anything. She was surprised she accidentally set off the eruption. She was equally surprised about the volume of cum her brother had just shot from his erect cock. It was unreal. Something out of a porn movie.
"Oh my god, I'm so sorry," David exclaimed trying to apologize for just unintentionally cumming all over his sister. "I'm sorry. Really sorry."
It took Claire a few more moments to snap out of it and come back to reality. "It's ok," she finally responded. "Actually, it was my fault. I was just messing with you. I definitely didn't mean for that to happen." She climbed up from her knees and commented, "I will say, that was a truly impressive amount of cum."
"I'm sorry," David remarked again.
"No, seriously, it was totally my fault. Don't worry about it. We will just pretend this never happened. I will see you in the morning. Sleep well," Claire said as she walked out of the room.
Claire went into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. She was plastered in cum. It was all over her face, in her hair, and all over her shirt. She looked in the mirror for a bit, then chuckled to herself thinking the incident was kinda funny. She still couldn't believe how much cum her brother shot on her. She was truly impressed with his ability. She took a shower to clean her face and hair and then went into her bedroom. It was late, so she went to bed.
The next morning David awoke early. He went down to the kitchen. He was still nervous and embarrassed about what had happened the night before. He waited for his sister to wake up and come downstairs. He agonized about what he would say to her and how awkward things would be between them.
"Good morning," Claire remarked when she finally awoke and came downstairs into the kitchen.
"Morning," David softly replied.
"What's for breakfast?" she asked.
"Uh, we have cereal. I think there are some eggs as well as some fruit in the fridge," he responded.
"Fruit sounds good," Claire responded as she walked toward the cabinets. She retrieved a bowl from the cabinet and then filled it with fruit she found in the fridge. She sat at the kitchen table and started eating. She engaged in some innocuous conversation with David as if nothing had happened the night before. Eventually, David figured they were going to just forget about last night and pretend it didn't happen as she had said. He finally relaxed and continued conversing with his sister.
"I think I'm going to go clothes shopping today at the mall," Claire remarked. "There aren't any decent stores up at school. Want to go with me?"
"Shopping for women's clothes? Doesn't exactly sound like its at the top of my list of things I want to do," David responded.
"Come on, I even plan on shopping for some lingerie too. Doesn't that sound like fun?" Claire said.
"Uh, no. That's a definite pass," David remarked.
"Ok, suit yourself," Claire said as she giggled knowing there would have been no way her brother would have agreed to go clothes shopping with her. She headed upstairs and got dressed. She went to the mall. She returned from the mall several hours later at around 3pm. David was on the couch playing video games. The rest of the day was uneventful for a Saturday.
That night, Claire went out with some of her old friends from high school that were also in town that week. It was late when she got home. David was already in bed with his lights out. She went to her room, got undressed, and flopped on her bed. Reclining against the headboard in her bra and panties, she surfed through her social media feeds on her phone. She wasn't quite ready to go to sleep yet. She wasn't drunk, but very tipsy still.
Her mind wandered. She kept returning to the thought of the night before with her brother. She still couldn't believe how nice a cock he had. Not that she had ever thought about his cock until last night, but it was, by her standards, 'really nice'. Good length, perfect girth, and even looked nice.
The other thought she couldn't wrap her mind around was just how much cum he shot on her. It was unbelievable. Easily double the amount she had ever seen a guy cum in person, and more akin to something she might have seen in a porn video. She wondered if that was a fluke thing since she caught him by surprise or if that was a typical load for him.
She relived in her mind the sight of all that cum shooting from the tip of his cock and landing on her. She got herself worked up thinking about it. Claire loved seeing cum shooting from the tip of a cock. She loved seeing it come out. She started thinking that she really wanted to play with his cock and see him cum again. Partly because she wanted to know if it was a fluke, and partly because she was feeling frisky and wanted to see cum shooting from a cock.
She knew she shouldn't be having these carnal thoughts about her brother. But she couldn't get the thoughts out of her head. She started to rationalize her desire. Technically speaking, even though they had grown up together, he was her stepbrother. They weren't related by blood. They each had different parents. Even though it felt like it, it technically wasn't incest. And it wasn't intercourse. It was just fooling around. A simple handjob maybe. So, theoretically it might be ok. The alcohol running through her brain helped her make the rationalization easier.
Finally, Claire couldn't stand her thoughts anymore. She decided she wanted to go play with David's big cock. She walked down the hall in her small thong and bra. She went into David's room and turned on a light on his desk. He started to wake up as she climbed on his bed.
"You've really never even had a hand job from a girl?" she asked.
"What?" David inquired, still groggy and not totally aware of what was asked.
"You never had a hand job from a girl?" Claire repeated.
"Uh, no," David answered still puzzled about what was happening.
