A Public Argument Ch. 05

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tagIncest/TabooA Public Argument Ch. 05

This is the last chapter and hopefully conclusion of the Danny/Maya saga. Thank you to everyone reading, commenting, and favoriting.
The apartment block wasn't anything special. A six-story building of brown brick, located roughly a mile from Marion college, surrounded by more apartment blocks.
Nevertheless, the sight of it already felt like home. My apartment was on the fourth floor. One bedroom and a combined kitchen and living room, already furnished. A veritable palace compared to my old room.
Most of my belongings were still at the house, I wanted to move in as fast as I could and only took the bare necessities. Clothes, my computer, and college stuff. It all fit into a single suitcase.
"Here, you can carry the heavy stuff," Dad said, proffering a cardboard box containing a basic dinnerware set.
Even though I already slept there the past couple of nights, I hadn't "officially" moved in due to the lack of some fundamental accessories. The trunk was loaded with items useful for any supposed bachelor.
"I'll get the vacuum," Dad said. "Can you get the rest?"
Normally, I liked to take the stairs but for the sake of my parents' knees, we rode the elevator up to the fourth floor. The bell on the first door on the right was still blank. I set down the dinnerware box to fish the keys out of my pocket.
"Finall—" Maya said loudly but cut off with a gasp when she saw our parents.
Sitting at the kitchen table, wearing a t-shirt and a skirt, Maya looked like she just saw a ghost. Mom and Dad looked as surprised as my sister did.
"I ran into her at school and told her that you guys were coming over to finalize me moving in," I launched into my prepared story. "She really wanted to be here for that. Isn't that right, Maya?"
Taking two steps into the room, I set the dinnerware down on the table and clapped Maya on the shoulder, making her lean forward. She instantly sat up straighter and winced.
"Yes, that's right," Maya said quickly.
"Well, I suppose that makes sense. We're a family, after all," Dad said.
"Where do you want me to put this?" Mom asked, carrying in a big laundry basket filled with sheets and clothes.
"In the bedroom," I said.
The tour of the apartment was concluded quickly. It really was just three rooms, after all. The bedroom contained a queen-size bed and a dresser, both from IKEA. The bathroom was cramped and only had a shower, no bathtub, but it was clean and I had my own washer/dryer unit. The kitchenette was lacking a microwave, which I planned to buy sometime this week, but the fridge was more than big enough and I had a dishwasher.
Overall, I was very happy with everything. College was close enough that I could easily walk there in less than fifteen minutes instead of taking the bus at all. The sound of traffic took some getting used to but it wasn't as bad as downtown. There was a bakery just around the corner where I could buy fresh bread in the morning and a supermarket down the block where I could buy everything else.
The entire time that I was showing my parents around the place and telling them about how great the location was, Maya remained seated rigidly in the chair. She didn't so much as fidget around.
"Is everything okay?" Mom asked.
"Yes," Maya said, jutting out her chin. "I got here early and saw everything already."
"We talked about this and we agreed it's for the best."
"I know," Maya said curtly. "I think it's good."
Mom and Dad shared a look of disbelief but they didn't say anything. I walked over to my sister, put an arm around her, and hugged her while rocking her from side to side. She tried to push me away at first but after two seconds she stopped and instead began trembling.
"I'm okay with my favorite sister visiting," I said while Maya tried her utmost to remain composed.
"It looks like you have everything you need now. Come on, Maya, we can give you a ride back home," Mom said.
"Hmm-mmm," Maya muttered with her lips pressed tightly together and shaking her head.
"We got track practice soon, she might as well go there straight from here," I said.
"I suppose so."
It took another two minutes to say goodbye, mostly because our parents were worried about Maya, but they left without her in the end, although not without a hug. The sight of it was so awkward, I had to try hard not to laugh. Maya, glued to the chair, with both Mom and Dad having to lean down to hug her while she looked like a wet poodle, glaring at me.
The moment the door closed, Maya let loose a salvo of insults.
"You stupid asshole, you dumb crapload! Fucking help me up."
Grabbing her by the waist, I pulled and the chair rose off the floor along with her. I had to put my foot on it to keep it down. Accompanied by a loud, wet squelching noise, Maya rose to her feet.
Emerging underneath her, suction-cupped to the chair, were two large dildos. The bigger one was in the front, a ten-inch realistic, veiny monstrosity. The back one was smaller and smooth, only six inches. The wooden surface glistened with wetness.
