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tagGroup SexA New Friend in the Mountains

I rubbed my calf as I sat on a bench hewn from a half of a tree, worn smooth by countless asses before mine. The view from here should be spectacular. I sat atop a local peak a mile above sea level, surrounded by bare granite, scruffy bushes beaten down by years of wind and rain, and looked out into a cloud. Nothing but gray mist was visible for miles. So much for hiking on a rainy day in the late summer in my state.
I had a cramp in my calf, I was wet, and there was no payoff view. All that was left was to hike back down to the trailhead and drag my wet sorry self back to the cozy cabin we had rented for the week. "We" are my wife Cathy and me, two very busy people who have grown comfortable during lockdown with living in our separate rooms all day and coming out at night to share dinner and then collapse on the couch. Not many people followed us out this rainy Tuesday morning, so we thought we'd have the trail to ourselves. I hoped we could mark the trail ourselves…I imagined my wife, yoga pants down around her knees, bent over and gripping the overlook sign as I pounded her from behind. I could hear the slap of my thighs against her beautiful round ass and her cries of excitement as we fucked on top of a mountain overlooking valleys and cabins and unknowing people below.
But I had a cramp in my calf, I was wet, and my wife wasn't even here. Though while I massaged my calf, I began to hear voices in the distance. I could make out Cathy's high breathy voice, hear her brilliant laugh. It warmed my heart; my wet, crampy heart, but my hopes for joining the mile high club were dashed by Cathy's new friend, Corie.
Cathy and her friend rounded a corner and out of a cut in the brush—Cathy in her bright red rain shell and black tights, and Corie in blue shorts and a t-shirt. Corie was six feet tall, even taller than my wife and I at five eleven each. She was thin, muscular, and extremely comfortable on the trail. When we met her, about 2 miles ago, she was just another hiker to wave to and mask up in front of. But within minutes Corie, a Forest Service worker from a nearby state, and my wife, a botanist, were fast friends and slowing us down. I got ahead because I wasn't really interested in every damn plant and tree. But Cathy was happy and she needed that. Her parents were sick, her job was overwhelming, and well, everything else that bothered everyone else bothered her too. I wanted to get her to the mountains, her favorite place.
The hike down was about the same as the trip up. We passed two or three other hikers, but otherwise were alone. I walked ahead lost in my own thoughts, broken up only by their giggling and Cathy's orders every now and then not to get too far ahead. The parking lot at the trailhead had emptied except for our car and two others, one of which I assumed to be Corie's. We said goodbye to Cathy's new friend and limped back to our car to change out of hike clothes. Suddenly we heard a gasp and a cry from the other end of the parking lot.
Someone had tried to steal Corie's Subaru, and they had done a bad job. They broke a window and opened the glove box with a screwdriver, then tried to hotwire it, maybe? The ignition was smashed and her gear was gone. I learned that she spent part of her summers backpacking alone—throw gear in the car and sleep at whatever campground she could. Sometimes just in the car. But this was everything she had, aside from $100 and her driver's license, which she kept in her day pack. This car wasn't going anywhere and the rain was starting to pick up. Cathy quickly offered her a ride. I pulled a trash bag from our car and put it over her broken window and left a note. We'd call the state park when got cell signal back.
Corie was more frustrated than sad. As a 44 year old mother and divorcee, she was pretty resilient. And emphasis on the pretty, I thought. As we drove down the mountain and back toward town, I saw her from time to time in the mirror. She had a model's face—high cheekbones, clear piercing eyes, and a smile that danced on her face. When she took off her headband, I could see her tight black curly hair, almost a short afro, with a little gray to it. I thought she was very dark for a white woman but I learned that she was actually very light for a Black woman. Well, her grandfather was from Barbados…
Bad luck was our companion today and while we were able to make it to the sheriff's station to report the theft, we couldn't get anywhere that could tow her car. We invited her to our cabin to stay the night, and we would help her get her problems solved the next day. How could I say no? The two women were having a great time together. That continued all night, through a few glasses of wine, dinner, and a few hands of cards. I had a headache and went to bed. Cathy woke me up an hour or so later coming to bed. She had shown Corie to the other bedroom and given her some sweats and a t-shirt. She kissed me lightly on the forehead and turned out the light.
