A pretty blonde teacher becomes the main attraction at an interracial party

Miriam Smith looked forward to her Friday nights with
her fellow teachers from school. She and several of the
other teachers got together for a ladies night out to
let their hair down and celebrate the start of the
cherished weekend. The pretty blonde wife taught
English at the high school and enjoyed her work but she
also enjoyed having a good time as well. She was
definitely no ‘stick in the mud’ when it came to
partying on the weekends.

Sometimes the group went out for drinks at a bar or pub
outside of the school district boundaries as the school
district frowned on having its teachers seen drinking
at bars. Other times they would go to Broadway shows or
other live performances. They even went to the roller
rink from time to time as well as the bowling alley.
They called themselves. ‘The Party of Six,’ because
there were usually Miriam and five of her friends going
out together and at restaurants, when they were called
for dinner it was always, ‘Miriam, Party of Six’ or one
of the other gals and ‘Party of Six’ being called out
so their group became known as the ‘Party of Six.’

Sometimes, her friends would joke and say that they
were called, ‘Party of Sex,’ because it always seemed
that their heated discussions would, sooner or later,
come to the hot topic of sex. They would talk about
which of their students were having sex with whom as
well as who so and so was fucking this week behind her
husband’s or his wife’s back. Their own sex life would
turn up as a topic of debate from time to time,
especially after imbibing a few Margaritas or glasses
of white wine.

Tonight, one of the ladies had suggested going downtown
to one of the ‘art’ cinemas to watch a new movie that
was recently released. Miriam was interested in going
as one of her favorites actresses, Charlotte Rampling,
was in the movie. Charlotte, as you might know, was in
the movie, ‘Georgy Girl,’ back in the sixties when
Miriam was a young girl. The name of Charlotte’s new
movie was called, ‘Heading South.’

The Party of Six met at a little sports bar on the edge
of downtown coming directly from school. The ladies
tended to dress down on Fridays and be more casual but
even in blue jeans and a white blouse, Miriam still
looked fabulous. She had kissed her husband goodbye
that morning after fixing him some early breakfast as
she didn’t have to be at school until eight o’clock.

“Don’t wait up for me, Maurice, as the Party of Six is
going to see a movie at one of the theatres downtown.”

“Have a good time tonight, Dear,” he called out as he
jumped into his Mercedes and drove off to work.

Maurice really didn’t want his wife to work as he made
plenty of money with his own real estate business but
his lovely blonde wife wanted to make a difference in
the world by teaching young people. “They are our
greatest asset,” she would say to him.

The left the bar with plenty of time to get to the
movie theater and pay for their tickets. Miriam was
surprised to see so many women her own age there at the
movie that she felt right at home. There were quite a
few couples already seated in the theater but it was
mainly white women in their thirties, forties and
fifties. Miriam found it odd that there were even
several single white women with a Negro as well as a
number of white couples with black men. She didn’t
consider herself a racist but she didn’t believe in
white women dating black men and the mixing of the

It didn’t take long for Miriam to figure out the plot
of the movie. The pretty white women in the film were
teachers spending their summer vacation away from
school at a resort where the impoverished local beach
boys serve as gigolos for the rich white, American
women. The black youths devote themselves to nourishing
the women’s starved libidos in exchange for food, gifts
and temporary refuge from the perils of the island’s
repressive regime of Jean-Claude Duvalier.

The movie was set in the seventies. There were three
white women who went on summer break from teaching
every year to enjoy some illicit sex away from their
husbands. These women, as well as others, would go down
to Haiti to find lovers. The problem was, these married
white women were down in this repressed Caribbean
island looking for local young men, that is, local
young black men.

Miriam was embarrassed by the way that the white women
talked and carried on with the young blacks. She wasn’t
prejudiced, but proper white women just didn’t act like
sluts around Negro men. Miriam had always liked
Charlotte Rampling but the way she threw herself at the
young black boys was outrageous. Charlotte was old
enough to be their mother, for Heaven’s sake!

While it was all fun and games within the comfy suites
and confines of the pristine resort and along the pure,
crystal white shores of the resort, within Haiti itself
is a miserable environment of suffocating poverty and
brutal repression from ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier’s regime.
When some of the women venture beyond the resort
setting to see where there black Haitian boy toys
actually live, it is an experience that jolts them back
to reality.

During one of the first of many interracial love scenes
in the movie, Miriam leaned over to one of her friends
sitting next to her and asked in a whisper, “My God, is
that boy’s huge penis real?”

