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Marie looked out of her small, ground-floor tenement window onto a broken patio with weeds growing out of the cracks. She watched as John Phillips, her large and forbearing landlord, walked heavily up the path towards her front door.

It had been a long and difficult winter for Marie. She spent her 20th birthday being beaten up by her crack-addled boyfriend and resolved to pack a bag that November night and escape. As her boyfriend came down on his stimulant high with a hefty dose of alcohol, she snuck out of the flat and into the siren-filled street with a blue plastic carrier bag of clothes and a black eye.

Sniffing quietly, she used the last of her cash to buy a Greyhound ticket from a half-asleep ticketer to go to the only person she had left: John, the guy she knew from high-school. John was your typical nerd in high-school.: he collected playing cards, was unfortunately cursed with a face full of spots and short-sightedness and had never been taught how to hide his physical imperfections with charm. Tall and gangly, he was always an awkward teenager. Marie had been polite to him but never forward: she deftly brushed off his stuttering advances when he invited her out to the park or his games nights. Now, Marie was under no illusions: she was not your cheer-going, blonde-and-blue-eyed beauty. She was a middle of the rung girl who had been blessed with a few good genes: big, firm breasts that sat high on her chest that amply filled her 34D cups, a taught, round bottom and a pussy that accepted, reluctantly, a single finger. Having been shunted from foster home to foster home, she never had anything particularly pretty to wear: whatever little money she had spare she saved for pretty bras and underwear – if at least her clothes were shabby, she kept some vestige of self-respect by trying her hardest to look pretty and feminine to herself. She had slept with a few boys in high school – mainly guys that were less attractive than she was, or just plain mean. Her self-respect had never been great, but that was what those men seemed to gravitate towards.

Marie remembered the time that her ex-boyfriend, Mark, had run out of money for his daily fix and was desperate. She had just woken up in his dingy room in his shared house, staring up at the black mould on the ceiling and reminded herself that she loved him and she was lucky to have someone care for her like he did. Mark was pacing the room, turning over his drawers and hoping for a lucky bank note.

“Do you have any money?” he stared at her with hungry eyes. Of course, she didn’t. A few minutes later he came back to her.

“You do love me, don’t you Marie? All the things I’ve done for you, you do realise that don’t you?” he said to her.

Marie sat herself up in her bed and looked at him and said “Of course I do. You are so good to me and I love you so much”. Mark ignored the last part. “In that case, what I need you to do is to make Harry happy so I can get what I need to feel better.”

Marie knew what he meant by that. It wasn’t the first time that Mark had made her do these things.

“Oh Mark, please don’t make me do that” she moaned pitifully. “Let’s try to call some people and see if we can borrow some money, how about that hey?”.

Mark slammed his fist into the cheap bedside table and got close to her face. “There’s no-one else bitch. You just come here, eat my food, drink my drink and expect a free fucking ride”.

Marie slumped her shoulders and brushed a wave of her brown hair out of her eyes. She cringed at his anger. “OK, OK. Please don’t get angry. I’ll do it.”

Mark grinned at her like a wolf. She always caved in without a fight. He grabbed hold of his phone and tapped a quick message to his dealer letting him know the deal was on.

Marie hated Harry. He was a big, black man who had spent his entire life using people and he made her feel like a human sex toy. He had a big penis as well and refused to use a condom. He was someone who she did not enjoy having sex with: he was rough, ugly and enjoyed humiliating her. And to top it all off, he was fat and lazy in bed.

Mark twiddled his crack pipe in his hand as he sat at the edge of the bed. “He’ll be here in half an hour – get yourself ready. And don’t fuck it up – make sure you do a good job and please him well bitch.”

Marie pulled the covers back aside and slid out of bed. She was wearing flannel shorts and one of Mark’s t-shirts that was a couple of sizes too big for her. Her long, shapely legs faded into her pert behind and just the hint of her fleshy breasts were visible under the top as she moved. Mark had fucked her roughly last night and she needed to remove his dried semen from her thighs and vagina before Harry came over. She undressed in the bathroom and had a quick, cold shower that made her nipples stand firm and erect. Luckily, Mark liked her shaved and so his semen didn’t end up matting in her pubic region – it was easy to wash off quickly. She towelled off in the bathroom and squirted a small amount of lube into her pussy to make the inevitable onslaught a bit more bearable. She put on a few dabs of cheap perfume and walked out wrapped in her towel to dress. Mark was nowhere to be seen. She opened up a chest of drawers and pulled out a simple black bra and French panties – they weren’t going to stay on long anyway.

She slipped herself back into bed nervously, her soft skin brushing against the cool cotton of the sheets. Eventually, she heard men talking underneath her – the loud, brash voice of Harry and her boyfriend’s quiet tones interspersed with some nervous laughs. Eventually, the conversation died down and she heard some clicks of a lighter as Mark fired up his crack. The stairs started to creak as Harry made his way upstairs and then the door opened.

He was wearing a plaid shirt and dirty jeans, with pure white sneakers – your standard country dealer. He grinned at her, like how a wolf watches its prey as he saw her face peeking out from under the covers. “Marie, what a pleasure. Now get out from under those covers and get naked – quickly”.