The next day I got up early and sat in front of the picture window on the second floor, not far from Corie's bedroom. The door was closed so I wasn't worried about making noise while I read. The sun was coming over the ridge and the fog was burning off the valley. It was beautiful. I relaxed and stretched, and my cock rubbed against my pants. That quickened my heart and started my cock swelling. What the hell? I thought. I pushed my sweats down to my ankles and lazily ran my fingers up and down my shaft as it swelled and stood up. My fingertips traced up and down the veiny underside, tickling myself. I watched my cock in the morning sunlight. The head glowed purple from my arousal. I could see the tiny hairs curled around (not many, I keep myself shaved) and the way the middle of my shaft swelled. I was not terribly long but kind of thick. Cathy liked it that way—she preferred short strokes that stretched her rather than being drilled all the way to her cervix. I cupped and gently massaged by balls and I grew goosebumps on the wrinkly skin. My cock twitched as my index finger rubbed my perineum and gently drew circles around my anus. My left hand took my cock and began to stroke while my right pressed a finger against my ass. I slowly but deliberately pumped my cock up and down while pressing my finger in up to my knuckle. That little stretch was all I need. I closed my eyes and lay back with a sigh as I sped up my left hand motion and continued to twitch my other finger inside my asshole. My sack scrunched up and it wasn't long before I was humping my left hand. I focused on my breathing and was looking forward to a nice morning come when a stair squeaked behind me!
I panicked and practically fell off the couch trying to cover myself. Corie was standing right behind me! I covered up with a throw pillow and tried to say something. She was quote nice about it.
"Oh, David. Please don't mind me. I love to get off in the morning so I am ready and relaxed for the rest of the day. I'm sorry I embarrassed you." She turned and went downstairs. I had not really noticed her ass before but I was horny and it looked tight in my wife's sweats. My boner rose again but I decided to ignore it.
I drove Corie around all day to various appointments. Her car wouldn't be fixed for a few days. There weren't any cars for rent, so she was stuck. It didn't make sense to have her stay in a hotel with no transportation, so Cathy and I invited her to continue her stay. I got to know Corie better during our errands, though we didn't talk about that morning. Cathy did work back at the cabin but took Corie shopping for new clothes in the afternoon and let me have a relaxing spell alone.
Clouds rolled in and the sky darkened. I could see lightning in the distance. I wondered where the girls were. Dinner wasn't going to get cold (just a charcuterie, some cheese, fruits, and vegetables—Cathy's favorite), but it was getting late. Suddenly the door burst open and they hurried in, dropping bags by the door. Both were dripping wet from the rain and laughing. I took their bags and got them both towels. They dried off and both went to change clothes. I started a fire in the fireplace and moved dinner in front of the fire. Cathy returned in silky lounge pants and a camisole to my enjoyment. Corie wore a similar top and some very short silk boxers, which highlighted her long legs and tight butt.
We drained a bottle of wine and started a second when the power went out. The rain was fierce and the lightning magnificent in the dark through the A-frame's tall windows. I lit a few candles so we could find our way around, but we figured we'd be in the dark for a while. The warm orange light of the fires made Cathy look sexy as hell. I couldn't help but notice Corie, too. Her pecan skin glowed and the flickering shadows across her body highlighted her curves and angles. And I couldn't help but notice both of their erect nipples as their tops shimmied around as they moved. Was I just horned up and imagining? I kept trying to look at my wife while also stealing glances at her beautiful friend, feeling a little guilty.
We played some cards and talked more and more while the rain beat down on the cabin roof. The talk got steamier—like playing truth or dare without the dares. We learned Corie was sowing her oats since her divorce three years earlier and liked to find new random partners on her summer trips—no attachments. When she exclaimed that the best fuck of your life is never the guy you'll marry, I was disappointed to see Cathy nodding her head knowingly. Corie was unabashed about her experimentation with both men and women, and I could see Cathy's eyes widen. The alcohol loosened us all up and soon I had admitted to fooling around with a guy in college. Cathy was stunned, but she gave me a quick kiss and a furtive squeeze of my cock while Corie refilled her glass. I was smitten with these two lovely women and looked forward to banging my wife thoroughly later.
Eventually, the rain quieted though it didn't stop. The white noise was relaxing. Corie went to the bathroom. Cathy leaned into my ear and whispered "let's do it here. By the fire." She slid her hand into my sweats and stroked my cock.
"OK, we'll hang out here until Corie goes to bed. She's upstairs so we should be able to get away with it." I replied and turned to kiss her lips. She met me warmly and with some hunger. She slid along my cheek back to my ear and whispered again.
