A Milky Household

Beep Stories
Here I am once again, with another episode from my never-ending incest experience. My age at the start of this incident was 10 years and 4 months to be exact. My father’s younger sister Kanak had come to deliver her first child at her age of 21, 3 years after her marriage.
My father is away for 6 days a week, working for the Indian Railways. I, Tarunesh stay with my mother Tripti in a small town of 24 Parganas South. I have a sister, Tamali, who is married a year and a half back at her age of 16, to a distant relative of Kanak, and is not a part of this episode.
Kanak delivered a boy baby as per her schedule. Unfortunately, the baby was unable to suck his mother’s milk, even for once. Tripti and Kanak decided that I should help out Kanak in her problem-some situation. I did carry out my duty diligently for nearly 4 months till she dried up and returned home.
During the last phase of the milking episode, I developed an art of chewing and biting Kanak’s nipple much to her delight and enjoyment without Tripti knowing it. A year later there was an accidental conception by Tripti, followed by an unfortunate death of the baby after the birth, resulting from a fall by her, at a ripely matured pregnancy. A full term pregnancy results in production of mother’s milk in the mammary gland.
Father Arunesh was visibly hurt and left for his work place immediately thereafter. Kanak was summoned from her in-laws place to help out our household, who was having a torrid time because of her husband’s dirty character. He had developed a concubine of 7 or 8 women, staying in the same house with Kanak, and she was forced to join a group-sex with those members of his harem.
Now she found a point of fighting her way out of the harem for good filing a divorce suit and acquiring a sumptuous amount as alimony from her husband, enabling her to arrange for a house nearby her brother’s land. Kanak came to learn about her ill-fate of second conception after settling down here. She was still staying at gher brother’s place. She was determined for an abortion, but Tripti and Arunesh did not allow it to materialize.
Since the arrival of Kanak, Tripti had asked her husband not to come over every weekends. So he came over once in a month, for one night only. So much so is the preface of this episode. I had to take the responsibility of relieving Tripti of her milk accumulation. I used to drink her milk 4 to 5 times a day. Kanak has been staying in the adjacent room with her son. After a couple of days had passed, I tried to chew Tripti’s big black nipples while sucking milk out of her 40 D size melons.
The first time I did, I pretended to be an accident. Tripti was shocked but accepted my pretention. I repeated the act a couple of days later, in such a manner, which gave her a sensual feeling. This was during a night feed with Kanak fast asleep with her baby. We mother-son had a small chat on this topic.
Tripti: What is exactly that you do? This is the second time you did it. It made me shiver.
Me: It was an accident only.
Tripti: You can’t take me for a ride, my son. You did it purposely. But believe me, I enjoyed it. It gives a tingling sensation throughout my body.
Me: Do you want me to do it regularly during feeds.
Tripti: Honestly speaking, I do enjoy it. But it can’t be done in Kanak’s presence.
Me: She hardly comes during feed timings. Moreover, your door is locked. She will not know anything.
Tripti: Your father never bit my nipples ever in his life. He does not probably know this art. I would like to enjoy every bit of it and see how much I can reap out of it.
Me: Then I shall do one thing. I will empty milk from your breasts and then give you those bites. But, be careful, not to make much sound, else your sister-in-law will come to know.
Tripti: I hope, this baby can drink mother’s milk from day one. Otherwise, she will have to take your help once again
Me: If that happens then you should not watch her feed me.
Tripti: Of course not you fool. No woman allows another to watch such situations, when somebody other than own child has to be fed.
Then on wards, I used to give Tripti’s nipples and boobs good enjoyment after I drank milk. After a few sittings, when she opened the blouse hooks to feed me, she did away her blouse after about 3 weeks of feed. She used to tuck her saree round her waist and lie besides me in a sideways position to insert the nipples inside my mouth as I began biting and chewing her big nipples,
She tossed and jumped and made very low moans, so as not to let it out of our room. Gradually, I found that after she recovered totally of her physical agony, mother did not only took off her blouse as I entered the room for feed, but left her saree away and remained clad in her petticoat. She also saw that I was in a pair of shorts only during those times.
I myself also enjoyed such application of bites to mother’s nipples. There was a thrilling sensation within me. But I never discussed it with her. I kept a distance of my lower body from her body, so as not to allow her to feel my developments, which naturally existed. I read books to gather sexual knowledge to protect myself.
