A Night Out With My Neighbour Aunty

myself Ramesh from Chennai completed my higher studies and now working for the private firm. I have lots of desires for sex but I never get that in my life. Till I was in my UG I never had sex with any one. When ever I feel for sex I just masturbate thinking of some aunt. I love aunty more than the girls.Once it was a vacation for me and I was alone in my home. I went outside in my bike to have some good air and to remove my boredom. While going on the way I saw a aunty who was our neighbor previously, but now they shifted to some other place. I saw her nearly after 8 years. During my school days I used to spend my max time in her house, as her hubby is in police so he will be out always.
Now lets come to the story, when I saw her I went to her and asked, hello aunty what happen. She didn’t recognized me, but I said this is Ramesh from so and so place and your neighbor. She becomes very happy, I asked what happen to you and why are you standing here. She said that she had fallen in the drain and her dresses are fully wet, and said that I can’t go in bus also in this condition. I said come on sit in my bike I will drop you in the home, but she said its very far from here.Then my criminal mind starts working like hardware, I said then come to my home take bath and then go back to your house. She said your mother will be there na, I said that’s not a problem my parents went to my native and will be back by next week. She agreed to come with me, and we both went to my home. I want to tell about her, her name is Rani aged nearly 38 and really mind-blowing figure with assets  38-30-38 that any one can get hard on under their pant.
We went inside and home and I taken her to the bathroom. She taken bath completely and washed her cloths too as it was fully in bad condition. Now she is totally nude standing in bathroom and realized that she don’t have any thing to wear.
She called me and asked Ramesh give me one towel, so that I can come out and I m totally nude now. Then I given her one towel which is very small and said this is the only towel which I m having now. She said ok and came out with washed cloths wrapping that towel in her body. Oh my god what a scene that was first time in my life I am seeing a lady coming in front of me with just towel in her body. But she was wearing the towel in such a manner that all her assets are completely hidden.She asked me where to hang these clothes, I showed her the next room where we used to soak the cloths, She said please on the fan so that it may dry soon and I can go back to home soon. Then I asked her about her hubby, she said he went out of station for training and I am alone in the home. Then I said ok then stay in my home today and I will drop you tomorrow in your home. Firstly she hesitated and then convinced with me. In the mean while her hubby called her and she said she is home and cooking food, he said he is very busy in training and can’t call for two days so take care.
She went inside the room for hanging the cloths, I too was standing with her. While she hanged her cloths I got visible of her buttock and I was in heaven. Then she came back and sat in the sofa keeping her hands near her pussy to hide it from me. She was not feeling good as her face shows that thing. I asked her but she didn’t replied. I said come on tell to me, I can help you If I can. She said its my family problem and you are small boy and you can’t understand. I said its ok and I can understand as I m grown up now.She said I don’t have baby and can’t have any more baby due to some medical problem and now a days your uncle also don’t love me at all. Then I went near her and touched her shoulder and said don’t worry aunty every thing will be alright. She started crying and hugged me tightly, oh my god what a day that was. Even now I got a hard on under my track while writing this story. Then I slowly touched her hip but she didn’t hesitated and I slowly moved my hands towards her boobs but she stopped and said, no it’s not good and went inside the room and locked.

Then I felt very bad for that, after half and hour she called me inside the room and I went was shocked to see her because she was totally nude. I asked what is this aunty, she said come on fuck me as u like and I don’t want to believe my hubby any more. That was my jackpot and I never wasted the time and hugged her. Her boobs oh my goodness its like soft ball and nearly 20 min I was playing with her boobs. She said come and fuck me dear, I said aunty this is the first time I am going to fuck some one and please bear with me.She said come on I will teach you. She said whatever you know that all you do. I very much like foreplay. So I started with that, started pinching and sucking her boobs like small child and she was shouting and then I inserted my finger in her pussy and then into her asshole and then I smelled it, and I was nice smell. Then I tasted her pussy for nearly half an hour, more over I like vulgar sex very much. Then I taken one ice cream from the fridge and poured it all over her body like in her pussy, boobs, under arms and in her stomach and tasted it. Then she started licking my penis just like a lolly pop.
After all these things our fucking session starts. She said u just lie on the bed and I will sit over your penis. She did and that was the day for me when my penis enters someone pussy for the first time in my life. Really that was really amazing, then she sit ups slowly and started increasing the speed. Within some time I cummed inside her pussy, she said its ok and its first time for so it happens.After five mins again we started this time she was lying under me and I was giving slow strokes and then increased the speed gradually. She was in heaven and was telling come on Ramesh come on fuck me very hard and she was kissing me in my lips. And I too was kissing her in underarms and sucking her boobs. Nearly we enjoyed this session for 15 min but still she was hungry and can’t control her desire. But I was tired and went inside and searched something in fridge and brought and carrot from inside and given it to me and said insert inside my pussy. And I did what she said and with in ten min again I had a hard on and said now my carrot is ready and no use for this one. But she didn’t wasted the carrot she eaten that carrot.Then again one more session started this time for a change, we applied doggy style and that was really amazing shot. The rate of pleasure is more in doggy style and we enjoyed a lot that day. Then after everything was over we both were lying together naked in the bed and were watching blue film and were kissing and hugging each other.