A Mother’s Luxuries Ch. 04

tagIncest/TabooA Mother's Luxuries Ch. 04

Gregory hurried into the store and to his surprise it was as busy as Black Friday. There were at least a dozen customers shopping around and another dozen were lined up along one wall waiting for something. Melissa, a tall shy girl with breasts far too large for her frame.
"Where is Valarie?" Gregory asked.
"In her office making contract sheets." Melissa said in her small shy voice. Greg hurried to her office which sat just inside their receiving bay from the back hall of the mall.
"Valarie? What is going out there?" He asked. She turned and looked at him with the biggest grin he had ever seen on her face.
"You won't believe this Greg!" She said excitedly. "You remember Nancy from this morning?"
"Yeah she bit my dick. Kind of hard to forget." He replied.
"Get this. She is Nancy Kye." Valarie said excitedly. Greg rolled the name around in his head until it struck home. Then all the chaos made sense.
"She is that sex shop critic right?" He asked.
"Yep. She just wrote on her blog that this place will forever have her support and appreciation. She mentioned you specifically and said that you gave her the best orgasm of her life." Valarie said and opened up the blog on her computer. "She wrote that 'Gallon Gregory' is by far the most skilled orgasm massage therapist of this time and his male member lives up to the name.
While I regret not being able to reach his completion and see the gallon that Gregory is named for, I will definitely go back once my cervix heals from the pounding." Valarie finished reading and looked to Greg with the biggest smile he had ever seen. "All those people lined up want to see your dick. Some even want to take it for a test run."
Greg's brows rose up in surprise.
"I'll give you fifty-fifty split starting tonight if you start giving them a display of your cock." Valarie said.
"Deal. I also want an eighty percent discount on all merchandise." He added.
Valarie smiled and winked. "Seventy five percent and it's a deal."
He nodded his agreement and changed into a linen bathrobe while Valarie prepared the line outside.
"See it? Touch it? Fuck it?" Valarie asked each customer. "It's a hundred to see it. It's one fifty to touch it and it's two hundred to fuck it."
Most everyone wanted to see it and some wanted to touch it. Gregory sat in a chair across the room as people walked in one by one. The first three were middle aged women who only wanted to see it. Greg pulled open his robe and displayed his cock. The women were amazed at how long and thick it was. When they wanted to touch it he had to deny them.
At one point a young very flamboyant man walked in and wanted to see it. When he did see it he nearly dropped to his knees wanting to taste it. Gregory rushed him out quickly. A young girl who looked like she was barely eighteen had paid to touch it. When he showed her his stuff cock full of veins she couldn't resist. She licked her hands and started pumping his thick cock using both hands.
The sweet young girl looked up into his eyes and she started pumping him.
"Does that feel good sir?" She asked.
"Very much yes." He replied.
She wrapped her mouth around his head but couldn't get much of it down. After the five minute timer went off she walked out looking sad. Gregory showed his cock to every paying customer until the mall closed.
Even then he stayed for those that were willing to pay extra after hours. By the time ten rolled around his balls felt like cement and his cock felt like iron that couldn't be quenched. As he got dressed and left the room Valarie ran up to him and wrapped him into a hug.
"Gregory. Here is your cut." She handed him a massive stack of hundred dollar bills that had been rubber banded together. His eyes went wide.
"Two thousand dollars for you and two thousand dollars for me. We are going to be very very rich." She turned and walked off to recount her money. Greg looked over at Melissa who was counting her drawer for closing. She was a sweet young girl, not even twenty one yet. Like him she was paying her way through college. He walked up to her and pulled free six fifty dollar bills from his stack.
"Hey Melissa."
She turned and smiled at him in that shy way that only she could make look so adorable.
"Good work tonight." She said. "I've never seen so many people in here before." She smiled and looked down at him and blushed. "Are you doing okay?"
Gregory shrugged. "I'll be fine." He said and handed her the six bills. She looked at them and frowned. "What's this for?"
"For you." He replied.
"But I didn't do anything." She said.
"You work here the same as me. You are going to college, same as me." He said and took her hand and placed the money in it.
She stared at the money like it was a snake ready to strike her.
"Go get yourself something nice." He said and walked away. Melissa was so taken aback that by the time she had even remembered to thank him he was already out the back door. She stared down at the money and held it to her nose. It had the faintest smell of him.

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