"Ohhhhhh," Maya sighed with relief.
The reprieve was only momentary. I bent down on the desk and raised her skirt. Her thighs were coated with the same mix of her juices and water-based lube. I hurriedly pushed down my pants, already hard.
"Ah!" Maya winced as I plunged inside of her pussy. "Sensitive! Sensitive!"
Without heeding her complaint, I began fucking her. The table rattled and Maya sucked in her breath sharply.
"Harder. Harder!" Maya called out.
It was wonderful to be able to let loose without having to worry about passengers on a bus or the track team or our parents. It was just her and me. I slammed into her with wild abandon, losing myself into a sexual trance.
My thighs crashed into hers, the slap reverberating around the room. Her moans and her scent filled the air. Bathed in sweat, I sucked in as much air as I could.
The orgasm was divine. With aching limbs and burning muscles, I came inside of her. My entire body filled with overwhelming power.
Afterward, I collapsed on a dildo free chair, breathing heavily. Maya slipped off the table and knelt in front of me. Her mouth swallowed my fading erection and she began to suck lightly, scraping off the remaining cum and juices.
"Ahhh," she sighed and smacked her lips.
"I love you so much," I muttered.
"I love you, too."
Pushing herself off the floor, Maya climbed up on my lap. Her hot, wet pussy rested right on my cock but I was, for the moment at least, done. She wrapped her arms around me, rested her head against my shoulder, and we hugged each other.
"I still can't believe our parents bought us a fuckpad," Maya giggled.
"How the hell did you manage to talk them into that anyway?"
Maya laughed. "I had to really turn up the waterworks and talk about that day until Dad got so uncomfortable he would have done anything to get me to shut up. And I kept telling Mom just how much it hurt that you were flaunting your sex life right in front of me. I made sure to pepper in a few hints how it was impossible to get over my boyfriend with a sex maniac under the same roof and by the end, I'm pretty sure they were convinced it was their idea in the first place."
"It's too bad we both can't live here."
"Don't you worry about that. I made a new friend."
"Who? And how is that going to help?"
"Her name is Astrid and she's my new best friend in the whole world."
"When did you have time to make new friends? I'm pretty sure we spent most of last week together."
"You wouldn't know her, she's twenty-two, an art major, and lives quite a ways outside of Marion. So far, in fact, that the drive is very cumbersome, and when I go visit my best friend in the whole world, it's so much more convenient to sleepover at her house instead of driving back late at night."
It clicked.
"I see. You should invite her here for a threesome, she sounds—ow!"
Maya punched me in the side.
"Not funny," she growled. "You're mine. I'm not going to share you with anyone. Ever."
"I'm sorry. I just hope I don't have to wear a wig when Mom and Dad want to meet your BFF."
"Hmm, that's a good idea actually. You'd look cute in a little frilly dress."
"I'd wear one if it makes you happy."
"Of course. I love you and everything that goes along with that. You're the most amazing and beautiful person in the world and—"
Maya pulled a face and began to squirm out of my hug.
"What's wrong?" I asked.
"Nothing," Maya said, sounding flustered. "I'm just not the kind of person you think I am. I'm fucked up and ugly."
"You're not. You're gorgeous."
Scowling, Maya tried to wriggle free.
"I love your cute little nose," I continued, "it's perfect. And your lips are so soft, like an angel's butt."
"Stop that," Maya whined.
"And you have an amazing body. Sometimes when you run, I just stare at your butt because it's so beautiful. Even your ears are pretty. And I really like that one freckle on your shoulder," I said, trying to kiss her shoulder.
"Blah, blah, blah, blah," Maya repeated, pressing her hands against her ears.
I started laughing and after a few moments, Maya gave up and joined in.
"You know," I said, "we could have saved ourselves a lot of trouble if I had known that all it takes to rattle you is to tell you nice things."
"That wouldn't have been nearly as fun," Maya laughed.
The Red Rose was in downtown Clarksville, a city located a three-hour drive away from Marion. It was the first time I've ever been to a restaurant with live music. A string quartet played classical music, a slow and melodious tune that promoted the romantic atmosphere.
Both of us had dressed up for the occasion. I wore a charcoal dress shirt, the best pants I owned, and even a mustard yellow tie. I felt like a polished potato but Maya grudgingly admitted I looked pretty.
