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A new career
This is 100% fiction!None of it is real!Any similarity to real people living or dead, is a total coincidence.(Not counting the mention of one former porn starlet.)In this parallel universe there are no STDs to worry about.We have them, so don't try this at home.Also, since their Old Testament and most other ancient religious writings had stories of fathers making their daughters pregnant, incest, while not actually encouraged, was also not illegal!The laws HERE are not so kind.All characters, engaged in sexual activity, are 18-years old or older. Although this could logically fit into several of the story categories on Literotica, I have told the powers that be to put it into the incest/taboo category.Why?Because they seem to think that if there is ANY incest in it, how ever slight, that is where it must go.I chose not to fight that battle.
Lastly, I extend heartfelt thanks and appreciation to fellow author LexxRuthless for his valuable efforts to edit my story.If it is one that you like, he gets the thanks for making it a much better story.If you think it is a piece of crap, then I get all the blame for dreaming it up in the first place.As they say, 'You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig!'
Don't forget to vote!Five stars are gratefully appreciated, ones grudgingly, as long as they are honest votes.
Hey, how ya doing? I'm doing pretty damn good, thanks for asking. My name is Amos, and I'm a lucky guy to be retired at the age of 60. Sold my business last year for tons of money and am set for life. Several of them actually. My bride of the last 37 years is still an active woman, but since menopause she has less sexual desire than that of a dead and semi-truck tire flattened skunk. Trust me, that isn't very much.
For at least the last seven years, I have been lucky to get in a fuck once a month. And it isn't great sex; it's, at best, four minutes long after she gives me a so-so blowjob to make me hard. Since that only takes about a minute because I'm so horny, the whole thing is hardly worth the effort. But my balls certainly are happy about it.
Just the other night, and right after the first quick fuck in five weeks, Peg, my wife, said, "I wish you hadn't sold your company. Now you are under foot all the time and seem to want sex every second. I think you should get another job. Anything, just to take the pressure off of me."
Well, that shocked the hell out of me. Sure, I was horny. Make that, I AM horny! I'm in great shape, especially for my age. (I weigh 185, same as when I graduated college at 20, 6'2" and I'm lots stronger than I look.) Just because my hair turned white and my trimmed beard is salt and pepper grey, that doesn't mean there isn't a fire in the furnace. I looked down at her (my softening dick was still in her cum filled cunt) and asked, "And just what kind of a job should I get?" Hey, it's her idea, might as well ask it.
"Good grief, Amos, I don't fucking care," she literally snarled at me. "Just find any fucking job you might like and do it! You seem good at everything. Now would you get out of me so I can clean up your mess?"
What's a guy to do when his wife says a thing like that? Yup, I pulled out and moved as she quickly headed to the bathroom.
That was five days ago, a Saturday evening. Next morning, I stepped outside in my PJs and picked up the Sunday paper, then went in and started reading through every category in the 'help wanted' section. We live in the LA area, so that means it took quite a while.
I was surprised at all the ads for potential porn actors and actresses. Never even thought that they might advertise like that. I figured most of them were just guys trying to con a hopeful but naïve girl into fucking them for free at the 'audition'. And there was an overwhelming number of ads for massage (wink, wink) services. Later I tossed the paper aside after not seeing anything that really tripped my trigger. Peg grabbed it and walked off looking it over while I stepped outside and started cleaning our pool.
Two hours later (I took my time and enjoyed the morning sun) I was just putting everything away when Peg stepped out and said, "You need to check this one out!"
"Yeah, it's right up your alley. I circled it in red." And then she dropped the paper onto our patio table and went back inside. I grabbed a beer out of our outdoor fridge, then sat down to look at that ad.
I started taking a sip of my beer as I looked at the ad, then I nearly spewed it out! The circled ad read: 'Elderly man in reasonable shape needed for adult films. No experience needed.' And then it gave a phone number. After I got over my shock, I read the ad again, if only to make certain there was only one ad within that circle.
After I finished my beer I walked back inside and Peg looked up and asked, "Well, did you make the call?"
"It's Sunday!"
"Porn doesn't care."
"How the fuck would you know?"
"Just guessing," she said, giving me one of her patented looks that told me to do something. "Just go make the call," she added.
