A night at the beach campsite

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A story about my wife one night when we went campingwas and he happened to drink too much while we were visiting other sites

To start the I story can give you a better history my wife’s a bit on the plump side that carries it well. One night we decided to just get out of the house and set up a tent we had down at the local Beach where we hadwas access to swimming and some cooler air. She’s not scared to dress in ways that show off her chest especially that night she had a different type of little outfit on and had short shorts and was one piece in the top was what they call sort of a elastic tube top with buttons that go down to the crotch.

After we set up the tent and had a quick bite to eat we figured it was time to grab a cup of cold beer and roam the campsite and see what’s going on and if there’s anyone we knew there. As we roamed around visiting we got in toward one of the back sights and they were a group of guys playing horseshoes and as we passed they said that they needed a fourth and asked me if I played which I did my wife sat on the picnic table and I took the beer they offered her as we played pretty much up till dark when we all went back towards their camper and the picnic table with a little fire nearby. As we all sat around the table they brought out a bottle of Jack and passed it around us all . As the evening progressed and the bottle started to empty my wife laid down on the picnic bench and put her head in my lap so she she could be comfortable one of the other guys the one that owned the camper sat down at the other end where she was straddling the bench laying on her back. It turns out the guys get together once a month during the summer and go to different campsites just to drink and raise hell so they picked this Beach this week.
As we talked more we found out that they were all in their mid-40s and Lance own the camper but but Bob number one as they were two of them pulled it with his van and played designated driver on the way up while the other three guys party for the 2-hour trip.
As we all talked I noticed my wife relaxed enough with the help of the jack enough and for the hell of it after the comments on her chest I unbutton the top button of her little jumpsuit which showed off ample cleavage and while I was at it I started rubbing her shoulders. As the evening went on in the bottle got more empty I noticed that Lance pushed a little more upward and Anne had her bare legs on top of his and the conversation folcused more on the buttons on her top. As I was not feeling any pain I slid my hands inside of her top and popped it down so both of her hard nipples were seen by all but she quickly pulled up and slap me playfully in the face but still had a smile and started to irub her cheek nto my crotch.

This was in the days when we we both smoked and we were both running out of our preferred brand which we had a carton in the tent so I start headed over that way he refusing me an offer for the drive even though it was on the other side of the campsite which wasn’t that far. The guys decided to round up towels for and to put her head on saying how my lap wasn’t available and I started a brisk walk carrying a beer and over toward the campsite by the time I got back which was maybe 10 minutes I looked and someone took my spot where Anne had her in someone else’s lap.
As I got closer I could see and was rubbing her cheek in Bob number twos lap and Lance was rubbing the inside of her thigh and pushed up as tight as he couldn’t be with her legs spread on the bench.

When I look close I saw another button on the jumpsuit was open and Mom was rubbing her shoulders in the top of her breasts and her areolas were showing quite well at the Gap. I asked and if she was okay and she said she was fine and she nuzzled her cheek tighter to Bob’s crotch. I sat on the other side of the picnic table and everybody pretty much just talked even with Ann getting so much attention Lance asked me at this point if I was okay with her getting that kind of attention to which I said as long as she’s happy

I watched more I saw that Lance had worked his cock which was looked to be 7 inches maybe out of the likely shorts and was pushing it against Ann’s leg and the last button on her top was open and Bob was rubbing her nipples as we talked. I watch is Lance and Anne both squirmed a little bit and can tell if he was inside of the leg of her shorts.

I said say something to her and Lance nods and she stands up and to my surprise she steps out of her jumpsuit and the three of them start walking into the trailer two guys having nice bulges and Ann naked she stops on her way by me to give me a kiss.

I decide it’s my right so I decided to take a look inside and the three of them all nude with Ann taking turns sucking one cock and then the other behind me Bob number one comes in and sits at the table and watches as well. Lance starts to pull his nice 7-in out and turn van so she’s laying down with her wet pussy looking straight at me and says I’ve been playing with this long enough it’s time to really give it a go. At this point both Bobs have their cocks out the one in her mouth is maybe 6 in and the other Bob is at least seven and a half. As Ann starts getting loud and Lance is pounding her Jim finally comes in to see the excitement just in time to see Anne Archer back and and from my position I can see Lance’s ball shrivel up and empty into her well fucked pussy without a word ed with the seven and a half climbs on top of Van without saying a word and she her legs around him and it didn’t take long for him to start pounding her and I’m thinking it’s good that they’re on the end of the campsite where there isn’t a lot of other people.

The last Bob decide to step roll her over and enter her without any ceremony and drives into her doggy style while Lance said there’s one more surprise while the nights out I look and Jim pulls out out what must be it an 8 in that’s very thick and as Bob finishes from Jim Gets behind them and even after all the use slowly starts to slide his cock into her actually starts the gas not expecting anything that size and it didn’t take long for her to get used to it and take it all at the steadily
And her pushing back for everything she can after what seemed like an eternity but must have been 5 minutes he tells her take it see him hence up and let loose her fourth load in a row. She rolls over and spreads her legs has become pouring down toward her ass and I climb on and practically fall Insider after being stretched so well as I’m not very hung and it doesn’t take me long before I add my load to her.

As soon as I pull out Lance is climbs right back on and starts pounding away again the rest of us sit and drinking beer wonder how much she can take they roll over under their sides with her in front of them and his cock inside her and start to relax and then closes their eyes and can’t seem to be woken easily. After trying a few times to wake up so we can head into the tent I end up taking the walk by myself passing out as soon as I get there.

I wake up after sunrise start walking too the camper to check on Ann stopping for a quick shower on the way by and the guy in the stall next to me strikes out the conversation about the camper at the end must have had some women cuz they went at it all night and I and I didn’t say too much except listening to the story. As I start getting closer to the camper I hear steady beat of the bed again everybody’s outside except Jack and Anne so I know what’s going on upon asking how the night tonight they told me and woke up after a couple hours nap and a couple of them had another round and now it was Jack’s turn.

As we’re sitting at the table the camp manager comes up and tells the guys they’re going to have to leave as they caused the disturbance last night so after and and Jack were finished and came out and asked this for her jumpsuit what she stepped in two and buttoned and we said goodbye and change address number and phone number we started walking through our camp and let them pack up luckily they didn’t know we were involved. So we got to spend the rest of the weekend as planned even though we didn’t leave our own camp that night. We didn’t hear from me any other guys again except for Lance who made a trip up one weekend it was our first Adventure at a public campsite but not a last .

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