In the meantime mother recovered fully and Kanak had her house completed. She was in her 7th month when she shifted because Arunesh had come for his annual leave. Tripti send me to Kanak’s place to keep a watch on her. Since I had already seen her assets earlier, which had further developed from 36-27-34 to 40-28-36, Kanak did not bother to hide her boobs from me, once I came back from school.
We slept together and I was asked to kiss and caress her nipples even before the child-birth. She slept in her petticoat only and me in my shorts as usual. During sleep I kept two pillows between her and me to avoid any danger.
Kanak: I pray that you only drink my milk once again.
Me: Now I shall be a depot of calcium, with so much of milk to consume.
By the time Kanak was ready for her delivery; Arunesh had exhausted his annual leave and was back to work. Tripti now came to Kanak’s place during day time to look after her. I stayed here at nights only and went back home early mornings. Tripti, my mother was helpless for one month with her husband around.
The first time I was at home after father’s departure, mother was delighted to have me with her. It was a Sunday evening, which was normal time for his return every time, as he had to travel 275 kilometers to his work place at Dhanbad, although he preferred evening duties. Mother dragged me to her bedroom and took off her saree and blouse in a flash. I was in trousers, which she forced open. I was in my brief, but she cared less. Now when I sucked, I could not hide my reactions.
The tent was obvious and visible to her. She was rubbing her groin between her legs, holding her breast in use with a hand and rubbing my thighs over my brief with the other. Now, with Kanak not around, she was groaning, and so was I. I was licking, chewing and biting her nipples, without any secretion of milk whatsoever. Curtains were drawn so as not to allow any outside lights inside. The room was semi dark. I dared not touch her with my hands.
She suddenly placed her hand in between my thigh and was able to feel my hardness. She hissed.
Tripti: You have grown hard my son. Do you know this is sexual arouseness?
Me: Of Course, I do. If you keep on rubbing my groin, it is bound to react. If you rub yourself, you will also get heated up, because your nerves are being tickled by my bites.
Tripti: I am son, I am already heated up, Your father spend the nights with me as my brother. He was scared of another miscalculation. I have spend without being sucked and bitten for one month, which has now become a routine job in my system. With you away at Kanak’s place, I had to restrain myself. If you dare to touch my belly button, you would know the amount of heat evolved out of my body Just have a feel.
Tripti took my hand and placed it on her stomach. It was fuming.
Me: Oh! That’s real hot!
Tripti: There are hotter places too. I wish I could show you.
Me: I understand pretty well.  I think we should stop now, else I shall lose control.
Tripti: I am sure you will. I want to see how long you can hold up.
Me; But that would be a torture on me.
Tripti: Don’t you think your act is torturing me?
Me: But you are willfully enjoying the act, whereas I am under restrain because you are my mother.
Tripti: Okay. Here we stop. Again tomorrow, right?
Me: Thank God! I need a pee.
Tripti: So do I
Me: I can’t hold any longer.
Tripti: Let’s go together and release ourselves in the dark.
We rushed to the toilet, which was a separate place from our bathroom. It was not yet all that dark. Tripti raised her petticoat, squatted on the pan and started to pee. I took off my brief while on my way and sat below the footsteps of the pan with my erected dick, though not a clear view was possible, but I got a proper view of her buttocks and the flow of urine from her genitals to the pan outlet. We washed in the dark and came out silently.
That night as I went to Kanak to sleep at her place, she was suddenly inquisitive.
Kanak: Do you still drink your mother’s milk?
Me: She has stopped producing milk.
Kanak: What a pity? Did you bite her nipples, like you do with mine?
Me: This is unfair a question on your part. You allowed me liberty, so I do it with you.
Kanak: True. All right lick me like other nights.  I want a god lick from you today.
Me: Has any day been bad so far, since the day I first sucked your milk?
Kanak: To be very honest, no.
She was ready for me, and so was I for her. I sucked her tits, I squeezed her boobs, I bit her nipples, I battered her breasts. Just like Tripti, Kanak was moaning, groaning, whimpering, tossing, toiling, fiddling with my manhood for the first time. It sprang to life. She had seen me to bed without a single thread on my body. The night was dreadful for me. She was being more prolific than my mother.
She dragged, she pulled, she twisted and finally she began to suck my elongated dick to her heart’s content. I became a pedestrian now, leaving alone her titties. I had a tough evening session with mother, but this was real hard for me to control.
I yelled.
Me: I can’t hold any longer. It will burst out now.
Kanak: Allow it to burst on my face. I’d love to gulp it all down my throat.