I did. The phone was answered by a sweet voiced female who sounded very professional. In minutes I had an interview set up for Monday afternoon at 1 PM.
I arrived 15-minutes early. The sweet voiced fat pig handed me a clipboard with forms to fill out first. Just as I finished, a woman of probably 40 called me to follow her. Nice office. We introduced ourselves (I don't want to give her name, let's call her 'x-woman' or some such name) and we sat down on nice plush chairs facing each other.
"I see you replied to our ad for the elderly man. We were hoping you were older than 40," the x-woman said.
"Didn't you see my birthdate?"
"I was going by your looks. Holy fuck! Are you really that old?"
"I am, but it's not 'that' old."
"Okay," she said as she scanned the form again. "Hmmmmm, you do realize this job requires quite a bit of fucking." I nodded my head. "How do you think you can handle that when you say you only have sex about once a month?"
"I take it you've never encountered a dried-up wife," I said sadly.
"Oh fuck! Sorry, I didn't think about that. How do you perform under pressure?"
I mentioned the pressure of owning your own business and being responsible for not only your own livelihood, but that of all your employees as well. That satisfied that.
"How long can you fuck before your dick says no?"
"Lately, how the hell would I know. Before I got married, I fucked twins under the bed as they begged for me to stop. The wife used to like it until the 'change' happened."
"Okay, we can test that. I need to see your dick."
Blunt. Guess that comes with the territory. I stood up and dropped my slacks and boxers, my limp 4-inches hanging with my hairy balls. "That's a nice start. It's a pretty dick, for one that's circumcised. Come here," she said as she pointed to a spot just inches from her. Figuring it was part of the process, I kicked off my shoes then stepped out of my slacks and boxers. In four steps I stopped where she wanted me.
Without another word, she leaned in and sucked my soft shaft into what felt like heaven on earth. I mean, once in a while if I begged, my wife would suck my cock for a very short time, but she just isn't into it any more. But x-woman had skills beyond belief! I was rock hard in no more than 30 seconds, even though that is a total guess as she kept me completely within her lips until finally pulling completely off of my steel-hard shaft.
"Nice, you firm up very impressively. What are you, about 8 inches long?"
"I have no idea, never measured it."
"Let's just see," as she reached over and pulled a cloth tape measure from a drawer. Quickly she had it on top of my shaft stretched base to end. Raising up she looked at it and said, "Good man, right at 7 and three-quarter! I not usually very far off."
And then I was back inside of her mouth and she was sucking the shit out of me. Two or so minutes later she pulled off and inspected my shaft, then asked, "How's your control? Can you hold back on cumming or do you have a hair trigger?"
I shrugged my shoulders and she laughed while saying, "Your fucking wife! Okay, try not to cum," she said as she glanced at the wall clock. In seconds I knew I might just have to look her videos up on line as she was by far the best cocksucker I had ever been blessed to enjoy. And then she stepped it up and I nearly blew my load!
It was a huge struggle but I gained control and managed to keep the cum in my balls. I had to close my eyes several times as feeling her efforts while seeing them was nearly too much. And she was obviously trying her damnedest to make me explode!
Twenty-two minutes later I groaned, "Oh fuck yessssssssss!" as my first cum blast shot into her stomach. She kept right at me and drained my balls, even while taking a look at the clock. I kept on standing until, thirty-three minutes later she swallowed my load once more.
She checked the clock again as her lips finally left my cock. "Those were some nice loads you had for me. Now let's see how you fuck!" By then she was naked and on her back on the couch. I looked between her wide spread legs, gave her a smile, then leaned in and shoved my cock in all the way to my balls.
"You certainly feel good and hard, just how I like them. Now fuck me and do your best to delay cumming."
As my hips started moving, I managed to say, "Today sure beats being at home with the wife!"
X-woman laughed hard at that, the tightness on my cock felt wonderful. I was fucking her hard while wondering just how I should thank my wife for telling me to make that call. Well, maybe just not even mention it. Who knows how jealous she might become?
I was told to fuck her, and try not to cum. I was NOT making love to her. Since that was how she wanted it, I left her clit and tits alone. It was time to let my cock do the talking. I was pretty sure we both checked that damned clock.
