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Sometimes fate is a wonderful thing. Such was the case awhile back when dad was out of town and it was late Saturday night when the electric went out from the snow storm. Of course it had to be the coldest night of the winter as well.
This is where the story begins…
My name is Steve and my twin brother's name is Eddie. We are both 18 and live with our parents and in our last year of high school. Our dad travels a lot and he was away this weekend.
Mom is 40 and our fantasy fuck. Many a night I jerked off to imagining having sex with her, as did my brother. We even talked about it often.
Mom is 5'7", about 125, brown hair, brown eyes, a great body from her exercising, nice ass and 36c tits (I checked her bra size once).
My brother and I are identical twins. We are both 5'8", 175, brown hair and brown eyes, with athletic builds from our sports activities. And, yes our cocks are the same size too, 7".
When the electric went out it got cold in the house pretty quickly and we went to mom to try to figure out something. After much discussion, the only alternative was for us to sleep together in mom's king sized bed.
My brother and I quickly cooked up a plan to see how far we could go with mom.
Mom was already in her short nightgown and it was evident that she wasn't wearing a bra, a good start to our plan. We were wearing our shorts when we got into bed with mom in the middle. After a bit when we knew mom was asleep, our hands moved about while we were 'sleeping' touching her tits. She automatically moved our hands away but we were persistent. She never said anything but just kept rearranging our hands off of her tits.
We were like relentless in touching her tits while pretending to be asleep. After awhile she stopped pushing our hands away as we were now squeezing her tits and touching her nipples. She never appeared to wake up. Then we heard some very low moans from her.
We continued touching and I moved my hand under her nightgown and felt her bare flesh and get nipple which was erect. I played with her nipple as the moans got more frequent.
My brother got his hand under her nightgown as well and we were both playing with her nipples. It wasn't long before we managed to slip the top of her short nightgown up and her tits were in full view and mom was still asleep. We both started sucking her nipples and she never opened her eyes.
My hand moved down to her pussy and I started rubbing it. Her legs spread apart giving me access to her treasure. I slipped my fingers in my mother's cunt as she moved a bit. I pulled her panties down a little and we now had complete access to our mother's body.
As my brother was sucking on her nipples, I moved over and lined up my cock to her sit and slipped my cock into her cunt. I wasted no time in fucking my mom. After a few thrusts, I shot my cum into her cunt. As soon as I pulled out, my brother got his cock into her cunt and fucked her and came in her too. We put her nightgown and panties like they were. Weather then went to sleep like nothing happened.
In the morning, mom woke up first and didn't say a word to us as she fixed her nightgown. As she was doing that, my brother and I woke up.
Mom said, "You guys ok? I had such a dream last night. It was so real."
"We are fine mom. What kind of dream?"
"I'm embarrassed to say it but I dreamt that you guys were playing with my tits and then you fucked me. I even had an orgasm."
"Wow mom…that must have been some dream…must have been because it was so cold last night and we were all in the same bed."
"Hey mom, were we good," as I laughed.
She just smiled.
Mom washed up with semi cold water and we followed while she made breakfast. Eddie said to me, "Do you think she knows?"
"I'm not sure. She must have seen or felt our cum in her."
"You think we should try again tonight?"
"Yeah. Let's do it again."
The day was uneventful and there was still no electricity. It was a long day of doing nothing. Our cell phones were dead and there was nothing much to do and it was still cold. We tried to keep busy and mom asked us to do some house chores which we gladly did just to keep warm.
Mom made dinner…thank goodness for gas stoves. After dinner the three of just huddled together to keep warm and after awhile, we decided to go to bed.
We wore our shorts and mom had on a similar short nightgown but it looked different. It had a tie in front so it could be removed easily & quickly by her. Again, she wore no bra. As we cuddled together I said, "Hey mom, pleasant dreams."
She replied, "You too."
About an hour later mom was asleep. We waited a little while longer before we pretended we were asleep and our hands were all over mom's tits. She tried to move them away but we kept putting them back. Finally, she stopped trying. Eddie's undid her tie and peeled back the top of her nightgown revealing her beautiful tits. Her nipples were already hard and erect which surprised us. We both looked at mom and she still looked asleep so we continued.
As last night, we played with her tits and nipples, which were erect. Her moans got louder but she was still asleep. Then she said in her sleep, "That's it baby, fuck your wife now."
My brother and I looked at each other and I said to Eddie, "Mom thinks we are dad."
Mom continued, "Come on baby, fuck me."
I got my cock at mom's slit and eased it in her cunt. I started fucking her as she moaned quietly as she said, "That's it…harder…"
In a short time I told my brother I was going to cum and he told me to cum on her. But before I could pull my cock out I shot my cum in her cunt.
Then my brother decided to slip his cock in my mother's mouth. He managed to get his cock in her mouth and she unconsciously started to suck it.
It wasn't long before he said he was going to cum and the idiot shot his cum into her mouth and she swallowed it.
Then we went to sleep.
In the morning mom woke up and we followed her into the kitchen. She was still wearing her nightgown. Just then mom's cell phone that she tried to charge rang and we realized we had electricity. It was dad and all we could hear was mom's part of the conversation…
"Yes honey, we lost electricity because of the storm but we now have it back on…

"It was cold but the kids and I slept together and we stayed warm…

Yes, they were wonderful. Yes, they did whatever I wanted them to do in order to get through this ordeal and they didn't even realize how much that pleased me. It was like you were here with me. They really took good care of their mother. I am going to give them a special treat…see you soon…love you.
Eddie and I looked at my mother and she stood there with a smile and said, "I had another dream last night and it was terrific. It was so real that I woke up with a unique taste in my mouth."
She continued, "Well boys, anything to say?"
We looked at each other and I said, "Dad's not going to be home until tomorrow, at the earliest…are you thirsty now?"
Mom looked at us with the devil.in her eyes and replied, "I'm more than thirsty and hope you two can satisfy your old mother like you did in my dreams."
Eddie and I smiled, took my mother's arms and escorted her to her bed and I said, "If you liked your dreams, you will love the real life version more and the many reruns from now on."
"I can't wait for the reruns…"

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