I let it go once for all. It was flowing and flowing endlessly. Kanak drank it to the last drop. Once I ended the flow spree, I was totally exhausted. I withdrew from her mouth and found it going limp.
Me: So, this is the state of an exhausted penis?
Kanak: Don’t worry; it is a temporary phase only. You’ll soon get it back to its normalcy. Go and have it washed nicely, else it will itch. I will carry the kid to the toilet to make him urinate to avoid bed wetting.
In 7 to 8 minutes time, I was back after the wash. Kanak tied her petticoat above her boobs and carried the child to the toilet. By the time she was back, I was fast asleep. This routine continued till Kanak delivered her second baby. She was back in our place from hospital. I was fortunate that this baby was able to suck mother’s milk. Kanak was visibly unhappy.
Once she found me alone and complained of not getting the same pleasure of breast feeding from her child. I kept quiet and smiled. Tripti, on the other hand was enjoying every night by getting licked and sucked. But she had one problem. She could not visit toilet as per wishes as Kanak was in the next room, regularly feeding her child. So she had to be careful to prevent Kanak realize her latest developments.
By now, I was familiar with the nudity of Tripti. She cared the least to hide her private parts from me any longer. While sucking, it so happened that accidentally, I happened to touch her buttocks or ass crack, but she ignored them in plight of the pleasure she received by allowing me to fiddle with her. In fact I had developed a sexual inclination for both the ladies, as I grew up.
It has been more than 3 years now that I was having to see their boobs on a daily basis. But with Kanak around, nothing extra was taking place. The only thing happened was that both the ladies increased their physical glow, resulting from mental satisfaction.
Kanak went back to her place after a couple of months from her delivery. I knew that the D-Day was around the corner as far as both the ladies were concerned. Kanak asked Tripti, whether I could spend the night with her as she would be staying with two kids all by herself. I sorted out the problems. Weekends, my father would be around, so I would spend the nights with Kanak, Arunesh now left on Monday mornings, having been transferred to Bardhaman from Dhanbad.
And came back on Friday nights. So Fridays to Sundays, I was with Kanak, and with Tripti the other 4 nights. But later on, I took my books to Kanak’s place as my high school was nearer by 15 minutes. I had my dinner with Kanak and my lunch with Tripti, when I spend the night with Kanak and the other way round, when I was with Tripti.
Kanak had gone back on a Tuesday, so I went with her to fix things for her and came back. As we entered her place, we exchanged kisses, and she told me that she would preserve some milk for her on a regular basis. She set things right and I returned home, knowing that a special night was coming up for me. I could understand that both of them were getting ready for the final round of excitement with me.
I helped Tripti to wind up faster that night. The main door was bolted and all outside windows were closed. I stood besides Tripti at the kitchen, where she was giving her last closing touches.
Tripti: Impatient?
Me: No, not really, I just wonder if I could be of any further help to you.
Tripti: Don’t bother, I am nearly through.
Me: Tell me when you are actually done with and then see.
Tripti came out of the kitchen after a minute and bolted it from outside. I understood and picked her up and carried to her bedroom, without the slightest protest from her. I knew she was expecting this from me. She just clung to my neck. I dropped her down besides the bed as she hugged me tightly. Thereafter no words were heard from either of us. I kissed her directly on her lips.
We were both passionate now as our lips rotated about each others’ face, neck, throat  our hands became busy to undress each other. Her breasts became secondary to me, as we were stark naked in moments. To my astonishment I found that she had shaved her pubic region and her nipples bulging out. She stood on the floor as I knelt down in front of her. My lips kissed her pussy and began licking and sucking its oozing juice.
She held my head strongly pressed to her cunt as she widened her legs to the maxima. I sucked for about 15 minutes as she had two quick orgasms. Now she yelled.
Tripti: O-o-o-o-o, uh-uh-uh-uiii-uuuuiiiiiii-ggggggg-oh1 great feeling I am having for the first time in my life. Suck-suck harder my dear, there’s lot more to come out from within me. Ui-ma! I will die out of ecstasy! Oh God! Why did I not get you before? Who taught you this wonderful art so well, my dear kiddy?
I quietly kept on rubbing her G-spot with my nose, lips and long tongue of mine, till such time she collapsed flat on the bed.
Me: I think I have given you total satisfaction.
Tripti: Oh yes, you surely have. But I need to return you with compliments. Place your legs on either side of my face I want to see If I could suck you to your delight.