Her friend, Julie, laughed at the question.

“Of course it is, Silly,” her worldlier friend
whispered back. “Don’t you know that most black men are
hung like horses?”

Miriam was amazed at what she saw. These were young
black men who were probably about eighteen or nineteen
years old with some of them younger, who had cocks on
them that would make a stallion proud. They knew that
they were big and that was why the American women
flocked down to see them. Miriam was aghast when she
saw that the huge black penis that these boys sported
were much bigger than her very own husband’s. She had
previously heard several of her teacher friends talking
about how large Negroes were; now she knew what they
had been referring to.

True to his form, her husband was already in bed that
night when she arrived home from the movie and found
him sound asleep as he lay snoring loudly. Miriam
slipped under the covers without waking him. The movie
had been highly erotic and she couldn’t get the images
out of her pretty little head about all of the naked
young black boys with their massively stiff cocks.

Miriam felt an unfamiliar longing between her thighs.
The pretty blonde wife did something that she had never
done before. She got up and searched in her lingerie
drawer for one of the gag gifts that one of the ‘Party
of Sex’ had given her for her recent fortieth birthday
party. She found it under some of her panties. It was a
rather large black dildo. Miriam had never used one
before but she knew what it was for and she used it

Miriam went into the den and lay down on the couch. She
put the Afghan over her just in case her husband
stirred and came out to the den and caught her in ‘the
act.’ Miriam figured that she could say that she had
fallen asleep on the couch and her witless husband
would be none the wiser.

The aroused wife hurriedly slipped off her dampened
panties and pulled aside her sheer negligee. The dildo
had a battery that caused the dildo to vibrate. She
flipped on the switch and quickly found her moist
opening. She jumped and cried out when the tip of the
vibrating faux-penis touched her swollen clitoris.

Miriam had never used a dildo before but it didn’t take
her long for her to catch on and figure it out. She
imagined that the large black vibrator was the black
boy from the movie. It didn’t take long, however, for
her to bring herself off with her own amateurish
ministrations. Her heartbeat raced as she climaxed. It
was as if a huge black cock was really fucking her for
the very first time. She even imagined that she had the
blessing of her own husband to be with her new Negro

Miriam got off of the couch, slipped her panties back
on and wiped down the slickened dildo with a wash rag
before putting ‘Ole Black Joe’ back into its carrying
case. She remembered when her close friend, Julie, had
given it to her. Miriam didn’t know what it was and
held it up for the other ladies at her birthday party
to see. When they all started snickering, she knew her
friends were making fun of her.

Afterwards, Julie, who had given it to her, explained
the dildo’s use and functionality. Miriam blushed to
the roots of her long blonde hair. She never imagined
why any married woman would want something like that.
Now she knew.

Miriam never refused her husband sex but Maurice didn’t
fuck her as often as he used to, however, whenever he
did insist, she dreamt that she was Charlotte Rampling
getting royally fucked by, Legba, the black teenager in
the highly charged, erotic movie.


The ‘Party of Six’ usually did something together as a
group at the start of the summer break from teaching
school. Miriam was having lunch with Julie at La
Madeline’s, a little French bakery and restaurant
downtown, when Julie broached the subject of the Ladies
Group’s next trip.

“Miriam,” her friend said after a wonderful lunch of a
small salad and a warm French baguette with melted
cheese, “One of the gals in the group suggested that we
go ‘Heading South’ for this year’s summer trip. There’s
a nice little resort at Jamaica’s Rio Ochos that
specifically caters to white American women. She has
already booked us space for the first week in June.
Will you join us?”

Her friend’s question took Miriam by surprise. She had
thought a lot about the movie that they had seen
earlier together but had never dreamed that she would
actually go some place as decadent as that.

Julie saw her naive friend blush.

“Miriam, it’s alright, really it is,” she said as she
covered Miriam’s hand with hers.

“They are very discreet down there. Our husbands will
never know unless you tell them. My husband knows
because I shared our dark little secret with him last
year. At first, he was mad at me because I had fucked a
strange man. A strange black man at that. Later, he
would ask me for all of the details. It got him very
excited and he wanted to fuck me. Our sex was very
rousing and passionate that night. In our dirty talk,
he even tells me that he is my ‘Negro Lover’ and
pretends that he is black as he fucks me.”

Miriam had heard her friend talk about sex before but
never like this. The flood of emotion washed over her
like a sexual tidal wave. She felt that strange
tingling between her thighs.