"That is a shame. And totally unacceptable to me," she commented. It was warm, so David had been sleeping uncovered with no blankets. Claire proceeded to pull David's boxers down.
"Wait, what are you doing?" he inquired, still being half asleep.
"Just relax," Claire said as she took David's long limp dick in her hand.
"What are you doing?" he said in a half-hearted objection.
"Relax," she repeated as she started stroking his cock. The sensation was enjoyable, which prevented David from making any further objection. David quickly became hard, which pleased Claire. She continued softly jerking his cock and playing with it. She enjoyed the feeling of his hard dick in her hand. It looked very large in her small hand. Even bigger than she had remembered from the night before.
Claire increased her grip and now firmly started jerking off her brother. David couldn't quite believe what was happening. He thought for a bit that he must be dreaming. He couldn't fathom his sister was jerking him off. But she was, and it felt great. David rubbed the sleep from his eyes thinking it still may be a dream. But it wasn't. When his vision was fully restored, he confirmed the sight of his sister sitting by his side on his bed in her bra and panties jerking away on his cock.
Before he could have any further thoughts of objection, or acknowledge the fact that this was wrong for his sister to be doing this, David was overcome with pleasure. Claire's hand on his cock felt amazing. It felt better and better with each stroke.
Soon, Claire increased her tempo and began jerking rapidly on David's cock. David began moaning. "Ya, you gonna cum soon?" she asked. David didn't reply, just continued moaning. "That's it, let me see that cum shoot from your cock. Go ahead cum. Cum."
David did just that. He exploded, shooting a large blast of cum straight up in the air. It landed on Claire's hand just as his cock twitched shooting the second blast of warm cum. She continued jerking his cock as barrage after barrage of cum shot from his cock. She loved the sight. Thick streams of warm cum shooting from a big cock. She wasn't thinking about the fact that they were coming from her brother's cock. She just enjoyed the sight.
When David had finished cumming, the back of Claire's hand was covered in his cum as were parts of his thighs and stomach. She released his cock from her grip and climbed off the bed. "Now you can check 'hand job' from a girl off the list of sexual experiences you haven't had," she commented. "I don't know about you, but I feel better now. Well, I'm guessing you feel good too." As she walked out of the room she remarked, "Sleep well."
David remained on his bed motionless. He still couldn't believe what had just happened. It was incredible, but also unbelievable. A tiny part of him still wondered if that had been a wet dream. He finally got up and went to the bathroom to clean himself. He was unsure of what he was supposed to do. He returned to his bed and eventually fell asleep.
The next morning, when Claire came downstairs, she again acted like nothing happened. David felt a little awkward not knowing what to say. "Good morning," she remarked. "How did you sleep?"
"Um, good I guess," he replied.
"Me too. It is nice outside today. I think I might go to the pool for a bit," she stated. "What about you? Want to go with me?"
"Uh, I'm not sure," David responded. They conversed for a while with Claire making no acknowledgement about the handjob she gave him last night. After a bit, David relaxed and he too pretended it never happened. Eventually, he decided to go to the pool with her. At the pool she continued to act as if nothing had happened, so he did the same and they enjoyed each other's company until they decided to return home a few hours later. When they got home, they both went to their respective rooms to take a nap.
David awoke from his nap first. He went downstairs to eat a late lunch. Claire awoke shortly after he did, but remained in her room. As she sat on the bed, she started feeling frisky again. She was also feeling a little mischievous. Eventually, she decided she would have some more fun teasing her brother and get him worked up. She also figured that in addition to having a little fun with him, he really could benefit from being more sexually experienced. She genuinely wanted him to be less nervous and more confident the next time he had an opportunity with a girl he liked, so she thought maybe she could help with that.
Claire put on a sexy teddy she had bought at the mall. It was black lace and very high cut on the sides up over her hips. It had a deep V cut in the front showing off her cleavage and a beautiful thong back that split her two perfect ass cheeks in half. She checked herself in the mirror and was pleased with what she saw. When she had caught David jerking off the other night, she had noticed the porn on his laptop had a number of pictures of women in lingerie. One picture she recalled was not too dissimilar from her teddy, so she knew her lingerie would get him riled up.
Claire went downstairs wearing nothing but her ultra-sexy teddy and a pair of black high heels. She found David in the kitchen making a sandwich. His back was turned to her as she entered. "What are you up to?" she asked.
"Making a sandwich," he answered without turning to look at her.
"What do you think of my new outfit?" she asked. "I think its super sexy, don't you?" The word sexy caught David's attention and he turned around to look at her. The sight of Claire's phenomenal body flaunted by the sexy teddy was breathtaking. It caught him by surprise. He fumbled a bit as he finished turning around and accidentally dropped his mayonnaise covered knife on the floor as he remained speechless.

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