A Romantic Love Experience

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Hi this is Remo (name changed) from Tamilnadu. I’m 20 years old 6’2 height and an average person in build. The story starts when I was studying in 7th standard. I joined the convent school that year from another school. Since I’m a keralite by birth, my parents wanted me to learn Hindi as it would be useful if move back to kerala until then and I had no knowledge on Hindi. 
It was there I met my angel, Swathy (name changed) who was also a mallu. She was very cute and studious. There were only 10 Hindi students in our class 7 girls and 3 boys. I did not know anything in Hindi during that time since she was bright and smart. I was afraid of talking with her although our parents were friends. I did not care about her during those years. 
After 3 years, I was in plus one (11th standard). Even now, Hindi was my toughest subject. I was an average student in my school days but she was quite good in studies by that time, she had grown into a beautiful girl who was admired by everyone in our school and her body had the perfect shape to attract everyone. Since we were both mallu and were in same class for the past years, my friends started teasing me like we had an affair but actually.
I was still not very friendly with her and soon I started to develop feelings for her. She used to roam with her friends always, so I did not have a chance to know her very well.  I went for tuition as I was weak in some subjects and later after some months, swathy joined our tuition as she was weak in maths. There was no seperate teacher for teaching Hindi. I used this to my advantage and our tuition mam asked her to help in Hindi after the tuitions are over. 
So we would stay for some more time after the class. We became good friends. I started to go to her house occasionally for clearing my doubts. Since they were a conservative family I would limit my time there as to ensure my reputation. I started admiring her beauty rather than listening to her teaching. She used to wear churidar and occasionally jeans and shirt. Her curves could be seen clearly in that dress. We were in 12th. 
She turned 18 that year and her boobs had grown which was very large. I used to masturbate thinking of her boobs.One day after the tuition, while studying hindi,her boobs was showing off in the tight pink t-shirt she was wearing.She used to smell great. I could not control myself. I placed my lips on hers and started to kiss her passionately. She did not respond actually she was startled. I told her that i loved her so much and would do anything for her. 
She did not talk to me much after that incident and it was the time for half yearly exams. The second exam was Hindi which was on Monday on Sunday we have tuition from afternoon to evening. Fortunately, tuition was closed on that day.The tuition was on 3rd floor which had a balcony in front where we used to study. I asked her to stay back and told her that we could do combined studies and due to my repeated request she decided to stay back. 
There was no one after some time. My thoughts were to attain her rather than studying after some time, I asked her how she felt during the kiss. I knew that she liked me from her actions first she did not respond later she told that it was okay. This gave me green signal to go furthur. I asked her whether we could repeat that once more. She told that she would leave if I talk about that again but i did not want to waste the opportunity. 
I started by taking her hand and placed a kiss on the palm. She resisted but i proceeded to the top and reached her lips. Soon it started to become passionate as she started to respond by kissing back. She stopped me and told me that we would be caught if we continue there. There was a secluded portion behind the tuition where a textile unit was present. It was closed as it was Sunday. They used to store piles of cotton yarn which provided privacy as well as place for us to lie down. I had it planned down. 
I took her there and made her to sit on a stack of cotton yarn. She was very afraid and I went near her and touched her hips. I held it and pressed against my body.I removed the top two buttons of her t-shirt to reveal her cleavage. It was the most beautiful sight i’ve seen in my life.I wanted to tear her shirt completely. I raised her violet top slowly to reveal her cute navel. She blocked me and said it was wrong to do such things but I was far out of control and started to kiss her navel.
It was deep and perfect anyone would masturbate just by seeing her navel. I was eager to see her entire body and pulled her near me and started caressing her navel. She closed her eyes and was getting turned on. I soon pulled her top and took it away to reveal her beautiful boobs covered by black bra. The black bra was complimenting her very well due to her fair complexion. I started to squeeze her boobs with the bra on her body. She still had her eyes closed and started to respond to my actions. 
I reached out to remove the hook of the bra soon I saw the beautiful round melons in front of me. I wanted to eat it I started to lick the breasts and nipples which was rose in color. It was becoming hard due to repeated sucking on her boobs. I started to squeeze her boobs until she gave out a moan. I made her lie down on cotton pile and started to kiss each and every portion of her body. Tension started to mount in her body as I proceeded which was turning her on. 
She started to rub her feet together which also ignited me.  I went furthur down the navel. She was wearing blue jeans. I unzipped the jeans and took it down. The panty was black and was already wet due to the arousement. I touched the panty and found that it was wet. I pulled down the panty to expose her vagina. She was now completely nude and wet although her pubic area was not shaved, her pussy was relly awesome. I started to lick her juices I put my tongue inside her and eating her pussy. 
I removed my pant with my shirt still on my body. I took my tool out which was 6″ in length. She was shocked to see my thick tool waiting to go inside the hole. She stopped me by saying that she would become pregnant if and I fucked her without condom. God, it was a blow to me. I wanted to fuck her so badly but I did not have a condom with me that time. She told me that we would be caught if she becomes pregnant but I was not convinced. 
I told her that I would not fuck her but tease her so that she would be longing for sex with me. I put my finger inside her pussy and started fingering it. I asked her to hold my toool. She obeyed and started moving it up and down. I told her that the only possible way to avoid sex is by giving a blow job.She told me that she was afraid to take it in her mouth. So she stroked it with her hands and I rubbed it against her boobs. I did not force her to take it inside her mouth as it was the first time. 
I soon cum all over her body and she then cleaned her up as a punishment for not letting me fuck, I cleaned the cum with her bra and told her that I would not give it to her. I asked her to put her dress back without her bra and leave the top 2 buttons open. I was so adamant that she put her dress without bra and I did not allow her to put the buttons back. 
We kissed each other again for nearly five minutes. Soon her cell phone rang and her father asked where she was. The time was up and it was time for her to leave. I warned her to leave as soon as possible as I would not able to control much longer.  Thus the eagerness for fuck increased which would be satisfied in the next part of the story.