A memorable incident with Aunty

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Hi to all ISS readers. I’m a regular reader of these stories for the last some years. I never gave a serious thought to any of the story by thinking if these r real or not. But some time back an incident took place with me, from then on I’ve started to think all about the nature of these stories/Incidents. I would like to receive all ur opinions about this story of mine at [email protected] Now lets go on with the incident.

I’m a guy of 25, 5’ 7”, mid-dark complexion, athletic built & living in the City Of Joy / Kolkata. As like the rest of the guys of my age, I’m doing an IT job in an MNC & earning my Bred & Butter from it. We got a family of 3 (Me, Mom & Dad). We got plenty of our relatives who lives in Kolkata itself & I visit them almost in a period of time.

Once I went to my Uncle’s (Dad’s only bro.) house for 15 days as I got some annual leave which I had to take or those will be gone. So I decided to visit some of my relatives in that time. So I went to their house & they gave me a warm welcome. My Uncle got 2 kids,1 boy, Rajiv (15yrs)& 1 girl, Isha (11) in school. My uncle is a Govt. Employee & he leaves for office at 8:00 in the morning & by 10:30 all the kids also gone to their school & they return around 6:30 to 7:00 after their tuitions. Uncle gets back around 8:30 in the night. So its only me & my aunt who stays alone for the whole day. I’ve stared to enjoy my time with computer & net by surfing & reading ISS stories But trust me friends I never felt any thing sexual or horny for my aunt. Her name is Anjali, around 35-36 yrs old, good average looking, got a good average figure (36-??-38) But got a flat tummy, fair complexion & got a very wild & seductive pair of eyes. I believe she can talk with her eyes. Any way lets get to the incident.

As every 1 of the family go away Daily for their job & school, she used to get bored for the day & now as I’m here she always tries to keep me with her for chatting & we crack a number of decent/non-veg jokes & sms also. We got so much friendlier in a day & I was watching that in the night after every 1 got back to home she again got into her shell. I got the point that she is a fun loving lady & as like other Bengali housewives she is careful about her appearance to her hubby & family. My mind started to get dirty from that night it self & I thought to give it a try from tomorrow itself. I got a hand job done that night at the bathroom & went to sleep around 2:30 in the morning.

Anjali aunty woke me up around 11:00 on the morning, & I saw that aunty was bent forward & calling me by shaking my body. I opened my eyes & saw she was in her saree, & the pallu went down a little & her deep cleavage is clearly visible. As it was winter, I just woke up my penis was stiff & standing up. I was about to remove my blanket to go for a piss, but suddenly I thought of an idea……. Anjali aunty was standing there with the cup of tea & she was waiting for me to take the tea cup from her hand. She was having a glow in her eyes. I made a very pampering attitude by asking her to look other side & I was acting if I’m feeling very shy. She got suspicious & was asking me the reason ……….. I just kept saying her that ‘plz aunty, it got very bad’ she asked, ‘what got bad ??’ & then I just removed the blanket. She looked at my stiff cock & was a bit surprise by the scene as I was only wearing a thin material short. She looked at it for a moment & suddenly started to laugh & I too joined in the laughter shyly. She gave me the tea & told me that she will be waiting for me at the dining table. As I reached at the table after taking my morning shower, aunty told me that, ‘its already late for breakfast & as I got no other household work to do lets ‘ve the lunch & I wanna sleep.’ I said ok aunty & I told her that I was still feeling sleepy so it’s a very good idea. We had lunch & had a good gossip on other relatives. We finished the lunch & came to aunt’s room as our gossip continued. Aunty lay down on the bed & asked me to sit there. We were talking about a lot of things & then aunty raise the morning topic of my stiffness. Again we had a good laugh on that & aunty said that u surely ‘ve grown up dear. & she asked me if I want to sleep on the same bed. I agreed & she asked me to shut the windows as she can’t sleep in light. Aunty switched on the bed lamp; she unfolded the blanket & spread it on the bed & laid inside the blanket. She asked me to switch off the light & get in to bed. I put off the light & got inside the blanket. Aunty asked me to wake her up at 4:00 pm as she has to water the garden. I said ok & we went to sleep.