Never in my life had I encountered such a ravenous pussy! She tried her best to make me cum in less than five minutes. Again, just before ten. She came at twelve minutes but I just kept on fucking. As I had no idea if I would be hired, I wanted to fuck as much as I possibly could right here and now.
X-woman cried out as she came again at roughly 25 minutes, when I had to really clamp down with my pubic muscles to keep my balls in check. Quite a bit later she gasped again in release when I finally pumped her cunt full of old man sperm.
I stopped with my base pressed up tight against her entrance and asked, "How was that?"
"Fuck me."
"Okay," I said and my hips started moving again.
Her legs flew around me and held me in place as she gasped, "That's not what I meant! The answer to your question is, pretty damned good! One of the best fucks I've had in this office in years. Do you have to be any place in the next few hours?" I shook my head. "Good. You need to take a shower, then see our in-house doctor. If he is satisfied, you'll be in front of the lights by five o'clock."
After a quick shower I got dressed, then undressed for my physical. Needle prick for a blood test then sit down and read an abbreviated script. It had the general scenario, with suggested wordage, but adlibbing was encouraged.
X-woman sat down next to me and said, "Well, the doctor gave his OK, so I need you to see wardrobe for some clothes, and we need to go over this contract." The contract was, she said, pretty standard for the industry, and that I was agreeing to allow them to video me having consensual sex with a female of legal age. The name of the feature this would become part of had not been determined so it just showed a video number. I was amazed at the amount I would get for agreeing to fuck someone on camera!
Then she said, "Okay, we had a change in the script," which amazed me as there wasn't all that much to it. "In place of the word 'father' we are using 'grandfather'. In place of 'daughter' we are using 'granddaughter'. Okay?" It was. The name of the girl was still 'Peggy' which made me chuckle as that is my wife's name. Later, her last word to me before we went on set was to NOT look at the cameras.
I looked around, noticing there were more people than I expected. I moved into position, supposedly reading at my desk, when the director said, "Action."
In seconds a girl of at best, 19, walked in through the fake door and said, "Hi grandpa, can I ask you some questions?"
I was stunned by her beauty, and her youthfulness. She had fairly long light brown hair, deep brown eyes, an oval face with high cheek bones, a narrow nose that rested above soft lips that I could only describe as 'blowjob lips'. Damn was she hot! It took a couple seconds before I managed to say my line. I won't bore you with the details of the scene. There isn't much to it anyway. Neither of us would win an academy award for our 'acting'.
But in just a few minutes, per the script, Peggy was on her knees before me with my hardening cock in her little fingers. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. "Gosh grandfather, my boyfriend's cock isn't this big!" she said as she looked at my shaft from all angles.
"It gets bigger," I told her, totally adlibbing.
"Gosh," she said, also off script.
And then this super young girl (to me) inhaled my cock and showed she knew what to do with a good-sized cock. And for the first time since I turned 21, a teenaged girl was between my legs sucking my shaft. FUCK!! I wonder if the wife expected that! It made me smile. (The camera caught it and the editor put it in the final cut!)
As she sucked the first half of my shaft, I relished in the glorious sensations this youngster was giving me. God what a great idea my wife had had! The script called for about five minutes of deepthroat blowjob action before we would switch to me fucking her with her sprawled on her back on my desk. She barely managed an inch more than half way down.
The director made motions alerting everyone on set of one minute, which I took to mean he would signal for us to move at that time. Right as he stopped motioning, two of the set's light-stands toppled over onto the floor making a loud noise that scared the girl out of her wits!
She jumped up and I caught her naked body as I scanned the floor for broken lightbulb glass. There was a lot. She was shaking like a leaf while the director was screaming at everybody he could find to scream at. Finally, he remembered to say, "Cut! God damn it!" He looked at us eventually and said, "You two go sit someplace and relax. We'll get this cleaned up and put back together, then we'll pick up at the next scene."
I stood up, still holding the shaking girl, and carefully walked off set with my pants still around my feet. I found a couch sitting in a corner and took her there and sat down. Expecting her to move off of me, she hugged me as she thanked me for 'being so brave'. I shrugged my shoulders as I squeezed her ass.