The pretty blonde wife stuttered as she responded, “Le,
le, let me ask my husband.”


That evening, Miriam did ask her husband.

“Dear,” she said. “Is it okay if I go down to Jamaica
with The Party of Six for a week?”

“Sure,” Maurice quickly replied. He already knew about
the planned trip as Julie’s husband, Bart, had said
something to him about the ladies’ group trip to him
today at the office. He also knew why they were going.

“Why don’t you go and have fun with your lady friends.
Several of us guys are going for a week-long deep-sea
fishing trip to Cabos san Lucas. You go have your
little fun while we go have our guy fun.”

Miriam was surprised that her husband had agreed so
quickly. He was quite the penny pincher and usually
scrimped with their money. However, she was so excited
and made plans to get ready for their Jamaican


Julie and Miriam went shopping together for some new
clothes. They made a stop at the Victoria’s Secret in
the mall. Miriam was usually too conservative to shop
there but Julie helped her pick out several exciting
new outfits as well as some sexy swimsuits and lacy
under things. This trip was going to really cost her
husband quite a pretty penny in more ways than one.

The Party of Six left on Sunday afternoon and arrived
at Jamaica’s Montego Bay Airport late in the afternoon.
One of those jaunty jitneys, a brightly painted, open-
air jeep with the fringe on top, picked them up. Their
driver was an elderly local Rastafarian with long
dreadlocks. He looked over the pretty white American
women with a practiced eye. He knew why they were here.

The old Jamaican just wished that he was about twenty
years younger so that he could ‘enjoy’ some of their
lovely womanly charms. Now, he was like the old dog
that could no longer even chase cars. He used to even
remember what to do with them when he caught them.

Now Joe’s big, ole black pecker was good for only one
thing; peeing. Still, he liked to look at the pretty
white women and remember the olden days when they would
come down to visit him. He had been in big demand when
he was a young lad of twenty. One prime day, he even
‘serviced’ more than twenty-five beautiful white women.
With his stamina, if he had kept track of the number of
white women he had fucked, he might’ve even rivaled
Wilt Chamberlain’s claim of having bedded over twenty
thousand women.

Today, ‘Ole Black Joe’ was still considered a legend,
at least in his own mind. ‘Ole Black Joe’ could dream
now, couldn’t he? Joe didn’t know that a dildo had been
fashioned after his own big black cock. He had been
just that popular in Jamaica with all the pretty white,
American ladies coming down to get away from their
boring white husband and boyfriends for some discreet,
wild ‘jungle’ sex. He really was a legend that lived on
even today and was found in the drawers of many a fine,
upstanding lady in the form of a big, black dildo.

Miriam sat in the passenger seat up front next to the
driver. She talked to the driver while they weaved
their way out of town and trough the jungle. The pretty
blonde teacher loved the old black man’s Jamaican
accent. They talked about a number of different topics
when she realized that the hem of her dress had ridden
up her firm thighs and was now showing the old man
quite an expanse of smooth white skin.

He kept looking over at her and her legs while he was
driving. Miriam knew that she should push her hem back
into place but she decided to give the driver a show.
She scooted over to the far edge of her seat near the
door so she was now almost facing the old black driver.
Miriam let her legs relax and open up.

The wind had caught the edge of her dress and lifted it
up to reveal her tiny little lacy, white bikini
panties. She swore that the old black man just about
had a coronary right then and there. If he had, she
thought, the jeep surely would have been wrecked and
the occupants injured but she wickedly kept her legs
open for his continued viewing pleasure.


Miriam was excited. She had enjoyed teasing the old
black driver and flirting with him. What had gotten
into her? It had taken the old jeep driver several
hours to make his way to the remote resort in lovely,
secluded Rio Ochos. She and her friend, Julie, were
staying in the same little bungalow near the beach.
They arrived just in time for the welcoming cocktail

The ladies from The Party of Sex were clearly enjoying
themselves. The waiters were dressed in spiffy-looking
uniforms but they were all young, muscular and black.
They were very attentive in bringing us our drinks.
There were other guests at the Full Moon Beach Resort
but they were all white. There were a few young couples
who were obviously newly weds as well as several older
white couples who were probably married but maybe not
to each other.

“Who cares?” Miriam thought to herself, “We’re all her
to have a little fun. Right?”

Dinner was very nice and they watched the radiant sun
setting. Most of the ladies were going on to the disco
to dance the night away and trip the light fantastic
but Miriam was too tired from the stressful last week
of teaching school. She kissed Julie on the cheek and
told her good night.