My sister, on the other hand, sparkled more than a diamond. All my life, I've only seen her in running shorts, leggings, and the occasional skirt. I wasn't even aware she owned a dress, let alone how amazing she looked with one hugging her body like a second skin. It was black and mid-thigh with a moderate neckline. She wore gold earrings and the hair normally tied back in a ponytail now draped over her shoulders.
"This food is amazing," Maya said, slicing off another piece of her goat cheese stuffed chicken.
"Uh-huh," I muttered, swallowing another bite of butternut squash risotto.
"Wanna trade?"
We swapped the plates with our remaining food.
"I thought about what you said earlier, by the way," Maya said.
"It feels nice being on a date. There's not a lot of… pressure with you. I don't have to feel like I have to hide who I am or pretend I'm perfect."
"You don't have to pretend because you are."
"Ugh," Maya grimaced. "I'm never going to get used to hearing nice things."
"That just means we need to practice more."
Maya started rolling her eyes but caught herself, scrunched her nose, and said, "I'd be fine with that."
"The chicken is really nice."
"So is yours, whatever it is."
"Butternut squash risotto."
"Yes, that. Oof."
"I just had a vision of our future together. Us in twenty years, cooking risotto and chicken on the anniversary of our first date."
"Is that a thing couples do?" I asked.
"I don't know. It's something I want to do."
"Then I should probably write down what day it is."
"Do you think we'll still be together in twenty years?" she asked.
"I hope so."
"Are we going to have to drive three hours every time we go on a date so that no one recognizes?"
"We could move to another country," I joked.
"Huh," she said, contemplating the idea. "I suppose we could. Somewhere far away. Then we could go out on a date every day."
"I distinctly remember you telling me you don't like dates."
"Yes, I also told you that your face looks like a butt and that's not actually true. You're, uh, handsome," Maya said as if the word burned her tongue and she began to blush.
"Thank you," I said. "You are really cute when you blush."
"I hate it."
"I've bottled up my emotions for so long because I was so afraid if anyone saw, my life would be over. And I still feel like that all the time, even when it's just the two of us, like I have to constantly be on guard to protect my secret."
"I'm sorry."
"Is it not like that for you? How do you feel about us?"
"I'm glad you asked," I said with renewed vigor and reached into my pocket. "In fact, I wrote a poem about it."
"Oh no," Maya gasped and went wide-eyed.
Ever since I realized that being nice to my sister was far crueler than anything I could do to humiliate her, I've been going out of my way to be nice to her. Seeing her squirm and blush was a huge turn on.
I cleared my throat and briefly glanced at the piece of paper.
"Dear Maya, light of my life / oh how I wish you could be my wife / you are so beautiful and smart / I love you with all my heart—"
"Oh my God, please stop," Maya squealed, frantically looking around the restaurant as if she expected everyone to stare at us.
"I like your boobs even if they are tiny / and I really like your hiney."
"Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease stop," Maya whined, face red as a strawberry.
"Okay, fine," I relented, having accomplished what I wanted.
Maya took several deep breaths and the color in her face cleared. I watched her chest rise and fall, feeling another emotion stirring up. She caught me staring and stuck out her tongue.
"You're the worst, you know that, right?"
I smiled at her and she smiled back. Her lips slowly turned into a frown and then a scowl. Her eyebrows pulled together and she looked like she bit into something sour.
"Aren't you gonna tell the rest?"
"Only if you ask nicely."
"Fine," she groaned. "Please continue."
"You can run like a swift gust of air / you are so fast it's not even fair / legs that are long as a mile / and looking at them makes me smile."
"You must have been really horny when you wrote this."
"Dear Maya, mirror of my soul / being with you makes me whole / gorgeous, talented, and clever / I want to be with you forever. The end."
"That was really cheesy."
"I only wrote it because I wanted to see you blush."
"Can I see the paper?" she asked, holding out her hand.
It was a handwritten copy of the poem I used as a cheat sheet, though I had more or less memorized it. Maya read it, scrunched her nose, and then whisked it away into her purse.
"I love you, too," she said.
The weather was warm and we decided to walk back to the hotel. In her heels, Maya was a little bit taller than I was. I had my arm around her waist and she wore my jacket.
"This was really nice," she said again.
"I agree."