"This is my third scene. I like you; you aren't like I expected all male porn stars to be," she said softly.
"Well, I like you too. And I wouldn't call myself a male porn star yet. This is my first time in front of the cameras."
"You're kidding!" she said looking me in the eyes. I assured her I wasn't. She looked down at my cock next to her legs and said, "should I take care of that for you?"
"What's your name, sweetie?"
"It's Carol, what's yours?" she said.
"I'm Amos, Carol, and I'm pleased to meet you!" I told her. "And you don't HAVE to, but if you want to, I'd sure enjoy it."
"Okay!" she said happily as she slipped off of me and resumed what she had been doing on set! I didn't hold back. Didn't even want to. About seven fantastic minutes later I pumped her mouth full as her tongue worked me over like crazy. Who cares that she can't deepthroat? There's more to oral than depth!
Once I stopped pumping cum into her mouth, she sucked hard as she pulled off of me, then looked into my eyes as she swallowed hard three times. Her mouth opened and she stuck her tongue out to show she had swallowed it all. Leaning forward she sucked in my first three inches and gave me a few parting sucks and tongue swirls, then clamored back onto my lap, put her arms around my neck and kissed me.
Ending the kiss, she smiled while saying, "Thank you Amos, I love the way you taste! Lots of cum too! My boyfriend barely gets out one shot and then a few drops! That was fun!"
"Thank you, Carol, that was quite enjoyable! And you are very good at that!"
"I wanted to swallow your cock, but I can't," she said with a pout.
"Don't worry about that, what you can handle is more than enough! As you know, I came really good for you!"
"Really? Gosh, you are so nice. I thought all guys want the girl to do that. My boyfriend does, he likes it. But then, his dick is nothing compared to yours." She went silent as we watched the crew still cleaning the set prior to getting it set back up. Her head turned back to me and she kissed my lips again. "You kiss really nice. Um, I'm on the pill, so I'd like it if you came inside of me!"
"Are you sure? That's not how the script goes."
"I know that, but gosh, you are such a hunky man! When they told me, I was going to have to fuck an old guy, I nearly said no. I am sure glad I didn't do that! Uh, how old are you, Amos?"
"Just turned sixty."
"No really, how old are you?"
"Sixty-years and 2-months." She looked at me, her jaw hanging low as her eyes dropped to my still mostly hard cock, then my chest before reaching my eyes again.
"Goooooosssssshhhhhhhh," she said in wonder. Her eyes looked at my cock again then she said, "Now I know that I really want you to cum in me! Goodness, I hope we get to do a lot of scenes together! I can't wait to feel your cock in me!"
"So, how did you get into doing this? You seem like a smart girl."
"Thanks, I needed to earn some money to pay my college tuition. But then they found out what I was doing and kicked me out. Four other good schools have all rejected my application. I never thought this would ruin my chance for a career!"
Fuck, I didn't know what to say about that. After a few moments she looked up at me and asked, "How about you, how'd you get into this?"
"I'm retired, and my wife doesn't much care for sex any more …" and I told her about our lack of intimacy, then Saturday night and the Sunday paper etc.
"She's married to a handsome guy with a cock like yours and she doesn't want sex? What the fuck! Let me move in and I'll take up the slack! And she actually told you to do this!" I nodded my head. "She's nuts!"
Just then the director told us they were ready so we walked together onto the glass fragment free set. "Let me get you hard so you can fuck me," Carol said.
"I'll get the fluffer," the director said. "Where the fuck is Gerty?"
"I'm here, so let me, besides, I have to look like I was just giving head," and she dropped to her knees and revived my sagging shaft. She kept at it for longer than was needed, but I didn't complain. Gerty (Miss Piggy) turned and went back to her desk in the office. I was in front of my desk chair so I sat back down and Carol/Peg knelt down and hungrily continued sucking my cock. After longer than required, the director told us to just keep going and when he said 'action' we should pick up the scene where she climbs onto my desk and begs me to fuck her.
Moments later with cameras rolling (or however they digitally word it nowadays) Peg pulled off of my stone solid cock and looked up at me while pleading, "I love you grandpa, please fuck me! Show me that my boyfriend is a lousy lay!" None of that was in the script other than 'fuck me'!

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