A Mom wants Her Son in Her Ass Ch. 02

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tagIncest/TabooA Mom wants Her Son in Her Ass Ch. 02

Thinking about what I'd done to my mom blew my mind. I couldn't believe I'd actually fucked her in the ass. My mom was infamous around school as the hottest mom of all. So the fact that I'd shot my cum deep into her tight ass, was unbelievable.
As soon as dad had come home, and I'd left the house, she texted me, thanking me for the hot fuck. I couldn't believe my luck, I was an eighteen year old high schooler, who, like every other guy my age, had fantasised about screwing the hot moms in the neighbourhood. Yet, not only was I now doing that, but I was screwing my own mom, and in the ass. That was as hot as hell!
Wilder still, was the fact that my cock pulled out of her ass, just as dad got home. Thinking about the reality that my cum was still in her ass when we were all in the room together, just drove me wild! How hot was that? I'd cucked a mature man and my cum was in his wife's ass while we chatted, and he didn't know a thing about it.
Right now, I felt like the Cuck King of the world, a total badass, and mom had absolutely loved every moment of it. After the hot anal sex videos she had been watching, it was clear that she was desperate for my horny hot teenage cock in her tight, mature, married virgin ass. Shit! She really got what she wanted.
"Tonight, your dad is out from 5-8." She had written in her text.
"Fuck!" I thought to myself, she was ready for round two of her ass pounding pleasure.
Driving my car home as soon as she texted me that he had left home, I picked her up a couple of blocks form our place. This time I really wanted to go to town on her sexy, hot, peachy perfect ass. Jumping in the car, she immediately, brazenly, grabbed hold of my crotch.
Heading out of town, it didn't take her long, before she had unzipped my pants and had my cock in her hands jerking me off before she was spitting all over it and really giving me a good seeing to. Just before we got to the secluded lot that I had wanted to take her to, she had been really gagging on my cock. Driving one handed while I rammed her on on off of my stick drive, it was pretty tough to stop once we got there.
Pulling into the lot, I just knew I couldn't waste the chance to cum in her mouth and keep her down on me. Letting her up for air a few times, she was clearly eager to take my load in her mouth and not let up, but she knew she needed to breath sometime!
Mom was unbelievable, she was a wild uncontrollable MILF that was absolutely desperate for cock, and she wanted it anywhere and everywhere. It was so good, I kind of felt disappointed that I couldn't tell anyone that I was doing her. Of course there was no way I could tell my dad that I'd made my mom my bitch! And there wasn't really anyone at school I could tell, because sooner or later everyone would know, and that would probably mean the end of us, and almost definitely, the end of mom and dad's marriage.
Mom sure looked hot, bobbing up and down on my cock, her warm mouth wrapped around my thick manhood, ready to shoot in her mouth. I knew it was gonna happen any moment now, she'd been sucking on it for at least ten minutes. Pulling her head of off my cum-ready cock one last time I figured I should make sure she really wanted a taste of my medicine.
"Are you ready to eat my teen cum, you filthy little cum whore bitch?" I demanded. I couldn't possibly see how she didn't want to, but it would be pretty shitty if I shot my load down her throat only to realise she wasn't actually expected to eat my cum.
"Yeah, you hot jock cock, slam me with your white power," she gasped, almost unable to breath.
"Roger that," I thought, slamming her head back onto my cock and then slamming her up and down on me as hard and fast as I could. Her warm wet mouth felt like a vagina as it sucked onto the circumference of my cock. And then, boom, a hot white stream of cum split out the end of my jock cock, forcing its way deep down into her throat. As the cum shot into her, her eyes gaped open. Hell, I guessed dad probably hadn't done anything like this to her since they were in high-school. And, thinking about it, he maybe never made her gag like this in his entire life, I thought, laughing out load as I realised it.
After shooting my last thrust of cum down her throat, I pulled her off my cock, and straight away she retched, like a kitty chocking up a furr-ball.
"Are you ok?" I asked, not realising it had been so hard on her.
Her eyes watering a little, her face flushed, she smiled and kissed my cock lightly.
"Sure," she managed. "That was my…" she began, panting all the while, "…first time."
"Dad doesn't do that to you?" I asked.
"Never!" She said in surprise. "He's way too straight to try something like that. He hasn't wanted a blowjob for years, and I'm pretty sure he's never even thought about fucking me in the ass. Not like you." She admitted, a huge smile coming over her face. Realising how much she wanted what I was doing she opened her mouth wide, and went straight back down on me.

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