A Mother’s Luxuries Ch. 10

tagIncest/TabooA Mother's Luxuries Ch. 10

As soon as Valarie walked in she could hear the screams of so much sexual pleasure that she had to see what was happening. She opened the door a crack and watched as Gregory stuffed his enormous cock down a young girl's pussy.
"Oh fuck me! Don't stop! Never stop!" Molly shouted as another orgasm took over her. Valarie softly closed the door and walked over to Melissa who looked a little reserved, more so than usual.
"Morning Melissa. You okay?" Valarie asked.
"Good morning Valarie. I'm doing alright. How are you?" Melissa smiled in a way that Valarie knew instantly was fake.
"Melissa? What's wrong?"
"Nothing I…I…"
"Tell me." Valarie said.
Melissa blushed and glanced over to the door where Gregory was still fucking Molly.
A sly grin crept over Valarie's face and she held in her laugh.
"Are you…interested in Gregory?" Valarie asked.
Melissa's face went from pink to red in a heartbeat and an expression of guilt and worry folded over her face. Valarie couldn't contain her laughter as it exploded outward.
"I don't mean to laugh. I'm sorry it's just…" Valarie wiped away a tear and tried to compose herself. "I just thought that you would have already had some of Gregory."
"What? No!" Melissa said. "I only just now saw him naked."
"Oh my god. You've never seen him naked before today?" Valarie asked.
"No." Melissa replied, still looking a bit red in the face.
"Melissa sweetie. Why don't I open up shop and how about you go get some morning Gregory. Get it out of your system."
Melissa turned a shade darker in embarrassment.
"God no! I couldn't."
"Why not? It's only natural that you would want to feel a man like him inside you. Don't be embarrassed." Valarie said.
Melissa wanted to scream, cry, laugh and shout all at the same time. She wanted to be fucked by Gregory but she also didn't want to be just another one of his regular customers.
"Oh shit. You want to date him, don't you?" Valarie asked as though she had read Melissa's thoughts.
"Well I mean…I don't know, maybe." She glanced over to the door just as it opened and a very tired and exhausted looking Molly walked out. She stumbled towards the door drunkenly and then walked out. Gregory wrapped the bathrobe around himself and walked over to Valarie.
"Good morning Val."
"Morning Greg. How much did we make this morning?" Valarie asked.
Gregory reached into his pocket and pulled out a rubber-banded wad of cash. Valarie flipped through the money and with wide eyes she looked at Gregory.
"This is eleven hundred dollars. What the hell did you do this morning?" Valarie asked.
"We have seven customers. Most paid the usual look fee. A couple paid a touch fee and the last one-" he threw a thumb over his shoulder at the door; "-she paid three hundred for an extra session." He winked.
"Well done." Valarie said and flipped through the money again and pulled out five bills and handed them to Greg. "Here you go. Great job." She smiled and winked at Melissa before walking off to her office. Gregory pulled out a hundred and folded it up and slid it between Melissa's large A-cup breasts.
"Thank you for the help Lisa. I hope it wasn't too weird." He said. "I didn't think you would be interested in watching. Makes me wonder what else I don't know about you." He smirked.
Melissa blushed hard and she could feel another wave of cum drool out between her thighs.
"Let me know if you need anything Lisa." Greg said and sniffed inside his bathrobe. "I badly need a shower before more come in. I smell like ass and cum." He chuckled and walked off leaving Melissa to wonder what she should do.
By the time Gregory finished showering and getting dressed in his usual slacks and t-shirt, the store had opened and a brand new line of customers had formed for him. Three women, two men and a girl who looked far too young but was probably the same age as the first two girls.
"Hey Greg. Come here quick." Valarie said from her office. Gregory walked over and into her office and closed the door.
She slid a pair of papers across the table and he looked them both over thoroughly. The paper of the left was an agreement of him being given partnership of the business which was now a part of APC. Valarie and Gregory received an even forty percent each while the remainder of the money was split evenly between APC and the store itself. Gregory signed it and pushed it back at Valarie who filed it away. The other sheet was a gridded layout of his schedule to be determined.
"You choose whatever hours and whatever days, so long as it is below fifty and above thirty nine." Valarie said.
Gregory had school twice a week, Monday and Thursday in the late morning for two hours. He wrote down his schedule and handed it to Valarie.
"Mornings Tuesday and Wednesday? Evenings Friday, Saturday and Sunday?" Valarie asked as verbal confirmation.
"With Monday and Thursday off for schooling." Gregory added.
"Sounds good to me. Here is your personal company email and you'll find your very own private calendar for appointments. You'll need to maintain them yourself." Valarie said as she handed him an additional piece of paper with all the appropriate information.
"Thank you Valarie. Truly." He said.
Valarie smiled up at him; "I should be thanking you too. Because of you, this company has skyrocketed and I might be able to retire in less than ten years."
"Then what?" Greg asked.
She shrugged, "we will see where it goes from there. Now go get yourself ready for your customers. Oh, start adding them into your system."
"Yes ma'am." He winked and walked off.
"Okay ladies…Umm and gentlemen. Who is first?" He asked.
A pair of girls stood up eagerly with papers in their hands.
"We are." They said almost in unison.
"Okay, follow me." He said and they followed him to the room where they sat on the bed, legs crossed and smiled wide.
"Please write down your names and preferred method of contact." Greg said.
"For what?" The girl on the left asked.
"We want to make our customers feel more welcomed and by adding you into my personal customer log, you can reserve a private spot ahead of time instead of waiting in line next time."
Both girls grinned and started writing emails and names and phone numbers down. Once they had done that they passed over the papers and he set them in a fabric basket to look over later. He glanced over at the pages and what boxes they had checked off. Both had checked off look and so he opened up his robe and revealed his semi-hard cock. Both girls inspected it from a far and close up.