“Don’t wait up for me, Honey,” Julie said breathlessly
with a wink of her pretty blue eye. “I want to
experience all the fun that this place has to offer.”

Miriam saw that several of the waiters had changed into
casual shorts and a loose, unbuttoned shirt. She easily
found her way back to her bungalow.

As she was undressing, she felt the warmth between her
thighs. She knew that it wasn’t right to tease that old
black driver but she felt wicked while she was doing
so. Miriam also knew why these white women were down
her as she had seen it in the movie, ‘Heading South.’

The only difference was that the movie was set in Haiti
during the seventies and now we were in a more tourist-
friendly locale of Jamaica. The young black men were
still there for the same thing. Money and sex from the
white American women. That was how those black boys
made their living and they enjoyed pleasing those
pretty white women, especially the blondes.

Miriam fingered herself until she had an orgasm. She
was thinking of Legba from the movie. She finally dozed
off to sleep and had an erotic dream that she was the
white princess of the jungle and all of the black
subjects were under her obedient command. She awoke to
sounds of a struggle.

Miriam looked over at Julie’s bed. It looked like she
was getting raped by one of the black waiters. She was
about to hit the young black man in the back of the
head with a table lamp when she realized that Julie
wasn’t struggling as she had her pretty legs wrapped
around his muscular black buttocks urging him even
deeper. Julie’s arms were around her black lover’s
broad back and, in ecstasy; her nails were raking
across the thick black skin.

Miriam put the lamp back on the table and sat back down
on the edge of her bed. She watched the erotic
interracial coupling of her friend with the black
waiter. Julie saw Miriam watching and just smiled at
her as she continued her energetic lovemaking.

Miriam fitfully went back to sleep but she had visions
of black men between her own loins. Was it the intense
heat of the jungle that made her dream these things?


The next day, Miriam was already dressed as she left
for breakfast. Julie was still in bed resting up from
her previous night’s love session.

After breakfast, Miriam walked along the beautiful
white-sand beach. The palm trees were swaying gently in
the light ocean breeze. The sky was blue and the water
was crystal-clear. She could even see some of the
brightly-colored fish swimming around lazily in the
warm sea water.

There were a number of sunbathers already out in the
early morning hours as most people had been cautioned
about the sun’s extremely powerful and harmful rays
during mid-day. There were no restrictions about
wearing swimsuits or not and a number of the topless
women were enjoying the sun’s early warmth. Some were
even bottomless as well as they frolicked nude in the
surf. Miriam noticed that most of the white women were
with a black man.

The pretty blonde teacher and wife walked along much
further and she came to a jungle clearing at the edge
of the beach that had the remains of an old bonfire.
There were also small benches that formed a circle
around the fireplace. She figured they cooked out
wienies and marshmallows here and told ghost stories
like they did in her own Girl Scout days back home.

Miriam had forgotten to take some water with her so she
decided to head back to the resort. By that time, Julie
was up and getting into her sexy swimsuit.

“Come with me for a swim,” she asked Miriam.

“Sure, let me throw on my suit. Give me a minute,


The two beautiful white teachers got a beach towel from
one of the black cabana boys and went down to lie in
the sun near the water’s edge. Julie popped her top and
let her magnificent twin orbs run free. Miriam was
surprised at her friend as she knew that she would
never do anything like that back home.

Julie saw her friend looking at her quizzically.

“What goes on in Jamaica stays in Jamaica. Come on,
Honey, let your hair down and have some fun. I promise,
I certainly won’t tell anyone.”

Miriam hesitated as she had never sunbathed topless
before. She found herself reaching behind her back and
unsnapping the top’s clasp. She released her own
beautiful twin orbs. She laid face down on the lounge
chair. Somehow she felt freer than she had ever felt
before but she wasn’t quite yet ready to show the world
her bare breasts.

“Some oil, Ma’am?” she heard a Jamaican voice ask.

Miriam looked up to see one of the resort’s black

“Some oil for your back, Ma’am?” the young black boy
asked again.

“Sure, why not?” she replied reluctantly.

“My name is Mathuga,” he said.

“Mine is Miriam,” she half turned to shake his hand
before she realized that she was topless and letting
him see some of her bare breasts. Miriam flushed.