"It's too bad we can't do it every night."
"Not yet."
"What do you mean?"
"Earlier we were joking about moving to a different country—"
"I was only half-joking."
"—and I was thinking we wouldn't really have to do that. We could just move to a different city."
"What, and just live there together?"
"Yeah, why not?"
"What are Mom and Dad gonna say?"
"Far enough away that they won't drop by unannounced and we can pretend we're just living together as roommates when they visit."
"They're not dumb. They're gonna figure out something is wrong if we live together for years and years and neither of us ever gets married."
"We can hire actors to play them."
"I wish it didn't have to be so difficult. That we could just tell them. Do you think they'd understand?"
"I have no idea," I sighed.
That ended the conversation. Downtown Clarksville was very different from Marion, seeing as how it was nearly three times the size. The sidewalks were crowded on such a pleasant evening and we strolled past countless stores, stopping occasionally to window shop.
I would have walked past Svenson's Jewelry without a second glance but Maya stopped dead in her tracks. She wasn't big on jewelry as far as I was aware and the earrings she wore today were clip-on.
"What are you looking at?" I asked.
"Those," Maya said, pointing at wedding rings.
"I know, it's stupid. We can't get married. I just wish we could," she said in a somber tone.
"I promise you, I will buy you one someday, marriage or not."
Maya hugged me closer.
We stood there and just looked at the rings, dreaming of a future we could never have.
"Okay, that's enough. We need to get back to the hotel because we need to fuck."
Five Years Later
Kensington was a small city on the west coast — more of a town than a city, really. Nevertheless, it acted as a hub for the surrounding towns and had a sizable shopping district, including the downtown mall. It was packed with people on a Saturday afternoon and I had to fight against a tide of people.
Yesterday, my electric razor broke, and now I carried a replacement in a plastic bag. The state of my personal grooming was the last thing on my mind. While I was in the store looking for the model I had seen online, I got a text from Maya that she was hanging out in front of Eve's Boutique.
Sure enough, I spotted her the moment the lingerie store came into view. She was sitting on a bench with three other women, Tammy, Emma, and Layla. Seeing her made my heart beat a little harder and my steps a little faster. Even in her everyday jeans and blouse, she looked like she could have walked down the red carpet.
Looking up while laughing, her eyes fell on me. At once, she jumped to her feet and ran toward me. There was a mischievous gleam in her eyes and I slowed down. She didn't. Instead, she jumped up on me, wrapping her legs around my waist.
The impact knocked me backward and I nearly toppled over, taking several steps before managing to catch my balance. I just about recovered when the flurry of kisses started.
"I love you, I love you, I love you," she said between each kiss.
"I love you, too," I managed to squeeze out.
"Carry me back," she ordered, hugging me closer and nuzzling my neck.
It was only a little embarrassing but I didn't care that her friends were giggling and ooh-ing as long as Maya was happy. As soon as we were back at the bench, Maya let go and hopped to her feet light as a cat.
"You two are the worst," Tammy said.
"Yeah, do you really have to rub it in all the time?" Layla complained.
"I can't help it, I'm in looove," Maya sang, twirled around, and grabbed my hand.
"Well, your husband is putting all of ours to shame," Emma groaned.
Maya's hand squeezed mine tighter. My eyes flickered down and I saw the thin, gold band wrapped around her ring finger. There was an identical one around mine. When my eyes returned, I saw that Maya had done the same. She smiled at me and we both knew what we were thinking about at that moment.
"I have a surprise for you," Maya said and her eyes twinkled with silent laughter.
"For me?"
"Yes but I'll have to show you in private," she replied, dragging me toward Eve's Boutique.
At once, the three women began giggling again. Their laughter followed us into the store where Maya beelined toward the fitting rooms. She pulled me into the last one and yanked the curtain shut.
"You know they're gonna think we're going to have sex in here," I whispered.
"I know," Maya grinned, unbuttoning her blouse. "What did you think the surprise was?"
Less than a minute later, our clothes were on the bench and Maya was pressed up against the wall. I was pressed up against her, my cock inside of her. One of her legs was up on the bench, letting me go as deep and hard as I wanted.
Nobody in Kensington knew our secret, that's why we moved thousands of miles to live there. We bought the rings the day we arrived. Maya had saved up as much as she could after she graduated first. Once I had my degree, we left Marion.

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