Marie slipped out of the covers and started to reach around to unclip her bra. Her fingers fumbled with the clasp at the back, stretching her ample chest out in the process of trying to undo the hooks. Flashing through her head were her options: she thought about running as fas as she could out of the house – but where would she go? Mark would probably catch her ad punish her. It was probably easier and less stressful putting up with Harry and taking care of his desires.

Her hands finally unsnapped the bra and she shucked the cups off her breasts, eyes downcast in embarrassment as she did so. Her big, firm tits barely drooped at all once they were free of their casing. Standing out just slightly lower than centre were her light pink nipples that firmed up in the cold air.

Harry gave a lecherous stare at her and grinned as he licked his lips theatrically. “I’m going to devour those” he chuckled at her. Reaching forward, he grabbed a handful of her firm globes and gave a squeeze that sent a rush of blood to his cock. They were as good as they looked, he mused, bouncing them up and down in his palms.

Suddenly, he dropped to her nipples and gave a sharp squeeze that made Marie squeal in pain. “Get those fucking panties off right now bitch” he snarled, his mood as volatile as his product.

Marie shuddered in fear and pain and quickly reached down to her smooth hips, pausing only briefly before looping her thumbs in her red lace panties and dropping them down. Mark insisted on having her shaved always: he didn’t tolerate even the slightest bit of hair. He would laugh at her and tell her it kept her looking young – Marie thought that was an odd thing to say.

Now, she stood naked in front of Harry. The bare bulb in the room sharply accentuated her lithe body: her big breasts standing out, followed by a flat tummy, perfect thighs and her neat pink pussy. Her auburn hair caught the light and glinted hues of gold.

Harry couldn’t believe his eyes. The stimulation that feeling her breasts had given him a slight swelling below had caused his cock to grow and lengthen: it now snaked up alongside his thighs. This beauty in front of him was his for the taking and boy, was he going to take it.

He reached down and smacked her ass hard: Marie yelped with the pain again as her pert ass absorbed the blow. She didn’t get why men liked spanking her: all she could see was pain being inflicted on her. She couldn’t see the pleasure coursing through Harry’s brain: the feel of her taut flesh resonating against his hand, watching it jiggle with the blow.

“Get yourself on the edge of the bed and play with your pussy: give me something to watch as I get naked” he told her as he started undressing his dirty clothes and revealing his belly and pale skin. Marie had never been one to masturbate much: occasionally, she had spent a little extra time cleaning herself down there but generally she had felt like it was a dirty, slutty thing to do. Burning up with shame, she gently sat herself down on the edge of the bed and started awkwardly squeezing her boobs, keeping her legs tightly closed.

This didn’t go down well with Harry. He was used to getting his own way and having people do as he wished and sure as hell wasn’t going to have some slut mess him around. With this thought going through his head, he roughly grabbed her face and pulled it up to meet his gaze. “I said play with your pussy, bitch. I know you are dumb but those are your tits, not your pussy”.

Marie mewled in fear and spread her legs, starting to rub and finger her tight, pink slit. She parted her lips that only had the faintest hint of moisture and tried desperately to arouse herself so that what was coming was easier. Her fingertip rubbed over her clit repeatedly as she tried to conjure up images of happy times when her boyfriend had been nice to her. She was doing this for him, she reminded herself, and a happy life.

Harry watched with growing pleasure and arousal. He could feel her helplessness and languished in the thought that her pitiful, doped-up boyfriend had just given him free reign over his beautiful girlfriend. He could take his time with her and enjoy all the pleasures that her body could give him. His penis swelled at the thought of spending hours inside her body and the earth-shaking pleasure that was coming his way. His large cock was swelling as the blood filled it, and it twitched and pumped itself up with every beat of his quickening heart.

Marie was staring fearfully at Harry, her eyes wide and scared as she desperately tried to make him happy. She had rubbed herself enough now to create a slickness between her legs that she thought would make it feel good for him – that way, he wouldn’t be too hard on her. She smiled a little at him, carefully…judging his reaction. In what she hoped was a seductive move, she cupped her firm breast in her small hand and gave it a squeeze. She lifted it up carefully towards him, offering her body and her pleasures to him.

He’d got her. Harry stared quietly at her, watching her submissive pose towards him. Her breast look tantalising: a firm nipple pointing up at him, his for the taking. His mind whirled in a growing fog of testosterone as he thought about how he wanted to use her body for his pleasure: feeling her lips wrapped around his cock, perhaps? Or feeling what her undoubtedly tight slick vagina would feel around his stiff penis. Or even, a simple titfuck: he loved making girls push their boobs together for him and use them to masturbate between.

He settled on a blowjob, just to take the edge of. His twitching penis had already started to leak some clear precum in anticipation and he knew that it wouldn’t take long.

He sat his heavy frame down on the edge of the bed and barked at Marie: ‘That’s enough bitch. Get between my legs and start licking my balls. I’m so horny I’m going to pop soon, so brace yourself: I’ve been saving myself for you’ he chuckled at her.