The young muscular black boy knelt down beside the
beautiful blonde lady. He started on her back, rubbing
the scented oil into her smooth white skin. His fingers
worked wonders on her as she began to relax. Miriam had
massages before but none as erotic and as sensual as
this one. His strong black fingers massaged her top of
her bare shoulders and then along the sides. The tips
of his fingers slipped underneath and caressed the
swell of her bare breasts. Her nipples tingled with

Mathuga then worked his magic on the back of her calves
and down to her little feet. The young black boy gave
her the best foot massage that she had ever had. He
worked his way back up her firm thighs and massages her
buttocks underneath the thin material of her bikini

“Turn over,” he said in a quiet voice.

Miriam turned over exposing her bare breasts to the
young Negro boy. His fingers rubbed the slick oil on
her chest and on her tits. He tweaked the nipples into

By this time, Miriam was breathing fairly hard and her
heart was racing.

His dark roving hands moved down to her bikini bottoms,
the last vestige of her modesty. Miriam surprised
herself when she lifted her hips slightly to aid
Mathuga in taking off the bottom portion of her skimpy

The young black cabana boy saw that her pussy hair was
as blonde as the hair on her beautiful head.

“You have beautiful blonde hair, Ma’am,” he whispered
into her ear. “I especially love real blondes.”

Miriam spread her thighs to let Mathuga rub the
protective oil over her firm thighs. His finger dipped
into her moistened opening and aroused her even
further. Her clitoris throbbed as she realized that she
had an orgasm while laying right there on the lounge
chair on the beach in front of God and everybody.

Miriam grabbed her beach towel to cover her nakedness
as she ran crying to the safety of her bungalow.


Julie had witnessed all of Miriam’s introduction to the
sexuality of black lust for white women. She went to
console her friend.

The pretty blonde wife had thrown on a robe and lay
crying on her bed when Julie arrived.

“Miriam, Honey,” she said as she put her arms around
the distraught teacher. “No one will make you do
anything that you don’t want to do.”

“I know that,” Miriam sobbed. “But I can’t believe that
I allowed something like that to happen right in broad
daylight in front of everybody. How embarrassed can I

“Dear, there wasn’t any body making fun of you out
there. They all knew that you were just enjoying
yourself with that black boy. There’s no harm in that.
Remember, what goes on in Jamaica, stays in Jamaica.”

“Yes, I know but I’ve never been unfaithful to my
husband,” Miriam replied through tear-streaked eyes.

“It’s alright to have our fun. I’m sure that both of
our husbands are having fun on their little trip.”

Miriam smiled. She knew that her friend was probably

“Come on, Honey. Let’s get ready for tonight’s dinner.”


Miriam’s disposition had cheered up considerably. She
knew that Julie liked sex quite a bit as she watched
her having a different black lover every night this
week but that wasn’t for her. Miriam still had fun
frolicking around in the surf and lying on the beach
topless but she wasn’t interested in taking a black
lover, at least not just yet.

Mathuga watched out for Miriam and made sure that she
had everything that she needed. He was quick to refresh
her drink or to get her a clean towel. He even got her
some postcards so she could write home and tell her
husband about her wonderful experience in Jamaica. She
felt no pressure at all to have sex with any of the
staff of young black men.

The week was coming fast to an end. The resort was
having a big ‘Full Moon’ party beach bash on Saturday
night as it was to be a full moon and that was the name
of the resort. Miriam wasn’t too keen about going but
Julie talked her into it.

There was a beach bar-b-que along with musicians, a
limbo contest and Mocko Jumbies, the colorful Jamaicans
on stilts.

Dinner was nice and the wine flowed freely. All of the
ladies from the Party of Six had dressed up in Hawaiian
outfits with skirts, bikini tops and leis. Julie won
the limbo contest as she was able to go under the
lowest bar. It was easy for her because she had been a
dancer throughout school and now led the drill dance
corps at the high school.

Miriam thought that she probably had too much wine but
it kept coming. Mathuga made sure that her glass was
never empty. After dinner, the guests were instructed
to gather around the fire and sit down on the benches
for the Jamaican Full Moon show. Miriam noticed that
the black waiters were dressed in colorful loincloths
and standing behind their white guests. They were told
that a documentary was being made of tonight’s
celebration ritual and Miriam saw one of the waiters
with a video camera.

The jungle drums started their sensual beat. It was
announced that the King was looking for an heir to the
throne. One of the older Jamaican men came out into the
firelight dressed as the chieftain. Miriam was
surprised when she recognized the Chief as the old taxi
driver, Joe, who picked them up at the airport when
they first arrived. He looked much more powerful
tonight than he did while he was driving the jeep.