As I woke up late, there is no sign of my sleepiness. So I thought to take a step forward to please my sweet aunty. I laid there for around half an hour, aunty was sleeping on her back facing the ceiling. Then I changed my side & kept my right leg on her thighs, my right hand on her belly which was covered with the saare pallu. I buried my face in her neck making her my side pillow. She didn’t moved or reacted on that. I kept my hand there for some time & slowly crawled my hand upward & touched her left boob lightly. It was so soft that I wanted to touch the squeeze both of it wildly. But I kept control on my desire as didn’t wanted to ruin the situation. Again after some time I crawled the hand a little upward & got half of aunty’s wonderful left boob. My heart started to beat fast & I was ‘being a wild erection. I didn’t made any move further & stayed like that. Suddenly the table clock started to rang aunty moved in a surprising way & I got motionless & couldn’t get my hand moved from her boob; so, kept myself as I’m sleeping. Aunty woke up & felt my hand on her. She slowly moved my hand carefully & kept it on the pillow. I got the idea that she wasn’t mad at me or may be she didn’t gave it any attention. After aunty left the room, I saw that it was 4:10 pm & I remembered of her watering of garden. I slept there itself & aunty woke me up around 6:00 pm. We had tea & we stated to watch TV. Then the rest of the family came home at their scheduled time. Then at 10:00 pm we went to have our dinner.

Uncle told us at the dinner table that he has to go to Delhi for a official job & he will be returning after 6 days. By hearing this Rajiv & Isha started to plead uncle that they also want to go with him. Uncle refused by saying that ur brother is here & he’ll feel alone. By hearing this I replied that no probs from me, because I was planning to go to our native village at Nadia; if Rajiv & Isha want to go with Uncle then it would be nice with me if aunty comes with me to see granny. Uncle thought for some moment & looked at aunty. Aunty replied that the school will be missed for 6 days. Uncle told that its not a big loss that Rajiv & Isha can’t manage. Rajiv & Isha said that they can manage it easily. Then aunty replied roughly, what I can do if ur father wants to spoil ur valuable time of study. Then aunty told Rajiv & Isha t pack there books alone with the luggage. They laughed with joy & uncle asked me if I need any money. I replied in negative. After dinned we went to bed. The next day I went with Rajiv & Isha to their school to submit the leave application & we all spent the whole day together & did the packing. Uncle came home early & we had a special dinner that night. We went to bed that day a bit early.

The flight was at 5:30 in the evening & we all planed me & aunty will go to our native place on the very next day & will return 1 day before uncle returns. We went to see off them & returned after the flight took off. We came back to home & bought some food as aunty told that for 2 of us we don’t have to cook. Around 11:00 pm uncle called & confirmed that uncle & kids got settled in the hotel well. We greeted with good-night. We already had our dinner & was talking about to our native & granny. We were talking in aunt’s bed room. It was already 12:30 in the night & in winter night’s r more colder than the day. Aunty went inside the blanket & was talking to me from there. I was sited on the verge of the bed. Aunty asked me if I want to sleep there tonight. I said ok & I got in to my sleeping short & took off my T-shirt (I never can sleep with any T-shirt or inner ware). I got into bed & aunty put off the light switch. We chatted for some more time & we went to sleep. My heart was over joyed by the situation & I was thanking god for the moment. I was also planning how to cancel the native trip. I thought of an idea to make an excuse of my appendicitis. After a long time it seems that I wasn’t feeling sleepy.

I thought of hugging aunty as I did on that afternoon. I cozily raised my right leg on aunty’s leg & my right hand on the her belly. I felt that aunty’s pallu was lowered as many Indian women does when they sleeps in saare. Aunty was sleeping on the same way & I did the same thing as I did last time. After touching the soft & sexy bare belly of Anjali aunty I remained like that for some time. Then I again changed my position & placed my hand a little above & got a close that my bare tummy was touching aunty’s warm & smooth belly partially. It was feeling heavenly. Then after I came to know that my penis has turned in to a hard dick & its pressing aunty’s thigh from over her saare. Now suddenly aunty changed her side & faced towards mine. My face partially got buried in her soft & warm cleavage. It was a wonder feeling as this is the first time I got chance to touch a woman’s breast so closely. I was feeling to go wild but was afraid. I suddenly wanted go desperate; as I was thinking that if I try to make aunty a bit horny then I might ‘ve a chance to loose my virginity tonight.