"No. With her here."
My cock jumped. What was she saying? I panicked a little.
"You-you mean you want her to watch?" I probed, needing to know if my quiet, conservative wife was suggesting a threesome with our houseguest?
"No, David. Not just watch. I want her with us." She could barely finish the sentence. I could feel her body tense up as she breathily expressed this new longing. I looked at my wife in the firelight. She was beautiful and sexy but there was something in her eyes I couldn't remember seeing. Corie returned and broke the moment. Cathy rose and walked over to Corie. She whispered something to her; I couldn't hear from where I sat. Cathy returned trailing Corie, holding her hand. They knelt next to me. They looked at each other. They kissed, softly, and not by accident. My wife was kissing another woman right in front of me. I was blown away. They gently broke the kiss and then Corie leaned into me and kissed me. Cathy stroked her back while Corie held my head in her hands and our tongues met. Finally, my wife came to me and our kiss sealed the relationship between the three of us. She whispered to me that she wanted this, whatever it was to become as the night went on.
We lay in a pile on the floor and made out, each kissing the other and holding our bodies against each other. I hadn't kissed so much in years but Corie's lips were full and her mouth felt so different from Cathy's. Cathy was the only one I had had for decades. The newness was irresistible. Slowly we undressed each other. The girls worked together to pull my sweats off over my achingly hard cock. They both giggled when it popped out and bounced. Cathy gave the head a kiss and with a sultry smile said, "I'm saving that for you for later, mister." She pushed me back on the floor against a pillow, out of the way, and then crawled on her knees toward Corie.
Corie knelt, her arms by her side, and like me, watched Cathy approach her. My wife stretched and pulled off her camisole. Her small, round breasts shone in the firelight and her nipples were hard. I watched her shoulders rise and fall with her deep breaths as she got close to Corie. There were hitches in her breathing. Corie responded by pulling off her own top and looking back into Cathy's eyes. Corie's breasts were perfect: teardrop shaped and dark pink nipples pointing up, just as erect as my wife's. The milky light brown looked warm and sexy. They were clearly still firm, consistent with her athletic body, but had some jiggle and rose and fell as she breathed. Her stomach was long and lean and I could see her hip bones over the band of the shorts. Cathy's gaze dipped to Corie's beautiful breasts and she raised her hands to touch them.
I watched, my dick harder than it has even been, as my wife kissed another woman's breasts. I wondered if it was the first time. She held them, stroked her fingers around and along them. Her kisses were light and she used her tongue to gauge their softness and the feel of Corie's skin. I could only imagine what her skin tasted like—I hoped I would get to find out. Corie cradled Cathy's head in her arms as Cathy explored her.
"Yes, baby." Corie whispered. "Feel them. Taste them. Suck them. Do what you need." Cathy did just that, slowly running her tongue around the large areoles and dragging the rough surface across Corie's nipples. Corie moaned. She put her arms around Cathy and held her and stroked her back, her hands roaming lightly over her skin. Cathy took Corie's nipple into her mouth and sucked as Corie pulled her closer, sliding her thigh between Cathy's legs.
"That's good, lover." Corie cooed as Cathy's sucking became more urgent. My wife moved to the other breast and continued her attention. Corie leaned in and kissed her again, then pushed her head back down to her left nipple. Cathy's eyes closed as she sucked it in. She continued to caress Corie's other breast.
I did not even notice that I was being ignored while the women played with each other. I was busy taking in Corie's lithe body and watching my wife loving another woman. Besides, I was entertaining myself by stroking my cock languidly as I watched. I waited patiently for what would come next.
Corie took Cathy in her arms and lay her on the blanket on the floor in the middle of the living room in front of the fire, a little closer to me but still a body length away. She tucked a throw pillow under Cathy's head and leaned over her to kiss her lightly on the lips.
"I want to show you some things, baby. Do you want me to?" She knelt over Cathy and gently massaged her breasts. Cathy's were smaller, but fuller and more round. I loved her boobs and knew Corie would too. Cathy nodded to her teacher, lover, and partner. I am not sure she was even aware of me in the room.