Marie gulped in terror. She quickly left her pussy and scrambled up onto her hands and knees, breasts dangling tantalisingly in front of her. She quickly pushed her hair behind her ears and then transferred herself onto the floor, curling her legs underneath her to hide her pussy. Harry’s big penis was pulsating angrily in front of her face, pointing at it like an iron rod. She could see his firm cock head and wondered how much was in his balls this time: it seemed like he always came a lot.

She lifted up his heavy meat and stared at his ball sack. His two eggs were enormous and potent, not a match on her boyfriend. She dutifully let her tongue dart out and licked his sack, grimacing at his sweat and masculine taste. Harry groaned loudly and let his head fall back at the pleasurable sensation. Marie licked quicker now, alternating from one of his testicles to the next. She gently sucked one of his balls into her mouth and applied a little bit of suction, carefully gauging his response. Harry was clearly enjoying himself, mouth hanging slightly open and a red flush creeping up his chest.

Harry could barely stand it any longer. ‘Alright bitch, now it’s time to earn your boyfriend’s money for you. Get that dick in your mouth and I want it cumming in your mouth in the next five minutes.’

Marie gingerly let his balls drop out of her mouth and gave a few brisk strokes of his penis with her small hand. It barely wrapped around the size of his penis: she thought to herself that every second that she masturbated him was a second less in her mouth.

Harry knew what her game was. He roughly slapped her around the face and grabbed her cheek so she faced him: ‘I said suck it, not give me a handjob. That’s your last warning’. The sting in Marie’s cheek was a familiar feeling: her boyfriend did it to her often when she had been disobedient. She cast her eyes downwards and rubbed the head of his penis against her soft lips before parting and letting him enter. Harry groaned loudly as he felt her slick wetness suction him into her mouth. Marie was an expert cocksucker. Her first boyfriend had identified her submissive traits early on and schooled her in the use of her tongue and lips to give him pleasure and she had carried on this skill to her subsequent lovers. She established a gentle rhythm of going up and down, not too quickly and not too slowly. Her lips cradled the head of his cock and applied a gentle suction as she withdrew it, tickling the head and the hole at the end with her tongue. Harry was in heaven: all of this, for the price of a few rocks. Marie gently used her hand on the bit of his cock she couldn’t fit in her mouth: the strokes complimenting her mouthwork perfectly. Occasionally, she would sink her throat down and envelop all of his cock, leading to a groan of pleasure from Harry.

She could tell her efforts were having an effect on Harry. She noticed his stomach tightening under his belly, his legs doing an uncontrolled dance. His moans of pleasure became louder and more urgent as he hunched over her and grabbed her dangling tits, squeezing them in time with her thrusts. His cock head swelled as his orgasm started to build. Marie had only been sucking him for a matter of a couple of minutes: whilst most men orgasmed well before the ten minute mark with her mouth, she thought to herself he really had been exceptionally horny today.

Harry breathlessly gave her some clear instructions on what to do with his seed. ‘When I cum, suck me even harder and shoot it all on your tongue. Don’t swallow it, bitch.’ Marie looked up at him with his cock in her mouth and just hummed ‘mm-hmm’ in response.

With that, Harry let go of his pent-up seed. ‘Arggghhh’ he groaned, eyes rolling back in his head. Marie felt his cock head swell and did as she was told, sucking harder and drawing his sperm into her mouth. His cock twitched frantically and his legs danced, thrusting involuntarily into her mouth. Big jets of thick cum shot out and Marie expertly drew back so only her lips were covering his cock head, sucking so hard a rim of bloodless area sat under the bulbous head. Her hand gently masturbated and controlled his pulsating shaft as every burst of cum sent another twitch throughout his body. Her mouth was rapidly filling up with his cum but she kept up her suction until she could tell his orgasm was passing. His body relaxed with tell-tale post-orgasmic bliss but Marie dutifully kept sucking on his gradually shrinking cock.

Eventually, Harry opened his eyes to find this beautiful woman on his knees, looking up at him expectantly. Her mouth was still full with his cock head and she gently suckled on the sensitive tip. Marie’s lips were smeared with some of his sperm that had leaked out around the full shaft, giving a gloss to her lips that was very arousing. ‘Open your mouth and show me that load’, Harry commanded her.

With two fingers, she controlled the cock in her mouth and parted her lips. On her tongue was a big pool of white semen, clearly a potent load. ‘Now swallow it all’. Marie gulped twice and gagged a little at the taste of his thick cum, before closing her mouth and looking downwards forlornly.

She noticed that his cock hadn’t gone completely soft and sat half-erect and dangling in front of her. She was shocked: usually one of her blowjobs was enough to satisfy the largest sex drive, but today wasn’t enough.

Harry lay back on the bed, his big frame panting and puffing as he recovered. Marie took this opportunity to reach for her red panties and discreetly put them on, a basic effort to protect her pussy.

Having heard the rustling, Harry opened an eye and looked directly into Marie’s eye and held her gaze. ‘Don’t even think about it whore: we are just getting started’.