"It's so thick." One of the girls said.
"I wish I would've checked off touch it." The other girl whined.
"Go create an account and reserve a spot for later. I'm available all day." He winked. Both girls hurried out and headed out to the mall with their phones in their hands. The next few customers, including the two men, wanted only to see his penis.
They all added their names and contacts which he would add into the system later. Gregory poked his head out and waved in the last customer who was the young girl…the too young looking girl. She had long brown hair and blue eyes. She wore a pair of tight leggings and a t-shirt.
"I'm Katie." The girl said in a rather soft and girly voice.
"I'm sorry to ask Katie but-"
Before he even finished his sentence she pulled out her ID and to his surprise she was well over eighteen.
"I'm used to it. I guess it's some age regenerative disease. Doctors say that when I'm sixty I'll probably look about forty." She said. "It's not so bad. Thanks for checking though."
"Could you add your name and contact on the paper. I'll add you into the system so you can reserve a spot for the future instead of waiting." He said.
She wrote down her information and passed it off to Greg who looked it over and added the money she had clipped to the top with the rest of the money from the morning.
Gregory opened up his robe and displayed his cock for her to inspect. She looked at it with wide eyes and inspected it from beneath and overhead and from all angles. Something only a select few people did. A very select few.
"Are you a blogger or a magazine forum writer?" He asked.
Katie smiled and was about to deny it but didn't bother with it, she could tell that her cover had been blown.
"You're good. Not many notice. Yeah I'm with white gloss magazine." She said. "I do a weekly forum on various shops and their special items. You are at the top of my list." She winked. "Can I ask you something?"
Greg arched an eyebrow curiously. Not many asked him questions.
"Sure." He replied and folded his bath robe over.
"Do you have a special someone in your life?" She asked.
"Well I…I have a love interest, yes."
"Interesting. And how does she feel about your job?"
"She isn't jealous and she fully supports it." Greg said.
Katie jotted everything down on a small notepad and then slid it back into her purse.
"Okay, one last thing. Would you agree to let me have a little taste of your magnificent cock if I agree to write a magnificently glowing review about you?" She asked.
"Five minutes." Greg said. "And it had better include the whole shop."
"Agreed." Katie said and watched as he opened up his robe and revealed himself once again.
Katie got down on her knees and began licking his cock from balls to tip and them teasing his tip with her tongue. She glanced over at the small timer on the desk.
"If only I had more time." She sighed and then opened her mouth wide and engulfed his cock and got three full inches in. She slurped up his precum as she started trying to deep throat him but her throat barrier hadn't fully fallen. She looked over at the clock.
She had less than two minutes and she really wanted to feel his girth in her throat.
"Please. Push it down my throat. I want to feel it. Please." She said.
Gregory stood up and walked over her until his cock was directly above her. She opened her mouth and like a guillotine he dropped down into her mouth and broke straight through her barrier. He pushed his cock straight down her throat until his balls were pressed against her lips.
He held his cock deep inside of her and watched the clock. Katie could barely breathe through her nostrils, his cock filled her throat completely. Tears filled her eyes and the need for more oxygen took over and burned at her lungs. The timer went off and he pulled out. She drew in a gasp of air and coughed.
"Fuck that felt good!" She rasped out. Katie got back up to her feet and thanked him before walking out.
Linda walked into Gregory's room and stopped at the dresser in his room. The same dresser she had searched in before but found nothing. As she pulled out the bottom drawer and emptied it out completely she noticed the smallest of strings on the edge of the lining. So thin she would have dismissed it for a loose bit of cloth fiber.
Linda pulled the string up and the entire drawer lining came up and off. What she found beneath made her nearly drop the lid in surprise. Under the fake bottom drawer of the dresser were sex toys. There were plugs of metal and silicone. Floggers of leather and rope. She saw a pair of large vibrators and some gags and cuffs and blind folds. She would have never known her son was a kinky dominant.
She wondered what else she didn't know about him. A new thought popped into her mind, one that brought a wave of such arousal she nearly had an orgasm just thinking about it. If Gregory had been collecting toys did he consider her a toy? Was she going to be his personal fuck toy? Linda let the lid on the drawer drop and she headed back down stairs and picked up her phone. The phone rang three times before Marsha picked up.
"What's up?" Marsha asked.
"Do your sons have toys?" Linda asked.
"Like what? They still have their collectibles and stuff but-"
"No. I mean adult toys. Sex toys." Linda said.
"Oh. No. I've got my vibrator but that's really it. Why? Are you considering getting some?" Marsha asked.
"Gregory already has some." Linda replied.
"Wait what? Like what kind?"
"All of them. Dildos, vibrators, plugs and more."
"Okay Linda. I'm fucking jealous." Marsha replied. "Is he into BDSM and stuff?"
"It looks that way but…I don't know."
"Does he know that you are?" Marsha asked.
"I don't know." Linda replied.
"Well shit woman. Time to find out."
"I'm going to ask him today after he gets home." Linda said.
"More sex too?" Marsha asked.
Linda touched her crotch and she felt a tingle of pain. "Probably not. I'm still sore and my cervix feels like it was crushed by a wrecking ball."
"If I wasn't at work right now Linda, I'd be right on top of my boys." Marsha said.
"Sorry Marsha." Linda chuckled.
"Whatever. Just let me know how it goes."
"Will do. See ya." Linda hung up the phone and looked at the clock. Gregory still had hours before he would be off work and she was beginning to feel ravenously horny.

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