A Mother’s Bond

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By AlabamaSlamma A mother turns her twin boys into sex maniacs and reaps the rewards.

Nancy is a 35 year old mother of twin 15 year old boys. She was married but she divorced her husband and now raises her boys on her own. She got the house and a large amount of alimony in the divorce so she was able to stay at home and raise them like a mother should.

Nancy is what most people would call a full figured woman but she is in no way fat. She has wide hips and a large ass to match her huge tits. She is also very sexual and loves sex although she has had very little cock since her divorce. She has had to rely on her toys to bring her pleasure. She didn’t want to disrupt her son’s lives by bringing in a stranger.

Her two sons are Dan and Stan. She had recently discovered that they were beginning to masturbate as she had found globs of dried cum in their underwear and socks. She had found some porn magazines under some stuff in their closets as well as the history on the computer. It seems that they or at least one of them are into incest porn. Most of the sites that was visited were centered around mothers who fuck their sons.

Now one might think that this revelation would sicken most mothers and they would instantly put an end to this situation but Nancy was more open minded than most people. She wasn’t repulsed by the thought of incest. In fact she herself had gotten off on reading stories about incest especially when the mothers had sexual relationships with their sons.

Nancy began to wonder what her sons looked like naked now as it had been many years since she had saw them without clothes. She figured that if she was able to see at least one of them naked that since they were twins, she would basically see both of them. One day when Dan was taking a shower and Stan was in his room she slowly opened the bathroom door and peeked inside.

She saw her son rinsing off and as he turned she caught a view of his cock. It was sticking straight up and it was at least 6 inches long and looked very thick. She immediately felt her pussy moisten her nipples stood at attention.

“Only 15 years old and already has a 6 inch fat cock! My god what will it be when he gets grown?” She thought to herself.

She immediately went to her room and plunged her fingers into her soaking wet pussy as she imagined Dan and Stan using their gorgeous cocks on her body. She imagined that she was getting DPd by them. She was riding one cock while the other one fucked her ass.

She moaned deeply as she orgasmed harder than she had in a long time. Her pussy was drenched and running down her fingers and pooling at her ass. She laid there gasping for air and trying to figure out a way to get her sons interested in sex with their mother.

It wasn’t going to be hard as they obviously were thinking about it already. She decided that she would bring them together for the “sex” talk and then she would seduce them and teach them how to pleasure a woman in all aspects of sex.

She waited until Stan had his shower so that both boys would be clean. She then had them come and sit in the living room. She went to her room and stripped off her clothes and put on a robe but didn’t tie it closed.

She walked into the living room and sat down opposite of the couch where they sat. She was well aware that her robe was open slightly and that they could see some of her body.

“Dan and Stan I feel that it’s time that you boys learn about men and women. It’s time for you to learn the differences between us and about sex. Now I want you both to take off your clothes and I will remove my robe!” She said as she stood up and dropped her robe onto the floor.

Dan and Stan just sat there looking at their beautiful naked mother. Her big tits with very little sag. Her big fat nipples standing at attention and her mostly bare pussy glistening in the light.

“Well are you going to just sit there gawking at your mother or are you going to get naked as well?” She asked with a wicked smile.

Dan and Stan both immediately began to strip off their clothes and was trying to hide the fact that both of them were hard as rocks. They tried to hide their hard throbbing cocks with their hands but she wasn’t playing that game.

“Please remove your hands. We will not be ashamed of our bodies nor will we try to hide our true feelings. Is that clear?” She asked looking at them.

“Yes ma’am!” They chimed in unison.

Dan and Stan stood there with their cock bobbing in front of them. Pre cum was already starting to appear on the tips of their fat heads.

“Good boys, now first off these are breasts” She said as she lifted her tits up with her hands.

“They are also called tits, boobs, knockers, jugs, melons, fun bags and many other names that you might hear. These are my areolas and these big things are my nipples!” She said as she ran her fingers around the dark circles and then pulled out and up on her nipples.

“They are both sensitive and can bring a woman a lot of pleasure when played with properly. This is my vagina, also called a pussy, cunt, gash, flower, and many other names.” She said as she spread her legs open and ran her fingers along her lips.

She walked over in front of the boys and had them sit down. She took her fingers and spread her pussy open so that they could see better.

“This is the inside of my pussy, the wetness is a woman’s way to show a man that she is aroused just like the clear stuff that comes out of your cocks. This is my clitoris also called a clit, nub, little man in a boat. It is the most sensitive spot for a woman and should be played with easily unless she asks you to be rougher.” She continued.

