A job is a job

The town was quiet, there was hardly anybody on the streets despite it only being mid way though the day, hardly anybody in the town had any money, the town had once been a very busy and thriving town it was extra busy during the summer because of the fact it was a seaside town but when the recession started to hit many of the cafes and ice cream parlours as well as the amusement arcades started to close up, tourist numbers fell with fewer and fewer coming to the town, and now it was more like a ghost town, there was one factory on the edge of town that had managed to survive it was owned by an Indian family who had a full work force and were no longer employing. Steve was a seventeen year old youth who had worked in an amusement park before it closed but now had not worked for two years he was sat in the park waiting for Sara his sixteen year old girlfriend to come home from school, as he waited he needed a pee and went behind the disused park keepers hut where he released his seven inch dick and peed as he was peeing he saw the wife of the factory owner looking at him and turned his back, after he had finished he went back to where he had been seen sitting and saw the Indian woman standing there as he sat the woman said to Steve ” you have got a very big and nice cock” Steve did not say anything, the woman then said if you show it to my daughter I will give you forty pounds, Steve looked at the woman and said ” which one” the woman told him panda, Steve knew that panda had been nicknamed panda because she loved pandas and was five years younger than what she was, Steve told the woman no saying she is only a kid the woman turned and started to walk away saying if you change your mind I am collecting her from school and will be back this way in half a hour, Steve saw Sara approaching and when she got to him he told her what the woman had said and how he had said no, Sara said ” fucking hell do it is a easy way to get forty quid ” Steve just looked at her Sara then said ” I would show her boy my tits for forty quid” the pair sat talking about the proposal as they were talking Sara saw the woman with her daughter and said ” here they are do it” Steve knew the money would come in handy and told Sara he would do it, Sara and told the woman Steve would do what she wanted, Sara and the woman stood talking while panda followed Steve behind the hut where he undid his jeans, when panda saw his dick she said ” wow that is big and hairy” after a few minutes panda and Steve went back to the front of the hut where the woman gave Steve his money before going home with a smiling panda. Later that night Sara was sat on her own when pandas brother appeared, Sara knew he was two years younger than her and for some unknown reason was called sky, sky went to Sara and said ” is it true your going to show me your tits for forty pound, Sara said ” yeah it is true but you got to keep quiet about it” sky handed Sara an envelope saying it is from mum, Sara checked the money inside and after counting the forty pound and putting it in her pocket then pulled the zipper on her hoody down and opened it wide letting her firm ample boobs fall free, Sky stared eyes wide and said ” fucking hell they are beauties, after a few minutes Sara zipped up her hoody and said to sky ” speak to your mum she might pay for more” two days later Steve was stood in front of panda after talking with her mum earlier his solid nine inch erection out panda was staring at it Steve said hurry up before somebody comes ” panda reached out and took hold of Steve’s dick and started stroking it and after ten minutes Steve squirted his cum in four spurts, a few minutes later as he walked through the park with eighty pound in his pocket he thought she was quite good for a kid, panda was happy that she had jerked a white boy and made him squirt cum and also thinking it was better than doing it to Indian boys. Sky was knocking on the door of the house where Sara lived knowing her parents were out and when Sara opened the door he handed her the envelope his mum had given him to give to Sara, Sara opened the envelope and counted one hundred pound in cash then let sky into the house, once he was inside sky followed Sara up the stairs and into her bed room where Sara took her tee shirt off letting her boobs fall free then went over to sky who was sat on a chair and sat astride his knees, sky did not hesitate he started to rub the boobs of the older white girl and licked her nipples like he had seen done in the porno films his older cousin had, after a few minutes Sara stopped him stood up and took her jeans and panties off and stood naked, sky stared at her hairless love tube and when Sara lay on her bed he stripped naked when Sara saw his seven inch erection she thought wow that is big for a small boy and parted her legs, sky climbed between Sara’s legs and was soon sliding his throbbing dick into the white girls love tube and just like he had seen on films started to thrust in and out glad that he had taken some Viagra his cousin had give him after a few minutes sky saw that Sara’s nipples were erect and could hear her groaning as he thrust in and out of her love tube and after a few more minutes felt her cum and after a further ten minutes felt her cum a second time not long after he was squirting his cum over her stomach, half a hour later sky was walking down the road smiling happy at events while Sara was standing under a hot shower thinking my first client and it was bloody good, a few says later Sara was in the factory laying naked on an office job while sky’s dad pound away into her love tube and his granddad sucked her boobs, on her way home Sara thought no where near as good as sky they did not even get me aroused but a job is a job and it is good money, Sara saw sky’s mum and spoke and spoke with her and twenty minutes later was laying naked on her bed panting as sky’s cousin who was four years younger than what she was pushed his fingers in and out of her love tube and sucking her boobs at the same time, by the end of the week Sara had a thousand pound hidden in her room and sky and some of his relatives were very happy.

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