I immediately followed her directive and was there in a jiffy. Tripti found my cock in a perfect position and sucked it to her plight much to my amazement extending the size to an unforeseen length of at least 7 inches in length and 4 inches in girth, With my previous experience from Kanak, I diverted my thoughts elsewhere to hold back from cumming. She became tired after a while, and perhaps was surprised to see my stamina.
Finally she let out her disbelief.
Tripti: I am amazed to see your control.
Me: what am I supposed to be doing?
Tripti: Don’t tell me you don’t know.
Me: Surely I don’t. I have never had this experience before.
Tripti: Well, although you are a minor, but you deserve to know the final chapter. Just lie on your back and I shall display it to you.
Tripti surely forgot that I was her son, and this was amounting to incest. I wondered what her husband did with her during their love-making sessions. She forced me on my back and was on top of me in a flash, making the connection between her juicy, fluffy cunt and my fat, long cock. It disappeared inside her in a jiffy and she began her horse riding, may be for the first time in her life.
We both began moaning aloud as the sound of intercourse entered our ears as puch-puch fuch-fuch. We both were panting, gasping for breath as ewe moaned uh-ooh-aah-aauch-uff-aff and so on. Truly speaking, I did not think anything at that moment unless she asked me, as to how longer would I need.
Tripti: Won’t you release yourself?
Me: What?
Tripti: Your sperm filled semen. Don’t you get the urge?
Me: Actually, I am dazed to think anything. Now that you told me, I need to concentrate. So long I was bewildered. You better continue your ride.
Tripti: I suggest you ride on me now. It will make you come faster.
Me; as you order.
I rode on her and kept on banging till I released my load inside her. She received every bit inside her and finally we were really fagged out. I lay on top of her and finally fell asleep united. We slept together, we woke up together.
We disjoined ourselves and stood up and headed for the toilet. We peed facing each other, as we had nothing more to hide between us. She held with her fingers, parting her vaginal lips to show me the inside of it. When finished, we stood up, washed each other and came out of the toilet. 
Tripti: I am sure you enjoyed the session, much as I did.
Me : Oh yes, it was just great.
Tripti: Would you love to look forward to a repeat of such a session.
Me: it all depends on you. You know that I can’t demand it.
Tripti: I know. But you deserve more. You are just excellent in bed, very much unlike Arunesh.
Later, in the day I was with Kanak, who was willing to offer her milk for me to suck.. I refused in the morning hours as I had to go to my school. After I was back, she compelled me to drink her milk, but I did nothing extra, which surprised her. I told her that I was worried with my forth coming examinations.
This made her refrain from applying force. I remained aloof from her till the time I could. But, Saturday night approaching, I knew that I had to meet her desires. She was young and had no physical contacts from a male person ever since she had come over.
Arunesh was back with his wife, so I came over to Kanak’s place. Tripti had cooked some special menu, which I had to carry for Kanak. As I entered, Kanak took over the tiffin-carrier from me. I had some important notes with me. I went upstairs and kept it on the table of the room I used for my studies. As I turned around I saw Kanak was standing.
Kanak: I hope you will not be sitting down with your books now.
Me: Surely not. But you know my examinations are on, I need to wake up early tomorrow.
Kanak: Do you want your drink now?
Me: I am sure that your kids are fast asleep by now. In that case let’s have dinner now. There is no point in allowing the dishes I carried here turn cold.
Kanak: As you please.
After dinner I waited for a while and decided to have a nice bath. I went back upstairs and had a long bath. By then Kanak had wound up her household works for the day. The kids were sleeping at the first floor as I came down the stairs; I saw Kanak’s back entering the toilet.  She had a wash, in fact a bath as she came out with water trickling down her body. She was in her familiar dress – a petticoat, this time a black one.
I reached the ground floor and went to fetch a container of water.. I came back with it to her bedroom, with her children sleeping at the adjacent room. She was arranging a plaint with her hair. As I entered her room, she shut the room door and bolted it I kept the water container at one corner of the room. Then I was deliberately up on the bed arranging a nice sleep.
Kanak had completed her hair do and came to the bed. I was already having an erection. She dragged me up from my lying position and pulled down my shorts and her petticoat and threw them on the floor. I held her with both hands as she pushed a nipple of hers inside my mouth and I started drinking. With her baby drinking now
I did not have much to drink. I was squeezing the other breast with my hands. Within 5 minutes, I interchanged my hand and her nipple. She was moaning as usual as she held my erected cock in her hands and began to rub between her legs.