Dan and Stan were glued to their mother’s pussy. Both were absent-mindedly stroking their hard cocks so Nancy knew that she had them under her spell.

“Each of you take a finger and gently push it into this hole!” She said as she pointed to her opening.

Dan and Stan pushed a finger into her molten pussy as she moaned with each one.

“Now taste the juice on your finger!” She said as she watched them suck her juices off.

“MMMMMMMMM !” Both of them moaned.

Their eyes flashed brightly and their nostrils flared as their natural male instincts kicked in. They naturally needed pussy and they responded just like she had hoped.

“How does it taste?” She asked as she pushed her own fingers into her soaking wet pussy and sucked the juices off her fingers as they watched.

“It tastes delicious!” They replied together.

“How about you try it from the source then?” She said as she sat down on the coffee table and spread her legs open as far as she could.

Dan and Stan dropped to their knees and leaned in-between her legs as they began to lap at her pussy.
She moaned out loud and at first they thought that she was in pain and stopped.

“No boys please don’t stop. That feels so good!” She moaned as she grabbed both of their heads and pulled them back to her eager pussy. They continued to lap at her oozing pussy and asshole. She guided one to her clit and the other to her asshole. She would let them swap back and forth. She shuddered as she felt herself orgasm from their tongues.


When she had finished cumming she pushed herself away.

“Sorry boys but we still have way more to learn but I promise you that we will get back to this later.” She said as she looked at their glistening faces.

She had them stand up in front of her as she remained sitting on the coffee table.

Their cocks were bars of steal by this time. She reached out and grabbed both of their cocks in her hands.

“These are your penises and they are also called cock, dicks, fuck sticks, fuck meats and many other things. They go inside a woman’s pussy. The clear stuff is called pre cum and it helps you to get inside of a woman’s pussy or ass. A woman may even put it in her mouth and suck on it if they like you enough.” She said as she run her thumbs around and across their fat purple heads.

Both of them groaned deeply as she pushed her hands up and down their shafts. She watched their faces as they experienced a hand other than theirs on their hard throbbing cocks.

Nancy couldn’t help herself. She just had to have them in her mouth. She moaned as she sucked Dan’s cock into her mouth as she sucked and slurped on it. Dan immediately came inside her hot wet mouth. She eagerly swallowed his sweet load.


Nancy immediately swapped over to Stan and greedily sucked on his cock. It didn’t take long before he was filling Nancy’s mouth with his seed. She swallowed it down like it was her last meal.


“WOW boys you taste amazing. Mommy loves your cum and I love sucking on your cocks.” She said as she continued to stroke their cocks.

Of course they stayed hard as she knew that they would.

“Now I am going to teach you how to fuck a woman.” She said as she stood up and leaned over the back of the couch.

This put her pussy at the perfect height for their cocks. She spread her legs so that they had a clear view of their target.

“Both of you get behind me and Dan I want you to put your cock inside my pussy!” She said as she wiggled her ass.

Dan and Stan walked around behind her and Dan grabbed his hard cock and placed it against her opening.

“Good boy now just shove it all the way in!” She moaned.

Dan drove his cock into her pussy as it sank all the way to his balls.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS BABY THAT IS PERFECT!” She moaned as she felt his cock stretch her open.

Dan began to naturally start humping into her soaking wet pussy. She felt his balls slapping her clit with every thrust. She didn’t even need to direct him as he grabbed her hips and pounded her pussy with everything that he had.


She moaned deeply as she orgasmed again. Her pussy milked his cock as she came. That caused him to pump stream after stream of his cum into her pussy. She ground her pussy against his spewing cock as she felt every spurt spash her insides.

Dan pulled his cock out and Stan stepped up and drove balls deep into her hot wet pussy. She screamed out again as she felt his cock throb angrily as he began to jackhammer her pussy from behind.

They were both natural pussy pounders and she planned on taking advantage of this. Stan was grunting and groaning as his balls slapped her clit with every thrust. He watched mesmerized as her ass cheeks rippled from the intense pounding.


Another orgasm slammed her body and caused Stan to flood her pussy with his incestuous seed.


His cock soon slipped out of her well used pussy and she stood up and felt their loads of cum running down her inner thighs.

“You are now officially men! You are no longer little boys. You will be sleeping with me from now on and you will continue to learn all about sex and I will be the one teaching you!” She said as she headed to the bathroom to shower. Of course Dan and Stan followed her.

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