I remained like that for some time motionless & was pressing my face bit by bit deep inside the heavenly fruits(boobs). After some time I started to make a little movement as we people do in sleep. After some time aunty moved my face away, I got a bit scared & remained motionless as I was sleeping. Aunty scratched her cleavage for some time & then grabbed my head like a pillow & hugged, she pressed my head 2 time a little & got adjusted. After she got motionless I felt her cleavage got a bigger. Then slowly I felt that she opened 2 or 3 hooks of her blouse & her hard nipple is poking on my lips. I got a bit scared by thinking that she may ‘ve done it in her sleep & now if I suck it then she’ll wake up & I may loose my respect & trust from her. Suddenly I lost my hard on & my dick turned in to a little penis again. I thought of retreat. Then after some time I got a bit sensation from the soft boob & the hard nipple. The softness of Anjali aunty’s breasts made me wild again. I gained a bit courage & parted my lips a bit. The nipple touched & pressed my teeth. I opened my teeth & the nipple ran in my mouth quickly. I remained like that for some time & then I touched the nipple with the tip of my tongue. It felt some taste which is indescribable by any human language. I got a bit desperate & I sucked the nipple for a single time. Wow some feeling man. If this is ‘Sexual’ than no doubt why Vatsayana told it a ritual of heaven. Suddenly after I sucked the nipple for a time Anjali aunty moved a little with a light moan & she moved her hands around my head & pressed my face against her boobs. With aunty’s pressing the whole aerosol got in to my mouth & gave it another during that movement, she continued her moan & this time she hugged me more tightly. She is now trying to press her face on my hade & felt her breathing got faster & I could feel her hot breath on my head. I got the message that she is getting hot by my sucking. I stopped sucking for a moment & she got cool again. I got assured that she is in sleep I’m sure that I can seduce her to the fullest by this way & then I may get my heavenly reward.

After she got cool I again started to suck the nipple softly but with a faster pace. After some moment her legs r started to move & this time she raised her left leg on my bare right thigh. She started to move her leg up & down slowly & by this her saare got a bit lift up & her soft & silky thigh was touching my thigh. My hardened stiff dick was touching her right leg. I kept on sucking & Anjali aunty stated to move & hug my head again. Her moans got more lengthy but soft. She was now dragging me on her & she was trying to change her position by lying on her back. she couldn’t took me on her fully but she took my head & half of my body. I kept on sucking her nipple & then after some time I changed on to the other nipple. Now slowly my sucking got a bit wilder & now I grabbed her left breast with my right hand & was sucking her right breast’s nipple. Then after some time I moved my right hand from her boob & was moving it on her belly & was teasing her deep navel. I inserted my finger into the navel & was scratching her belly a little. She moaning a bit older now & suddenly I heard ‘ohh avi’. I got a bit happy that she is awake & she wants it. I told her, ‘aunty plz put-off ur blouse’. She grabbed my hair, pulled my ear to her mouth & licked my ear like a lioness & told me, ‘call me Anjali & u do it urself .’ I rolled her & opened the rest of the hooks & took off her blouse. Then I started licking her navel & I was pulling the saare to take it off from her. I undid the saari & the untied the petticoat’s string.

I ran my leg down by hooking it to my toe finger & with this last piece of her dress I made my sweet Anjali totally naked. Then I started to love her by touching her with my right hand moving it around every inch of her lovely body. Then I started to kiss her like mad & wild. She was moving like a ‘fish without water’ in the blanket. She was raising her crotch & closing her legs to get a little molested feeling on her clit. Then I started to lick her & suck her body…….. 1st I licked her neck, her ears, her shoulder, her cleavage, her breasts, her nipples, her upper belly, then slowly dragging my tongue in a right & left way to her navel, I sucked her navel madly like I’m doing pumping her navel hole like a vagina, then I went down by licking & sucking her side thighs & then her toes, toe fingers, then again moving up from her inner part of the thighs by the same way by licking & sucking, then I stopped just at the start of her pubic hairs. I moved my lips all over the little trimmed hairy portioned area sniffing her female aroma of her sweet vagina. I gave a light kiss over her pussy. She moaned like aaaaahhhhhhhhh avi mmmmmm…………. I then gave another kiss to her pussy but with a little more pressure this time. Suddenly she got mad & grabbed my head by my hair with her right hand & pushed my face in to her pussy. I felt the lubricating love juice which was the cause of her wet pussy lips. I licked her pussy from down to up with the tip of my tongue. She raised her hip with my licking. Then I it a quick suck, & then I started to suck her pussy with a loud moan & humming sound which creates a vibrating effect & she just sounded ooooooohhhhhhh aaaaviiiiiiii uuuuuuuhhhhh aaarrrrrrr niceeeeeeee (oh avi u r nice), dhooooooo it dearrrrrr (do it dear). She started to rise her hip so powerfully like she was giving thrust in the air. I ask her switch on the bed side table lamp which creates a little light but enough for a nice love making atmosphere. She did it & lift up the blanket & saw Aunty’s face, she had closed her eyes half & was making the moans. She was looking damn hot & sexy. I sucked her by inserting my tongue for some time & she calmed by pressing my head fully.