The Chief danced around the fire looking at all of the
white women seated. He circled the fire three times and
then looked up. At that very moment, the full moon was
directly overhead and cast the chief in it silvery
light almost as it were a spotlight. Then the chief
pointed over her shoulder to Mathuga who was standing
near Miriam.

Mathuga came forward as directed and began to dance
around the fire as if a zombie. The chanting began and
the drums beat quicker. All eyes were on the young
black man swaying to the beat of the music. It was
clearly the call of the jungle. Everybody started to
clap their hands in time with the jungle beat.

Mathuga danced around the fire and came close to
several of the ladies in her group. It seemed like
magnets either repelling or attracting each other. All
of the women reached out their arms as Mathuga made
physical contact with each one, even Miriam
participated in this ritual. The young black man would
start to pull one of the white women from her seat but
each time would let her fall back down until he came to

The skillful black dancer took a hold of Miriam’s
outstretched arm and pulled her towards him like
magnets attracting each other. Her positive to his
negative. Her whiteness to his blackness. Their arms
intertwined as they danced together.

Miriam was dizzy from swirling around but didn’t want
to stop dancing with Mathuga. He held the blonde beauty
in his strong black arms. His fingers went to work
behind her back and soon her top was flung into the
fire. Miriam continued dancing with the young black
waiter with even more fervor. Her skirt was next. Now
all that she had on was her little, black bikini
panties and the flower lei around her neck.

They continued dancing and swaying to the music. Miriam
was moved closer to a mattress that was placed on the
ground. It all seemed to be going to fast for her. She
looked over and saw Julie kissing on one of her black
lovers. The other ladies in her group were in various
stages of undress. Was this really happening to her?

Mathuga laid the pretty blonde teacher on the mattress
as he continued to dance to the jungle music. At first,
Miriam had tried in vain to hide her nakedness by
covering her breasts and pussy with her hands. She was
caught up in the moment as she writhed on the mattress.

The young muscular waiter danced above the pretty
blonde woman. Miriam’s legs flowered open as he stepped
between them. She knew in her heart that if she wanted
Matuga to stop, he would do so right then and there. It
was then that she saw the huge tent in his loincloth.
Miriam gasped as he pulled off the cloth, revealing his
massive black cock pointing up towards the full moon.

It was hopeless now to stop this onslaught!

Mathuga maneuvered between her smooth, bare thighs and
grasped his huge cock in his hand. He guided this
raging manhood to her quivering pussy. Miriam screamed
when the tip of his gigantic African cock speared into
her tight, defenseless blonde pussy. She was not ready
for anything like this. His thick lips covered hers and
his tongue danced with hers in the sweet warmth of her

Miriam felt the white hot pain at the apex of her
womanhood start to dissipate as Mathuga continued to
thrust into the highly aroused blonde woman. If it had
not been for the aphrodisiac in the wine, Miriam would
not have been anywhere near lubricated enough to take
his one-eyed, black monster African cock.

The rest of the crowd watched in amazement as they saw
the beautiful blonde take the entire length and girth
of her black demon’s manhood. Julie smiled at knowing
that her friend was finally taking some big black cock.
She watched as Miriam’s firm white legs came up to
encircle her Negro lover’s thrusting hips. Julie
watched as her friend had an orgasm.

Mathuga fucked the pretty white woman like he had never
fucked before. It seemed like hours or even days that
he was buried deep inside her tight womb but it was
actually only minutes. Soon he lifted up and roared as
he shot his dark, hot seed deep inside her innermost
being. The sated Negro got up from between her
widespread legs and the next black waiter quickly took
his place.

Miriam was fucked that night by all of the black men,
including the camera man. Just as she thought that she
was about to pass out from exhaustion, the Chieftain
appeared. He whipped off his loincloth and sported a
massive erection. Miriam gasped when she saw that his
big black cock looked just like her favorite black
dildo. It was larger than most of the other men but
Miriam had been stretched out enough to take Old Black
Joe once again.

After Miriam passed out, the thoughtful Mathuga
lovingly carried the beautiful blonde teacher back to
her bungalow and cleaned up her dripping, messy pussy
before dressing her in her nightgown.

When she woke up the next day, Miriam called her
husband and told him that she was staying in Jamaica
for a while. The pretty blonde wife wanted to enjoy the
rest of the summer. Mathuga did too!

So the next time that you ladies want to have some fun,
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