A Mother’s Luxuries Ch. 06

tagIncest/TabooA Mother's Luxuries Ch. 06

Most everyone in the morning line was satisfied with seeing his cock. By the time noon rolled around the amount of people who came in just to see him had died away. Gregory stretched from his chair and still in his bathrobe and only that, wandered out to the store front.
The store had its normal abundance of customers if not a little more than usual who were buying toys. A few corporate bankers and what not walked in to rent a room and movie for twenty minutes. Valarie wandered between the main store floor and her office.
Melissa worked the front desk assisting customers as they came in. Greg walked over to Melissa and she blushed seeing him in just a bathrobe. Greg had always wondered how she had wound up working at an adult toy shop. She was so shy and seemed innocent at heart. She looked much more like the kind of person who would be working at a grocery store or maybe a library.
"Hey Lisa." Greg greeted her.
"Hi Greg. How are you?" She asked meekly.
"Doing good. Hell-of-a rush this morning."
"Yeah. I over heard Valarie say we pulled in over three thousand this morning." Melissa said.
Greg let out a long whistle; "it's hard to say no to that." He replied.
"And you are okay with all this?" She asked as she glanced at him trying not to look at his crotch.
"I really don't mind it. At first it felt a little awkward sure but I'm kind of used to it. Besides, we are making about a thousand dollars an hour." Greg said and turned back to face the store.
Melissa nodded in understanding. Valarie walked out from her office hurriedly carrying a piece of paper and had another excited expression on her face.
Melissa and Gregory shared an intrigued expression as Valarie walked up.
"There's another one." Valarie said excitedly.
"Another what?" Greg asked.
"Blog posting about us. One of the customers from this morning posted about us. They said that it was well worth the price of seeing something magnificently manly.
Her only regret was not being able to enjoy it more thoroughly." Valarie read; "I will be returning today to explore this rare exotic oddity myself. To all my readers, I promise you the best sex take you've ever heard from me." Valarie looked up and smiled. "She is coming back today. Today! Who knows how many people follow this blog.
A whole new batch of customers will probably flood in." She looked at Greg and pointed a long painted fingernail at him. "I want you to make sure you pull every stop. Use every technique and every toy. No customer leaves without at least one orgasm."
"Will do." Gregory said as he gave her a mock Salute. Valarie walked off rereading the blog posting again. Greg looked at Melissa and shrugged and returned to his room. The room was basically the size of a large closet. There was a twin sized bed against one wall, a comfortable chair opposite of that.
Candles burning dimly through the room spreading a fresh scent of vanilla and flowers. Against the side wall was a stand which held all the oils he normally used and the lubricants, done scented and others numbing. He had a variety of different plugs and vibrators that sat on a velvet mat. He sat down in his chair with a book and decided to wait for the next customer.
Melissa was startled as Valarie rushed from her office and to the front.
"I need to meet with a possible investor." She said excitedly. "Hold down the fort and call me if anything comes up."
Before Melissa could even reply, Valarie was out the door and down the mall hallway. Valarie quickly hurried to the east side of the mall which was nearly a quarter mile walk away.
She arrived at a small cafe that had been around since the mall's original build three decades prior. As she walked in looking a little winded she noticed a woman on the opposite end of the cafe stand up and flag her over. Valarie walked over to the woman and sat down. The woman had mid length chestnut brown hair and hazelnut eyes that matched her mocha colored skin. She was definitely in her late thirties but not quite into her forties.
"I rushed over as soon as I got your call." Valarie said.
"Thank you for meeting with me on such incredibly short notice. All me to introduce myself. I'm Sandy with Adult Pleasures Corporation." She said in an accent that didn't quite match her face. "My boss has heard your recent spike in popularity and has sent me to see if it is really worth the investment."
She pulled out her phone and scrolled through a few texted documents. "This…Gallon Gregory is here, right?" Sandy asked.
"Yes. He is at my store now in fact." Valarie replied.
"Wonderful. If he is as grand as the recent popular posts and blogs have been saying then my boss would like to invest some serious money into this."
"To what end?" Valarie asked.
"Simple really. A quarter of every dollar that is made off Gallon Gregory would go back to APC. In return my boss has offered to send new stock and inventory along with special advertisements for your store." Sandy explained.
Valarie could not believe what she was hearing.
Her store was going to be advertised by the largest sex corporation in the nation.
"You've got yourself a deal." Valarie said.
"First let's go see about Gregory."
Melissa greeted the customers as they came in and assisted them with renting rooms but most were just shopping about. She was surprised when Valarie returned with a woman who looked like she was part of a fortune five hundred business.
"Melissa." Valarie said. "This is Sandy. She is here from APC to check out Greg and invest in the store."
Melissa looked from Valarie to Sandy. "He is in the back." Melissa said and started walking towards his room. Sandy walked close behind.
"I'll take it from here sweetie." Sandy said once they were at the door.
She knocked and then opened the door. Gregory was sitting on a chair reading a book and as she walked in he looked over at her and her tight power suit.
"Good afternoon Gregory. My name is Sandy." She smiled and looked him up and down. "I'm with Adult Pleasures Corporation and my boss wants to invest in you and this store."
Gregory put the book down and gave her his full attention.
"I need you to answer a few questions. First; what sort of services do you offer?"