I was not getting adequate milk to drink. So I gave up drinking and raised myself parallel to her face and kissed her. She held my face and looked at me. I kissed her again.
Kanak: (Surprised) you seem very happy today?
Me: It’s because today I can spend the night here. I can see you amidst lights today.
Kanak: You like to see me under lights? I did not know this particular choice of yours.
Me: This has been my dream since my childhood. I longed to see you amidst light ever since you had to feed me. But I was younger those days. Moreover, my desires needed to be curbed at that age of mine.
Kanak: Two of us have made you an adult. Now behave like an adult.
Me: What do you want from me.
Kanak: All that you can give me. I shall eagerly see what you give.
Me; presently, suck my rod to your satisfaction.
Kanak slipped down and took my cook in her mouth and began sucking. After a while she indicated me to suck her pussy. I released my dick from her mouth and started to lick and suck her. She had a thick black bush, which I loved to finger. I spread open her legs and dabbed my mouth on to her vaginal slit and began to lick and suck her with my tongue. Within a jiffy, Kanak started to get aroused.
But he is unlike Tripti. She makes no noise whatsoever. Just juggles within the bed, spreads herself wide apart and allows me to enjoy my drink of her pre-cum. My lund was erect and hard as an iron rod. It was longing to  show her my strength. After about 15 minutes, I leapt down from the bed and dragged her down and bent her to make her show her back to me.
She realized that I was looking for the doggy style and stretched her to the optimum. My first entry inside her was as if cutting a pack of cheese with a sharp-edged knife. My rod simply eased its way through. I began to ram her cunt, as the angle created was perfect, there was a very deep penetration and I was hitting her vaginal wall in almost every thrust.
Kanak was still silent without making any sound at all. Her hanging tits were being squeezed like a rubber ball being squeezed during a blood donation spree, I was thumping her ass every time my rod was going deep inside.
Me: I heard that female folks make a lot of noise during this act. At least I was under such impressions from articles I read in many magazines, but you seem to be an exception.
Kanak: When I enjoy, I do it silently. Why bother others outside when they cannot share my enjoyment?
Me: But you do not let your sex partner gauge your degree of excitement or entertainment. He can’t make efforts of improving his ability.
She decided not to reply. After a while, she stood up disconnecting my penis from her vagina and turned towards me.
Kanak: Can you do a favour to me?
Me: What is it?
Kanak: Can you insert this big rod of yours inside my “potty hole?”
Me: I can try, but it may be very painful for you.
Kanak: I’ll apply some cream or may be Boroline as lubricant.
Me: All right let’s try it out.
She went and brought a jar of cream and a tube of Boroline and asked me to insert them inside her anus with my finger. I did so and she gave me a short blow job and got me fully aroused. It was with a lot of effort that I could insert my fat cock inside her anal passage. I bled heavily tearing my skin and resulting in a severe injury as I was a novice in this regard.
Though I cummed inside her, but had a discomforted night thereafter. Next day, I was in  intense pain and Tripti understood it all. She came down to Kanak and rebuked her for misusing a tender soul in this manner. Kanak must have told her bhabi something, which pacified Tripti and she went back home. The next two nights were drab for Kanak and me as I was in terrible pain. I missed school on Saturday.
Monday morning after Arunesh had left for his duties and I was back home. Tripti waited for the maid to leave, and then dragged me inside a closed room and pulled my lower apparels down.
Tripti: So you little wretch! You have two ladies for your feast now? But my dear, do not misuse your organs. You may become the ultimate loser.
I kept quiet having fallen prey to Kanak’s desires. Tripti applied some ointment round the ruptured skin and covered it with a bandage leaving the tip open and kept on nursing for 5 days till Arunesh returned home. The same treatment was given to by Kanak, as I went over there to spend nights.
I was in an embarrassing position when my school Principal came over to Tripti to enquire about my prolonged absence from classes. She told him the truth without a elaboration, as according to the doctor, I required 2 more weeks of rest for my wound to heal up.
Thereafter I had a continued sex relation with both Kanak and Tripti for the next 20-25 years, even after my marriage. Kanak’s children studied at my place, as I looked after them. The fun place for us shifted to Kanak’s place and three of us even enjoyed a group sex at times. Later on her daughter was married away and her son moved over to taken possession of his dead father’s property and settled there.
Kanak expressed her unwillingness of going back to her husband’s house. Believe me readers; my wife never realized this relationship I enjoyed, as she never dreamt of it. At this age of mine, I have not been able to decide as to who has been my best bed mate.