A Mom wants Her Son in Her Ass

tagIncest/TabooA Mom wants Her Son in Her Ass

It's Sunday morning and I have just had the shock of my life! Luckily it's the best shock I'm sure I will ever have in my life. Because today, I discovered my hot MILF mom loves anal. But more than that, she loves it when I give it to her.
This morning mom had been doing something on the computer when she'd needed to take a call. Taking the chance to check something out on the internet I opened up the computer to see what mom had been looking at, but had forgotten to close.
Mom had been watching the hottest MILF anal porn I had ever seen. But craziest of all, every video in the browser history that I opened up was of a mom getting fucked hard in the ass by none other than her teenage son.
OMG! My mom had the hots for my eighteen year old cock, and she wanted it in her fit ass. I had hit jackpot.
Guys from school had begged me to let them hang out around my house to study just so they could get a glimpse of my mom. Every guy at school put her top of the horny MILFs club and every guy at school, by now, must have jerked off to thoughts of her at least once.
I remember on one occasion I had invited a couple of guys back to study and ended up catching one of them in my mom's bedroom, her red silky panties wrapped around his cock, jerking himself off. To my shock, I was too late to stop him before he came all over my mom's sexy panties. Worse still, she came home and up to her room just at the moment I caught him. Meaning we had no other option than to leave the cum filled panties in her dresser.
Strangely, after that, my mom acted differently to me. Something had changed and I was sure she thought it had been me that had jerked off in them. I was sure it was what led her to become so free with me after that. It was almost as if she were flirting with me.
Perhaps the day I felt sure about it was when I got in my bed one night and the covers were ruffled and there was a wet patch in my middle. I was sure that my mom had gotten in and jacked herself off until she came all over my sheets.
Now, I was sure I hadn't been imagining it all. Watching the last video she had watched on the computer and it was of a son fucking the shit out of his mom's ass. For some crazy reason, it seemed she didn't think it was incest if he came in her ass and not her vagina.
As I watched the final pounding actions of the son fucking his hot MILF mom up her sexy round ass, her hot titles bouncing like a bitch getting the pounding of her life from her lusty son, I sensed someone was behind me.
Turning around I came face to face with the jaw-dropping sight of my stark naked mom. Wow, she looked hot. If my cock wasn't already so hard and wet from looking at the video she had just watched, I would probably have risen and gotten wet within seconds.
I couldn't believe my luck, but clearly, mom was ready, willing and waiting to fuck.
Before I could even say a word she simply strode over to me, grabbed a hold of my belt, unfastened it, then unzipped my trousers and almost dragged them of my ass, my massive hard cock popping up to attention bigger than it had ever been. Then without a word she squeezed some lube on my pre-cum dripping cock head and rubbed it down the shaft, clearly prepping me to analize her.
Squeezing some lube onto her middle finger, she bent herself over the computer desk and proceeded to finger her ass right there, in front of me. Until finally, after a few minutes of watching me jerk myself off to her hot self anal penetration, she slid her finger out of her ass, looked me straight into my eyes.
"You watched the videos," she said, matter-of-factly, "you know what to do next."
"Yes mom," I thought to say. But instead just took my massive hard cock and rammed into her tight sloppy wet ass. Even though she'd been preparing herself for this moment, she still let out a wild scream of pleasurable pain as my cock filled her up.
As my cock penetrated her up to the hilt, a grabbed her wild blonde hair in one hand and one of her massive boobs in the other and whispered into her ear just before I started to fuck her hot tight asshole.
"Ok, mom, sons gonna make you his little bitch now," I laughed in her pretty ear, a diamond-studded ear piercing in her earlobe. My lips sucking on it as I started to fuck into her like a dog.
I knew I only had a few minutes with her because dad was due home any moment. So I didn't start her out easy, I raced straight to my ball banging best. Moving my hand from her hair to her throat, I ploughed her as roughly and wildly as I could to make sure I could shoot my cum up her ass before dad got home.
Knowing that my dad would be home any minute made me feel so hot and horny I couldn't help but tease her about it as I ripped her ass open with my hot wet bludgeoning teen cock.
Her ass tightening around my cock as I fucked her, clearly wanting to make every effort to make me cum before dad got home. Dropping my other hand from her breast I slid a finger into her pussy to add some double penetration thrills to the hot pleasure she was already consumed in. Now she started to go wild and almost sounded like a dog yelping as I pounded on her harder and harder.
Then I heard the sound of dads key as it rattled in the keyhole. Shit, I needed to fuck mom like a bitch and cum in her ass as quick as I could. In seconds dad would be inside and it wouldn't take him long to find us in the living room. By then, I would need to have cum in her and we'd both have to be fully dressed again.
Banging on her ass like I was a workman with a jackhammer, I split her ass open as wide as I could and fingered her and toyed with her clit until her ass trembled with the sensation of her impending orgasm. As soon as I heard the front door open and dads voice shout, "I'm home," I shot my huge wad of white cum up her ass making her gasp louder than I'd expected she would.
"It's that you hun? Are you ok?" Dad asked, clearly hearing her gasp as my final powerful thrusts smashed her ass so wide she orgasmed.
"Yes, hun I'm ok," Mom gasped as I slid my hefty cock out of her cum dripping ass.
Within seconds I'd pulled up my pants, mum had wiped off my cum with some tissue and was eagerly slipping her clothes back on. Then, just as she pulled her top down over her head the door opened and dad came in.
"Hi guys, how was your day?" He smiled.
"Fantastic," I beamed.
"Wonderful," mom agreed.

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