"I am a trained massage therapist. I offer therapy orgasms, one per massage. Some customers want to see me in a much more private setting." He explained.
"Which includes sexual intercourse?" Sandy asked as she scribbled on a piece of paper.
"It can, yes." He replied.
"What about for the store? What is your role?"
"The usual. Customer service and such." He replied.
"Uh-huh Good." She said as she added more notes. "Okay please remove your clothes so I can see what we will be investing."
Gregory untied his robe and let fall to the chair. Sandy eyes his less than hard cock. Even as it was it looked impressive. She set down her notebook and reached into her purse and pulled out a small container of gel and poured a few drops into her hand.
"This is called stiffening gel." She said as she rubbed her hands together. "May I?"
Greg nodded and she rubbed his cock with both hands and they both watched as the gel took effect. Greg felt it's cooling and mint effect and within seconds his cock stiffened. It lifted up and away from his leg until it stood straight out with a slight curve upward. What was truly surprising was that his cock stiffened even harder than it would normally.
Sandy pulled out a small two foot long tape measure and measured his penis from tip to pelvis.
"Ten and three quarter inches." She said with a surprised tone. "You live up to your astounding reputation." She measured the circumference of his penis and let out a long whistle. "Nine and a half inches. The average is only about four or five." Sandy said as she felt her pussy quiver. She was here on official business.
To take tests and write results and ensure the company money wouldn't be wasted. She knew that Gregory was going to be worth every dime. Sandy put away the tape measure and handed him a towel to wipe off the gel. He took it and started wiping. Sandy couldn't help but watch as he stroked his thick cock with the towel.
She watched as a single bead of precum welled up at the tip of his penis. She couldn't resist it. Not this time. She got down on her knees and looked up at Gregory who looked taken aback. Sandy licked the bead of precum and found it tasted sweeter than she expected.
"Pineapple juice?" She asked.
"I drink one cup of fresh pineapple every morning. Helps to keep it from smelling and tasting sour." He replied.
"You do your homework." She said happily and started licking his thick cock up and down. She wrapped her tongue around his cock as much as she could and moved up and down.
As she reached the tip of his head she opened her mouth and swallowed his massive mushroom headed cock. Her eyes rolled back and his cock filled her mouth in a way nothing had. She was double surprised when he snatched her up like a doll and tossed her onto the bed.
With a quick twist and pull her skirt was up and her panty hoes were down to her ankles. Gregory reached over and grabbed a black vibrator and added some lubricant to the silicone head. He looked down at Sandy who had stopped sucking his cock.
"I didn't tell you to stop did I?" He asked in a deep dominant voice that she couldn't refuse. Sandy reached around and cupped his firm ass and started sucking three solid inches of his cock. Gregory opened her legs wide and turned the vibrator on low. She moaned as the humming vibrations hit her pussy.
He moved up and down her pussy separating her long pink labia and then circled around her pussy. Sandy felt teased and aroused and with each passing moment her arousal was growing. It wasn't just the vibrations, or the fact that she was sucking on the thickest longest dick she had ever laid eyes on. It was the way that Gregory leaned into her making her unable to fully withdraw his cock.
He was controlling her with such ease and she liked it. Greg turned up the vibrations another click and focused on vibrating just the lips and opening of her pussy. Sandy tried her best to keep a steady rhythm of sucking but it was too much between his size and the vibrations.
She stopped sucking and padded his butt with both hands. Greg turned up the vibrator again and this time he placed it directly over her clitoris. He slowly slid his hips back and forth as he fucked her mouth steadily. Sandy was taken away by his ability to multitask with such consistency. He pressed down on her clitoris and started moving in concentric circles.
Her moans escaped her mouth even though it was filled with his cock. As he turned up the vibrations once more her eyes went wide. She bucked wildly and whined and in a sudden release she squirted. A steady two second stream of cum shot across the bed and into the wall.
Each squirt after was less until she slumped to the bed. He pulled out his cock and pumped out a few stringy drops of precum that landed on her cheeks.
"That was incredible." She huffed.
"So? Am I worth the investment?" He asked, knowing full well what the answer was. Sandy laid there for a few more minutes before pulling up her panty hoes and pulling down her skirt.
"Gregory. My boss has agreed to invest two thousand dollars a week into you. Your boss Valarie will ensure that every quarter of every dollar made is paid to us. The rest of the money is yours." She said and as she stood up, her legs wobbled and she fell back to the bed. "I think I need another moment." She smiled. Gregory helped Sandy to her feet and they walked out and Valarie stood across the room anxiously waiting.
"Well?" Valarie asked?
Sandy didn't bother hiding her smile; "I'll let my boss know that APC will be investing in your company. As of now you'll be a branch of the APC family. We will talk about paperwork and formalities later this week." Sandy looked to Gregory and smiled. "As for you, keep up the orgasmic work." She winked and turned to leave. Once she had left the store Valarie rushed Gregory and wrapped him in a hug.
"This is amazing!" She shouted. "I never thought my company would become a part of a national corporation."
"I'm really glad that it's happened, and so quickly too." Gregory said.
"Me neither. Please finish out today and we will work on an official schedule for you.
Does that work?" Valarie asked.
"Sure of course." He replied.
"Perfect." She smiled, hugged him once again and went back to her office.

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