Corie lay on top of Cathy and nuzzled at her neck, nibbling her earlobe and tracing the curve of her neck with her tongue, wetting her skin to taste her better. She kissed and licked down her collarbone, running her tongue over the skin of her chest towards Cathy's tits. Cathy moaned and inhaled as Corie raised up and kissed Cathy on the mouth again, quickly, but intensely, clearly using her tongue. Corie took Cathy's tits in her hands and expertly stroked and caressed them. She's very sensitive, and when Corie began sucking Cathy's nipple I could see my wife writhing on the floor. Corie looked up and whispered something I couldn't hear.
Cathy said "Yes…they are so sensitive. I love it when you bite them." Cathy's head was pitched up by the pillow and she never took her eyes off Corie. I don't think she even blinked while the older woman stroked and kneaded her breasts.
The kisses and licks moved down away from Cathy's tits and on to her stomach and closer and closer to her waist. Corie pulled Cathy's pants off revealing no panties (my wife always wore panties to bed, even if her goal was for me to take them off!). Corie looked up at Cathy as her mouth approached Cathy's mound. Her eyes were asking for permission. Cathy nodded breathlessly. Watching Corie go down on my wife was a master class. She knew exactly how to tell what turned Cathy on, and I was ashamed after all these years of marriage of not being that good. Her fingers stroked Cathy's vulva and she ran her hands, with gentle pressure, up and down her entire pussy as Cathy pushed back to meet her. I watched the ecstasy on my wife's face as Corie's tongue followed the contours of her pussy. Corie entered her with one, then two, and then three fingers while watching Cathy's face to see what worked. Her expression always said, "take me where you want!" I got closer to watch more. Cathy reached out and took my cock in her hand and jerked me while Corie licked her.
Corie pushed Cathy's knees up and buried her face in her pussy. The wet sounds were so erotic; so were the women's respective noises. Cathy moaned and gasped and begged and pleaded for Corie to do things. Corie remained in control, telling Cathy how beautiful her pussy was, what it tasted like, how wet she was. I pinched Cathy's nipple as Corie went down on her. Corie would stop, look up and lick her lips, but keep stroking and rubbing Cathy's pussy.
She said "Cathy, you are so beautiful and sexy. This is what you wanted, isn't it?"
Cathy nodded and whispered "Yes! Please don't stop."
She said, "Cathy baby…I want to make you come."
Cathy moaned "Oh, God, Corie, yes. Please make me come."
But Corie surprised us both. When she returned her mouth to Cathy's pussy, she pushed her ass up and legs forward. I heard Cathy gasp and saw her eyes open wide. Corie was licking her ass. I know Cathy loved this; I had been doing it for years. But with Corie's fingers in her pussy the stimulation was almost too much. Cathy clamped her legs together and pushed Corie away. "Oh god not yet!" and she laughed. Corie looked up, puzzled.
"Oh, Corie!" my wife said. "That was amazing. But I don't want to come yet. Right now I need…oh God…David…I need a cock. I need to be fucked."
Corie crawled up to Cathy's face and said, "Never be afraid to tell me what you need, baby."
She kissed Cathy and I watched Cathy lick her juices from Corie's face, which I think had always been Corie's plan. "Do you like that, baby? Do you like tasting yourself?"
Cathy nodded. "Mmm…"
Corie replied. "I want you to taste me."
Corie knelt at Cathy's side as I spread my wife's knees and entered her. God, she was wet. I slid into her easily but she is so tight that I still need to push. I pushed slowly and she groaned. Corie whispered in her ear as I fucked her.
I tried to control the situation and be slow and deliberate and caring and she grabbed my wrist and said "I love you, David. You're so good to me. But I need it HARD!" She slid her hips back toward me and drove my cock into her. I tried to give her what she needed. I wrapped my arms around her thighs tightly and pounded her senseless. She moaned and shouted "Oh my GOD yes YES YES that's it baby!"
Corie slinked back towards me and put her hand on my ass, feeling me fuck my wife. She smiled at me and then leaned over to lick Cathy's clit as my cock pumped in and out of her. Cathy's head rolled from side to side as she nearly continuously moaned. Corie's fingers stroked my cock as I moved. Suddenly she pushed me back so that I popped out of Cathy's pussy and I wound up in her mouth. Cathy gasped. Corie sucked me a few times and then bent down to to Cathy's pussy. She slipped two, then three fingers into Cathy and sucked her clit. I watched as her fingers worked my wife's pussy. She crooked them up and rubbed under Cathy's pubic bone. She used wide circles and both stretched her sideways and pulled her towards her.

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