She stopped moving by laying motionless for some time. I stood there lying my head on her thighs touching my lips on her pussy. She hold my head lovingly & moved it out of the blanket. She gave a deep look in to eyes & told, ‘u really ‘ve grown up into a nice & hot guy. U really made me mad with ur love my dear. Now it’s my turn to return u the favor.’ She laid me on my back & started to kiss me passionately. We played with each others tongue & saliva for some time & she made a wild & quick move to my nipples. She kissed, sucked & bitted nipples. I said ohhhhh Anjali aunty eat me. She replied, ‘I’ll make u feel that u never felt dear.’ She then got down by kissing my chest, navel & she kissed my dick from over the short. Aunty pulled my short like a ‘wild lioness pounce on the antelope.’ She made me naked in such a way that the blanket also moved away from both of ours body. There was feeling of winter, only the heat of the wildly passion ran by the instinct of ours. Aunty looked at my 6 inch hard dick pointing towards the ceiling. She didn’t touched it 1st. she gave a rub on my dick & my balls with her lips & face. It felt like then she took out her tongue & gave it a passionate wild lick from bottom to tip of the dick which I’ll never forget in my entire life.

Then she took the dick in her mouth wildly & she gave a blasting hot & sexy look at my eyes. I got more aroused by that look & raised my hand & grabbed her by her hair & pushed her more towards my dick. She then began to suck my dick in a back & fro movement. I moved my hip in pleasure. She continued sucking my dick like an ice-cream passionately. I couldn’t control myself to get into her love-hole, so I pulled her up by holing her hairs. She came on me with a little scream & moan. I made her lay on her back & came on top of her quick & wild way. Without a word she grabbed my cock by her right hand & guided it to her pussy. I was mad at that time with the passion of sex. I made a thrust & it went inside fully as the pussy was dripping with her love juice. She made a loud scream & hugged me with both her hands tightly. I stopped for a moment. Then I started to pump her in a soft & slow manner. I continued for some time with that pace & she was also started to enjoy the thrusts of mine. Then she started to move her hands towards my ass & she stopped her hands by grabbing my ass. As I was thrusting her pussy she was moving her hands with my ass with a more passion & grab. I understood & increased my pace. I was kissing her with passion, licking her necks, earlobes, her nipples & I was sniffing her armpit aroma & it really made me more wild & I could feel that I was fucking her like an animal. She was screaming & moaning loud & was saying like “oooooooohhhhh aviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii yeessssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssaaaa uhhhhhhh.” I was thrusting he with a gr8 speed & then she removed her hands & grabbed my back quick & hard. Suddenly she made a long scream & pinched her 10 fingers along with the nails on my back & dragged them from my upper back towards down. She was ‘being her orgasm. She screamed long loudly & had her orgasm.

She laid there motionless for some second & asked me to move away from her. I was disappointed, but in a surprising way she pushed me on my back & laid me on bed. She spread her leg on top of me like a XXX movie actress & sat on me. She grabbed my dick & adjusted it to her pussy & sat on it by taking my cock in her pussy. She began to rock me like anything. Her way of fucking was dragging me more towards my orgasm. She made her moan loud & she was doing it for like 12 to 15 minutes. The told me that she is cumming again, even I couldn’t hold my cum any longer & came towards my orgasm. And in some second she screamed like before & jerked herself & had her 2nd orgasm & in a few seconds of that I also had my 1st ‘Live Sex’ orgasm which felt more than just great. She feel on me and I rolled on top of her & laid motionless, both of us were drenched with sweat even in this winter. I withdraw my manhood from her love hole & got the blanket back on us. Aunty gave me a passionate long kiss & we hugged each other tight & with passion. We made love again 2 times on that night with some adventurous different poses.

We canceled the trip to our native & aunty made an excuse by telling uncle that she is ill. We enjoyed those days like anything. We had all of our adventures, some she couldn’t fulfill with her husband & some me never known of. At the end of the those days I still remember how aunty accused me for her paining pussy & I accused her for my paining dick. We continued that relation for another 2 years & the she asked me to stop as we may get caught as we used to take great risks to get alone. & I also understood her problem. Later on uncle got transferred to a remote village branch & we lost contact in the gap of time everything lost with the passing wave of time, only the memories remains for us to remember the times!!!

Dear readers I don’t know if u like this incident or not. And really I don’t want to upset u any way. So if u don’t like it at all then just forget the incident of my life. Be happy & surely care for others. Bye & Take care !! Any comments from the married & single ladies r welcome at my email :[email protected] Bye for now…